MO GETS INTO A FIGHT!! (knocked out smh) | The Sims 4 | Season 2 - Episode 9

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where the homicide previously on Edmonds life [Music] okay okay we got to be smart about this we got Kelly the miniature pinscher majora the poggle female Oliver my gosh look at how small this may have just read LJ next episode [Music] buh buh turn it up bud come on hurry up hurry up hurry up bug yo bud bug [Music] her violin who's that Mozart Symphony 11 b6 stay on hey what's good job welcome back to some more Sims 4 action I love y'all and I love bug and I love Edmond and his friends let's get it as toddlers ganking why they why they shouldn't show me information for toddlers what are you trying to say you want me to speed it up what is this music let me take a second to go back to the work to the homepage real quick what am I missing what is this season not uh this is what the season is though first few episodes Edmond was trying to finesse got finesse middle of the episodes and then fell on his ass how to get his fight back together last portion of the season it comes full circle Edmond realizes booty cheeks money it's all things it doesn't mean anything at the end of the day you have to follow your heart we actually give an admin a chance to do that every time everyone to do some every time I make a man do some grimy players shit there go our song

alright let me show I did not mean to swing into like that every time I make every new some players shit he always gets like juggler so like worries about a significant other something y'all see it I think right now these next two episodes get Edmond back on his grind get him get him some real money in his pocket have his whole house grind getting by the Gulf back and kill more two more no no no I'm chilling but also you know find a place for him and bug and him bug in Bella Berlin bug in Bella let's play alright okay we got our boy and man we got our boy Joe Meaux ljm food let's do it [Music] so you're not gonna let me you're not okay so they just not gonna let me do it for sure I'm not even going I'm not even one trip on it but y-you are you read bro why is book immediately uncomfortable call over in my sleep okay I'm sleep LJ's not ok so LJ is up here on fortnight just logged off mo if you see bug is sick or something go help him ask him what's wrong oh oh he gotta go pee he got I don't know he goodie goodie goodie good no no he good it'll turn the house look at your house so loud what do you to live for encourage through saver no no don't do that pick them up hey what are you doing damn I was like what is that for the games you either big eyes play two Krabby Patties hold the tartar sauce alright Lynn keep playing though what is Joe doing he's sleep because he also has work in the morning doesn't he but why are you so loud Joe is a water person uh what kind of job is that I know I'm still LG I'm still LJ so Joe Jays job is tomorrow water person touched starts in two days never mind I'm sure it being hello I'm tripping Joe starts working five hours 9:00 a.m. I start working 13 hours 5:00 p.m. I'm ready for that promotion okay so we immediately their uh dish tip so two rib so y'all just gonna sit here in this aisle moldy fun disgusting dude mow mow help your boy out help your boy out clean a shit up boy out table before him in the house oh I'm like I thought I was but I was here my boy bug in the building my tickle bug in your building my nigga bug look are you trying to what if what are you going where are you going what are you even doing out here oh I can't I can't play as bugs bug is autonomous bug is autonomous all right so what are we gonna do I think uh let me see your needs Oh Jake why don't you just go to sleep what's wrong with you is there not enough room for you upstairs Oh it's the bed as the Barrett upstairs taken no it's not go to sleep mo why are you why are you up come on side you got it we got room for you out here go to sleep go to sleep let's speed it up though let's go to sleep everybody go to sleep everybody go to sleep okay time okay now Jo's awake this is hilarious I'm always good good Sims are happy when they're around other sim okay can my boy you're starving what the Oh what are you making Jo that's some vegan shit I'm already knowing vegetarians say this is so accurate jo always eats the nastiest food and I'm like Jo you know you don't like that it has no flavor no sugar barely any nutrients he's like you keep me alive a few more years dad I'm eating good my bad joining me going on you like that but sometimes it just don't make no sense this man Joe tried to tell me that milk has has cow blood in and they just done pet fears no Pettis chili fears even blood he's pet has its own unique fear so why should pet discover what spooks them what could have scared you right now the microwave oh you scared to joe food that's what it is oh he is scared in a microwave oh okay let me see uh calm him down no don't don't let him just run around lost you can eat your food Joe Joe let me check you out what are you about though what is what is Joe really about comedy mischief sake you fool would you take your fool with you take a fool which I'm just peep you know so I'm not the only one who talks to my dog cuz like he having a full-on conversation like he understands oh he's talking about his first day at work in three hours damn he's like no I'm gonna be alright I hope so what does he do again amateur entertainer he's inspired writer practice joke nah nah he's go to your first day Oh homie uh-huh yeah home we need to fix his walk that's all real quick y'all worry I know you'll see you away I'm your flexing it is new lineup no I did not buy the Safari Safari I went to a cheap-ass doctor I went to a great age somebody in the comics was like somebody had comments was first like okay this is the first time we're doing y'all make good comments to me releases you really finished your lineup this is the hater esto me that came after yeah eat five feet you just fixed in the hairline I guess a little bit look at this stuff it's back to four it's back before I just wanted to prove him wrong all right let's keep playing mmm y'all know I'm getting ready for the hungry y'all know I'm finna get ready for these movies right you can only do YouTube so long I'm gonna keep doing YouTube forever right but I'm getting ready for these auditions for these movie so I can be next to the rock next to Denzel next to Will and Jada Smith and be like yeah I'm just as good looking as y'all hello you're not distracted you're a little distracted but not as much let's keep playing oh are you scratching aah did he just scratch it and sniff okay I'm not gonna stop imma stop I'm stop going back in for everybody but I know y'all contact me PG I know you caught that I'll get a ski garden let's keep going so my boy easy I mean Eddie my boy Eddie uh okay he's hungry uh I'm a happy to make breakfast for everybody cuz y'all y'all kind of backwards look if you're scattered a fridge why are you sitting just nigga hungry or what okay okay