Prayers Against Surprises & Fires In Your Life (Dag Heward-Mills)

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[Music] for 40 days and nights whatever power is fighting your life your progress your empowerment your internment your establishment your finances your spiritual life your physical life your future in the name of Jesus today we are going to fire in your life [Music]



[Music] [Applause] [Music]

[Music] is a in the spirit these animals are there lift your hand whatever has been sent to wear you out in the name of Jesus father thank you 2012 in the name of Jesus [Music]

[Music] please be seated for a moment how many believe that God has heard our prayer amen [Music] today I want us to do something a little led by the Spirit amen what do you think powerful fantastic Mac chapter one

mark chapter one and they went into Capernaum and straightaway on the Sabbath day he entered into the synagogue now they were astonished at his doctrine for he taught them as one that had Authority and there was in their synagogue a man with an unclean spirit okay and he cried out amen saying let us alone now if you don't mind changing the version of the Bible all right what business do we have with each other change the vision why are you interfering with us Jesus of Nazareth what business do you have with us amplified what have you to do with us fantastic what do we have to do with you

let us alone the New King James Bible all right now in modern English this would be leave us alone you get it leave us alone so one of the let us alone or let us be alone what have we to do with you Jesus of Nazareth now recently the Spirit of God was telling me concerning some problems that I shouldn't leave the devil alone you know I shouldn't leave him alone you know and so I want us to not be Christians who leave the devil alone and he loves to have Christians who live him alone it's like he's not there so we only pray to the Lord all right now the Bible says that this man had an unclean spirit so just note the word unclean and I'm going to refer to it again later but the important thing is don't leave the devil alone in your life many things are caused by the devil one of the things that have has happened to me a number of times I'm trying to go out then I kind of find either Mikey kind of find something that is important for me to go with and then I've tried tried tried then it'll catch to me the devil then I bind the devil and instantly I find the thing as I have been there before if it doesn't happen to you before is because you have your mind hasn't come to the devil alright so we must not leave him alone again amen [Music] and every one of us was been living the devil alone it is time for us to fasten him with chains hallelujah Matthew 18 Matthew 18 and verse 18 you know both 18 and 19 knives but 18 and 18 whatsoever you shall bind on earth shall be bound in heaven amen now the word for bind it means to fasten with chains so when that's the word in the Greek you know it's it's deal they who I'm sure I'm not pronouncing it well all right

now are you there let's ask ourselves what should ever you shall bind so what because I checked that the Greek in my Bible and it means to fasten with chains another meaning is to forbid you and say God forbid I forbid you go away or something so what you bind on earth shall be bound in heaven amen [Music] no what what are you saying that when you bind on earth then something in heaven is bound well we don't want to bind things in heaven where God is so that is if you understand it like that somebody's sitting in heaven when you find a chain here he binds a chain in heaven and there is nobody in heaven that we have any problem with in sentence so how to understand this verse what it means is that what you bind on earth right there are two things it can mean and both are in our favor so we are suppose when you bind something here in heaven who is in heaven god it's in heaven so it means that when you you do it here then God also tassets so it's like if not just you saying it do you see it's like when a judge says you are going to prison it's like many things will also put you in prison the leaves the government everything because the judge says sue I with me yes so if if he says because what you when you speak as an ordinary person you can't tell me I'm gonna put you in prison because you who are you you see but if a judge says I'll put you in prison is a it can be backed up seriously by some other forces yeah if a judge tells you are put you in prison then you have to take it seriously because when he says it then other things will also be said commands will be given from prison service can a police service gonna presents highways authorities to take you on the highway today to the prison okay so now he's saying that when you bind it on earth what you do here then correspondingly is done over there now that can be one of the meanings another meaning can be what you bind here since we don't have any problem in heaven then we have to ask ourselves

maybe the heaven he's talking about do you see is not heaven where God is I with me yeah now Apostle Paul said something are you there

and I think he's worth looking at in second Corinthians chapter 12 and verse number 2 I knew a man in Christ above fourteen years he was talking about himself allegorically I knew a man who was talking about himself whether in the body or out of the body I cannot tell God knows that such a man was caught up to the third heaven so you must be a logician before you be even progress to common sense your logic must be working well now if there is a third of something they should be logic I don't know whether it's arts or science that's so that's people help us if there's a third then there must be a second there must be a first maybe there's a fourth maybe there's a fifth but at least there's a third and there must be at least a second and a first logic did you do logic in school in which class did you do logic critical thinking and what practical reasoning logical reasoning philosophy level 200 philosophy level 300 but a level I did logic in a level general paper yes did you do a level

