An Entire Winter's Scrap Metal Haul - Had To Borrow The Truck!

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hey you dude sup with you again and today I'm pretty excited about today why well because my brother needs gas money and I need to borrow the truck so I think I can help him out if he helps me out that's right lads I'm talking about bringing this and this and for some sweet sweet money if you haven't noticed I have a little trouble with that this week you know no car so this is just perfect come on [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Applause]

[Music] tell me I need a truck I think that's everything see this should turn out all right I'm not going to try to explain all you can't even see it but you saw it getting loaded so let's see how this goes charge is clearly superior in some respects these ones in particular needless to say we've got the junk in the trunk of course any fuel but kind of how I convinced them to help me out I mean it's not just doing exercise

there we go [Music] and uncles build up and again [Music] where you know how a maid [Music] I got to say I am super jazzed we finally bringing in this pile of scrap metal this basically represents everything I've collected from an entire winter's worth of bottle picking so I'm really excited to see if it was worth it you should get excited too yes don't owe in dustry alaria I'm coming for you one way I was shite being sneaky so it's 30 feet thing kids around oh yeah we may have a slight problem because I forgot to bring my wallet and normally they'd like to see some ID when you bring in metal and they give you money for it I'm kind of hoping they still have my information on file and that'll be good enough for them we're going to find out please don't discuss your choices there she is and rounded back oh this guy's all loaded up I've got a lot of stuff to bring in yeah buddy yeah buddy well that went over like a second phrase who is Oh slide so we're going to try this again another time for you guys kind of seem instantaneous I wish it was going to seem instantaneous for me so we're going to grab some ID and do this and I'm Eric it's me just me in traffic I don't know if you can see that the exposure is kind of weird anyway not going to be a whole heck of a lot of filming because I'm driving hopefully they'll let me fill me in the shop though I'm glad you guys do you see where we get like oh I'm just gonna show up sale in get it done sale out and oh yeah would you just look at that alright so we're good but the boss isn't here today either so I can't actually ask them I'm allowed to film or not so you're just gonna have to trust me oh my bad guys [Music] jammies of your mind [Music] Oh ow [Music] through Oh Oh God

[Music] gosh

Oh [Music]




[Music] I'm back yeah Martin you're asking if somebody can come in from the states and make a quick buck scrappin so they pretty much just asked for two pieces of ID they're not gonna ask to see your work visa so yes sounds like it I kind of run home I'm not going to spend the time filming and making a montage I'll show you what I got when we get back there it was okay so I'm totally going to steal ubers anyone's idea to overlay their tolls on the video where things are being unloaded it just seems a lot faster and more efficient nobody really wants me to run through this piece by piece there are a couple things I wanted to find out though yes what I found interesting so those aluminum pie pans and food trays that I've been collecting as I find them I wasn't sure how much those were going to add up but I ended up with a total of 26 pounds of those which is quite a few I think I'm getting 58 cents a pound ring now comedian so that's fifteen dollars and eight cents which is pretty sweet I think from trash that I would have just kind of overlooked before 15 bucks I wouldn't had and the other detail I wanted to point out which reinforces that I made the right choice switching scrapyards after calling around I only wish had done it sooner they gave me a dollar five per pound on number two insulated now I wasn't sure about this because and my other yarn I was going to they had me separating the housing wire and the cat5 cable and all of the other wires because they'd give me a better price for cat5 than vacuum cleaner power cords and extension cables and a better price still for the housing wire so when these guys had me just throw them all in the same bin and I realized that they were not giving a different price regardless of what kind of wire was I was a little concerned and a little bummed that I spent so long keeping them separate but looking at the price a dollar five is better than the best price they were giving me at the other place so not only am I getting more money now but this place saved me a ton of time I'm no longer going to be keeping my wire separate I don't have to have three different bins to keep it all in I'm just going to throw it all into the same bin and get a better price this is great saving time is so important to me so thank you Empire metals grand total different was four hundred and eighty nine dollars and twenty cents that is my entire winter worth of collecting but it's nice when it all stacks up like that so I think that will pretty much do it for this the next video you see is going to be the clutch get them done and then I can finally get back to going out there and making real money hopefully we'll see thanks for everything liking commenting subscribing so glad to have you here leave it better than you found it and keep doing the thing when I bring in a little scrub it like you get myself a tree it's usually a nice kept the Americans have an equivalent of a nice cap where do you get that what do

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Here's the last bit of cleanout in this garage, and then I'll be able to fit my car in! Pretty huge load of scrap metal for this dumpster diver, and I learned a few things about my scrap yard that gave me even more reasons to keep coming back. Please like/share this video if you enjoyed it, and subscribe to thubprint!



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