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hi guys hello so today we are gonna be trying British food so I'm pretty sure - have you tried I don't know Scotch eggs yeah fish and chips sausage rolls well get into the food tasting a minute but first I wanted to thank today's sponsor of this video which is cent bird dananana cent bird re subscription perfume service so they send you a different perfume each month for you to try out and I like it comes in a little pouch with a little drawstring look how cute that is so you can try something new without breaking the bank so they sent me this one a try I'm going to spray it on myself tell me if I smell good oh that does smell really bad so this one they think it's called get a room um so they send you a little like no Cod with it and it just comes in a little pouch and then you twist it and then you spray it's kind of like a lipstick so yeah if you want to try scent but uh click the link in the description to sign up to get 50% off your first month yeah Thank You scent bird for sponsoring you guys are great this smells really good so now are you ready so basically we discovered oh and I think it was like an ad on Instagram you found it on Instagram yeah and I send you foods each month from like the particular country so I signed up they sent us some stuff and I want to I want you to try it alright let's try it cuz I feel like I hype up a lot of British food you do and I never get to try any of it really so when I say British I mean English I apologize ignorance didn't we go through what they sent yes is that crisps or as you say chips which is so confusing for me they sent me oh my gosh I love these these are biscuits ok or cookies what are you guys cool cookies the aunt cookies I guess every biscuit for you a cookie I don't know I from my experience I've only just called geez okay so these for your cookies okay so these are the fruit Shortcake so they have little like berries in that my dried berries um oh this is fudge I've actually never tried this before okay so I'm excited for that these are my favorite they sent us custard creams oh my god these are so good these remind me of like growing up childhood these are biscuits - this stuff is HP sauce so I usually would put this someone some people may get angry about this but I put this on my cheese toasties it's so good like grilled cheese okay yeah my translation it last but not least penguins penguins and I told you about these they have little jokes on the back okay what do you want to try first I'm gonna let you because a lot of this stuff has more sentimental meaning to you so I want you to like I'm gonna eat this scale of your excitement so if you're just like oh crisps are the least exciting so we could start with those and then like something that you're like very excited about we can okay well do custard creams last okay let's start with the crisps these are books British and cooked chips all these are called potato chips on here which is a suspiciously American even though they have a flag catering to the masses

mm-hmm-hmm a classic British thing that we do I don't know if you guys do this but we put crisps in a lot of our sandwiches I've seen people do that avianna person we've done that like on Sunday night sometimes my dad is a special treat with literally let us have crisps sandwiches like bread butter on both sides and then crisps in the middle really but you guys have like different types of bread like is it almost this the white American bread that we yeah it's why it's the same thing but your guys's bread is like very sweet like for some reason it tastes like like a dessert when I eat your bread which is really weird this is we put sugar and everything yeah so when I when I'm out here I don't buy white bread the only way I can get like normal bread in my eyes is by buying like whole wheat or like bread with like seeds I mean oh yeah okay so that's weird you want to try the cheddar yeah I'm vintage cheddar and green onion oh that sounds good no so posh all right another thing about our cheese in England there's like it's very strong like it's a lot stronger than a lot of American cheese that's a - yeah I went to the Netherlands for Holland and I had their cheese there was a good place in Amsterdam yeah I went to and remember like having that cheese was like oh my gosh this is the best cheese I've ever had yeah just wait Cathedral City cheese in England if my favorite in fact I need to ask my mom together I mean when I come visit oh so good you know really good UI mm-hmm okay next up the biscuits these are really good dipped in tea oh well yeah they go oops they got a little bit crushed but we're gonna power through it oh no okay yeah I'm gonna s so crumbly what kind of flavors blueberry well they just have blueberries in them but it's like shortbread Oh