let me show you let me show you let me show I'm a Serb breakfast I'm a serf some pancakes cuz this is vegetarian safe [Music] [Applause] it's nicely decorated you know whoever created this house thank you you just made my boy you just made my boy happy that's most important to me Joe what's up with you Joe is starving Joe is down your bug bug bug bug you have all the toys in the world just play around thank you okay that's not how you play with that it's not a chew toy [Music] do you hear a bug little voice bug is big chilling bro how can you not like bug Gribble if you're that uncomfortable come down here you're not even on come oh you're uncomfortable because how your food was cold in the middle the outside is hot guys shoot well cook better get your cooking skill up work for most in about one hour [Laughter] what is this wall look like right here my poem all the decorations is clean the decorations is clean what's up bug how they turn out though Oh X on normal quality okay let me make sure yo can you can you please can you please call ask him to stop lecture about barking no way you can do that pumpkin don't be barking but like if she a pumpkin really nice of this she show too - are you upset with him are you laugh and I can't tell what a who's that outside that's a little kid come back I'm trying to get a good angle and let me just take the walls down but learn nothing from that less than you just saw them he said you I'm gonna keep barking it so you give me some real toys this thing got a hold okay okay who's off today who's off on work today LJ's off mo mo you got workin with in-house nigga get up get up this dude hey no you don't want to go to work huh why was you soon what are your traits like cheerful good gregarious okay he's a bro good cheerful garius this nigga not even worrying about work he's going straight to the pancakes yeah bro I'm sorry oh sorry you could you couldn't eat why did you oversleep you knew better Joey headed to work - are they both going to work wait a minute so Jose the amateur entertainer are they going to work together they work together that's fire then LJ starts work in two days 2:00 p.m. to 9:00 his daily task gets the work out so I'm actually about to send LJ to the gym I think I can do that right or maybe I'll go to the gym with LJ because I don't have work until a little bit later what are you tense for bro feeling insecure that's what I'm talking about Rita job if you're in signifi significant other isn't around how can you know what they're doing who they're doing it with used to be he's been jealous this entire time even when I was on ps4 he was still jealous he was like where's my jet you know he's going to is brilliant and super like let's call it Rob let's call her up right now that's not even that's not even waste time invite to hang out at current lot I mean it out okay okay Nina bad ooh the Haynes sisters oh dang sister stuff we just want to introduce ourselves we just want to have a little breakfast I'm a pancake Frank for everybody right right all right let's just see let's just see Brighton Coppa okay everyone's coming over everyone's coming over they gonna yell buzz you booked real quick bud your the key right now I need you to make all their hearts melt and then maybe later I can make the COO melt okay let me show where are they they're here they're here they're here okay it's just me no J okay okay sleep sorry yo J you snooze you lose - you snooze you lose I'm gonna come from the back oh my lord come on in come on in no no no uh-uh you're coming in the other door hold on Otto let me put the walls up hey hey hey hey hey oh that's LJ that's LJ okay no no no J sleep no sorry Oh Jay you lost this command I'm in a playful mood - okay hold up where are you going why are you damn everybody be on my for tonight account you're like mice kids yeah yeah I'm trying to show you my other skins let me shut up let me chew I'm not gonna take it there I did invite her all your sisters - whoa whoa come on game Edmund what are you watching Dane Cook special Kim all right heard about Dane cooking in in eons why y'all hug like like y'all didn't see each other before come back downstairs I got food slap him silly flash crazy eyes flash crazy eyes and then flash crazy flash crazier if you in the playbook you keep flashing to make her taste this joke Dolphin awake this thing up and I'm not gonna have a chip at last mo it's trying to reel gig well okay this Amateur Night and pretty much anyone with the pulse can perform but mo is officially on the list should he invite friends or consider this a private test room it's his first night invite his friends cuz he's gonna bomb it and then he's gonna be like damn not one friendly face out here these don't see a cut a few of them unless words only friends and right now I'm everyone was there too bad no one laughed but still great friends okay let's see whatever you do remember me from the party da Pisa okay so she's tense right now that tells me a bit about her why are you upset in you it's morning you just woke good what is it it'd be angry about shit life okay I'm gonna stop pausing you're okay yeah okay okay do something make something happen Pando snarl Apep so okay she's in a flirty mulish hand Oh Darlene is that Charlene and oh my gosh she's women is oh she's thinking about me she thinking about me Oh Ashley pastor get to know get to know slow it down slow it down brighten up her day cuz she was feeling tense are they both filly walk they're both filly 30 right now Berlin has learned that Charlene is the romantic y'all here 2-tone in that Finnish language what did you just say rainbow oh she said she what the shits is in my shop related okay disengage she said her last boyfriend was trash compared to Edmund Edmund said I still got that alien head let me chill let me shut up I'm not gonna I'm not gonna go in on myself too much where's the other oh oh oh yes okay she said my dog stink you said my dog stink do please think okay okay LJ I'm gonna need you to wake up and get involved okay okay Edmond Edmond figure out what that smell is figure out what that smell is my mom call - meal call - meal get you a beverage get you a beverage and then call it's a meal let them know that done or they think you know I made pancakes y'all come in come in here and get you a plate they fire up - trust me I trust when they fired are you about to set the play for it Edmond is not that smooth - said that oh oh he's he's finished Arlene he's finished Arlene did this nigga LJ didn't say - hello there not one female yet but he's gonna go straight to some food okay okay okay okay he'll bug out he'll bug-eyed ma'am oh my mom asked to go potty stop eating real quick I got you booked Edmond get up he gets a bug get up and get - who the hell are you you and I haven't always gotten the lumber maybe we can become friends what do you say to lunch at shez Lamar wait a minute this is the haul me from last episode bo next time I'm busy yo yo Edmund get some gets a fuckin bullet bro ask to go potty there you go come on come on handle that

