Wealth Giving Planet: Greenstone Lobo Discovers Planet X - The Planet of Wealth

by: Saptarishis Astrology Magazine

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click on the subscribe button especially the Bell on the right side otherwise you will miss the latest videos oh it's Christmastime and we have the man greenie greenie with us really welcome welcome thank you so much for calling me here thank you so how was your Christmas yeah that business is good Christmas was fine I mean it was a white Christmas it is good so today today greenie is going to rock the show because he's going to talk about 99% of the people's favorite topic that is wealth so the planet of wealth something called Planet X now I have hundreds of patients okay and I'm quite sure greenie with all his patients will definitely reply so there is something called Planet X on the NASA site yes see beyond Pluto way beyond Pluto and probably you know I've been just reading it on the NASA side you know it's going to take ten ten thousand twenty thousand of years to make one full orbit around the Sun and so whether this is the same Planet X that several questions that Green is talking about should we use it in Vedic Astrology does it make sense does it not make sense anything new I understand none of us like none of us like anything new you know as I always keep on repeating okay only babies love that light was to be changed most of us humans don't like change but not for the sake of being modern but for the sake of an inquisitive mind okay I would request people to spend the next 1 hour or half an hour with us and understand greenies point of view if I always see something if a professional astrologer is using new technique most of the professional astrologist don't share that technique you know Sohyun I appreciate being that he's sharing something new with us so dreamy it's what is this Planet X I mean I surely want to know whether I have yeah so so I only started off with these series of liners I called the Miss planet x y&z then I didn't find my answers in traditional astrology and also after so then I went to and we had the last time and we had a chat you know I talked about how he was actually spoke about you know seven planets beyond Shani so he's talked about is even given descriptions of Beruna am i you know all of that so who paid was that planet which is the planet which is a ruling well okay which is something which is actually it's followed by dozen years ago so i start i included Uranus I included Neptune Pluto but still some horoscopes we're not giving us for example if I go to admin I many times I talk about a bit of its ill-starred but Amitha but since chart is the one chart which is given me a lot of answers you know so forth and I bring up again this case so when you look into the patient's chart we can see that everything can be explained in this accident can be explained is going bankrupt can be explained is coming back from the dead can be explained but why you see a great namitha picture was not really explained also and there are so many other people so so many another which are able to discuss today by not being a pain you know explain so what I did was I did some back calculation you know see whenever whenever you're looking at something scientifically if you have to do something what you have to do is probably assume something you propose there okay probably there is something which is here and then you work on it and then you sort of have so many examples to share which proves the theory and then then there is something which is exception than the exception you know so there is a scientific scientifically so what I saw is that people were born in the nineteen forties you know so between 1939 to 1943 so there was something which was there in the in those three years because I saw there were some great spawn in that time so for example if you look at someone like 1942 what'd he do is the one year when there are three superstars of Indian cinema born you had Rajesh Khanna born in 42 you can Amitabh Bachchan wasn't for it to eat a little more than 42 and just one month later you have in 43 you have squash Gabon the entire Beatles group is born between 39 to 43 you have a Ilayaraja 143 you have like extraordinary legends born in the time but you know what none of these people started not John Lennon not a no no these people start could be explained by the other greats looking at you know like sharing power for example like sure that power is sharp or cannot be explained traditional astrology I mean he became a chief witnesses in the in his forties and he national players and his hope you know to explain so so there are so many people whose born in the 40s Bouchard couldn't explain so I assume that you know one of them planet which I am which which parasha talks about so maybe that was one of the one was a planet which was there in the heart but then probably it is not visible so whatever did was I thought that mainly one of the place see the planet for which we didn't have a ruler was one most tourists and the other one was Horace I mean Venus is the one planet which is associated with tourists as well as Libra and mercury is the planet which is associated with the Gemini and Virgo so I thought that you know like Venus actually resonates more with Libra because liberals are more people who are like more Beauty conscious they want to have the more relationships so it's all about communications for them you know solely bronze resonate more with Libra LeBron's loosen it torrid Venus I thought that there is one planet which was the ruling Congress because torian's are the ones who are you know the early people down to earth people practical people people who are very very focused on money and wealth so maybe that is another planet which is a so I thought that probably this is the planet so probably this must be huge planet which was the ruling this zodiac sign and maybe this could be formed in these years so I assumed that you know see every little sign if you see the tenth zodiac sign from that so it's like most of the time it is exaltation point the Tamela if you look at Mars Aries it gets exalted and you know keep it on if you look at us at and it gets so I thought probably for a sec we if it is Taurus then probably get exalted in Aquarius so in that so I thought that maybe Aquarius ascendant if you have an Aquarius ascendant probably it is exalted in the first house so that is my that is my theory okay to try and find out of this planet so Aquarius means I mean the which is a query vaccinated so I thought probably a matter which enhance it in the first house so if there is a politician if there is a politician in the politician should have it in the seventh house or the seventh Lord should be exalted so when I saw Sharon baba and I saw the tenth power has a Scorpio ascendant which makes them have seventh Lord exalted in the fourth so which makes him a chief minister so similarly when I found that many of the many of the I mean if you look at was guy super guy has got a pecan ascendant so because it is a Capricorn SN it becomes a fifth Lord exalted okay if you look at all the all these beetles guys I will look at earlier at the Gila Magna has got a equate is I mean Taurus ascendant so Allah says that it means his ascendant Lord is exalted in tenth so now this is one pass it's okay now so if you look at so what it means is that from 1939 to 1943 for five years this planet is very strongly here so if it is will be here in order in in a queries for for five years what it means is that it takes about five into twelve which is sixty years to complete one revolution so I said that if somebody is born in in the in the nineteen forties in the early nineteen forties and has this planet exalted so let me go back 60s recover and see are there people been born who are great set and to my surprise I read before and I saw Albert Einstein there and Albert Einstein's horoscope cannot be explained if you include this planet you can very beautifully explained Albert Einstein's chart or anything I another he doing I also found somebody like top you have you know W elbowing or you know there are so many people whose charts would be explained even in a better fashion with me include this plan I've invented into the 1880s okay the 1880 to 80 80 81 82 83 then they went another 60 years before and I found Queen Victoria so Queen when Lord is exalted in them so now what happened is this I mean every 60s when I was going before I found that this planet was very publicly is and the people's charts were able to be explained much better than we knew to this planet so now this was a theory and had in mind okay now if I had a theory in mind I started okay right so what I need to do is I need to really find out if that is a planet here is this only an assumption or is there really a planet which is there which for which I need to actually go and you know further than I'll ever actually find out good good love astronomy you know probably and then find out if there is a planet there so what I did was this I went into NASA's website okay I learned their terminology you know so they have things so many things I really have an orbital path they have made they have some friends and so many other things but all of those things didn't really matter to me only thing that mattered to me was the revolution around the Sun so they revolution around the Sun I was looking for all the planet which had a revolution of 60 years or so 6-tier 0 58 years to 60 or 62 or 65 years you know so then I started a research and I mean it started off it was around 200 300 bodies I mean when I started of it was almost like 2,000 bodies that are restricted to those planets which way you know which way in this fan tip is coming into this place and then again up before 60 years it was here so that came down to run 200 bodies then I reduce it then finally I zeroed in on that that body you know which I feel is the ruler of Taurus now after I found this one I agree what so here it is not only astrology we're talking about we're also talking about astronomy okay so one size fix that body that I knew that this is the body what it did was now it was very difficult because the astronomers use a different you know way of calculating things in India we have already used 27 nakshatras but astronomers don't use 27 except that they use 88 constellations so it is a different theory all together so I have to actually learn the 80 consolation I you know I I made it calibrated into IR as you know so actually by any means the Aries so I calculate it that way and then I did all of the calculation then I found like okay this planet is the selection at this point of time and so on so there was an entire week a lubrication done according to our next chakra then I saw that okay this planet is in this is next to me this is in Taurus here so I manually calculated all of that and then I when I when I used all the planets once again bag I found that wow it was giving fantastic research so when I started using them in the chance it was like amazing see inviting inside I will tell you something before it did started doing all of these things I thought that probably there are more than seven eight planets extra maybe there are 10 planets or twelve planets extra this is only one planet this is only this one planet X which is giving you know when it is in Germany it is giving a different impact when it is it's giving a different impact but instantly friends didn't you different so the same planet behaving in different ways in different so excites a lot of problems so now I know that this is actually a planet which is the original ruler of Taurus this is the true ruler of Taurus and it impacts every one of us in the big game so it's an amazing clarity we talked about this in detail can I can I can I ask a funny question when he were doing all this research okay did you ever feel at any point of time that hey greenie has gone nuts hey am I making a mistake have i overblown it every time I used to think that I am going too much you know so every time I used to wonder what am i doing because it's like see it was really clear because I used to have a a job and used to do all of these research in the night okay or early in the morning get up at 4:00 in the morning we'll do the research so and I mean every time I used to see something you know I used to me what am I thinking to my direct and I this is the mental Devils you know like you know something this is telling me that no this but probably there by the end of it all I feel that no this is all wrong and all of these years which I put into the research may all proved to be futile but then I said it's okay see by the end of it all either you will either it will be a you know I will not find something but it will be a learning experience for me so I know that fine so this is not one way of doing it probably there is another way of doing it but I was very sure that there is another planet that is definitely tolerance the original of Virgo has to be there so I was definitely sure that I'm going to hit upon these two planets when it was only a matter of time and how or something which I was trying to discover you know so I was trying every way possible to find out and I'm happy that you know I'm very very sure that this is the one this is the planet which routes Taurus well great viewers let's take this journey of Planet X Y & Z all said and today we start off with Planet X and let me share the presentation that you have okay so you call it Planet X actually see the Planet X is 3 I mean I call this Planet X for my convenience sake this is got nothing to do with the Planet X which is spoken by NASA the planet which NASA talks about is the one which is beyond Pluto ok then Planet X has more than you know four hundred five hundred years of you know journey across the Sun but this planet is smaller I mean it is this planet x is actually having an orbital path of about 60 years i mean it's less than 60 years and it is having of orbital path between Saturn and Uranus so you have the Saturn Uranus there have so many scattered bodies there are so many you know planetoids ok which are there and this bodies are currently classified by NASA centers now this is God knows nothing to do no connection to center of Sagittarius ok but then these planetary setup these set of bodies are called us send us and this is one of the center so you have a higher on which is a sin this planet eggs which is I mean Planet X is a convenient name that I've given it's basically it is it is it's a unnamed body I mean if you can just open the sly I mean you can this yeah so it's basically the the name the number of this body is 2007 rh 2 8 3 so that is astronomical name of this body this is not being named so far this is an unnamed cent or which lies between Saturn and Uranus okay and I consider this body to be the equivalent of kobera okay in Indian mythology and this in if you look at the Greek mythology it is called the salutis because Plutus is the god of wealth and why I kept an Horace because Linda Goodman and some other authors actually feel that the original ruler of Taurus is an forests so Linda Woodman has always Ciera is that that is the planet which is which is there which should be discovered and she gave a name of Van Voorhis so I have also given it as the pan so right now it is not named right now it is its configuration is 2007 or RH through 83 this was discovered in 2007 and the earnest to eat tree is that whatever the code given by NASA it's about 64 years here 64 years actually I was mistaken 64 years for the planet to do one revolution around the Sun this is the original and the true ruler of the zodiac sign Taurus yes okay and it is a God of wealth okay and whichever zodiac sign it comes into it gives I mean this is an amazing planet I mean I when I discovered so many things about the planet due to six it's extraordinary the way the planet manifests in different zodiac signs actually we'll have to look at all the planets beyond Saturn in a very different angle when you look at this plane and I'm going to talk about this planet probably you will see that there are various dimensions to this furthest planet or the set of planet which is beyond Saturn there the way they can manifest in our lives things in my analysis really we talk about all of those things anyways to talk about fan harness or Plutus or the planet X ok this is the planet of wealth so he confers wealth on you and one important thing that we need to know is that it may not necessarily mean which way with zodiac sign this planet is or bitch house it is in it does not indicate that it is going to give you wealth in wealth you not necessarily be there in a second house or 10th house or 11,000 well whichever zodiac sign it is in orbits of a house number it isn't probably that is that area from where you will bring in the wealth ok so it is going to be in the third house ok then probably my wealth may come from either from using my hands or from thinking or from communication if it is going to be in the fifth house and probably can mean the my money will come from you know doing something which is connected to the media or I'm going to be famous popular and through that I can make wealth it is going to be in first house then it can mean through a personality I'm going to be making wealth so depending upon whichever house this planet is in and of course it also depends on instant is exalted is it is it in a very deep exaltation is it in the normal acceleration or is in debilitation so it is gonna be interpretation or in the fall house and obviously poland's riches it can give you financial freedom this is a planet of wealth and everything that money can buy so your cash your immovable properties your assets and everything that money can buy is all ruled by Planet X ok or looters or pan Horus and this is the original zodiac sign talks I have two questions yeah probably you would I answer them later in your slides you know the first question is right now for each sign how many years does it approximately take this is very interesting because these set of planets okay which are beyond Saturn and they fall in this bed they have a very elliptical path so the path is very you know link which is the it's a very strange part they have so these three four in some zodiac signs for longer is in some Zurich signs for lesser number of years so the average is around five years but they stay for six years in some subjects and in fact in Aquarius it stays for almost for ten years in Gemini it stays for almost for about twelve years twelve thirteen years and in Scorpio it stays for only one year in Libra only for one year but in that one year it produces the greatest people in the world okay that veneer in Capricorn it stays