you know the current JSS is a good education because it has the solutions to all the problems in Ghana if you ask anybody who's done this year says social studies they will give you the problems the problem facing the economy the problem Ghana everything number one lack of resources number two lack of education number three mismanagement number four corruption number five nepotism favoritism and then what else lack of Finance lack of loan alone we run a rural urban migration I mean problems in the country so a big topic in social you have to remember these six or seven points and you you get a every problem so it's not that we have not been taught these things we've been taught them but how to implement it yeah but I think all level and a level they don't teach you lack of resources lack of education in economics and a Greek science and governments they teach you in geography okay all right so I hear that it's also taught today now are you still around logic that heaven there must be a second and there must be fast at first now where will you find the first heavens

what do you think where do you think you'll find the first heavens where is where is heaven hmm

Genesis chapter 15 I'm going to show you the first heaven then we've seen the first heaven then after that we look at the third heaven and then we look at the second logic Genesis chapter 15 go to verse 1 and after these things the word of the Lord came to Abram in a vision saying fear not Abram I am your shield and your exceeding great reward and Abraham said what will you give me because I don't have a child verse 3 and Abraham said behold you have given me no seed that's four and the word of the Lord came said this boy will not be your heir alright but he that comes out of your bowels shall be your verse five then he brought him abroad and said look now toward heaven okay and tell the Stars if thou be able to number them and he said so shall thy seed be so heaven where the stars are which is the heavens that we see you get it is up to where the stars are must be the faith that other mediate heaven that we are seeing tend to change the version version and increase the volume yes he took him outside and said look toward the heaven and count the Stars okay so definitely one of the heavens all right is where the stars are so as far as we know and we can see the heavens where as far as we can see with the Stars which science are so that is quite a long way away very very fun millions of light years yes now don't worry about the distance to the stars why because some years ago it used to take us six months to go from here to India six months but you can live here this afternoon up to five o'clock on Emirates and be in India tomorrow tomorrow afternoon and if you have to tell somebody that tomorrow by this time you be in India it will sound like a joke to William Carey and those other missionaries are you with me they wouldn't be me but like what can make it possible are you with me so today the stars are so fun that it looks impossible the recent rocket that went to mass it blasted off a few days ago it's gonna take six months to get to mass okay and that is really the fastest Rockets there so they are actually trying to find new type of food how to preserve food and how to be able to have food that can last six months to go six months to come no food no water supplies and you need several tons to keep about three or four people alive tons of water and food and to stay there for a few months or a year you need like a few articulated of food you get what I'm saying and then when you win they have found a way to purify the urine so that you can drink it as your water oh yes and purify the poopoo so that it can also be these are all things they are trying to do in order to help you to go to space I with me there's recycled urine yes can you hear me so it sounds fun but today to the moon is three days two days three days to be on the moon from here to the moon it's amazing so the first heavens is where we can see and then the third heavens is in second Corinthians chapter 12 is another set of heavens where God is he says he was caught up into the third heavens and best three and I don't know whether yeah he was out of the body and the body verse 4 he was caught up into paradise you see and I saw a brown in Abraham's bosom jesus said today you'll be with me in paradise and then I had works which is not lawful for a man to attack it's not everything you should sing this is one of this scripture that teaches you that there are some things you don't have to see then you know what you can't keep secrets there are some places you can never wake and some relationships you can never have did ever I'm saying yeah it's not lawful to utter it's wrong if you didn't say what he had in heaven I with me so can you still hear me yeah so we now know that that heaven and then we know that fests so we're the second what do you think so if between where we can see and where God is its another heaven and that heaven is probably where the demons that we know of position a lot of them why do we say that a fissures chapter 6 verse 12 the presence of the six verse 12 change imagine please