good job you know bud gotta take a fat ass piss walking like that nobody saw right nobody saw right no no no no Edmund Edmund stop playin does that say Oh God okay I wouldn't grab lunch that says lamothe but me me Charlene are hitting it off right now Oh dare you sleep at the table

what are you tense about feeling insecure from jealous Trey okay and then what love admin one love where's Boog out okay okay LJ look you don't have anything to do once you finish P actually let me see your needs once you finish peeing I'm gonna need you to handle book for him in and make sure he's gonna take care of all of his needs make him feel loved hug and then prays and then trained and then sure light on fire he says no okay maybe that sounds kind of fired oh wow bug isn't ready for this yet he's - he's too small for these okay that's what's going on so while you do that okay I'm pleasant surroundings huh oh gosh okay pick up pick up bug shit bug you gotta let us know when you are you're taking massive Hershey kiss dude who's on the floor you're fucking up my vibes are these my sister-in-law's bro serenity is fire but it's not about whose fire it's not about whose fire it's about who Edmund is hitting it off with don't oh look how she's looking at serenity though she's like boy she she got she got swag though she blasted okay okay okay this is good right now umm this is good right now so I'm tense because no no no don't worry about TV don't worry about TV finish your food and then keep talking to her get to know and then maybe you can vent a little bit and then talk about cooking and then let her know that you're not just gonna be friends flirt and then and then last but not least compliment now now now now LJ not LJ I need you I need you to play with bug praise bug pick up bug doodle then come back to buzz talk to him a little bit don't encourage stop giving me that option give him a treat you know cuz he's been a good he's been a good boy pet care and then give him a bath okay here we go time zyphus Moochie peachy