just for about a year and a half and you have a fear about money born in doing this times and so it's like the rarer the planet stays in once would excite in the greater the exaltation is or greater the practice and it doesn't mean that a queen is I mean it is actually the I'm able to talk about that a little later so it has a very haphazard kind of you know movement so it doesn't stay it doesn't have an equal number of years it way I hope you take them Bill Gates and Warren Buffet's horoscope in this presentation oh yeah okay I should have okay but then begin again we can actually quickly discuss those because I I will know exactly where it is once we know that yeah I know the I mean I know I know where it is so we don't need to worry so be beat oh I have not added them because Bill Gates you only discussed last time so I thought we skip and then we discuss that definitely because Bill Gates has let me let me just stop here biggie glades has Planet X in its own house that is in Taurus in his 11th house so Bill Gates is ascendant this cancer and Bill Gates has Planet X in Taurus in its own house so in 1955 and 56 Planet X was and tourists you know you are taking the Indian zodiac or you're taking the Western zodiac here Indian Indian completely all India but Bill Gates normally people storages except as Gemini ascendant don't write this it cannot be because if you look into you take is more detail from so theme calm and you cannot be denied we can come to I mean if you look into that if you if you look at the data which is given there if you produce a bird chart it will come to cancel all right sure no one more question here please yeah you say this god of wealth kobera this is what for personal possessions financial materialistic success so that is the one part at the same time you're also seeing things that money can't buy so money can buy so my name is written can I misread it I'm so sorry yeah fine okay so do you want me to go to the next time yeah you can probably oh yeah so this so now this one slide is very important actually okay now this is the kobera the depiction of kobera in astrology you as you can see he's a he's a wealthy God okay he has a lot of his I loss has a lot of adornments on his body and I mean in India you know whenever a person has a nice tummy you call him as well - yes okay so now very interesting thing about this Planet X is that this planet gets very very powerful in 9 Soviet science now that is unbelievably true ok now initially I thought that ok maybe there is a planet here but then I found that there is no other planet but this is Planet X which becomes extremely powerful in these red signs so so this is one claret which can be actually resulted in almost everybody's chart no the only thing is that where the planet is really is the most important key you know which will be your faith and money and everything so this is this is exactly 90 cents so one is its own house of course Taurus and there are two zodiac signs where it is weak and so exists the fall house which is in Scorpio so whenever Planet X comes into Scorpio it gives negative results challenges okay we will discuss that and then of course it gets debilitated in Leo so is Leo is ones or exile man it is not well placed its in debilitation sir can give an order of challenges okay now most important thing to know about Planet X is that it gets deep it gets into a sanitation it gets into deep exultation and Aquarius so Aquarius is one suit excite where it is like extraordinary powerful extraordinary means extraordinarily powerful so from 1937 to 1942 43 what was the girls learn it was and exoneration and Aquarius similarly in 1997 to 2006 was a time when it was an exaltation in this current century so but even with an Aquarius Planet X comes into the deepest exultation point in around somewhere around 27 28 degrees in Aquarius so that is when you have an early tablet cell born or that is when you have an Einstein bond okay so so that is a very very very powerful exaltation point for Aquarius Planet X also gets very very powerful in Pisces and Aries so Pisces and Hades are extremely strong places for a Planet X so you have a I mean so depending upon the zodiac sign Planet X so now it's very interesting is that depending upon the zodiac sign the planet X's it can also produce the kind of people who are very strong and very powerful or something like for example if you look at Planet X in Aries you have someone like a Hitler okay who has Planet X in Aries you also have someone like a Narendra Modi who has Planet X and ladies having very strong individuals okay who are very controlling who have a strong thought processes love strong communication skills and all that even a Java on you for example had a Planet X in Aries so so these are so that there is a certain characteristic also this is attributed to the person when the planet is there in our particular deck size and Aquarius gives the extraordinary opulence and many that everything Isis also is like extraordinary place heaven where you have where this can give you a lot of money Capricorn and Libra Planet X just by because it is going to be rare because it comes for very less number of time then it is about one one and a half years but it stays in it produces people with extraordinary money I mean someone like we talked about Ambani okay or even the Americas saying okay who's the greatest economist in the world you know he also has a Planet X in Capricorn so there are very less people born with typical order of Planet X in Libra I mean all of those some of the greatest actors and some of the greatest you know film stars and lyric writers are all born with you know Planet X Anita Germany in Sagittarius is one soon exciting Vader again Planet X get exalted Germany is one place Lebanese all about movement is all about the energy which is continuous and changing so you'll find a lot of people who are you know who have created records you know the highest number of books return or the highest number of you know runs scored or something like that in all of those people upon the Yemeni Planet X and Sagittarius you'll find a lot of guys who are into fighting who are into you know raising the bar order people who are you know a sports and all that one cancer also it is powerful okay now of course Scorpio and Leo it is info all and interpretation so in these two designs it gives a lot of negative assets which we'll see so we see a lot of example shards and we see all of these things is there a table I think somewhere down the line in this presentation there is a table for which here it has basis yes there is a table yes do you want me to quickly show that to our viewers okay this then it is it is a part of every charge which is being discussed okay so sometimes we have this so probably we can focus on that for some time later okay yes now this is the chart of Queen Victoria okay and something very interesting we have seen in every chart of her you know the the Great's the noble birth looking at someone like all people are born with you know golden spoon people who are born into noble birds they all upon either a new moon or a full moon day okay so Queen Victoria's born on a new moon day she has a new moon in the first house something which is amazing and powerful now if you leave that this child is not really very powerful look at it traditionally she has a Venus V she has a Jupiter week okay yes yes he has a Pluto and she has a Mars and the santim in the 11th um but then that will not make someone so rich or so she is probably Queen Victoria's probably one of the greatest queens ever she was having a such a great you know I can say control over so many countries I mean I you know India Indian subcontinent and then you're looking at Australia Canada what empire that she had and only when you use Planet X the ascendant Lord in deepest exaltation in the 10th house when you include that thing then the chart becomes like wow I mean like you know that yes now this is powerful because it's like Planet X comes in exotics in once in sixty years and into this deepest external days when it comes very very rarely and once it does that I mean it is matrix or someone has a Planet X in exaltation in the 10th house especially if the person has a Taurus ascendant I mean those people can be like great they're like they they have extraordinary wealth and opulence okay in their life so being a queen okay being a queen she has it all the new moon in the ascendant and the eggs in their tenth house is what has made her Queen Victoria so you taking tourists the ascendant for the ruler for Taurus is X it comes in the tenth house okay and it is in Aquarius that is it's one of its exaltation signs deepest exaltation point that is a deepest acceleration point but I think Aquarius you had mentioned this 27 degree yeah now what is actually actually know can i I want to share this with you tater okay so now what has happened is I have actually blocked the degrees of X and work back okay in the website I'll tell you the reason why okay what is happening is there are some some astrologers having like so-called astrologists in the country who are actually seeing the video of subtly sheep okay and they claim that they claim my work is they work oh yeah that is one astrology was started actually even not talking about planet x and y even give the name flutist he saw our video okay it's all the videos of Christianity him that it is his work and he started doing a lot of work you know so I said that okay till the time my book is published I just have locked the degrees of x and y so what we see here 10 degree 10 degree that's not the real degree that's what the real idiot is just mentioned as 10 degrees but the real degree so Planet X is actually in 27 degrees in in the tenth house for Queen Victoria in Aquarius that is the reason she is like the queen of Victoria I mean one of the richest person ever okay so controlling like so many continents so that is one planet which is just a new moon in the ascendant cannot make you such a big Queen you know it is this Planet X in the tenth house and there is no nothing in the charge I mean if you look at the Jupiter is the Venus this week nothing in the chart which can actually make her a queen like this Jupiter is debilitated right yeah you know Selene what I have done is I have only chosen those charts which don't have any kind of a traditional planet also strong you know so that it brings in the impact of non-indexed much even more so I have deliberately chosen those cells those kind of sharks okay now this is stop stop okay okay okay now tell me I just put Mother Teresa name there yeah just this let's have a discussion okay now so this is Mother Teresa and oh now you tell me okay now let's have let's have a discussion here okay so what do you think I mean they should be the strongest planet for Mother Teresa should be I think I delete wealth house of charity and service that she's done okay twelve thousand arity but then there is see when you're doing so many things for other people what she's done so much she's given her entire life for other people isn't it service to other people so that is indicated of itself seventh you see the seven thousands of hours of Libra indicates Libra libras are those people who put all these them central to the other person shows you know they always think about the other the Aryan thinks about himself and Libra being the exact opposite zodiac sign all these things about this so the seventh house is the house of other people the seven thousand de Cates your influence on other people and also all those things that you are doing for other people if you see politicians the greatness for additions have the strongest house to be the seventh house okay I mean if you look at medical remember the he has Planet X in exultation in the seventh house or people who do so many things for another people will also have something to do the seven those even people who have a lot of influence or the other people also have a lot of thing connection to the seventh also seven thousand important house for people who have something to do will ever be other other people okay so another three so let's have a look here oops she is got all these planets in the seventh house yeah so she has like Planet X Y Neptune and Pluto all of them in the seventh house okay now if you see see the her entire chart can be explained by these four planets [Music] X is her sixth Lord and seventh sixth Lord and seven and six thousand all about service sixth also indicate its health I mean she was doing a lot of health service to others if you look at to their Pluto is hurt twelfth Lord and seventh I mean we discussed last time we talked about Pluto Pluto being the ruler of Scorpio and twelfth Lord see 12,000 decades foreign countries so she went to a foreign country I mean she's not born in India he's born in Macedonia okay they have from there she came to India and in India she did something for other people so Rinder chart the intel focuses on the 7000 Oh which is amazing her her planet why is in tenth always at 10th Lord I mean discuss this in the next time so that is also in the 7000 epic you is a fourth Lord in seven so she made a home outside in a foreign country so she did everything for others Planet X is the sixth Lauren seven six thousand beans service seven cows means other people so she yeah and you know you know if you take the other point in Vedic Astrology seventh house is also called as further property prominence you get that prominence the straightness you know and sixth house is also for sick people okay destitute you know yes yes s6 Lord in the seventh and she got that photo property that prominence yeah I mean the vigorous others absolutely absolutely your I can signal yes sis III do not know probably you know some of them could have some Gemini they were probably not show agile people and that's how she held them probably you know you know Gemini is the communication the movement yeah Germany also means a large numbers see the Germany means it's a you're taxing upon so many people I mean you're doing doing see if the Germany means most of the time it is about numbers divisions are all about itself it's a there is a lot of things a lot of environment so Teresa has helped thousands of Lieberman lakhs of people actually it is not just her a personal touch we're talking about the organisation FC established actually now has a lot of nuns who are spread across the world and they're helping a lot of people so that is what she started a movement you know something like that so which is helping people so that is what is you know we can cause by this 6th Lord and seventh the next one yeah yeah where do you feel so wretched Exley I think again here for this man it should either be nine thousand seven thousand yes absolutely you're right it is there in the seven thousand no see the very beautiful interesting you know connection that at all bit layer has got with Narendra Modi okay Narendra Modi and Hitler have eight the Lord in the seventh okay it lips eight thousand tourists and bad is exalted in the seventh house okay the planet which rules eight thousands Planet X it is exalted in the seven thousand Narendra Modi also has a Libra ascendant and has got the eight Lord exalted in the seventh I'm not discussing is chart today you know we already discussed many times so I'm not putting it here so a thousand decades two things one is it indicates death eight thousand agates other people's money because second house is my money eight thousand other people's money and eight thousand a chiral house of death and seven thousand agates other people so what is Adolphe it'll are done is he is bored death on other people eight Lord X hundred and seven he bought dead destruction he also has a Venus and Mars there and smoky that which is the reason why there is a lot of death and even the answer of Pluto in debilitation in fall in the eight thousand death you know that planet to itself is the ruler of death and that is in the house of death that's the reason the death he he created was fused just talking about how the being the eighteenth Lord Planet X has you know like given him bring him death in the public space and what did nothing about they do not even know these eight throat is in the seventh he bought other people's money you know other people's money he changed the way how money behaved how the Reapers money behave so the entire money and the phenomenon of money was changed by Narendra Modi's he has gotten seven big change deflections the D monetization is the hidden wealth yes is it with a D monetization great removal yes he brought it out with this is civilization number one absolutely and you know what the beauty of the whole discussion is that you know when did not everybody do this when Planet X exactly came into its own house which is Taurus in August 2016 Planet X came into Taurus in September we had D monetization happening it came in all this standing now but it happened and what I'm saying is that it came into the other people's money was like okay so this is yeah I mean all the black money folders and all the people who were actually having you know we're having black money they all had trouble all this was a shake-up which was required which is which is a beautiful thing which is done so this shows that whatever not even body is done is actually for good is for the benefit of you know for the society that is what we can actually I am thinking now yeah I'm thinking this transit of Planet X yeah is so clearly demonstrate demonstrate bill on narendra modi's horoscope absolutely yes it's very clearly yes you're right absolutely it is very clearly demonstrably yes yes yes yes that is exactly everything i was really shocked by the whole thing see when when I saw his in this - so it was charred he had to say Lord in the seven I thought that probably you know he will do some financial reforms I mean I never thought it would be team on I mean you can't really know what exactly I thought okay this man is going to probably bring in that eat transactions and money you know he's gonna do so many things he may probably increase the you know whatever the salary slabs and we had the taxable slabs and all the he may do something there I thought whatever in limited capacity that we have I thought that you know when the atom bomb of vimana doesn't happen this really really is the magnitude of Planet X no oh this man is born to do this you know if we want to change the entire financial landscape of India now if the movie no he has eight plot and seventh and it's kobera in Taurus in its own house yes Sullivan yes only for like one month everybody was running around with wealth hiding it throwing it okay so you go to the next chart now mmm you know what do you think

