Fix Your Deadlift : Slow Off The Floor part 1/2

by: Alan Thrall

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what's up everybody recording this video today for my strongman throne so I was going to make another untain talk Q&A video where I answer your questions from YouTube but as I was looking over the questions I noticed that a lot of you are having trouble with your deadlift so I'm going to make this video exclusively to help you fix your deadlift a lot of you were in one of two situations one you were either slow off the floor you would say if I can just get that barbell to my knees I know that I can lock it out or two you guys are slow at the top the barbell flies off the floor and then once it gets out or around your knees you come to a grinding halt so what I'm going to do is I'm going to offer you three possible reasons why you've done it to slope on the floor and three movements that can help fix this I'm also going to talk about three possible reasons why you're slow at the top of the deadlift and three movements that can help you fix that reason number one why you might be slow off the floor when deadlift team is your positioning you might not be in the correct starting position for the deadlift when setting up for the deadlift two key points must remain constant you have to place the barbell over the middle of your foot and you have to place your shoulder blades where your scapula directly over the barbell doing these two key points is going to set you up for a perfect starting position your hips will be where they should be and the angle if your shin will be exactly where it should be in order to allow you to pull the barbell vertically in a straight line these are basic starting strength principles if you start with your shoulder blade it's too far behind the barbell this is going to drop your butt down and it's going to push your knees forward now you're forced to pull a barbell out and around your knees if you start with your shoulder bites to farm front of the barbell your hips are going to be too high and as soon as you pull the barbell is going to swing out away from your body because that's how gravity works so again you have to start with the barbell over the middle of your foot your shoulder blades directly over the barbell this is going to allow you to pull the barbell vertically in a straight line which is the most efficient way to get from point A to point B if you're traveling out and around your knees or if the barbell is swinging and then coming up vertically you are making the pull harder on yourself you have to set yourself up for an efficient pole I related to a golfer trying to maximize the distance that he can drive the ball he has to hit that golf ball on an exact point with an exact point on the club head he can't just resort to swinging harder and faster hoping that that's going to give him more distance on the ball you have to thread the needle starting position is crucial to speed off of the floor reason number two why your deadlift might be slow up the floor is that you are not getting into a tight starting position a lot of people will passively squat down get into position counting their head one two three pole and all that energy does not transfer into the barbell so your whole body is a kinetic chain that energy travels through in order to move the barbell you jog your feet through the floor you apply force through the floor it travels up your legs up your spine down your arms and into the barbell if your setup is a loosey-goosey set up that energy you're producing dissipates in your body does it transfer into the barbell it's a faulty connection just like when you turn a light on and it flickers for a couple seconds and then the light will turn on stop having a faulty connection flicker light bulb setup you have to get into a position where all of that energy in your body is being transferred into the barbell and not dissipating throughout your entire body watch a track and field athlete get into the starting blocks 100-meter sprint or get into the starting blocks he doesn't just squat down put his feet on the ground put his hands on that put his feet on the blocks and put his hands on the ground he extends all the way up he steps back places his feet and he coils up like a spring ready to explode as soon as that gun goes off sorry about all these metaphors it's just the way my brain works so rather than just passively squatting down and pulling the barbell I want you to pull yourself down into position as you sit your hips down you're pulling up on the barbell this is kind of that teeter totter counterbalance you're pulling up on the barbell as you sit down and that weight is just ready to come off the ground this will ensure you are in the tightest starting position possible allow me to demonstrate pretend this sled was the way you are attempting to deadlift now imagine this room represented you're loose and sloppy set up watch what happens when I jerk on the rope with bent arms the transfer of power is very weak now imagine I pulled all the slack out of the rope set up strong and pulled with straight arms you can clearly see the difference in the transfer of power so once you are in the correct starting position make sure you are in a very tight starting position and reason number three while your death might be off the floor is that you're not using leg Drive if you're not using leg jog for the deadlift you are missing out on half your potential now I will say that based on your body type torso length limb length leg length arm length all of that you are going to be able to use some people going to use more light job than others I talked about this in one of my videos I'll put a link up to that video but some people have to squat down a little bit lower to get in the correct starting position they're able to use a little bit more light drive some people start with their hips much higher and they are not going to be able to use as much leg drive but with all that said everyone uses light drop where everyone should be using leg drive stop thinking of picking the barbell up and down and start thinking about driving your feet through the floor pushing the floor away from you so again instead of just picking the barbell up and down push the floor away from you while you pick the barbell up I've also made a video about this and I'll put a link up in the corner here through that video so I call it a multi-directional effort as you're pulling up on the bar think about driving your feet through the floor and pushing the floor away from you this is going to allow you to use your quads when breaking the fault of the barbell off the floor and your quads are very important for getting the barbell off of the ground now if you fix those three things if you start getting into the correct position you start getting into a tight position and you start using leg drive you're automatically an increase your speed off the floor you don't need any extra exercises in order to help you strengthen that part of the deadlift but if those three things line up you're still having trouble very slow off the floor I'm going to show you a few movements that you can implement today into your training routine movement number one to help you increase your speed off the floor our deficit deadlifts the deficit doesn't have to be a huge deficit just a 45-pound plate will do and what it does is it lengthens the range of motion so you have to bend over a little bit further in order to pick that barbell up so the range of motion is increased once you go back to dead lifting from the floor it's going to feel like a shorter range of motion and it should come off the ground a little bit quicker it's going to put a little more emphasis on the quads because you're squatting down a little bit lower now what I would suggest is after you do your normal deadlifts whatever that may be you can incorporate them by doing two to three sets of six to eight reps with 65 to 70% of your one rep deadlift max exercise number two are pause one-and-a-half deadlifts you'll get into a dental position you'll dead lift the barbell up a few inches so that it's right around mid shin to below your kneecap you'll pause for a clear concise 1/1000 set the barbell back down pick the barbell back up to that same pause position for a one one-thousand count and then stand up all the way finishing the deadlift going back down I would suggest doing two to three sets of three to five reps with 70% keep these reps a little bit lower than the deficit deadlifts because it is very tiring it is very taxing so what you want to focus on while you're doing these pause one and a half dead lifts is that initial break of the ball off the floor think about keeping your upper back and spine tight while pushing the floor away from you using your quads to gently pick that bar up pause set it back down don't crash down to the bottom exercise number three are snaps crypt deadlifts I love snatch grip deadlifts they're an awesome upper back developer because your hands are so far out you'll feel a soreness and your upper back and middle back that you've really never felt before but the reason these are great for improving your speed off the floor is similar to a dent lift deficit deadlift and then because you're grabbing the bar wider you have to bend over a little bit further so I like to keep these higher reps I was after you're doing your main set of deadlifts incorporate them by doing two sets of eight to ten reps the 65% of your one rep max because your grip is so wide it is going to be harder to hold on to so using straps for this movement is perfectly okay


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