[Music] no baby wait a minute I didn't even my girl I almost gamed up the wrong chick what'd she do got that thumper thak thumper thak that's some new shit I'll lend us some new shit okay okay it's a good thing we didn't do that then where's where's Charlene a that's Kiara this is serenity where is oh wow okay hold up hold up oh that damn okay I think I want I want Kiara and Edmund once everyone Charlene Selene got swag to keyaki our booty a little bit I mean it's uh let me celebrate ain't about the but you finna leave like that LJ game her gamer before she go broke you should have game introduce yourself real quick jewel yeah Bo discuss world peace shoot ask about her career ask if she's Singler I'm booyah but now shoo jailbird or flirt and then leave her with a joke and then leave her with a joke run check yeah it's on you Lewis it is on you Lewis sir ad is that hungry artist at a Thousand worlds our gallery okay she's single what are you talking about urinals retardo Liggett Dollfuss okay fix that before see you you really you really you really let this one now you really let this one go what are you going you're both gonna do it oh okay okay let her go home why she why are you so tense why is she so it's Bella goth I think it's still Bella let me let me check relationships let me check relationships love Nina Bella zero Nancy Dena they're not even on the list yet is it Nina Bo Nina is not ready I will not let you make that make that mistake I'm sorry I will not let you make that mistake

it's how do you even see the news like that what are you even watching y'all steady talking about this ballerina she is not that cold with it she in your house bootie naked bro you need to get up here make a move at least you see what see about that's that that's what we mess it up we just need to see oh oh why are you both going up here complain complain see you come it's in my house acting like you own the place we live here I didn't even get a plate of pancakes because it was yarl muffin you're a knock-knock joke table do an impression like a nurse I like her that's gonna leave look at her face she just unimpressed my house get out of my house get out of my house you naked bimbo that shot don't act shocked you know you're gonna sit here in aftershock like you didn't know this was gonna happen okay get out then big fake-ass silicone booty picture shit full of cement bricks oh now you in a flirty move now you wanna flirt a move well guess what we live in an hour in purpose we go into the gym right now let's go yo yo first of all first of all what is their relationship like I'm doing all this nonsense for like are weaving cool we barely cool he supposed to be my best friend Oh discuss fitness techniques you and a flirty moves on Oprah Oh nobody right now brighten up his day don't don't do no flirty stuff bruh what's that spot what does that mean that's on disrespectful but I was still some deprecating joke and then we'll do some friendly we'll do some friendly ask about his career like how do you really feel about being a gym rat now letting out violence talk Neeb Ahana oof rim newbs all cha she got going o woman of the arts my Zuki soy sauce key Sasaki oh I love you agent you got the red dreads you know she full of swag daddy swag juice and by swag daddy swag Jews and she's full of it I don't mean that as a stock with your nasty cheetah jokes I know what you're thinking you pervert stop now let's see vivix no I'm in a slur to move but I'm still kind of 10 LAN Jie Jie Berlin has learned that LJ is a water person at the other sports team ok niara in the Zook oh the way he talking to me right now oh yeah ups was not ppattani he asking about me what am I trying to hit today oh I think we should do a little bit of cardio get the heart rate up don't y'all think let's work out now LJ come on let's work out now come on let's get it in what does that mess around his head the humor and hijinks festival is in town click on any of the dynamic signs around town to find more what is my boy Fitness that actually wait a minute I gotta go to work right now oh my gosh

get some work Edmund damn it what are you doing mr. Lewin grab on noodles


fruit Simba


been a little bow on Varick [Music] stream stream strim Garza casa da poo no be okay never mind then never mind LJ has learned that Bella's married tomorrow hi Bella all right Bella look look you may not wait