yeah for our struggle is not against flesh and blood but against the rulers against the powers against the wealth forces of darkness against the spiritual forces of wickedness in heavenly places are you with me are you still here heavenly places heavenly places so do you think that devil is in heaven it's not in heaven cannot be in heaven we are the ones going to heaven and God is in heaven you get it so how can it be that there are forces in heavenly places because there's more than one heaven and at least we know one of the heavens is where we can see when you look out please those of you who don't know stuff if you like this church you might be able to see some stars Orion is just over our heads here Orion and the master wrote Pleiades and some of the big stars we can see them in the from the plaza so make sure you ask somebody to show you Orion is there is to see from here how many want to see a real huh accompanied with what Kelly Willie and stars Wow

amen Zoe I've been going out please

hallelujah because a few showers of blessing amen No heavenly places are when we have to ensure that we take the battle there now the Bible says that the devil was cast out of heaven you see but now we know that the earth is such a small spot in the universe so it's not only a tenth heaven and now you know what they found out they found out there are many stars which have planets but only they are so far we can't see them because the Sun is a star other we call it the Sun but when you when you go to Pluto and you take a picture of the Sun is just a very small stuff so all the different stars if they started to see planets around the stars also going around them so that what is not just we here and then heaven no we are just one of the eunuchs and I'm sure they keep on trying to find people but they haven't found anybody human beings we are proud of so anyway so as we are here you see the Bible says that the devil was cast out of heaven yeah and his angels that were cast out with him yeah continue verse 11 yeah the accuser of the Brethren which accused them has been cast down amen verse 11 and they overcame him alright so you find out that the devil before we came on the scene was in existence and was cast out of heaven probably into the second heaven and he's been there for a long time but unfortunately when man was created it looks like some of them migrated are you with me and try to come here to spoil and scatter a nice creation that God had made illegally they are here illegally so even though this is a physical earth you get it it's a physical earth they are not physical enough to operate here so they try to enter people so that they can have some functions here because you can't function on this planet without physically being here now this was not written for spirits it's a physical world that God made so that is why the devil is always try to enter somebody because you can't do much fear unless you are here I don't know if you know what I'm saying what can you do if you are spirit you can't speak to anybody here you can't talk to the people you got it you can't say anything to anybody you can't talk to crowds you can't sing to people you can't influence me that's why when a man dies he can't do anything anymore because he's no more physically yeah even when he dies and his spirit is still hovering around the body you can't talk anymore you can't speak anymore your powers on earth are finished yeah that's why if you are here you better do what you want to do else once you are gone you know in Ghana so many people have died and they left their houses and people are still quarreling over them blame me answers and for Joe sardines and we have so many type of people watching my trash and lot of big names properties because you are not a spirit without the body once you go got the body like on planet Earth you can't do much here you can't even speak hello I hope you get what I'm saying yeah so the devil is always looking for somebody to enter and use amen and you will never be entered and you will never be used by the devil in the mighty name of Jesus amen now in Ezekiel Ezekiel chapter 28 in Ezekiel chapter 28

