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yo what is up guys so we're to be checking out pendulum fortune ladies this is a very innovative deck from fund X he makes some of the craziest stuff but we got a very very amazing 60 card port from the deck but the opponent is also playing something on some next-level IQ now this is actually straight up like an anime status doodle so you guys like some crazy crazy duels there's definitely one for you but anyways fortune ladies very odd to play them in 2018 not really anything that has really came out to support them other than a one draw power card the spell book of knowledge which actually helps out the deck quite a bit being able to cycle through your fortune lady lights it's pretty good just to get out like an another fortune lady but we have the future fusion and me sitting five spell casters here really good idea that I actually did a while back with using it in adults but we also see some dolls over you're gonna be getting some draw power but he's also gonna be able to special summon spell beasts via the black fang magician being and destroyed my gonna see that magical hats activated from his opponent who's gonna be able to set some cards here some gear towns then when we see a daunting being someone in viet mia turists and i will go ahead and tack into the ancient gear catapult then fires gonna actually here about to destroy that card but it's gonna go ahead and not be able to act as if i but school the activity gonna be drawing a bunch of cards when we see his spell cos secrets and gonna be able to add a card the affair it's gonna go ahead and pull out double copies of light over here and then since they're gonna be going away and be able to activate the lights effect bringing a dark and a water water will then be able to add two cards view the draw think because there's another fortunately monster i mean look at his hand he's got his whole hand completely restored but there's something as a surprise that's gonna be coming up pretty soon and i don't actually know who wins this but would give and take activating he's gonna be able to someone saw see samurai to his opponents field which if you inflict a bowel damage the opponent gets to draw seven cards that's insane I know it's a cheesy thing but with like a soul they just being able to potentially go for it that's pretty cool then we see a side frame Lord Omega some and the mannequin can't gonna be actively her bike giving his opponent the new dog and he's gonna go ahead and also how about the world legacy world shield so its unaffected by effects from the monstrous postman from the extradite and then your opponent cop target will let you see cards in this cards calm with the facts really crazy stuff but we see sure Dolph usually gonna meet someone in the Shrek Onaga Falco gonna go ahead and activate its effect being able to play yourself face down on the board let me see a spunk of power and go and boost up lady dark but the electromagnetic turtle is there to stop it and then we receive the Witch of the Black Forest I haven't seen that card in quite some time but it does work for the fortune ladies because you can search up pretty much anything then we see the phantom Knights or break and we activate its effect I actually don't know who wins this duel like this is so hype right now hold on hold on before we continue with this amazing duel I want you guys to comment down below who do you got it's got your money on honestly I want the fortune lady player to wait I don't even know what the heck this guy's playing we got black soldier we got the world legacy cards we got phantom Knights I want to see it's more fun tonight than anything but I don't know we got heroes in here it's crazy but let's resume our play here so we've seen the black loss for secret soldier gonna be activating its effect gonna be turning a vanished light or dark monster and one card or Poteau controls returned that manners cards graver it and then banish the other card okay pretty interesting effect I don't even remember this car by probably made a video on it's just no one plays some of these cards that we you know showcase off but I like when people play obscure cards we have to pop balettan benevolence what the heck is going to be going on here bus are fine Lord Omega I'm gonna be heating out that pot of loveless he's probably wishing he didn't hit that card out but we see a bullish act with another electromagnetic turtle activated which of the black forces gonna be able to search out a card Goggin II honest good luck summoning that card because there's a lot of monsters in the grave we got 30 cards in the graveyard already global give me ask me it's a fact then we see the gesture conf it some but going for another cipher Lord Omega in this duel and that we see the pin of a knight's sword and then we're gonna go ahead and draw some expert cards wow dude look at these guys his hands they're like maxed out every single turn this is crazy creature SWAT what the heck is this sorry I'm Laura Magnum putting back the violent poison magician I guess and then we see another school what duties can a deck apple do this duel probably one of the best duels I have seen running the most obscure cards making it look like these next but I would if you would give me the deck profile which I will give you guys I would say do the stack isn't even like what is this deck even what dude this deck is too high the hype level for this game is just maximum I heard dragon Scooby can react immediately so but then we see Brice to full height which is gonna be able to double its defense what what what is going on he's got a eight number 92 with 17,000 attack what is going for ch initely light summon garden Otto's is also gonna be coming wait does he happen no wait what that a we've just somebody I'm really about creatures hope activated and he's giving his opponent monster but 2310 what's going on here something's gonna go crazy what the heck is going on