our venes long so blah who yatha Jose has learned the following of tres about darling on flirty darling darling what kind of shit you want why are you talking to me I'm a young adult you're a teenager why are you talking to me in the gym bro or Sardi I can't really tell what kind of see you alright let's keep playing

oh so LJ upgraded his fitness now he's about to go take a shower who's at the house watching blood hold up it's 7:00 it's 7:20 for that means mojo is back at the house right now

select sims to travel with serenity now she's not walking at my house no more I don't want her she's like the Nita Caliente of the Beast girls behave the Hayward's Joe you got fish Joe you had a good day at work okay you back to work tomorrow morning mo you had a good day at work y'all still in you're eating them pancakes calm down nobody's next to you shut up you really said you eatin these same pancakes that's how I know I'm a fire has chef LJ I thought you showered up at the gym oh I could I cut it early well let me chill let me chill now bug bug bug huh how you doing boy how you do with my boy are you do a bookie boy so I'm at work until what time 11:00 p.m. what shower wash our relationships like we're buds why is Joe such a bad Oh Joe will you be beefing with sure why you got beef with these women okay okay fair enough what you got to do I think I'm all right here really really love bug dog favorite they really are cool I'll give some food to bug now you don't need to eat that praise them though LJ LJ play with bug get to non praise them

jo you got you got any girls you haven't got no girls shit is everybody in a good mood right now okay so Jo could use some energy jo get you up get you a little coffee real quick we gonna go we go we cleared the channel the free voice three amigos you go see who else is here we got to get to know people let's actually hit the town what day is it Monday why not make sure bug is good before we leave and then we out of here brah nice is good for firm o knees is good for LJ Jo just need a little coffee that's standard Jo you get the same team from from Starbucks all the time Americanos he gets the Americanos drink your water yep that that's standard Jo right there drink the coffee dogs can you drink the coffee doe can you drink it so we can leave now you gotta take a fat piss ro you you would you've been to have us in the house all night waiting on you okay all right yep that did nothing for your energy but we finna at the town let's see let's see what the city got to offer so they live in this big-ass house right here okay for Lee Z's baddies I could teach our style okay real easy baddies there needs to be a place where like the homies let's let's go see the homies let's go see the armies I know all y'all want me to do deep down y'all want to admit it but I know deep down I don't really want me to do is just pick up women that's fine later dawg come on y'all hello there's a good witch ah who is this wiz motherfuckin Khalifa in the building Taye Diggs in the motherfucking building why are you acting scared we're quick let me get my dolls okay she rack I see lots of women's shoes kolo a 1.5 bathroom okay little watch area hello with a little mirror action right here okay okay this is for show a custom content house is missing some things I'm already knowing but I just want to see the layout okay you got one bed so far another bad who is this Justin fucking Timberlake okay to bed third third floor okay just two floors all right let's see what's going on

you introduce yourself funny in Genosha why we instantly get out when I try and sit down next someone wrong was he acting like that just now

why did wait just just this Joe like that

Joe stick up for yourself stick up I don't know that she was not what the fuck is y'all getting that for

why I don't know Trey McNair who the fuck you are I don't know why you in your drawers around these are on this bunch of men in here but take Diggs is here so I guess you know it is what it is I don't know what you get enough for I know Mike the biggest do but he got heart though what's up what's up y'all niggas when it yo okay what's up what's up what's up dude of epi what so much what's up what I mean don't want to sit okay okay what kind of mode am I in here

Garza Tom okay okay it's going down what's up okay so so John John Wiz is cool kimono with Taye Diggs yeah yelling a moe moe don't sit here and be soft get up and get up and do some shit my fault my fault my fault get up and do some shit Moe got beef do mo have beef y'all knock sorry sim say hello you know you will not see your disrespect okay I mean you know what I'm after you dissing not sacrifice yourself Guapo th quimbo he want to fight okay okay what's up with you tank you know yo yo yo you got

