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[Music] yo I'm a grafter to get you to go to school I messed in a span damn holes vanHoose delete them chicks on the horse and I know it's the Beamer that's white like snow I didn't leave no wait no no try track but is shifted away from it almost God man lit big boy moves got thirty plus tracks just me and my mother once and that was just one time and I don't know don't know now she sees that I'm covered in gold Oh with beating everyone chicks on the road did and then a wet Joe for a bit I would bang get a gym cut you see man's growing school and I hear my coconut but we see what were now groups this thing gonna do if I don't see these role don't see these pretty so they can take picture and press these holes young man but I found a man and you bid for that shit or helping your core money all joking who they'd like um Geralyn that guy was right and swallows I must don't grab for the tip that's hollow right in this game an operational borrows know when it beef but he I had my own stick or an Tribunal for a got time to be sitting on a block light trance like in every new catches amok okay I trying to go Joe that sorrow semi on trends at China following gonna be with a cake is really moves that are working away didn't know these fate bad boys gonna talk about shock for the door hole teeth like razors own I don't want you to talk in a shit come join under the chili be great place for a song but Bishop properly yeah I try to catch you no more pieces now I tryna catch there are more cases be opener than a bar do be a joker them times us just fall so free older guys most of the teeth got burned it I've got weight to the trust and paper no by keeping haters hatin man to see all my tools update and see how grinding that's what I do and if it's that time that I got that bruise got hit but plans got me feelin like a truck is much more front right I lose my talk of a name what's wrong with you dude yeah you walk in a pattern that shit you know mg ex-boxer my panties nice talk you can see that well fee if I old chick that a Halloween Joe no let her know Pitts turn that shit cause shout me now she cry a youngin that shit can't be my bestie called bow me however just had man locked in a jungle get me out like a missile yep I managed to get this bread for a same side to the given their time I give my poor that is shake on dead know until one of them man what I try to put beef in the net I move like they wanna help feds remember chillin in Crown Court shut a shot man would've been taught or I trying to do that shit get real for just trying to do my men mad I was looking at more than a 10 then I came home like everything bless everything just oh gosh I know could be in a very dumb bitch took my right hand so is for finger guns yamir never face in a paper Joe Joe - but don't watch gone mad maybe than his brain okay I love all his castle at making casts off making mad young man had bats ranked on every okay real talk free Remo we without ever imagine yeah they can shops on the matting we're gonna finish you off for the gold in a matching madness I lost a stick-up man animatic madness that I just gave you Sabatini as the matching madness madness 17 years the Joe Ching there's a joke most of the team in Joe only God knows harmonic open it's fine for the stick that I'm holding so I'm out air to Netaji informants try to dodge them car jail ain't nothin but wanking on border real talk British met Jim at me feelin motor couldn't wait to the to throw took a photo a part of the brand but Yolo now my time I'm a fun locojoe if you're a proof that I'm riding solo ever wife kiss like this and no no bow to GA on Eid like Golson three to five freer a more exclusive mixtape coming soon fresh from the jailhouse [Music] my back to the wall I'll trust nigga chefs nigga Angus small bundle fuck nigga fuck me just over there I had two tops niggas are nigga you touch me you're a menace nigga ah I have a calling like a

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