let me see fortunately fire and it's gonna go ahead what was that ending oh my gosh so fortunately fire destroys a monster and it inflicts damage to your opponent equal to that monsters attack I mean you you could you not target this card or something the car kept me destroyed by battle and your opponent ulcer potent takes any battle damage you have taken hello okay I just didn't expect that out of nowhere a fortune lady fire I thought you just destroyed a card but it's better so long as I seen anyone play fortune ladies both of those decks were so high amazing that there's straight-up enemy status duel but for those of you guys that want the deck profile I got you guys that's I just I'm just speechless man let's get let's get the deck profile oh my gosh Raz aka fund axe yo shall see you man he made the coolest deck so I'm just gonna call his neck phantom swag I really don't even know where to start with this day but I would try to explain some of the combos but they're too high IQ 5 me anyways what the sonski samurai with the given date that was spicy alright I know he's got ancient gear reactor drag which is probably for the gear town we got black loss or a sacred soldier trim cop is malicious we got the rule legacy world shield then we have an ancient gear y Renault shadow missed three copies of the vision here of ion a1 electromagnetic turtle noble copies a mathematician one copy of fiendish Ryan no warrior we got the Saskia camera number two I can't believe you pulled that off that that was spicy man shouts to also knew that was the that was piloting this bag then we had to get from the underworld and got staying at trip copies the phantom knights of ragged and gloves are chewing a high-risk three copies of the Phantom Knights of ancient cloak three copies of the silent boots we got the kombucha night plugs for zombie is local destiny here at dreamer uh just me hero Dark Angel two types of trans modify one poly one reinforcements the army one ancient gear catapult two copies of galaxy Queens light will copy foolish one topic reborn one fan mates rank-up-magic launch Archfiends oath one divine sword Phoenix blade two copies of gear town one copy of the Phantom Knights Knights of claw miss claws then we got the Lost vambrace two copies give and take one copy the Phantom Knights wrong then meg Meg magnet ring two cups of magical hat little copy of the shade Burgundy then we have fog blade and the knight's sword for the extra deck we got destiny or dangerous Omega and dark flattop number 92 beatrice number 53 and dark rebellion dragon The Phantom Knights of break sword we got Dante mannequin cap Sarah you jerk house about to say scold you but same thing anyway summon sorceress I sold a restaurant and needle fiber and the true-true beanie and black angel of the burning abyss and then for the other deck guys - fortunately deck more likely this is what you guys wanted I'll do the third neck was so crazy man I still can't believe you you beat him with like burn damage like creature swap but like straight up anime status anyways one cup and guardian dreadscythe one Guardian the ADO's one fortune lady earth one should all be strip copies of dark one black fang a magician mm violet poison Edition three copies a wish black force came off the banlist really good because it serves out anything it pretty much in the unfortunately the archetype actually I'm sorry yo the defense is also question more actually important thing I wanted to mention question mark does not actually count Israel I thought fortunate ladies were actually zero defense I thought they were just gain attack but the heat attack and offense equal to the level okay so yeah you can't actually search them out actually searches out a lot of other things in the deck it searches anything with 15 or less defense but yeah they're actually question mark so it does not count their stats in the deck just as a little tip there but next we have 2 cups of rescue ferret we got the electromagnetic turtle one copy of two magician of three cups of water 2 copies of mathematician one time breaker magician one new dog ah Stros now this one a level 18 type so this was the part that I guess searches out this card which is what you want to creature swap crazy stuff man and and then we got the Chanel Falco we got smoke additional prophecy Porsche lady fire ingesting Tron global and three copies in jester comput three cops unfortunately like three copies of spell book of knowledge two copies of spell book power to swaps what engineer catapult to two copies of small fusion what a Potter but not one it's a crazy crazy neck ideas man the card normally is bad but I don't know you can only actually one of them return right anyways mm appendage will call one foolish one reborn three small book secrets one copy of magicians restage future fusion one spoke alive 1 1 or 1 1 Reaper scythe Dredd site this is what's gonna boost up the monster over there then we have the Grand spell book tower and then we have rice to full height then we have for the extra quintet sure dollars check Onaga shall win de side from Lord Omega Thunder charger exit beetle mannequin cat topological bomber dragon two copies of Sarah Yuja one copy of summon sorceress one Eve the world chalice shrine maiden is sold a Kris from noodle fiber and Crowley the origin of prophecy well really really innovative that guys and fun ducks again you built like some of the craziest stuff I mean you look at this deck can you bed you this this isn't even good but he made it look like it was just it had options for days and the ending I still can't leave and out that was amazing I decided to cast that do but hopefully you guys enjoyed this video if you enjoyed it drop like on it and if you're new to the channel subscribe and we're always doing spicy you your stuff and this was definitely a crazy anime building you guys hopefully enjoy but anyways thanks for watching guys and I

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