where the homies I'd he'll take it off the kitchen go get your boy I need you to hide the key I need you to have this back right here I need you to can you can you can you get involved through it introduction immediately Joe up here rude introduction immediately okay mo I need you to win this fight bro win the scrap throw hands hey mo now despise each other taking just beat my ass Hades just beat my ass okay okay I had a feeling coming here would be a problem I had a feeling coming here would be a problem Liz was on some weird shit come on y'all what are you happy about Oh moe beat his ass insults him talk Samba Tommy shop a day don't don't be you don't be tough when they get here mock is out fish clown them throw a drink on them in Seoul Joe Joe get in the mix hell you got a queen up a wonder was any birthday fuck him out the booty yeah yeah I like that I like this mean how do you just in LA yeah job sweet Joe y'all niggas just singing tomorrow moves to Oh beat his ass you know you are blowing in this episode you all $4,700 four bills what do I live at do I have that kind of buddy I don't think I had that kind of buddy I got it I got it I mean we got it we all got jobs Moe is out here days we got a lead we got a lead oh my gosh with an L what an L give back everybody meet at the house hope you're okay okay okay I need some water after that I need some water after that damn you know is crazy about this fight though is that this wasn't even most fight wiz khalifa disrespected joe joe called him out on it and as a friend as a friend if one of my boys has a problem with somebody i have a problem with him just that's just how it goes i don't know what kind of friends are god but like y'all need to have friends like that but I brought all right with my dogs you know a wolf look my dog would and my dog Molly yeah you get it anyways he's mother mo just kind of took it too far I blame myself for that mo is definitely not a fighter he's a comedian so I mean it is what it is but mo we got to get you in a gym now wouldn't you go back to work bro tomorrow okay when do I go back to work and I'm still tense over feeling insecure what do you needs hygiene hop in the shower hop in the shower real quick me and Evan about to take a late night trip to the homegirl house LJ you got work you got work tomorrow hey you don't really be engaging with the females you don't really give a fuck about girls in no disrespect but you just don't let's be honest you don't you don't you don't can we follow Joe please thank you okay Joe what you got going it's bud we got to get him over Nina Caliente taro just a young little fling they come and go with the seasons so the only new skills and fitness will allow them to perform various workouts okay wait Joe up there working out Joe come on okay mo in bed he's sleeping off that fucking hell he just took respect Edmund what are your skills it's raining outside right now [Music] Tracy Jennings Kennedy Jennings Ryan McGee datum datum [Music] let's move the girls I was looking for but she they are now is she okay hold up what happened to the three sisters Amara iris Natalia Demi I don't know how to approach this bravuria

I always do this season it season to my heart to have like an extended episode of bonus scene or so soon yes Tom bruh Edmund evening these women are beautiful bogan drove [Music]

no we're not chatting with Ryan we're gonna she's loving the rain I love her I love her energy right now hi hi hi I'm Edmund what's your name hi to gabacho dag dag can we go inside ladies are like you don't have a door to your house y'all niggas don't even have a door to get inside you're lucky I came here oh I can't even help you right now so how did you get in here how do y'all get in the house she bad me me [Music] Seanie she's like me oh my god I know somebody gonna be the cop I already hear it for lazy you never go for the black girl any image this is a chance watch this stuff let's see if you fall in love with let's see let's see cuz I don't want y'all in the comments you know somebody in the Walking Dead video was like can you can you stop ignoring the fucking black here just like you do every game play what are you trying to prove and by the way I'm white okay come on Edmund we gonna prove to them that we don't have nothing against black girls my mom is black I'm black stop me hello dick [Music] look at how y'all are living [Music] what's the own name girl you look like Vivian bogan true dad you ain't got no swag though that's the only thing who are you what side of you can get a hello to who you are fine - goodbye charge so so uh KC every Tokra [Music] this is for show on Vivian yo who made these girls well I don't make it why you make them look so old like one day you look like a grandpa I know you got a little bit on Grampa actually but like young in the face though oh yo yo yo you go oh you need what you need to care about me okay who else is here I saw four girls on that picture how are y'all living y'all got a kids here I'll be honest you already found my chick I'm going back to the crib chasey come inside come inside I want you to meet some people no why did I bring you here oh damn she gonna move inside she don't waste no time Traci you ain't got no other clothes they usually straight for a hot dog now I'm not getting like friend vibes from Tracy she like - homie I don't know him I could be wrong though


we'll call it we'll call it for today Edmund in this tense bullshit is pissing me off I'm about to go to Nina house when he wake up and break up with her I can't I can't do with that I can't do it my boy always being upset over this this Tracy's still here so nobody trying to game Tracy up is what I'm seeing y'all just don't care about romance at all get over here and introduce yourselves after May Abba Sonny

he woke up from the middle of his sleep because they started talking to Tracy Damon is hilarious he really is a jelly sim I'm so tired of hearing it who flirtin with her right now so when you oshi in the flirty move flash crazy on grands o grands this water mama taking advantage mother not to take advantage mo mo put you to work right now oh she loves funny Peter Garcia dark