it's there in the ninth houses so if the lay Lama is charred if you see the interesting part is that it is this twelfth Lord in exaltation in the ninth house the closet Allah God in exultation in the ninth house just like that in a waiting astrology there is nothing in the chart which shows that is a great there is no planet exalted there is no planet in its own house except for mercury which is there in the one house okay but otherwise it is a twelfth Lord which is an exalted in the ninth house now the lie Lama is known for two things one is number one is a spiritual leader he's a leader of sin - a symbol of hope for so many millions of people you know so it's a he's a religious a spiritual guru so which is again ruled by 9th house then very importantly he has fled from the belt he has moved from one country and gone to another country so this is always shown by the 12th ninth connection so the 12th Lord standard in the 9000 made them come from China whatever China Tibet whatever it is called us okay so from the disputed territory he had to go I didn't he had to come to a different country and this entire phenomenon can be explained only when you you know include this planet he also again Dalai Lama has got a Planet X in the deepest exultation in Aquarius 12 the Lord exalted in the in a coup various tourists you know that is what has made him a spiritual guru and also someone who left this country and living in a different country you know 9th 12th connections are very strong especially for spirituality and you make friends here the same thing is there also in Albert Einstein's chart you're not seeing it here I discussed it before in the subsidy system not showing the chart but even Albert Einstein has got the same thing he has got the Gemini ascendant so what Albert Einstein has done is to house is the house of mysteries the ninth house is the house of being a teacher or a coach or a guru or a guide or a mentor and so from the from somewhere in the hidden hidden mystery he bought out this you know the mysteries of the world and brought it to the world and gave it to the world you know so that is what Albert Einstein has done you know so he's a genius who bought from nowhere from the unknown he's bought the knowledge and given to the world so same person in Germany has an insane Planet X in the same queries in the ninth house and born about you know 60 years before Dalai Lama since actually see the real Emma made compassion compassion popular all over the world so people became Buddhist from across the world because of the lie Lama you know the same compassion the greatness of Allah you know as like I'm very fascinated in Buddhism because when I was very young I started studying it I was in 7th standered you know yeah my teacher was very deep into he was a mallilie Brahmin buckle very deep into spirituality especially of the Buddhism so I used to read quite a lot on that and there's one thing about Buddhism is always be forgiving and compassionate you know very soon and you know if you if you see the movies also the Shaolin movies you know do it good act today yeah so if do that today do it is one good act today you know so you know when I want to cry I want this 2014 version or 16 version the Jackie Chan and and aloha yes subsided sahlan you know and I lose my is my heavy favorite because of a movie I watched are and it makes you cry it is it is about thieves you know and a world without these okay just watch that movie oh god you will say nobody can ever write a story like this okay it's absolutely amazing my friend our mr. singer used to be in journalism yeah he was the one who recommended that movie but you know I am now very very curious about one thing Planet X or the resident Gemini Gemini you have innocent

