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okay we've got pitched up but we're not quite level we couldn't quite find a level pitch of whatever reason it's helpful to level up so here's why it's important to do it here's what we need to do right let's go get the chops get your chalk in position angle it up and this is the key bit push or kick it under the tire a little bit it needs to be square with the vehicle as with jacking a vehicle or anything like that when you're driving up your chocks have everyone well away from them don't be tempted to have a have your partner hold the chalk in place where you drive up it because if the clutch slips you'll break their arm so put it in place leave it there then drive up it

okay we've got a spirit level in place now that it's important to level your fridge effort to work at its optimum level some fridges aren't very tilt tolerant if you've got a threeway fridge ie got vents on the outside they're not very tilt tolerant so it's a good idea to get them level the other issue is your hob obviously if you've got pan sliding around it can be a bit dangerous so that's another reason to level it also your washroom not all washrooms have twin drain holes so you tend to get water collecting in the shower tray this particular one does but a lot of older vans we only have one drain point so for these reasons it's a good idea to get it level and if your bed's not flat then obviously you're on the danger of falling off it

right we're going to buck it down now keeping an eye on our level bubble and then try and get it level

right look to the bubble we're level time switch off remember to leave it in gear hand brake on okay so we're level puns won't slide off

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