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it's a big one today guys what is going on YouTube how y'all doing today so you saw the title of this video you've been asking for this video I'm finally delivering the video that is right the date has come in this video we're gonna be making some retractable Black Panther claws you guys are gonna be very proud of your boy cuz I'm going to show you how to do this project using nothing but a couple of pens an old glove and a couple of exacto blades and it's gonna look freaking sweet too side note before I forget don't forget to check the link in the description if you want to go grab yourself one of these newly released J laser video t-shirts check out this design for a minute who pretty clean only selling them for a little bit longer so if you are interested in that and want to help support my channel and builds just like this one right now go check it out the link is in the description I've been working on this for a little while now bringing the material cost down bring the functionality up I'm just super excited to show this to you guys cuz it looks looks so cool now let's throw a little disclaimer in here obviously we're dealing with sharp razor blades our fingers don't actually use this as any sort of weapon is just a cool functional prop from a movie don't hurt yourself this Brenner came in to end down without further ado let's get into this build so for this build you're going to need five pens but you're gonna want these pens to be the clickable ones specifically I'm using pilot pens and another thing you're going to need is five extra Springs from the Pens so that might mean getting ten pens because I found that having more Springs makes this a lot more functional you could try stretching out the springs but yeah so you might need 10 pens or if you know like where to get Springs baby you got a spring guy yeah hit him up first thing we're gonna do is unscrew our pen [Music]

we're gonna take out the spring and on the ink cartridge you're gonna want to cut off a back portion of it maybe a little bit less than an inch in length I cut mine right where the ink meets the weird glue and you want to go and rinse this out so we just left with a hollow tube that uh fits perfectly inside of our pen now let's go ahead and grab our exacto blades I'm just using standard exacto blade I'll throw up links down in the description box you can find these materials at pretty much any arts and crafts store so take our exacto blade and we're gonna cut off the length of the string now I'm using kevlar cord but that might be a little bit overkill all you need is some kind of tough sturdy string whatever you can find that's not going to break super easily so we're gonna tie this string to the hole in the exacto blade I grabbed a dremel and cut about halfway down the length of your pen tube now you want this cut to be in the middle and you want it to be wide enough that it'll fit your exacto blade right up until that or the actual blade stop and when you insert this you're also gonna want to thread these string down through the pen tube as well and then we're going to just fill this thing with hot glue to make it sturdy [Applause] so at this point you should have an exacto blade with a piece of a pen that's sticking on the back and string and poking out of the other end of the pen and I make this work best make sure there's no excess hot glue on the outside of the pen piece or any sort of like bumps or whatever because otherwise this blade won't slide inside the pen and it just won't work as well now let's grab our outside pen tube where the pen tip would normally stick out of we're gonna cut off the grip if there is one and we're gonna make a cut on each side of the pen right down to about the halfway mark again using our dremel grinding bit this will kind of form a channel for the blade to slide in and out of because the blade is a little bit wider than the pen itself don't you have the outside of your pen cut make sure to get all the little burrs out that can come from cutting plastic just make sure it's completely smooth there's nothing inside now we can assemble everything so we want to take two springs and put them down inside of the pen piece then we want to thread these string from the exacto blade down through the tip of the pen so it's coming out where the pen tip would normally come out [Music] and now you can pretty much just thread the exacto blade along with the other pieces of pen inside of the pen tube this is what is going to form our attractable blades so you pull in on the string the blade should retract inside the pen and when you let go of the blade just pop out

then we're gonna call a small notch at the tip of the pen that is facing away from the blade just like this [Music]

pull the string all the way down till this brings up decompressed all the way and ablate it in as far as they'll go then bend the string up and then make a mark on that string with a sharpie about where that is and relative to the end of the pen and then you want to make a knot right where this Sharpie mark is now this will form our locking mechanism this is important to understand so when we pull the string in blade will decompress and the knot will just be poking out and then we can use the notch we just cut to kind of catch the knot on the end of the pen and that is how our claws are going to stay locked inside of our so then to release the claws we just pull down on the string a little bit and then natl slip back inside and the blade will shoot out at the end now to avoid the plate actually shooting out which might be kind of cool maybe another video we're gonna add a tiny little dab of hot glue right on the end of our pen so it kind of stops the blade obviously you don't want to glue the blade to the pen because I don't want to move but where's kind of a tiny little dab at the end I'm just to stop the blade from actually popping out so once you have this it's time to figure out a way to mount it to our finger I'm pretty much just gluing a strip of nylon around the pen and around my finger you want this to be decently snug I originally use velcro for this because I thought we would have to take it off and on and I thought the tightness would matter but it turns out doesn't so you don't even need to worry about adding velcro just kind of make a loop of nylon band and passionated your finger or whatever other way you could fashion to your finger just just get it get it on there somehow and once you have that we're going to make one two three four five of these for all of your five fingers [Music] so I'm using a paintball glove as kind of the main part because it looks really cool what kind of black panther asks perfect cuz it's fingerless which is what you need you need a fingerless glove grab your glove put it on and then one at a time we're going to slip our claws on now we're going to need to attach all of the five strings to the glove itself so pretty much what we're going for is when we bend our fingers down the knots will slip out of little notch we cut and the blades will pop out you want to attach the strings to your glove so that they are taught and the claws are in when your fingers are curled up like this [Music] puffed up the last step you can do if you so choose is to add some silver details that's what I did I just kind of took a silver leafing pen and went over and with this it adds a lot of contrast to your glove so it hides a lot of the imperfections you may have made alright guys moment of truth we've just finished up this glove and here it is currently right now all the claws are hanging off looks a lot more impressive when you put it on let me do that and then look at this guy's retractable claws oh that's so cool look at this thing oh my god okay so quick demonstration on how to load I guess on how to load the claws I guess have these strings attached to the claws so to load them all we want to do is pull up until we get the knot see that little knot right there and then we want to tuck that nut right up into the crevice we cut to the pen just like that now it's locked in place the claw is inside the sheep just want to pull down on our finger until they're not snapped out of the group and then the blade will slide out as a claws just like that could potentially just be a normal glove but when we Bend our hand down snap out all the claws oh forgot the first finger oh here's where the fun begins alright enough talking that's how they work let's go test these things out [Music]

[Music] guys let me tell you a video making your work up an appetite I'm going to cut this [Music] oh yeah [Music]

I can't think of any more efficient way to do that - why Panthers donate bananas so this reason X goes elusively

[Applause] [Music] alright guys that has been this video don't forget to smash that thumbs up button for more awesome inventions and cool projects just like this also let me know down in the description what you want to see me make next whether it be something else black panther related or some other movie or whatever else you want let me know down below also remember we got the t-shirt selling for a little bit longer so go check out that link in description if you are interested really help support this channel and me making projects like this plus it's super soft and cool look have a lot of fun building these though now we got two sets of claws to play around with do you remember though this is for entertainment purposes only and uh yeah I don't want anyone getting hurt when doing this if you try this so I'd definitely be careful I should tag it don't be monetize this anyway guys thank you very much for watching and we'll catch you in the next video peace peace [Music]


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Learn how to make some real working retractable Black Panther claws from the Marvel movie Black Panther. These claws are made from some ordinary pens, x-acto blades, and a black glove. This project is super cheap to make and fully functional. With the flick of a finger the user can deploy each claw individual or all together! Enjoy!! Facebook:


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