if you born after 1961 I mean I'm sure you're not 61 so 61 62 to 70 trees then you're you have it in Germany so you have it in the assonance you're 12 the Lord is exalted in the acid no but 73 till 73 it is in Gemini till sorry this is given here but which month it changes them [Music]

at the end of this ok Abraham Lincoln was the okay probably can you just shift this video thing next to the image because his face is covered is it possible I might my said I can shift you laugh oh is it like that is it I thought maybe this is how it appears on the screen so maybe on the video so it's not only there is it Oh fine great he should have some connection to ten thousandth of sixth oh yeah and of course what is the next best possible one the one where I mean if it is there in this house then it is you're the greatest personality yeah first us absolutely yes that is right it is yeah so that is where it can be using determine if you are a great leader yeah you can show the chart so if that is if you are a great leader then you have it in the seventh or and the tenth or in the first US oh it's finished first it's in his first US it's so logical actually logical which migration except for Venus he doesn't have any planets strong in this chart just Venus is there in exultation ninth which makes him great you know so he has Planet X in exaltation in the first house which makes him a great I mean from no point from nowhere and this is exactly so very similar to Amitabh Bachchan by the way I mean that cell has an extremely almost very interesting thing I'll tell here is that in 18 not nine when Abraham Lincoln was born Planet X is there in the first thousand exaltation in aqueous and planet why isn't that eight house we will talk about planet Y in the next video but I'm just uh I mean like I was so you know like I couldn't just control this I'm gonna talk about here that year eight thousand the house of death eight thousand also the house of debt date this is a Utah you know so and eight thousand also the house of Reason generation isn't it regeneration now the Planet X in the first house makes Abraham Lincoln Abraham Lincoln a great personality Amitabh Bachan again a great personality okay now the planet Y in the eighth house made Amitha bitchin all who's go near a dead but of course there are so many other planet he also has Sun Venus a master but I would say that Amitabh Bachchan has why in the 8 houses made actually coming back from the you know the whatever he has been two years bury his globe on through worse financial situations and then he came back from the dead and once again he became a great which is indicated by you know the combination of the X and the y x made him a great what I made him come back and become a great again and what happened unfortunately increase of around Lincoln is the white took it with his life I mean he was assassinated so I mean and then of course there is also a Z in the hate those it is the seventh law done date which makes them actually being killed by you know because of political reasons so so this one I mean like one planet this two planets actually indicate the major to major events of their lives actually yeah so but what here it we are discussing is a Planet X was the one which made him Abraham Lincoln what he is is indicated by Romney you know Abraham Lincoln is around Lincoln because of slap IIIi am just throwing in my torch okay it is the fourth Lord in the Lucknow yes his homeland yes it is which son that means the government he was the lighting he was the first president of USA I think so I don't know first opening but yeah he was one of the I mean he was the one who came from nowhere to he was instrumental in a very big slavery yeah so the down window for the in the slaves you know he was the country

