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[Music] in this tutorial I'm going to share a handful of tips and tricks that I use frequently when I'm working in canva now canva is one of my favorite free online graphic design sites they also do have a paid version but this is the free version I'm currently in so you can go into any of this if you've never been in town but before you will have fun looking through all the layouts but we're just going to do something basic so let's say that you want to create a presentation

you quite a few different layouts will pop up if you click into one of them you will notice that it will give you quite a few different related designs so you can actually create the whole entire presentation within canva and the style will stay the same so let's say we click on this

so here's this once you're in here obviously you can make your changes to your text and so forth but let's say that right here you want to have a link to your site so let's say I said new online you and I wanted to link it directly back to my site highlight the text and look to your upper right-hand corner go ahead and click on link you type your link in here

once you are done click apply that will now create a hyperlink for your text so on this let's say you wanted to add a new page just go ahead and click add new page

select another section of the layout and it will pull over here you could do the same thing down here we can change this to new online you calm go ahead and highlight it go up to link again type in your URL address click apply this document now is linked to that website anytime someone clicks on this it will take them directly to this website okay let's go to another different form of a layout let's go up to a YouTube thumbnail I use this quite a bit

and if you look through here some of these will save free on them some of them don't so a lot of people will kind of stick with the free options and they will bypass the other different layouts but let's say you clicked on one of these well that's actually a free one okay let's see let's find another one that's not free

okay here's a paid one everyday makeup tutorial so if you click on this you can see that the Campbell watermark is here a lot of people will click into it and then click immediately back out but if you go to uploads and you look through your images if you don't have your images already loaded you can upload your own images right there but if you do have an image if you just tap on it you will see that it brings this over and it kind of puts it in front of it go ahead and delete that that's not what you want to do so you're pretty much going to hover it and then drag it into place and once it takes go ahead and let go and the image will now be in place this will be a completely free layout now okay let's go to another one let's go to an Instagram post

and let's pull up something like this

okay you see that candle watermark is there we're going to do the same type of thing I'm just gonna drag the same image over oops see if you tap it that's what happens I'm going to drag the image over and like though once it takes let's say that oh wow I don't want it just showing the mouse I actually wanted to show the computer if you double tap just do a double click on the image you can now drag it into place once you're happy with it go ahead and click on the checkmark and it will save it okay let's go to another layout

let's go into a logo

okay we could pull up something basic now if you move this around you can see that these elements are not grouped together so let's say that you wanted to group them let me go ahead and undo that move you pretty much just double click and select all the elements together the group option will appear go ahead and click on group and now when you go over this all of the elements are grouped let's say you want to encrypt them simply tap back on the element and click ungroup okay so I'm going to group these back together the next thing I'm going to show you is how to Center in canva canva has made this super easy they have created some gridlines so when you're removing an element around you can see that this gives the vertical centering and you also have the horizontal centering so you will know if an image or text is centered which is so great when you're working in canva okay let's say you want to add some text to this right beneath it now you can obviously go over here click on text look through the different things go ahead and select it or if you are on your canvas just type the letter T on your keyboard and it will pull up the text element which is really great if the quick way instead of having to go over here and click and click you can just type T nothing else just the letter T and it will pull this up now canva is something it does say that periodically as you're working but if I've done quite a bit of work and I'm worried that it is going to disappear I actually frequently manually save as I'm working so you can either come up and do it by clicking on a file and save or if you hit ctrl and s it will save it and if you look to the top that it says all changes saved so that's a quick way to make sure as you're working that you frequently save your design so you don't lose any part of the design okay one last feature I'm going to show you let's go ahead and create a blank canvas so I'm going to delete the entire group okay we're going to go up to search we are going to create a text image so not every letter will be included in here like if I type in the letter A and I do a search nothing comes up my son's name is actually in here so let's say if I type in the letter E in search the e image will pull up you can see if it's actually for images it will have the clouds with a little green grass right beneath it now let's go type in an L and search I'll go ahead and click on it for the L to come over and if I type in AI and search the I will come over and see you see the grid it shows me that everything is aligned correctly now if I go over to my uploads and I have some fun things I want to enter we'll go ahead and enter some of these Christmas designs you can go ahead and drag images into place let's see if I have one more if I don't I'll go ahead and use this one again and you now have a fun little text image that you can share on social media so these are a handful of the different tips and tricks that I use when I'm working in canva I hope you've enjoyed them and I look forward to hearing how

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