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I found my first-ever hacker in overwatch the last game I was according it and I may have been the saltiest I have been in an overwatch game ever like it was the most obvious hacking - like it was a soldier with aim hax and he may think to yourself like a tricky soldier with aim hax i see what you know not honestly like out of old form he was hitting almost headshots or regular body shots with every single bullet

it was so aggravating that Nate person the name is diva just DV like regular old diva really low-level to like just pissed me off but anyway wat the person so now we're into a regular game but little did brick II know the hacker had gone nowhere and I'm playing some tracer now uh apparently shitty a tracer but I love playing tracer I mean she's really difficult honestly like it's really hard to kind of skirt around when you only have a hundred fifty health but she is a ton of fun if you can play her well and she is aids if you can play her well I seem to have good aim that's basically what it comes down to and being good at dodging hooks and stuff just aiming well dodging hooks and not being shit that's basically what basically the tracer kind of comes down to you know you know just gotta be careful with my shots and you know try to get close to people and shoot them and then you know then things really work out I gotta watch off a road hog hooks too that's another big thing I need to watch out for you know if you can just keep away from the enemy you can actually do pretty damn well see it's like this poor Reaper right he can't he can't do anything because I'm always too far away or something you can always just keep out of range of them and then they just you know get gray hairs I hope that was a really shitty bomb hi my time bombs are not that good unfortunately okay that's a high Noons fuckin McCree what the hell whatever oh there yet though she is so what's like what the hell does she go healing thank you so much mercy ah there we go tracer is one of the few characters that I think oh no I want a few carriage but one of the characters that I know major FPS players are sorry non FPS player people who don't play a whole lot of first-person shooters get motion sickness watching because holy hell the things you do with this character how fast you move and everything like you are going at Mach 5 with this person unfortunately my time bombs are kind of garbage I'm not good at time bombs like that one right there that was not a very good time bomb it's hard to stick to like actual support heroes okay this is bad news bears whoo thank goodness some tracer thank you very much for the healing there Anna but I was a little bit scared yeah this is so annoying I could I can feel my annoyance man I can shit that was a weird hook that was a oh that's how it hit me it went right around the the Rhinehart that was in the way just got like slid its way around oh well I love this tracer skin too like this tracer skin is absolutely awesome the I know what you call slipstream I think it's the one you from the collector's edition of the game I do believe there we go you can have that too it's the end of the game I might as well use this it's ah oh how did you miss that fucking hook all right round two [Music] mmm this map is a little bit harder for me corners are tighter you know I'm a little bit more difficult for me to actually learn a whole bunch of good shots off speaking of tracer crap I can't beat a tracer at our own game tracers are generally up well it's better when they get grabbed instead oh I was scared about that luckily I keep the help I don't lose the help hell if I just grabbed man have you family really AIDS if you grab a health pack and then use your e to a recall it like removes the healthiest cots uh-oh rip road hog you see I cannot fight Reaper or a tracer at her own game I was worried about that I saw that coming oh shit oh damn it damn tracer got me enemy tracer is a little spooky sometimes damper Amazon point right there that's pretty impressive actually I used I have time but Oh actually I think it's called time bomb her yeah I love this time bomber pulse bomb come on this is damn tracer used to die I was I wonder if alright this I thought that sorriest thing was down but it looked like it wasn't so I wasn't able to get the kill on her unfortunately Oh oh dear wait oh god she hit me really well right there wait a minute this is the fucking hacker from last game it's the same guy they changed their name from diva to DSR what the fuck man why did I get paid with the same fucking hacker I blocked and reported the person that doesn't it is blocking not like can you not group up with the same person I thought you were I thought you were supposed to group over the same person it's the same fucking hacker are you serious oh come on are you fucking kidding me now we got a deal with that I just came from this game - oh that boils my blood Oh goodbye world oh she oh god the sorry Ultimates gonna fuck us up right there I surprised I I keep getting hit by old salts when I think that it should be the person in front of me that gets hit by them there we go I got rid of Anna oh and fuck you okay you know what I'm done I'm done with you I'm done with you I am sick and tired of your hacking bullshit yeah we need to get on that objective I'm on my way as fast as I possibly can that there hacky Oh and they nano boost the tracer to what humor open I got I got fucking yeah oh are you kidding me I'm sticking this road hog like if I could hook her I'm gonna be so happy I want her dead alright yep hacking piece of shit let's go where'd she go gonna have to do that a little bit okay well she's we got her Erica I was looking for aw damn it he's still great for him thank you for the heals mercy thank you for that hi our ship wasn't enough oh come on yeah you got her nice nice nice fuck you tracer you may be hacking it but you still only have 150 health that's what I thought yes whoopsie-daisy you know what this what I want us to be a tracer video I want us to be a tracer video I really did but now it looks like we're gonna have to be the anti hacker video yeah keep on tracer keep on tracer this is the hacker you fell off the fucking edge oh my goodness your hacks can't replace stupid a you child I'm sorry I'm tilted I'm fucking tilted and I am tilted as hell oh damn it good shield timing Zarya that was just no it's just good timing man oh I have ulti ah that works too I suppose oh I try to get him away oh right Bert oh nice job mercy - oh I missed that I told miss that that was just me being dumb right there that's just a bad hook is Aria still there oh she is hi yeah we have to move back to roadog man you know how tell ting that is oh good that look at that look at you Oh try to get that hug off I think it feels even better that I'm playing such a oh yeah she instant