you know the fourth okay yes yes now if you see kind of the same thing which rules Amitabh Bachan rules Amitabh Abraham both of them starting later is also a which is interesting it's strange you know I always get problems with the later in a you know I I sum up a a word and our words you know have been now very problematic for me and last year I was going to reveal a technique by write Vedic Astrology technique of me by easily find out who your enemies are what their names would be the whole hour okay okay I revealed it to one of my European volunteers you know K next day I will make a video on it you know I realized it's it will break up marriages between brothers and sisters yeah David always suspect okay he he can you know deceive me of my property you know yeah you know that kind of thing you need to break up marriages you know in fact that is exactly what happens I mean if you have a karmic debt with you I will let you go your wife would have been probably your me your husband probably could have in your worst enemy in the previous birth another method of doing past life astrology dad - I will it is so dangerous I will talk about it you know but it is you do something really bad you know burn but you know because okay but here it is more specific of a name so you know whenever if you are about to get married in fact somebody came and I told him I said he's planning to write a book on that he said I saw your video and one of the videos was given a hint and give me a second somebody at the table just give me a second sorry sorry for this made coming in so you know I I he wanted us to publish that book he said I saw you got it and never did further research I said no don't do it astrology should help in us becoming better humans one and as growing of a potential as accepting our fade accepting us becoming more forgiving more compassionate you know because when you when you forgive like how Shriram finally he you don't he you see I always keep on repeating this Sri Ram or magma Gandhi no we're sorry I'm going off the topic but it's an important message he says where Matt McGann DC's I hate Britishers he'd amazing yeah very true very true it's not there yeah and so does Sri Ram he never he never Lanza bleating Robin even though Robin did so many things you know so that's an amazing thing of very important aspect of our life I feel you know it's so difficult for us to become like Sri Ram or magma Gandhi in a way you know yeah but there are many techniques to find out the name and all that it's dangerous accidents dangerous and anyway let's go to Planet X and my planet x going to be so Abraham Lincoln visa but you know the beauty about Abraham Lincoln was I still remember reading his autobiography you know I was very young probably in nine centered or something and he he walked all night or something just to return back the book you know Oh yet borrowed that book just to not delve back you know oh my friendship else you know and III I believe I believe this you know with wealth comes discipline and principles you know kuvera finally your real wealth is your internal character and if you look at amitabha is also having you know is lagna the planet x-- i don't underst throwing in a you know maybe we can experiment with it so as usual Bill Clinton has it in his seventh house yes it was supposed to be there the very interesting thing that I want to actually highlight here is Bill Clinton was born in 1946 Planet X wasn't Isis okay and as I said before Aquarius and Pisces throws in the greatest personalities ever okay so now Bill Clinton had two presidencies he has Planet X and exaltation of the seventh US and there is nothing in this chart which shows these a great otherwise I know that if it is like no the planet Saturn is weak okay moon innate though son in twelfth house Mars and Venus in sorry first made the grid so it is like so there is nothing in the chart of shows that he's a great there is only one planet which you can say as I said have picked up those charts made you cannot show by Vedic Astrology that this person is a you know agree so president of America is like the most powerful person on universe and this man has Planet X in addition in the seventh house which is the ninth Lord exalted so nine those means luck and he got luck in the public space so that is why these are great now looking at this very interesting thing is that 1946 just produced the president's American presidents 1946 has produced three American presidents okay which is your what is the thing George Bush George Bush jr. is a 1946 one your current American president Donald Trump is 1946 born you Bill Clinton is 1946 one okay George Bush had two presidencies Bill Clinton had two presidencies and John and then we have Donald Trump who is already having one so which means five American presidencies have been created by this one year 1946 I mean must be something really great isn't it that here 1946 was a fantastic year and there's nothing in the chart of mr. Clinton which otherwise shows that he would be a great so just having like you have nothing Sundays in 12 those Mars and Venus in conjunction in the first house is what has created the scandal that he was associated with and shiny is in week in the eleventh house there is nothing no planet and own house or nothing exonerated and he is Bill Clinton why simple one reason is because he has Planet X in deep exultation in the seventh house okay now this is a I mean if you look at the George Bush's chart he has it in the his ninth his he has it in the ninth oh yes good 937 okay his cancer has it which means 11 throughout exerted in the ninth house okay something like that so the X has been the most prominent planet okay which is just being there so this one here and that is simply because it will be X in the Pisces which is one of the deepest exoneration points now very interesting even we go to the next chart there is something which is very interesting in the next chart okay and we go to that now now look at Franklin rules for it Franklin ruse world was born 60 years before these presidents okay and he has also Planet X in exultation in prices now what is the most beautiful thing is that Franklin Roosevelt is the only American president to have be a president for four times the only American president to be president for four times that is not a joke isn't it so imagine the power of X and biases X and biases is extremely powerful okay it has created this this guy I mean like he's having franking this old four-time president the next time when it comes in 46 what it does is it creates five presidents I know the Franklin Roosevelt is four or five times writing if it is fight I don't know it is more than four for sure four or more so that very clearly illustrates these two charts little illustrate the power of Planet X in aqueous environment the last four charts we're all about the power of X and spices and Aquarius you know an interesting point point is Chandrakala at Nadi takes ninth house for King okay takes nine thousand in both this charts and also in George Bush you said yeah the ninth house connection is there oh yes SSSs nine clot in the seventh house of pada property position is proper king combination super super super vs it working so beautifully it is like Planet X as they say the wealthiest man is also the most powerful map because untested so here the wealth has been given to them yes in the form of power absolutely you're right sir you're exactly correct see arised absolutely rinsing that yes I'm a bit mysterious from Planet X you know thanks for bringing this all time and this is actually making me go to the next the mean man yeah I think he should have protection house actually see before you became the president he was known for something else before he became president what was he known for you know as an entrepreneur property property is real estate real estate is ruled by 8,000 real estate is other people's money okay a real estate is ruled by a house and eight houses where or man Donald Trump has Planet X it's altered so also bankruptcy am i right yeah it also indicates bankruptcy itõs also she has gone bankruptcy more than thrice yes you're right absolutely I was we just talked about that and you brought up this so he is Alexi he's a it was also known for controversy is so he's you know he's being a center of controversy is lot of controversy surrounding him and he has I mean like it's always he's almost in war with the North America now okay so I mean there are so many things about about I'm gonna see he's a he is probably our president because he's born on a full moon day but if you can see a full Sun in place in the tenth house full moon in the 4080 my rich I mean his father was one of the greatest industrialists in the country when he was born and then he was one of the richest man on in us so all of those things have contributed to his being a you know big man but probably Planet X is the one which makes him a real estate mogul it makes him go bankrupt many times it has also made him biggest controversies man it is also and right now he's at loggerheads with the North America okay so there I mean we don't know what is gonna happen because of this situation the political scenario so a lot of things are probably indicated by the Planet X in the house for you know saying Planet X in problem when you're assuming is it in 12,000 you actually had a point there which is actually connected to 8,000 yeah so what are you thinking is actually there in the right line cysts and this mass is expecting the planet of Kuvera yeah marshes real estate and even that connection is mass 8th aspect is on Planet X okay okay okay so that real estate wealth through real estate you know but still I feel it's pretty interesting chart actually it fits it in the 8th house bankruptcy and scandals and all that hmm should I go to the next one yes hisses OH

the main man here so where do you think he would have it I'll tell you see he made his carrier out of women women watch his second house fourth house you know okay and as Luther column Rita and then he made his money out of oil am i right yes I see yeah yeah yeah I bring chemicals so Saturn should have some connection with Planet X oh

absolutely sir your old house in the second house and planet takes in the second I see this this is the table once again okay so this is if it says 74 it's a Gemini so you have in Gemini it enters in cancer in June 74 no no this is entry sign or exit sign okay this is the this is the exit so till May 74 X's in Gemini