we are not going to leave the devil alone again the word of the Lord came unto me saying son of man take up a lamentation against the Prince of well take up a lamentation against the Prince of Tyrus and say to him your heart is lifted up you have said I am a god I sit in a seat of God in the midst of the Seas but all yet down among the other what so the Prince of Tyrus was a mind okay and not God although you are behaving and you have set in your heart as to you are a god you are not a god you are a man I with me then it goes on that's ten thousand died the death of the uncircumcised by the hand of strangers I have said it all right verse nine will you say to the one who is killing you that I am God we just said to the one who is killing you that I am God and no God in the hand of him that slayer t okay beautiful now Vence 11 moreover the weather's a lot came unto me saying another saying verse 12 son of man take up a lamentation against the king of Tyrus if you remember this one is about the king of Tyrus but invest to is talking about the Prince of Tyrus are you with me chapter 2 is the Prince of Tyre underline Prince of Tyrus Prince of Tyrus and underlined in chopped invest twelve king of Tyrus now what is he going to say about the king of Tyrus I want you to see that there is a corresponding spirit almost identical to almost any person who presents as an opposition or wickedness against your life there is almost the same person in the spirit and the person looks and behaves like the person and fights you as the person now notice verse 12 verse 13 Dow has been in Eden no man was in Eden only Adam and Eve in the Garden of God every precious stone was by covering the so dias that topaz the diamond the barrel the Onyx the Jasper the sapphires the emerald the carbuncle the gold the workmanship of dye tablets and other types was prepared in thee in the day that thou was created notice verse 14 that cover cherub cherubims and seraphim's are angels so is now talking to the king of Tyrus and is quite ill out that this King is an angel the prince was a man I don't know if you saw if you remember how many are with me hello who are you watching the best look at it he says you are a man you are a man you love God you see he's talking to the prince just like the prince of a crap you are a man you are not God it's like the president of a crowd or the Prince of a house the mayor of you are a man you are a man but apart from that man invest well yes from best 12 it says now there is a king the same place with the same like a human being but not a human being and it says you are beautiful you see but in verse 14 he says you are an angel so these are falling angels and that cover you were in the holy mountain of God there's no man that was in the holy mountain of God and he said you walk up and down in the midst of the stones of fire no human being was walking up and down in the midst of the stones of fire it's a spirit it's a it's a world we don't know about these are these are the prophetic words of Ezekiel where we are learning about the things we are dealing with what you are dealing with is not the Prince of Tyrus but the king of Tyrus and you see the devil has a human name sometimes when you are binding you see that certain human beings look like he's actually the human being you have to bind because it's actually the spirit of that person the spirit behind the person almost having the same name oh yes how many know that some people when you deal with them is like you are dealing with I mean a spirit yes there are some moving fornicators it's like they are hunting they are actually hunting if you fall into their hand that's it they're actually hunting for you slaying one after the other there are some opposes to the will of God when you meet them one of the characteristics you see one of the traits of Satan always remember the word remember the word stronghold of stubborn is he stubborn is our English word for the Bible word of stronghold when I hold something strongly it is stubbornness and stubbornly holding on to something and I'm not leaving so when your mother use that word stopped on girl stopped on boy it's not a good thing at all if I say demonic child yes if I say strong Hawk boy stronghold girl that's why we shouldn't have meetings for more than five minutes once the meeting is taking a long time something is wrong am i preaching properly are you still around now there are things we don't know we don't know we just came to this small planet as it's so small it's malapa Jupiter is one thousand times by the way you can see Jupiter almost every day in the sky you look outside you see you see one bright light brighter than every staff at least 10 to 20 times brighter than a star you see there is always interpreter it's been out every day for the last few days

even the moons of Jupiter are bigger one of the moons of Jupiter called Europa and quicker than the earth far bigger than this earth is going around Jupiter there are fifty eight moons going around Jupiter a very small world I don't know why we think that the world is made up of here and then heaven and from here we ascend into heaven and finish heaven an end amazing isn't it but there are so many worlds yeah so that's why some of the things we read them in a Bible it doesn't say how the devil in the head what Daniel was praying and then he was caught up in the heaven the prayer couldn't come he said I've been fighting the Prince of Persia since 21 days to break through with an answer how many know your answers are coming from heaven Chaya Mushka Paulo da so we have been living these hours to have a field day but God is telling me don't leave the devil alone again try to understand where he is operating and how he is operating and became 2.0 in heaven it will be bound so when you find here beyond the stars demons are affected yes now Oh pasta I want to pray to God not to deal with the devil I tend to make you chapter 4 how many know Jesus went to the wilderness for his longest prayer meeting do you know anything that jesus prayed about for 40 days and nights I don't know anything that jesus prayed about if you look at Matthew chapter 4 he was led to the wilderness to do up to be tender of the devil and he was fasting forty days and nights and afterward he was younger and then the chapter came to him so in the forty days and 90s was there we never even hear him praying Father give me wisdom give me anointing give me money give me help give me wisdom give me the summary of Jesus forty days and night is dealing with the devil dealing with the devil for 40 days at night that is the most important thing that happened there is it not amazing forty days and nights what was he doing there for forty days and nights and we are seeing clearly that he was dealing with the devil for 40 days and nights whatever power is fighting your life your progress your empowerment your enrollment your establishment your finances your spiritual life your physical life your future in the name of Jesus today we are going to forbid Davos everybody must be standing everybody must be binding we are just binding double any name that comes to your mind and just describe it if you can't get their name describe what that thing is and find it in the name of Jesus begin to pray in the spirit hey

hey oh yes oh yes oh yes oh yes oh yes


god forbid god forbid [Music]

youngest son

[Music] see [Music] sodium [Music]

[Music] CRC COPO JAMA in delegate [Music] I might be on top [Music]