home is what it's like so imagine that dipped in like a cup of tea had like full p.m. after a long day 4:00 p.m. that's a long day oh yeah full PM is tea time all right next up penguins all right so these are basically chocolate bars so they have jokes on them yeah what's the joke it says why was the Penguins head so cold because he was chilly because he was wearing an ice cap I think that's cute got a ten penguin good luck choke oh my gosh this is melted because we live in a desert hellhole mmm God I think things taste like tastes like my childhood it's so weird like the memories they bring brighter chocolate tastes a lot better than our chocolate though dogs your guys's chocolate tastes like sick but more cuz it does that before mm-hmm so did you like them anyway yeah I like the Penguins are still under I'm not a very like chocolate person chocolatey person yeah so crisper still up okay okay I respect it I respect it so this isn't like the classic HP sauce this is like a variety off okay but imagine this on a grilled cheese oh yeah it almost smells like barbecue sauce kind of God is sweet that's probably the best comparison I can think of you can just stick your finger in it that I do I like is that plane yeah this is like treason honestly but I don't really have anything to give you to put on it if you having a fry up you could dip your sausage in it that's good but it's got like a really light sweet it's yeah but like tankiness same time it's really good mild and tangy oh I didn't even read the package but one day I'll make you this with the goat cheese cheese toasting and try it okay what did you call it cheese toastie she's toasty you know like on love island Donny was like oh I cheese toasties every bag that's what I'm talking about we're obsessed with love island we've been binge watching it it's very very that's so good it reminds me of home penultimate thing do you like fudge do you have fudge out here we do my neighbor used to make it from scratch every Christmas yeah my mom really liked that fudge is a big thing at least in Oxford where I'm around that hole is that like a serving size of fudge yeah we really know really yeah we don't oh you don't do your do serving sizes because we know how to stop so yeah in Oxford or I'm from there's a lot of like fudge shops so fudge is definitely a thing in England at least I'm gonna try this I've never tried this before mmm which fruity cranberry orange hmm that's refreshing yeah I almost tastes like starburst like this doesn't taste like a punch the texture of it remember strawberry has a fudge shopaholics but I'll take you to I don't know a bigger person but they do like free samples so like you might as well of course have you ever been to Costco yeah that's all you do it's true is free samples you only go for the free samples and you go to the to the cafe to get a slice of pizza or a hot dog I had a hot dog from Costco before they're like a do you know deal yeah it's like a dollar fifty for a hot dog got a drink I don't know what anyone's going anywhere else all right last but not least custard creams these are the cream of the crop in my opinion okay nice probably gonna be really crummy are you masterfully done what a pro mmm those don't taste like I remember them though like they taste good but this is probably maybe a different brand or something mm-hmm guys like something I've had like as a kid I used to eat crackers that had like vanilla cream on the inside and yeah I looked almost exactly like this but that looks like Oh like oh I would be absolutely picky eater when I was very young yeah so was i sorry mom if it wasn't a chicken nugget for a slice of pizza I eat so let me let me do a ringer yeah okay so I really had to think about this but I think the HP sauce because I don't know if I've had its full potential yet and even just tasting it as is has been really delightful but I think this is gonna be number one however if we have something with it it's very disappointing when I have like a huge amount it's gonna it's gonna drop second would be the crisps yeah third would have to be the Penguins okay because the jokes just elevated it a little bit further after the Penguins would have to be the I have to be careful holding these ones up but the biscuits the shortcake the shortcake and then the cranberry orange fudge and I'm really sorry baby but the custard has to go last I didn't like I know custards last I know that you're really excited about it but because you've had them but it's tasted like something that I've had like these don't taste like higher like they don't taste as good as I remember them being so I don't know if it's just the brand that they sent me or like maybe my memory nostalgia is a lie oh and they're actually not that good I don't know so but they taste like something I've had before it wasn't very like yeah I agree with your ranking actually thank you for being such a good sport always I appreciate it thank you think you're helping me live translate all these things to you and American thank you for introducing you're welcome they're all very very good we're actually heading to England and just like just over a week right yeah really soon so she's gonna get to try even more English things so if you guys think the Kim should go anywhere in England or try anything while we're in England comment below yes I can make a list of places to take her or of things for her to try I've also had what was the other Percy pigs pigs okay oh I love Emily you always bring them for me alright thank you guys so much for watching remember to check out sent but if you want to try out some new perfumes for a cheap highly recommended yeah for sure give me a whiff 10 out of 10 would smell

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