December 1932 dhirubhai ambani so Sagittarius no no no so it is there till December 33 doesn't get along so from April 30 to fill December 33 so this is the exit did yeah this is the tilt tilt plate I mean till till December 30 three X's incapable and the previous Zurich I mean the previous table the the slur you know the line shows from where so which means X was in Sagittarius till March 32 so from April 32 till December 33 X was incapable okay so now the I mean the see the beauty of this I want to I am putting this slide here this is something very important okay so now have a look here now my Ambani okay has in his birth chart when he was born X is the sixth Lord in exultation in the second house and as you said Saturn is a planet which rules everything which is connected to the underground and all that so which is made a map which has made him get into oil petrochemicals and all that sixth house is also the house which indicates engineering indicates anything which is industries okay any kind of a work which is very structured you know all projects okay engineering works all of that is indicated by the sixth house so sixth Lord exalted in the second house makes him an industrialist so is the industrialist a manufacturer I mean even manufacturing polyester manufacturing petrochemicals manufacturing so many things so that manufacturing is indicated by the six thousand six throat exalted and ten thousand a second house or he makes him a huge industrialist look at this chart otherwise there is nothing no way the planet except is born on a new moon day new moon is there in the ascendant okay so which has made emigrate plus I mean one of the additional factors will make some of it but otherwise why is he they do buy Ambani why is he the industrial is it about money it only be explained by Saturn and X Saturn in its own house in the second house and texts also joining their in a consolidation in Cape Cod okay so that is what makes them worries okay okay now one very interesting thing that I wanted to bring it to you okay one of the biggest highlight of the room I am Bonnie's life is that I mean Reliance Reliance Industries was the company which is which is the greatest wealth creator for India okay now now what now very important thing that we know about reliance is that when reliance was established and I saw you when two lines was listed in the stock exchange okay it became one of the greatest money-spinner I mean it happened that it was the first script to be oversubscribed more than ten times okay and this happened in the year 1978 okay now look at where Planet X was in transit in Dubai Ambani's chart in the year nineteen seventy eight seventy two seventy seventy seven seventy seven seventy eight whatever yeah okay so it was in Kansas and what house it is forever this is it yes and it does means other people's money and it is expecting each natal planet edge yes so it would activate absolutely so other people's money this fluid okay I mean oversubscribed I mean for a businessman going public is the biggest thing that you can do and if I wouldn't be doing it at a time at a time when the planet exists in the eighth thoracic ting it those are something to do with the eight toes then wow the money is going to come in to you and because their bond is eight I mean the Planet X is so rare the kind of money that he got was huge yeah and this money also and this also came in to cancer the cancer is like you know you call it as the answer is normally the home ground and also the oversubscription happened in this homeland you know in this country of birth so that is also the biggest you know even Thomas left can be actually seen in this Planet X transit know now in 2005 Burwood his planet eggs me now oh very interesting thing you notice that is exactly another thing that I wanted to talk about what is that term he died it in 2002 okay now one very important and a very interesting thing that I always notice is that people who are great they are born during great times and even when they die they die during great times okay because they leave behind a legacy dhirubhai ambani is dead okay when which happened on 6 July 2002 in 2002 there were two planets the most powerful two planets right in the strongest positions Pluto was in its own house in the twelfth house well thousands the house of legacy and Planet X was in deepest exaltation in his third house okay so does it was there I mean it wasn't queries the most important thing is he does in a queries and what happened is after a split both the brothers got into war and the split happened and the split officially happened you know like Dilma Ambani group the ad ad group and Anil Dhirubhai Ambani group and then the location of money group the two groups were formed in 2005 and 2005 was the year when Planet X was in the deepest acceleration okay so what has happened is these two companies by the way went on to become they amassed wealth in about ten years time what did Obama money is not before tears okay I mean they they made it around ten times the weight belt became ten times after 2005 in the next ten years okay whatever the remedies done is they may pretend that the two sons are made it like that it's simply because a split of Reliance also happened when Planet X was in the deepest exaltation what an amazing thing isn't it yes and see in 2005 it would be in Aquarius correct correct it's liquid is yes there is a thrower house okay and third house is always separated oh okay interesting separated yeah yeah and incidentally if it goes in the third house it is expected by Marsh who's the fifth load of children sir throw throw truth rahu with Planet X kind of a scandal kind of a scandal brothers breaking up mars simple aspect in straight away to the third house where planet x-- is in transit so the red is separated by siblings yeah that's an absolutely wonderful explanation sir right now where would planet x-- be in which sign it is in Taurus is in Taurus a lot of money of your stock is it people have taken away a lot of money and not returned it back okay so that's the reason I mean yeah I'm thinking from the transit point of view yeah okay now a chart is something really interesting I mean let's look at the [Music] okay what she is is because of any other planet but the focus here is on the planet X which this in debilitation it is her eighth Lord sorry it's a eleventh Lord in debilitation okay in the in the second house okay now a very very interesting thing okay now what has happened is that see in the Hadees in their agony because of so many other reasons okay now here I'm talking about the in this chart I am going to talk about the negative you know aspects of what Planet X can do so in the path on the verse is in the rather on the was in Dragon be because the Neptune exalted in the first house nephew makes it a great I mean the ninth Lord example in the first house she also have so this is this is a simple plan and you know and she was also born in a very to do family because of see a very powerfully placed so all of that but Uranus in the 8th house eight thousand decades depth and you're in this place in its own house in the house of death and Uranus is also the you know the suddenness happening and also even it indicates everything which is modern so your bullets and machine guns are all modern things so her death was bought by you know the modern machines so which is indicated by Uranus but very importantly look at the timing of a death when did her death happen Indra Huxley died in October 1984 when X was in transit in debilitation in leo in leo so when it came exactly back into her the same job and she was born in seventeen when X was interpretation and an X came back into debilitation after one full cycle that is when should I so 11th Lord is divided xi the lower means eleven thousand Akkad's the later part of life your later part of life was shot down is cut down by Planet X being doublet later so because of her 11th you know being cut down to size being not they're non-existent and that is the reason she could have a little longer you know 84 in 1984 she died in her what 60 70 60 70 which is a relatively a very young age to die and then she could have lived for at least for 20 more years so this is because of the plan and X which is the 11th law court interpretation the 11th load when it came into the same position debilitation it just took away her life ahem yeah now what do you think is X would be okay now I like blue for him it has not given him the right thing it has given him all the wrong things eighth house six times yes sir you right

okay so it's indeed okay now the see like all those royal births Rajiv Gandhi was born with the new moon in the first house so he has a new moon very powerful new moon in the first house that is only planet I think that these are the only two planet was a well placed in this chart otherwise there is nothing really in his chart which indicates something but see what happened to him finally I mean his death is probably the I would say the worst thing I mean there is not a Whateley someone who stood by you know so it was like his body was scattered into pieces and eat I so the death is the because I mean if you see actually Philippine to start decides and it's a very interesting chart in this entire chart it is the theme of life he became prime minister after the death of his mother he entered into politics he was a reluctant politician he entered into politics after the death of his mother and then he also had a very strange death I mean it's the very gory death if you look at it when I mean all of those events in a start if you look at in 1980 okay when his brother has died where do you see you see X in leo okay he enters politics wrong time again X in leo and when did his mother die his mother died when exposed in leo he became a prime minister when X was in leo and then the Rainbows he has fascinated when X was in Scorpio for thousands of assassination my crowning you know all right if I am NOT wrong Donald Trump also has any God in eighth house correct both these people inherited power or money through makes me think about

something positive also because he also is also someone who is dabbled in money in real estate in other people's money which is real estate and real estate is a huge thing and it is ruled a thumbs so he has done that so probably you can you know give him some benefit of doubt but still you you I mean I I understand your thinking for scandal it is also scandal correct this is kobera query regarding money both standard absolutely absolutely absolutely supera is wealth yes such a clean image and in fact recently they had given him a clean sheet but recently in times now they brought out a big big this thing and now they the coat has asked cpa to reinvestigate the Bofors yeah so the entire thing happening again is also because of the it was eight thousand something even is happening after your death you know so he is died long back and then now even the entire thing is being if no you know being pulled out and all of those things happening again so you know so here the point is about we are also bringing to point about the X in Leo and X in Scorpio see how his mother passed away Mannix was in Leo when X was in debilitation and how he himself is passed away when X was is copy which brings out very clearly the beauty of the planet exists debilitation and the follows also you know I am trying to think when did the before scandal and just googling it right now so probably it is 87 every laity seven okay that is when the before Swedish video mentioned about kickbacks so that was in the second house Planet X was in the second house Virgo so the planet which was in 8th house was in the second house second house is my money it's amazing I tell you amazing amazing I have found extraordinary things when I was looking at transits of Planet X it's really beautiful this is and it watched him in the 91 elections absolutely it costume this mixture