[Applause] massive LD took earlier teabaggers this is mojo this is Mouse girl okay when I go here why move don't don't do this don't do this don't do this don't do this you don't do this don't do this okay okay I'm in a flirty mode I don't need I don't need to make no mistakes with her that's Moe's girl I need to find a what do they live though releases baddies right here cuz found them my mum let's go going alone I got to see what the deal with Charlene is look ya'll we I've literally tried I've tried every time knock on the door stop I've given everybody a fair chance y'all y'all seen it for yourselves okay Charlene right here reading a book Kiara right here playing chess and uh chastity serenity the haze that's right I was right Haynes Haynes serenity and me do not get along ERD means we have a better relationship

I'm going for Kiara bro I'm going for Kiara bruh please smooth though ask about no no no no no brighten up her day first of all then ask her about her her career going smooth first and asked if she's single and if she is complementing her appearance then maybe kiss her hands and then we'll just go from there play cool Edmund play cool bag tag hello no that's not the right move for this Nicola Hey [Music] okay okay uh-huh you finna take her to the fool with it oh yeah oh yeah tropospheric ah Choo Choo chicks room blah okay what's next

and our film Ozzy floods the fuck is that about oh she was telling the joke okay hold on hold on hold on oh no bro old over so I leaked out of bad subra okay okay okay it's fine it's fine sick of food they just get to know each other they just get to know each other what happened what did he try and do what did he try and do awkward encounter what did he try and do okay get away from her get away from her okay Joe is off to work summer holiday I'm starving we're gonna go grab breakfast with me ashes la ma a summer holiday I feel like I've kind of a curve to it for two seasons now I'm a talk I'm gonna talk to Charlene then I'm Anne in the episode this one's hard there's no talk from there okay I mean talk talking to me real quick though before Charlene leave okay he's back in a flirty mood okay no no no no that's that's a serenity get to know tell a funny story ask if she's single share ideas ask about love life offer rose make it happen Edmond whoa stands oh haha okay okay just don't currently this is kind of already what was that they just did more soon garbage chips go smooth smooth my number day play kudos romance flirt she feeling you hey she said he said it's never a cloudy day when you around baby girl keep going keep going chicks room bluff the Kinjo created just like me share insecurities oh she's the baddest she's the baddest Oh just share some insecurities with the weekend closer right now who's Rob sing it hit her with a sexy pose

romantic gift milk what the fuck okay come on come on oh my my mom asked on a date okay okay okay okay it's time to go it's time to go give it get back to the house bye ladies Charlene Charlene Charlene baby I love you you just don't know it yet I'm gonna make it wet I'm not gonna lie y'all might be this season kind of wack but I'm having some of the most fun this time I hope in the in the top corner right now right who should I go after because we still got to keep the show rolling right so right now on on the table we have Charlene Haynes summer holiday because she's still calling me meena Caliente belikov those are the four options everybody's doing well on their careers we have money we paying bills I think next episode we'll take a little bit of time get to know everybody maybe have a boys night out bring out each person's date cuz mo mo got his ass beat this episode s facts but he also bagged homegirl with the bikini he's bagging her LJ you need to get a chick joining me to get a chick yeah yeah this is fun this is fun I'm like the witness is going next episode though we're starting to wrap up the season next season fatherhood Charlie not the beat you y'all decide the other side look if you enjoyed this video please leave a thumbs up I truly appreciate it if you are new please subscribe for more videos and as always I love each and every wonderful and I'll see you in the next video peace one last thing I know on the last onion rope episode I said I was kind of over the game I'm not I was just over that trial get off me sometimes I can be upset okay I don't have to sit here and be like wow this is great I'll look at all the play I'll sit here and I'll look like that mean where the dude is like but then he has that mask over his face y'all don't want that Brett come on that's not real that's not real young here for me right yeah I'm gonna here just to give me this is the excellent reacts this is I'm not feeling some shit I'm not feeling it but I'm still gonna play because I still like the plot twists alright so then he said

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