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brother at the Utah through general meals your tech down there I'm going down with a good friend of ours that kind of bears a couple times Nick Phelps spring bear so I'm gonna head out it's about two o'clock in the afternoon we have some more bread to finish up today got a cold our drive will be there late but we're gonna get going

the next morning we're loading up Tom's never wrote a dirt bike before so this is the one he gets he'll start tall you start this thing like this kick it oh come on man

and push


push the clutch in can you get there

Tom's bike number 53 Racing model Tom's never rode a motorcycle before and this one's got a flat tire and it's got a lot of power so be careful tom my little brother cracks me up he's too cheap to buy a backpack so he's borrowing my pack frame throwing his stuff in a game bag and on top of that he gets the worst bike but the thing I like about him he though he's got a smile on his face we have enough gear and food to spend about 3 or 4 days up there hopefully we can make this trip worthwhile

dang it a good job right nothing are we good tired looks like it gets up there pretty your arms are getting tired from holding on no power like I said last night I drew a mule deer tag here in Utah this is our buddy Nick that you've seen a couple times on our videos from an Idaho Bears and he's taken us up here to where they usually hunt we're gonna hike up to the top of this Ridge spike camp for a couple days and hopefully get our sights on some big bucks Nick and I both have tag Tom was excited to see that we're going to be sleeping with tarantulas tonight

people have taken our camp set up here this is going to sleep underneath this tarp eat and some granola with milk and blueberries mountain pass this morning wait for it to get light we're going to pick up over this Ridge we stopped I don't know maybe 2030 meal do last night no big bucks are open that hex head usually over top of that next ridge that we didn't get to last night usually where the big bucks are

we've got this book he just walked behind that tree he's going to walk out and get a range and get ready for him five hundred and seventy five yards six point five MOA he walks out I'm like Mara left side for sure get a four-point on one side yeah monitor

thanks good yep

nice try cha-cha he got it done he's done he's going down yeah he's down here he's rolling down the hill

nice dude that is a bad mumble Java right there brother Wow opening morning five five hundred seventy five yards oh this is not right let's keep her out for another one there's no rush another good run oh my gosh yeah you've gotta love that baby this guy she's not for this rifle it is that's why I need to get any wonder I see those big bucks to you but I can't ever poke them you know I mean yeah it's like uh no awesome you can keep the shooter for the area yeah you don't pass up that bunker here really no I'll regret anything I bet he's 26 but he got a kick her off the one side yeah that probably put him closer I don't know we'll see let's make a guess we want to make a guess right now I say he's pushing 28 29 yeah with the thick it's good Forks on him get Forks only great but the ethic their corn buck it's not nice it's nice but

thanks a lot yeah buddy that's sweet we're gonna go see if we can get him a buck hold it down and take a look at him he look like a nice on saw trash we all got excited there wasn't a whole lot of story to this not happened in opening morning first five minutes of light but you can see we've hacked out this Ridge and I don't know what we see if I received the six bucks walking out and Mick's been telling us we got to get to that side up where we got to get to that side well we didn't even get there yet Mick spotted a three bucks underneath that cliff and dumped one of them 575 yards awesome shot awesome video I'd love to watch him fall down like that in a clip moving so we know he's down for sure we're gonna head up over this Ridge and get to that sound with Nick wanted to get to he's also got a tag we thought we were gonna get a doubleheader we pulled the spot and scope out and this was just one nice three-point maybe 25 26 inches wide but not quite big enough for Nick one really cool thing about this trip was to see how Utah manages their wildlife we saw over a hundred dos in 30 bucks opening morning well we blast the other side by Nick and then see any more shooter bucks a lot of bucks price out there deep it 30 plus bucks over there but nothing big week ahead head down it check out the shops

I'm just excited right now not knowing how big this buck is as I wasn't a shot shy of him he walked out behind that tree right there then he rolled down so should top up over this little bush he should be

you've got an awesome kicker down

shooter for sure general season yeah buddy a lot man that's a good buck pretty awesome-looking I never killed one on a character like that I'm excited got heavy cases good forks opening day a Utah general tag got a nice buck down really appreciate it Nick he brought us in here to an area that him and his family have hunted for years and he knew there was a lot of good bucks in here and he sounded fairly confident and we're going to kill an opening morning that is a little bit skeptical just because Tom and I have hunted all year not seen a buck this big but there's I mean there's more mule ease we saw more moolies this morning than Tom and I have seen all season sell what a cool place real neat to see how Utah manages their game and this is an incredible book incredible book one of the best books I've ever got this is really cool I saw this in the spot and scopin knew that he had to go down we've got a long pack ahead of us we shot him at 575 yards from the top of that rock and that's the way we've got a packing out up that rock chute

out of all find out I've got to pack him up to the top of that bench and back to camp we hit it hard that next morning didn't see any more shooter bucks Nick had to get back to line out his landscaping crew so we decided to pack up and head out is it neutral come on 53 learn how to kick it



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This is the 40th episode we have posted on youtube. In this hunt, Travis got a general mule deer tag in Utah. You may recognize Nick Phelps in our previous bear hunts, he came up to north Idaho and we help him harvest a bear, now he is returning the favor and taking us to one of his hunting spots in the state of Utah. We packed back as far as we could with the motorcycles and the rest of the way on foot. On opening morning, we made sure to be first up the mountain. Shortly after sunrise, we spotted a buck that caught Travis's attention. Enjoy this mule deer hunt and make sure to subscribe. This is a DIY Public Land hunt, using the 338 ultra mag.
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