yes oh that is mr. Bexon machine yes now see if you look at this chart I mean you look at the events we have discussed about his art in a big way you know let's look at the events of his life okay so when did he first of all the first movie that he did okay his name is debut in 1969 when Planet X was in Gemini and that is his fifth of those movies look those are movies okay Fame yeah he also had did his marriage in 73 which is also again the fifth also indicates love and romance I know also Shirley Shirley came out in 73 if I'm not wrong yessssss initiative thought of him absolutely yeah and then look at his accident the accident happened in 82 when Planet X came into debilitation okay Planet X was in debilitation in the seventh house okay now seventh house indicates other people and if you see the accident didn't happen by I mean it was an accident which was caused by another person what's his name who need the sir moon is the star you know by mistake poor guy you know he punched him in the wrong place this house means other person so that is something which is coming from the other person which is creating a damage to you so it created a huge damage I may need to get it damaged his intestine and whatever you know so that accident was caused by debilitated Planet X in his seventh house okay and then what happened look at this he made a very bad entry into politics no let me let me come back let me come back on and one point when he got that accident okay at that time Planet X I you know what if you started with as a planet of money but I am now coming to think it is a planet of power and money yes and here now who is pleased when and it is in the seventh house of / the property people realised the greatness the euphoria called Amitabh Bachchan yes because of this accident so truthful people fasted people Masjid manga you know all the things I think I did and I didn't hit MD recited it was published in the newspaper you know all those kinds of things you know for yourself yeah during this time Rahu is their marriage it was during this time you also had that Rahu connection of the other woman walking bare feet and praying for him you know that was one and the beauty here is what you see CH here Tirion Caronia on fire on yeah I know is the planet of healing he needed healing because of that maybe people will write comments that I am making too much of connection but this is how I like to learn actually absolutely whatever connections you're making is really it's interesting I mean it's they put interesting connections yes so you are talking about his entry into politics yeah so even this entry was wrong time it still goes any time he entered when X was an EPO which was again his seventh house I mean it was still there in his seventh in a weak position and if you look at his most of his flops they came in 1992 94 when in Planet X came into his 10th house and it was in Scorpio it was in a low position it was in a fall house that is exactly when he was going through one of his biggest the worst period of his career okay so the planet which is supposed to bring him the best given the best the planet next okay in Aquarius it gives bad when it comes to Leo and it also when it comes to Scorpio it gives something bad and then and then what happened he started aBCL in 1996 when X was in his 12th house okay 12th house means losses very wrong timing to start a company okay and when X came into the 12 dogs he started the company and that the company gave made him bankrupt okay now bankruptcy can be shown by many of these planets you're in Neptune is weak y weeks and mercury is in a nature so a lot of things can be said to that but of course one of the reason is that and now the beauty is that in - in 2000 this KBC happened to him what happened is in 1997 X once again entered into Aquarius so after 1997 onwards Amita Benson you know what he went through that initial phases when I was in a very strong position transit my shows that Y was still back till nineteen I hit one said Peter was over X was still in it's in his ascendant now X's in assassinate and that is when he got KBC and once again become a hero superstar again I'm giving me she is you I need my shelf and lagna Lord is in the fourth house of chair Emperor Emperor you know he became the Emperor again yeah absolutely yes and you know it is in this Rahu Ketu connection which shows technology and I still remember that line you know computer G try you know I have some few movies and I regularly watch them just day before I spent the whole day watching MacArthur the second book of all his movies you know I feel that is one of his movies Prakash Mehra was magical was absolute magic and so was Amitabh and Rekha that chemistry of Rica that relationship of retired this was absolutely brilliant but Planet X is the planet to watch I think so yes sir it makes sense yeah should I take the next one yeah sure yes so we know who this guy is right well the legs okay now what happens is to be a batsman okay see he's a history cords or something like this 0 he's the highest run getter in history okay now to make a run you run you run so your legs has to be very powerful and what he does is he heats and runs now the third house he has a very explosive load on Uranus there okay Uranus is actually you know there is a partial exaltation of Uranus in Virgo so which is you know a great batsman an explosive batsman because explosion is indicated by Pluto and Uranus plutonium and uranium are explosed this so he has those two planets in the hands and then X in the legs legs are the you know the 12th house so 12,000 it gets like this so that is the reason he was a great test run greater the greatness bats whenever okay he hit and run so that's it I'm being Germany because it's in Germany the numbers were too much we're too high croak records Arthur records after a records simply because because of it it's like it's in general I see a Gemini his hands I would look at it here the Lord of Gemini mercury is coming in the ninth house of vodka it is in turn also expecting the third house event so the connection is there truly so legs ang mercury you know they are making an excellent connection actually and mercury is expecting its own house were go it's making sense which making if you look at the transits he came into I mean he debuted okay see he made first of all this cool record and all that everything in 88 and 89 and he also made his debut in 89 all of that happened when Planet X was in his third ups third also coating event and and then he made his see he made his captain's 396 to mm okay which was the time when the planet moved into his eighth house okay now 8,000 Eames you are not really doing well yeah so for what he does in Capricorn okay it movement see he Sachin Tendulkar was not a great captain of men simply because he has a weak Jupiter in the seventh of house-senate house means leading men and there you have a Jupiter week so which means you are not a great leader of men you know that is what happened so this happened I mean he has new leadership in 96 but that he was only captain till 2000 so this entire past what happened immediately moved those haters I mean planet is moved into late house in 97 so in 97 98 99 and 2000 all of the years when he was a captain you couldn't do well because it was bored to 8,000 see in this entire patch from 1997 to 2006 Sachin Tendulkar went through a great transformation say 8th house is the house of transformation 8000 the house of Payne it makes you go through a lot of problems and challenges worries issues this was a time when such a gentleman was a one-man army ok he has to he SP has to be the all-powerful men go there and he's there people was the greediest which often go so he was that time you know and this was also the time any may know you man he went to Sharjah and he played that extraordinary innings against Australia when Shane once said that you know such internal becomes in my nightmares ok and so it was a time when he blasted all his enemy so hate those also means killing of the enemies but at the same time he also lost his father and at the same time even when planet X came into the deepest exaltation in his 8th house that is a time when he had the tennis elbow injury okay haters also indicates injuries okay so for a batsman what ends skill can be the worst thing but other than you know being uh being injured and tennis elbow became a national topic do you remember any choice do you remember whether it was his left hand or you know because I am just throwing in because I feel such in some connection is it I just trying to although you know finish one second sorry viewers I'm just you know this is learning for me [Music] tennis elbow oh yeah you're right at that time it became it became a national phenomena topic you know I'm somehow not able to find out which hand is was it it happened at the beginning of the season 2004-2005 I think it should be his right hand because that is the reason it will impact him isn't it this is the batsman if it is the left handle not really maybe but both the hands are required to for a grip you need I do remember he having a major a back problem that and I was shooting with him for a milk a shooting with him but I don't remember tennis elbow which hand of his but anyway sorry for diverting the topic you know so we're talking about even fetching Tendulkar going through the toughest period of his life between 97 to 2006 you know so he was the one man army he was the he went to a transformation he lost his father he became a demon for the enemies but the same thing you know went through that injury so that roller coaster ride of the 8000 was seen in this chart you know it was during this time between 97 2006 when and also he does also the time when he was without a century for a long time I mean 2005 to 2007 was the time when he was without a century then when planet is moved into his ninth because that is when he hit back the century you know in two thousand seven to nine was a great comeback to form and when Planet X moved into his tenth house that is the time when he became the highest run-scorer for India in the 2011 World Cup and he finally achieved his dream of winning a World Cup see in the entire time when Planet X wasn't paid those he couldn't win the World Cup you know I mean three World Cups were both played in that time but he couldn't win a World Cup but when once it moved into his end house that is when he could win the World Cup and that is the time he became America now so you know when Planet X more into strength of

10,000 10,000 I guess and tenders also integrates the government isn't it over there is already exalted there on his birth chart so the Suttons sons exaltation in the 10000 implemented when X came into ten dollars you know strange my year of birth and his year of birth is the same and we are just you know 15 days apart and see what he is doing is he is doing something to do with the legs and you are doing something to do with the that see for you it is the 12th Lord in the ascendant and the 12 houses all about trees of the world the 12,000 all aboard bringing in digging in the you know all those unknown things also indicates salvation and you know whatnot so all of those hidden mysteries and knowledge and everything is what you bringing out and bringing giving to the world and geminis communication so I'm communicating yes you're communicating you're gonna get into the world you're telling into the world here he was running here he was running I am running in another form absolutely absolutely to make sense make sense really make sense you media sorry all my life Gemini's again media also communication correct all my life my wealth has come from media the first you know it's also you know it also makes your personality you know in this field you put a personality to you know known in the field of astrology order all science which is a hidden science you know so you that also makes of that yeah now this is like this gentleman is like amazing ideas Laura you know this chart is really beautiful I have put this chart for one simple reason you know Canada you know see Rajkumar is like the Amiga version of nada he is the Rajinikanth he's like he was an either great is a superstar he's a superstar because of many other planets he's a superstar because he's born in a full moon day okay because he has sun exalted because he has mercury and Jupiter and 11th Rose moon is a full moon okay in the fifth house the fifth house indicates the movies so he has a full moon and the first thousand a movie star you know all of that but I want to bring to the attention of the viewers to Planet X now where this see this entire life he had here a nice level he had an ordinary P background okay then once he became a movie star he be he started as a singer he was doing man and he became an actor then he's my superstar in the eighties and nineties okay so till he died he was a great guy he was like he was a God in for the kinetic us but what really really I mean like one big huge even that happened in his life was his kidnapping okay if you know many how many of you how many people remember this but many many would be knowing this he was kidnapped by this sandalwood what happened okay so beat up and kidnapped him and we're up and kidnapped him and kept him and her you know in hostile situations for six months he was running around in the jungles he was moving around in the jungles for six months okay now way in this chart can you see this phenomena where can you see this what his chart indicates his being without wealth see now of X is a planet which indicates wealth now he has to be without wealth without food I mean X gives you money X gives you when X gives you luxuries and comforts so Planet X is in football in a six thousand he was born but this man all his life except for the younger ages you know all the life he was living the life of a king he was a king in Bangalore and what a fine day he was kidnapped and taken to the jungle and he lived without any luxury any food you know I was wearing on ordinary clothes and he was eating meager food and living in the worst hostile environment for six months and when did that even happen it happened in 2000 when his planet X was there in his I mean when granite X came into the deepest exaltation in ninth house for him it is the 12th Lord coming into deepest exaltations in the ninth house and in his birth chart it is weakly placed so what it means is that actually for a normal person like you and me but the twelfth row reading exalted and nine thousand ins what travels it will mean that you travel you travel to luxury you will go to you know you go to a luxurious place you go to Singapore you go to Kashmir and all that but for this man because it's Planet X is in fall in a weak position the Lord getting exalted in the ninth house made him go through the worst travel of his life so that is beautifully explained by the Planet X do I look like similar look here so malnourished you I mean you look you look interesting oh you know this is such common people shards okay so I mean just have taken out some to common people though this man is not really common actually okay if you have a child more than seven years old in Mumbai then you must be knowing this guy Mahesh tutorials yeah nice tutorials of my students oh and now where his money is coming from his money's coming from education isn't it so wait where do we find his Lord is now he's ninth Lord he's a hundred and ten thousand making sense yeah absolutely this man created a find a guru 800 for Empire yes

