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by: Reaction Time

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sup guys remember I played life the game you guys seem to really like it I think he has about a million views now so you guys really wanted me to do afterlife the game so yeah this came out I mean I don't know how long ago but actually had to pay for this game not like one of those free games but life the game was free and I think I'm just gonna play this so see I just join along and let's just jump right into this game play okay it says hold I'm supposed to fly hold yes yes yes fly oh it's like flappy birds during your first few seconds of freedom as a ghost you manage to get yourself firmly stuck in a random obstacle thanks buddy good job you're now destined to spend eternity contemplating all your poor life decisions that brought you here oh this is how it's gonna go fly alright let's do this that's right this is exactly like flappy birds except oh that's how it's tough it's tough it's the first level I'm so bad this alright I'm actually gonna get this one for real dammit this works okay I think I found the solution guys [Music] the moon how am I gonna hit the moon yes yes take me to the light I did it clean your computer okay uh what wiser what why is there porn my little pony special put oh my goodness history uh oh you just click him away come on come on I'm not running out of time come on oh my god okay I did it right no I had to clean all of it after your death your computer was given to your youngest grandchild Timmy when he first opened it he saw stuff that's garden for life he now resides in a mental hospital and crafts cute little stickers from post-it notes oh I'm so sorry Timmy I love you buddy I'm gonna try it again all right let's do this yes yes everything says dot yes that's what I'm talking about now come on clear clear a baby clear where are these hit what is this history got it protect all right now what do I do drag oh I see what I need to do okay you fail to protect your wife from danger now you're not so lonely anymore that's so messed up okay continue I guess I didn't have to what do I do what would I say what do I do drag jump what what's happening Alan Alan your one chance for a revenge him what do you do he thought it was a sign from God and bought a lottery ticket in he won god damn it Alan Alan I hate you remember Alan guys from last time try again revenge okay oh what'd I do [Music] come on oh I gotta do all this okay I see what I need to do now yes I got it play um click fast fast Oh what the heck what is this game are you guys kidding me right now here we go play check it out oh yes two fingers I got it oh shit that's not a rock what's green fuzzy and if it fell out of a tree it would kill you what's the difference between a snowman and a snow woman uh snowballs the Hat i'ma go snowballs I get it I get it what do you call a Mexican Johnny mayonnaise Cinco de Maya which bees produce milk boobies that's so immature what do you call a sheep with no legs flappy bird a cloud a goat a cloud it's a cloud yes comedian of the Year thank you party party okay okay what oh okay I see it I see it party

oh wow this is so so difficult hey hey do you see how great I'm doing guys I mean just fantastic it's just never ending it's never ending Jesus jeez please I got it chappie I oh this again I suck at beer pong guys I don't know what I'm doing okay that's one that's two for me stop oh my god yes I won I beat the devil dress up okay uh as a human or what do I dress up as a human I'm guessing fabulous collect collect oh I'm here oh okay you got click it alright I got it I got it chocolate come on come on let's go get the cookie I mean that the candy get the candy all right I have to be careful collect collect collect all the children laughed at you for being so incompetent stumbling around the neighborhood like a drunken Russian teenager it's not fair collect come on buddy come on get that chocolate get the chocolate you can do it there you go so I'm talking about come on candy here we come let's go what else yes I got it sort okay Halloween Halloween choco choco off candy and then trash all the good stuff yeah okay that totally makes sense is that it yes got thumbs let's do it bust out bust out what drag oh I can't eat this some all right I can't hit the sides at all here we go nice and easy no no I'm so close here we go drag drag no boom boom boom boom damn it damn it okay let me see the strategy here let me see the strategy here yeah yeah yeah no no yeah yes I did it I did it oh my god choose what do you choose stairway to heaven highway to hell stairway to heaven okay oh I got it I see now oh my goodness why are you going back okay I can only go one way like this come on I'm so close to heaven it's my dream please please God why is it taking so long how many stairs are there to heaven maybe it was the wrong choice maybe I should just want to help there you go oh I see it I see it ha ha oh my god oh my god welcome to heaven I did it guys I beat the game thank you so much for watching him so OH this was amazing guys that was after I liked the game if you guys want to go play it I think cost around $2 and yeah you guys totally check it out and if not I just play like the game but that was the basically the second version of life the game here's what happens after and I mean I'm pretty proud of myself because I thought it was gonna be it was hard some levels were hard I was stuck on them for so long but at least I'm done yeah guys are that being said make sure to click on another video here or here or click my chest if you're new here to subscribe and thank you so much for watching I really appreciate it I hope have a great day I'll see you next time

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