Naturally Fermented Dill Pickles Recipe - Рецепт Малосольных Огурцов

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hi everyone welcome to Victoria and today I'm going to make those old-school fermented cukes cucumbers there are not marinated in marinade and a lot of vinegar they're fermented they're very healthy those are even healthier than the fresh one because fermentation and a lot of additional vitamins and etc inside the vegetables so hope you enjoy the idea and stay tuned wash your cukes very well those are filled cucumbers so they're filled with dirt and it's just amazing you see even the very hard to get rid out of all the dirt but I'm really for sure trying then cover it with cold water and let it stand for cut stand for a couple of hours two to four hours will be okay you can leave it overnight okay go through them and pick one bigger one out of the smallest one because most one will be done much faster take your sterile jars or any large vessel that you can put inside your dishwashing machine for the longest time and hottest time and it will be okay don't worry about it and pick those two the vessels it doesn't matter which kind of vessel it is it can be anything as you see as well I have here beautiful deal with you can find those in the markets or you can use any baby deal or deal what you have around this is for flavoring basically you can add any flavor and you like I love it with the deal I love a lot of it so I'm just adding you know quite a bit to eat jar and I have a lot of cucumbers so it's going to be for this five or six jars then I'm adding couple of garlic cloves I have here two garlic's whole garlic's peeled I love a lot of garlic's and that what I'm doing them taking the biggest one and I'm cutting them for two or three just to add a little bit more garlic flavor you see I'm doing like song for each jar I'm going to give at least three to four garlic cloves those are big jars I think this is 56 ounces of liquid water in here now I'm picking all the small ones there try to put them tightly as you can to maintain crispness of those cubes you have to add some kind of Leafs oak leaves or another edible leaves you can eat add the easiest leave you can add its bay leaf and it brings a lot of flavor to the part so per jar I would say couple of those will go in now take water and cover all the cubes

until it's well covered like so that everything has to be all the cucumbers have to be inside the water now take the water out to the measuring cup if you have large one if not you have to measure how much water is covered in one jar you just must do it you have to know it like so and let's see okay about 1 liter goes per one jar this size as a precaution I'm going to do two things first of all I'm adding apple cider vinegar try to find very good one with matter inside this way you'll be more safe with this method of making pukes very healthy one so about 2 tablespoon per liter and now I know that one liter of marinade goes inside so I'm adding 2 tablespoon per one jar another precaution is the second one take lemon or lime one slice and place on top of all the cucumbers this way the top of the water won't get moldy or with the fungi even though after it's get a little bit of multiscale can still eat those but I prefer to avoid this this point this is four litres of water I will have to do another batch search for four jars I'm adding about you see half a teaspoon to about teaspoon of black pepper and please use the whole turtles

and pee and please use a whole black pepper now I'm adding one tablespoon of salt per liter water if you use the kosher salt add 2 tablespoon okay I have Himalayan salt so I'm adding one two three four another thing use pickling salt or thought when the ingredient list is only one thing salt no any additives if you will use with additives it won't be true cucumbers and really it can get really wrong so just bring it to a boil or just until it's calms of the salt is dissolved in the water after it came to a boil the marinade let it cool slightly and start adding to your cucumbers trust me you want queue of the good bacteria if it will be too hot but the cucumber's will be done faster and it will hold better for the winter even though it should be inside refrigerator so just cover all with the marinade put the lid on and don't tight the drink just because it will go with a lot of air inside and bubbles and the bubbles have to go out side and it will give the opportunity for delete a little bit to open and to give them the air out let them stand out from 24 hours to four days and then try them after 24 hours and if you like them very mild so just put them inside the frigerator they're going to be more fermented but it will take a little bit longer time or you can make them for four days and just to eat right away at this stage they are very very very mild and you have to heal it amazing you can deny this flavor by the way you can add any flavor inside those marinate like ginger chili any spice and it's going to be absolutely amazing and fermented

and love

in Russian they call my Soniya good soup and those are amazing fresh product you have to hold them side refrigerator not outside but those are the way that war for centuries the vegetables preserve for the winter for the longer winter and they will hold inside caves and it was amazing like you can make a lot of vegetables like cucumber zucchini and even apples so hope you enjoyed the idea and you know as usual don't forget to subscribe write me a comment that's a key which is Victoria love you oh sure my readers with all your friends of

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