otherwise he has a son and exalted in the eighth those so that doesn't really you know convey that he's doing education no education is his main business education is ladies getting his money from so he's a his son an eight those actually makes him an athlete is a very strong athletic guy he's the interested in sports in a big way so that is what it makes him but his money is coming from education and there is a direct connection to 10,000 career so 9th Lord exalted in 10th nose makes him my education is simple he's now building colleges or having his own university is being making a college is doing that comes from his ninth Lord exalted the money comes from education simple should I take the medicine yeah now very interesting I want to show this start to you ok before we show the chart ok I want to talk about this one important thing interesting thing about the planet takes is that see sometimes you will have so you may look it up you mean you look at a chart and you know see there's a lot of concepts put what is it called the mongolic ok and how your marriage is going to be and all that so sometimes what happens is you may have a plan protects being your ruler of 4000 or 7000 in the 7000 something so there also because it is a ruler of that house it can impact a lot on your life so many times among Glick girl or a non Mongol girl can actually be no Hmong Glick or something which is like because Hmong again in terms of Indian here we think of Hmong it means it's bad marriage so somebody can actually a band marriage if somebody can have a perfectly placed Venus and not Mars can be very well placed but still you can go through some real tough times in life because of the position of planet next I want to show this with this example of the shot look at this girl's chart I mean she was like she was a rich industrialists daughter her father was having a huge business in south of India she is managing her dad's export-import business she was married at 22 widowed at the age of 26 and then she remarried at 30 and then she divorced at the age of 34 okay now this can be only attributed and look at the Mars Mars is decently placed in the 11th house Venus is also well placed in the 10th house she's doing import-export business because of her 12th Lord Shani exalted in the ninth house 12th the ninth connection is there so that is the import-export business okay she's also born with a full moon in the fourth house the full moon in the four 2004 this business the mother his business whatever family business comes from full moon in the fourth and she has a full Sun in the 10000 makes her very rich okay so she is I mean this is almost like Donald Trump's chart you know Donald also has a fourth house full moon and the 10,000 okay so money that she's money enough she has all the things going in her life the only thing that is bad in her China life is the marriage and look here what is done it is the fourth Lord the four Claude planet-x in rehabilitation in the 7,000 Eretz so because it is a fourth Lord four thousand agates the family seven thousand agates marriage so she doesn't have family she doesn't have children and she's not I mean America's gone to the you know or out of it no I mean she she had a very bad matter is it not just once but twice that is because of the so powerful Planet X in debilitate in the seven so when there is a fourth seventh connection there is it is more about the family fee and marital life and that is what is impacted so this chart very clearly proves the existence of magnetics and the Planet X actually impacts us see III I am doing some loud thinking here oh yeah in your first slide you said things planet x Kabira materialistic possessions things that money can buy threat marriage is something that money can't buy happiness in marriage although we tend to bide you know we always please other spouses with gifts etc and all that you know so if a planet is showing you money it is also showing you the other side of money that happiness cannot be bought by money can buy you power here money can't buy you genuine respect you know it will burn my relationship money not by you relationship all right here here Taurus is the fourth load of domestic life yes in the seventh house of marriage in a separate of sign like leo truth very ego and anger power comes in the lower of it son has gone and is sitting with the sixth Lord of divorce young free sorry aspected by sixteen or moon six lot of divorce moon is expecting the son - so for this Laguna the full moon has become bad in another angle yeah so true also with the eighth Lord mercury which is the sustenance of marriage it house always shows the sustenance of marriage and it is conjoined with Jupiter or sorry Uranus Uranus as I have said before many times that I have seen this is ps3's research that my neighbor seven when the horoscope is we provided the horoscope is D the late Pierre Shastri said Uranus when it comes in seventh house in the natal horoscope it is a problematic marriage or separation in marriage okay okay what I saw was three cool also it works or even the seventh Lord's Association it reruns give cultural Uranus is function Uranus is 800 pairs of property the ascendant Lord being exalted has made her you know rich she also is in her own name is bringing in the technology into her dad's business because he is the end of technology and innovation in her dad's business so she's bringing in that so in a carrier she's doing all of that and she's also you know doing the import-export thing because of the Saturn the Saturn and Uranus in a way has given good things to her but of course the moon is a 6th Lord being played in the 4th and the 4th Lord Planet X being week in the interval in the 7000 what has killed her methods not just once but twice so even the common people so it this can be shown even in common people shards that you know it impacts us all of us in a big way do you have mood charge no I think this last one yes so this is just the some events actually I have put here see some major events have happened during the times of Planet X ok the first economic crisis in the world you know which is called as a black for yeah and which happened in 1999 and also it triggered the depression okay so that happened in 1929 when X wasn't debilitation because X is the ruler of money so whenever it comes in to some weak position or strong person it creates something or the other okay now in World War two when World War two happened X was an Aquarius in the deepest exaltation it happened between 1939 - and it also went until 45 which is excess in Pisces now what happened this this was also you know this was also a time when I mean Planet X when it comes in you know into the deepest exoticness it has created such kind of a huge destabilization in the finances I mean waters normally bringing rearrangement of finances I mean once the work is done once the war is over there is always say economic growth the spirt can happen in fact the world war two was the one which what didn't Japan into back into focus and in fact Japan became a superpower after the world war two happened I mean financially they became very very huge so many times probably to bring in the some kind of a real alignment in the finances okay Planet X can do something really interesting if you're looking at the the security scan that happened in the Harshad Mehta The Bull Run and then the entire scan that really sort of required a huge rearrangement of things happening that happened when the next world was the debilitation Nixon actually is it's fall in 1992 it wasn't fall in Scorpio that is when the BSE security scam happened then dot-com bubble happened in 2000 and expose and defects are addition the financial crisis the latest financial crisis that we had in 2008 again was happened in excitation very interesting in the same here even Bitcoin was introduced okay now bitcoin is something which is really it is changing the way monies want to be used money is no more currency which is which something which you can physically touch but money is going to be cryptic money is going to be in some denominators it is going to be lying in your mobile phone as a number as a digit now that also happened when planet takes got into defects validation I mean what are the interesting stuff okay and then finally of course you have our D monitor D monitors isn't happening in 2016 and Planet X moved into its own house and it moved into the 8th house of the Prime Minister and then he changed everybody's money okay so every money connection I'm actually gonna do a lot of research on this on money and the economic cycles in fact I am actually sitting and learning from one of the guys who's into markets he talks about the how the bull and bear and happen and all I am learning from him actually the entire economic cycle in the last you know one century two centuries with Planet X movement you know so that we can try and find out what happens actually so maybe you can give we can even predict the future economic you know ups and downs using the Planet X so this is an amazing planet actually no honestly my eyes I know many out over there might not like the introduction of a new planet you know but for me this is making logical sense you know and I do not make videos to just get appreciation or views III believe as a publisher our job is to present all kinds of knowledge and whichever knowledge is comfortable for anybody's intelligent or conscience they should use it so I really actually actually deep in my heart you know boy I really feel loved today's session was very important very very important and it's a new thing it's an absolutely new thing for me at least and I don't mind admitting that I'm impressed you know I guess the thank you so much thank you it is something that makes logical sense what is why I am not so showing my expression on my face I am actually deep inside I'm thinking because the movement of Planet X Transit is more shocking it is not just showing money it is showing money power and other events for example when Planet X was in such intended occurs eight house in transit yes the dispositor went oh it was Aquarius if I remember well yeah here is Saturn another dispositor is wrong Saturn rained in the eleventh house of hands so that is the reason I wanted to know whether it was the left elbow or nor tennis elbow okay which Dylan's always seen third house Levin thoughts both shows H you know irrespective of left or right that is mine for the this thing on the other was wasn't six thoughts and if I remember Rahu was in Rahu is with boon sachin tendulkar has Rahu moon conjunct if I remember well his horoscope okay yeah it is sixth house yes is Rahu and Moon are concerned in the sixth house is also back pain he had the running back problem during that period with me this is again depression okay Sixers also enemies his enemies one overhead inhibit so and sixth house it is an eighth house his father died started idea what is the power they ask you know this whole last one hour we said X is money but with money comes power yes this power comes a support system when your father dies so goes Sachin Tendulkar is a common man he doesn't come from an affluent family of whatever you know a common man father mother are bad bones and his whole eighth house transit is all happening 12th from 9,000 father I am looking at beyond just beyond money Wow yes to just beyond money you know so I mean anyways of course we can say that he was not playing Oh at that time so he you know you did not own that kind of money whatever but you know I I am really really going to do some thinking of this and I would try to request some software makers to contact you and find out about this Planet X and have its transit in this office with your consent and giving you credit sorry to hear somebody else trying to take your years of research work away yeah but I don't know the audience reaction okay but that I am worried about it because our job is to always give something new and this is definitely something new thank you so much grease or no bougie with folded hands I am absolutely grateful to you thank you so much Sonali z4 godling me I mean you're doing a wonderful job I am saying always thanks thanks for I mean having the spine to actually you know showcase somebody you know who's doing something different I mean you need a you need guts to do that you're doing that salute you for that thank you coming up next would be planet-wide and hit the subscribe button okay [Music]



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