[Music] thank you now every fire in your life I hear the words [Music]








[Music] [Applause] [Music] let's away sempre [Music] is life [Music] [Applause] your towels

[Music] haha [Music]

[Music] please sir somebody's help it out stop it out stop it out [Music] so I got the bus [Applause] [Music] J polio


[Music] yes


listen one of the main reasons for coming to church is to pray now I want to tell you something that's going to shock you do you know that the Bible was put together about 200 years after Christ came am i right there's a real collision table determines the correct it's a professor now I want to tell you something that's gonna shock you do you know that one of the books was almost eliminated now you know we have an odd number of books 66 books isn't it how many books are there in the Bible you know you are Christian I know one place we went I went on a conference the people at the immigration were questioning whether they were Christians so they took them aside and started to ask them Christian questions and one of the questions was how many books are in the Bible yeah how many books are in the Bible so when I asked you you think I'm just asking you but it may help you in a visa misapplication you'll be traveling to places now one of the books was almost eliminated you know which book that was I'm sure they all had discussion on all other books but one of the husband had eliminated the Book of Enoch it's being taken out though it's being used in the it was quoted in Genesis but they left it out it really hurts me that he left it up because a very good book but anyway the book that was shock you was about to be left out was and some of the Gospels were left out Gospel of Barnabas is out gospel of [Music] what about the Gospel of Barnabas wanted a popular one his left eye was Matthew Mark Luke John that was Barnabas he didn't accept his own that would have been so many more things to reach you get it yeah means been 2,000 years we need things to read anyway but you need to be safe you have to stay within the Bible the ones that are in the Bible but one of the book that was almost like I was a book of Revelation because the things that are in the book of Revelation I saw a beast having seven heads ten horns in Revelation 13 you know seven had ten horns ten crowns it's like they described so many things and then the four living creatures that were worshiping the Lord is like what are all these you know they are not real things but is he unfortunately we have limited ourselves to what we think we believe now in the spirit we are still praying one of the thing that is very animals demonic animals and you may not have been interested in wildlife up to today but perhaps from today you should understand why I love wildlife will help you to know what each animal is doing and how it works yeah look in the Bible the devil is a subject is a dragon is a lion there are Devils I saw three Devils like frogs revelation 16 I studied a sort of a life of revelations 18 from west to east and Babylon is in trouble with beds beds every file and clean bread you know describe the devil as beds a lot of flies belzebub one time I was I had a patient and a fly landed came to land on the and I I just sort of knew that this person is dead yes in the wall I remember if like him sat on the person when I I thought I need any died few hours later or days whatever so all these are mentioned different types of animals so when the dull wet unclean spirits the unclean is used to describe animals so in acts of the ten when Peter saw a vision with a lot of unclean animals and God said arise killing it I can't kill such and describing animals so unclean spirits are probably pure animals what you think have you been a spirit before no microscope is showing you in the spirit what is happening look at Daniel and I wondered if I wanted to take out Daniel as well Daniel chapter 7 look at this one we are binding Devils huh I was in the first year of Belshazzar it's like saying in the reign of president come for president Rawlins alright Daniel had a dream and visions of his head Wow verse 2 and Daniel speak and said I saw in my vision by night four winds of the heaven strove upon the Great Sea and four great beasts came up from the sea yes a lot of dead people in the sea now look at it the first one was like a lion the first animal that he saw was like a lion and had eagle's wings now if you care to watch wild animal you'll find many species which you have you cannot even like beds we have ones with long beaks you have one with flat big we have ones with a fishing pouch they just go in the water and scoop the water the opener much the lower part is a fishing it goes and it just cooks there are some that died and the most different types of animals I mean amazing creatures on earth practically today take and cut and I have only seen cat and dog across who is closed down should I bring a lie on to a nut castle no I laugh at no a wolf no okay no problem if you say no I shall not bring all right you know what lion I don't believe I could have got a baby lion that we play with all right the first was like a lion and had eagle's wings and I beheld till the wings were blocked off and it was lifted from that and made a stand upon the field a man's heart was given it look then i strong other animal like a bear and it's raised up itself on one side and it had three ribs in the mouth yes and they said this to it arise and devour much flesh [Music] whatever bear is after your flesh to eat up your flesh with block and forbid it in Jesus name