Oh Oh God Oh oh no mae-mae I would have died anyway but still yeah you know I know it's a snowy nose the same hacker person is because the person who was the hacker was a really low rank was like I didn't have a single prestige Starr was low and was like and had a name well you know very similar and obviously based on how they're firing at me you can obviously tell it's just like damn I'm surprised all right don't you hook me Roadhog I know you were going for it I know you're going for it man I saw it I saw the lust in your eyes ah shit come on let's get on there oh yeah no one seems to be there hell yeah fuck you hacker I'm really tilted I'm like honestly tilted this is the first bulletin of the second time but like the second time I've ever encountered a hacker in overwatch the first time was when I counted the exact same person last match man if we win this game I'm gonna have the largest throbbing Justice boner on the planet I wanted to play tracer but you can't beat of hacking tracer as regular tracer but I can be one is road hog the hog my teammates are not bad either they're very competent EW that mercy was playing with fire right there you saw it you see sighs didn't you oh shoot oh did hook foot quick enough we saw the mercy we do still the mercy awesome they're still just applying a stray sir yep I damn it dollars oh well you know she's hitting every single shots careful mercy Oh

twice I didn't hit her on who I grabbed hell yeah fuck you Reaper fucker everything hi my road hog hooks to fly space and time unfortunately the Reapers do not earth are bad for me oh yes I can't wait I know that uh no Oh Eddie killed mercy to a freak you kid fuck you damn it alright he is capturing the objective oh you see that you see how many shots he's putting in on this Reaper thank God we have a Lucio who can do all right I notice the over day a mercy who can deal with it kind of suck my dick head

hi yes yes take objective hell yeah I want her to come this way do it do it do it damn it I know I like the diva pick because if anything why not just block the bullets Thank You mercy for the heels speaking of mercy Oh see I want this uh-oh tracer fell off I'm a little bit tilted about that shoot hell yeah I need to do this real fast thank you please let me go sleep thank you hello oh we're good we're good so far we're good so far I need to do this real fast hell yeah hell yeah yes yes yes hmm I got I got all 200 less squirt left squirt you fucking god oh

this is good this is so good Oh watch out for that way too deep it just block that high suck a dick kiddo all of you stay away like literally the entire point of this ultimate was just to keep them away from the objective to buy us more time I think it's working come on you don't have much left mmm waiting for the shield I'm just gonna heal myself real fast just gonna borrow just let me just know how to borrow this help back thank you no way oh no I objective songs here oh I am powered up you wanna fuck with me kiddo yes fuck you kid screw you and your hacks screw you I'm done with your ass

nice job mercy the best mercy play ever made the best mercy play ever made that was silly that's pretty silly honestly hell yeah I'll give it to the mercy yeah hell yeah hell yeah bricky vs hacker and Ricky one I'm sorry from being if I'm being overly angry cuz I'm angry I hate that stuff so much thank God I was done with where am I now alright two or three two four six go with that go with that alright well everyone thank you for watching this rather aggravating yet justice filled game I appreciate a ton thank you very much for sticking to consume for the entire thing basically and I will see you next week for another overwatch competitive gameplay thinking about jiggler woody they won't call it alright bye bye


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