and lo another like a leopard which had upon the back of it four wings of the farm and four heads the beasts had four eggs look each spiritual animal has its characteristics so today I just want to give us two and then we pray to animals yeah number one a leopard leopard next time you get a chance to go to Kenya try to see one of these you will not see a leopard the leopard is the boost of the wildlife is the ghost no seeds is up like a monkey it has special claws that enabled it to climb Lions cannot climb if a lion goes up the tree it has to fall down yeah so sometimes when they are mad and very hungry to try to go up a tree but when they come that they can easily die but a leopard can climb and chase even monkeys on the tree monkeys don't like them at all so you'll be walking and then from a tree the ghost will just chop these are demonic surprises things you don't expect and you have been expected something like this to come into your life these are demonic surprises whatever represents a surprise to your life today we are going to deal with it in play do you want to know the next animal wild dogs yes I never knew there was an animal called a wild dog when I first saw it I thought it it meant like normal Dobermans or Alsatian dogs that are well known there is a special animal called wild dog yes they are like wolves they are like foxes they are like hyenas but the adults and they move in groups that's why problems come in groups you find out that this is financial plus spiritual plus moral plus taste plus many things the any group whatever group problem has come into your life today it is bound in Jesus name but this is the way they work they can chase and until nobody's as big as this and a dog is small like this they chisel but the way they do it is the wrong with the Antelope until it is tired that's all they run and it runs a me run run run if you want you feel sad do take what they do they have stamina for two three four kilometer cycling and they come on and eat it alive so if you read the book of Daniel it said that it was given to him to wear out the Saints to wear you out yes to wear out the Saints look at it he shall speak great words and sound wear out the Saints of the Most High so something that makes you tired and worn out the same thing they are fast water you see antelope like my idol and a dog like this and you see them following about 40 of them chasing so there are problems you have the strategy is to make you tired tired of it Sally I'm tired of this kind of this hooting struggling it's not ending your heart your resolve your energy for the same thing that is repeated [Music] like so the other one does turns there and it just can be bite the leg the holding they did that's all it just stands there and this it if you bugger that tells to water come on wild dogs you watch it you see what I'm talking about the first time I saw I was shocked I say wow I will not go to Hyannis today I know it's different

stand up you see in the spirit these animals are there lift your hand whatever has been sent to wear you out in the name of Jesus father thank you we will not leave the devil alone we come against demonic traps and enrollment strategies to wear out the same to make a tired of the same trouble and not the same problem that has been since 1990 to 2006 2005 2012 2015 us in the name of Jesus [Music]

[Applause] [Music]

[Music] time [Music]




[Music] [Applause] [Music]




now any problem yes this is the relationships marriages relationships yes marriage issues issues [Music]



[Music] [Applause] [Music]












Oh [Music]





yes [Music]

[Music] [Applause] [Music] [Applause] [Music]



[Music] so they never liked you [Music]

[Laughter] [Music]


[Applause] [Music]

[Music] [Applause] [Music]


[Music] great

the chance yes [Music] something is taking your money listen something is fighting your money you know the money in Ghana should have been in country right now against your life the devil


[Music] victory victory systems of wicked yes that are working in your life yes in the name of Jesus they want to shake yourself all forces of darkness are shaking off your life in the mighty name of Jesus yes great you [Music]

[Music] you [Music] [Applause] [Music]


[Music] [Applause] [Music] [Applause]



[Music] [Applause] [Music]


[Applause] [Music] [Applause] [Music] my god screw you [Music] [Applause] [Music] my god

[Applause] [Music]


[Music] [Applause] [Music] you see [Music]

[Music] [Applause]

[Music] me [Music] wake up [Music]




[Music] [Applause] [Music]

[Music] you [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Applause] [Music]


[Applause] [Music]


[Music] [Applause]


[Music] you [Music]

hallelujah let your hands father thank you that everything written about you is great thank you that the demons bow at the mention of the name Jesus thank you that we have identified the forces of darkness who never leave them alone a king will bind them every day long we'll deal with them every day long thank you that we will see a difference law you see a difference though we are breaking through in the name of Jesus we are breaking out in the name of Jesus we are breaking forward in the name of Jesus thank you for victory in the mighty name of Jesus and everyone said amen you may be seated in the presence of the Lord [Music]

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