GARRAIN JONES: From Prison To Multi-Millionaire w/ Positive Thinking! (MUST WATCH NOW)

by: The Passionate Few by Omar Elattar

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hi I'm Garen Jones and I went from rags to riches and I'm one of the passionate few the interview you was fire because I got to go deep and I got to share anytime I get the opportunity to share my truth in anything I overcame I already know that there's some people out there that's gonna receive it and say you know what me too and you don't have to go to prison to be in prison in your mind and you just got the keys to unlock your own jail cell so I'm so grateful to be on this platform and I can't wait to y'all hear it welcome to this episode of the passionate for you today we get to hear the incredible rags to riches story of multi-millionaire serial entrepreneur real estate investor and transformational coach Garen Jones but before Garen was any of those things Garen is somebody who had his life in shambles as Garen grew up in a rough situation with his father who was murdered when he was a kid dealt with his own addictions of drugs and alcohol found himself hanging with the wrong crowds and even was put in jail and of course in this interview more so than the business side we get into the mindset that allowed Garen to turn it around and Garen talks about in this interview how he attributes much of his success to reading the power of positive thinking over 300 times and not just reading the book but applying it to a tee Garen also talks about how one night when he hit rock bottom and his car got repoed and he found himself six figures in debt he got out of his car and screamed out to the heavens that he wanted to make his life work no matter what and it was at that very moment where he ran into a beggar on the street who told him that in order to change his life he had to change his mindset first so in this interview we get into Garren's entire story focused on how to turn positive thinking into a source of fuel that is now inspiring millions around the world to do the same in their life so I want to encourage you to sit back relax and enjoy this powerful interview that will help you change your mindset and change your life with Garen Jones enjoy thanks for being on the show Aaron thank you for having me absolutely my man so let's talk about your story some people know about you some people don't but can you talk to me a little bit about the success you've had and sort of the childhood that led to where you're at today well first and foremost I just want to say thank you for having this kind of platform for people who've had my stuff my kind of story until I can give it away because I've been around lots of people a lot of people don't like to share their past in that vulnerable state right you're a person that actually can put that out so now I will be the voice of the voiceless for so many people so I just want to acknowledge you and thank you for that I appreciate that lawman it's an honor to have you all yeah well thank you so in terms of my childhood not the curse yes I had a know my childhood was crazy I didn't know I was I didn't know how crazy it was because I thought everybody lived the same way that I lived I thought everybody had the conversation growing up we don't have any money we don't have any money we don't have no we can't afford it we can't afford it so in my in my mind everybody's living like that everybody is going to juvenile for breaking into cars and figuring out ways to to make money because that's what I was watching on TV and so growing up in that kind of household thinking that everybody was like me I didn't know how much of a role it played in my life until I got older and I was like yo like this is crazy because my my my childhood has literally conditioned me into the life where I don't know why I'm still broke after 10-15 years right well how come I don't love myself I actually I hate myself and people are literally telling me man I'm trying to get like you I'm like oh I want to die right now and so literally my whole entire shape in molding of my childhood just produced a person in me that was very insecure broke which is only a mindset lack for thinking gossiping held onto resentment didn't know how to apologize all of those things and so that was just me and I'm wondering during all that time why is this why is the same thing keep happening to me over and over and over keep attracting the same kind of girl still keep having no no money in my like I no matter how much money I would get it always go down to the same amount it was like there was a bottomless pit inside of the bank and the the same things would happen to my phone screen would crack car wrecks and things just keep smashing like I was just being this uh like the waves crashing to life and the worst part about is I had no idea so while I was growing through life later on I'll tell you why I say growing through instead of going through it but while I was growing through life I remember like yelling out to God why does it feel like I'm living fifteen twenty different lives because I was when I was 17 I was a stripper like been shot at before see somebody murdered in front of my face father was a drug dealer father was killed been to prison for two and a half years there was all these things where did you grow up I grew up in Houston Texas so there's all these things it happened to me but I had no idea I just thought this is how life is supposed to be lived until I actually started reading books later on and being around empowered people driven people goal driven people then I saw that there was a difference because everybody I grew up around we were all the same then I saw there was a difference I know my way hold on that's something I never seen here before that's possible you know they don't like ya you mean you mean to tell me they're not I thought they were lucky my whole life right but I didn't see who they were how they were how they responded to people I never thought to pay attention I was just so negative whenever I would see sex successful people or just people that like had a lot of stuff going on in life and so I'm how they're lucky at management this dad gave him there's a silver spoon and everything I could possibly think of but all my friends that were broke we were saying the same things and recycling broke conversation and so when I actually saw that Johnson Maxwell he said successful people are willing to do the things that unsuccessful people won't do and in that moment I was like well this person is reading this book and I don't so what if I actually start doing what I've never done before and could that same thing happen to me so in that whole process which I was unaware of there was this time where my life it just kept getting worse and worse and can it get any worse and then it's like all this crazy what happened how old were you at that time I was 32 years old you know like when you get to yeah past a certain age it's like it's over right I had put on extra 40 pounds to eat my emotions feeling bad for myself blaming the entire world blaming the president blaming the weather blaming my mom my dad died when I was 11 blaming him how did he die I know that was a rough situation too right he was murdered yeah he was murdered cops didn't do anything about it because that was the normal in third ward Texas that was just normal I even blamed him and they don't give parents a blueprint on how to raise kids he did the best he could all he knew was drugs all he knew was that so throughout that whole process there was a buildup on my life can it get any worse and it kept getting worse and worse and worse and August 2011 343 in the morning I'm on the corner of La Brea and Hollywood and it was after I just got my mom got my car to the impound somebody broke in my car at the freakin my safe haven was uh LA Fitness that's why I would take a shower every morning cuz I was living in my car I parked my car at LA Fitness there's somebody broke into my car I'm like so I'm literally saying I want to say can it get any worse anymore because every single time I say can it get any worse my life just keeps getting worse and this was the day after he got out of the impound right this would know this was the day I got it from the impound Wow so this is like thing after thing after thing after thing after thing 3:43 in the morning and that's when I was just yeah I call it my moment of awakening and I just yelled out and I was just like okay okay I'm tired of fighting I don't want to fight anymore I want to be healthy I want to be happy I want to be surrounded by nothing but positive people and I just want to inspire people just show me a sign and I want to make a bunch of money but I want the money to represent something that I passionately believe in that I would do for free just show me a sign show me a sign show me a sign I didn't know at that time what was happening I didn't know that because I said I kept saying can it get any worse I didn't know I was causing worse things to happen in my life because I was all you get in life what you focus on mostly this was the first time in my life which I was unaware of first time in my life I focused on what I wanted and I was clear and how I wanted to feel feeling is the secret remember that you guys feeling is the secret and so when I was saying I'm tired of fighting I don't want to fight anymore that was my moment of surrender I felt like the universe took everything from my life like everything like my girlfriend my daughter my family my money my business opportunities to the point where I had nothing but now connecting the dots looking backwards on my life from that place of nothing and I yelled out I yelled what I was creating as a possibility and so now I was living into the possibility of my future rather than recreating more of the past I didn't know so a week later I'm at the gas station my last two dollars and how old are you at this time say to you how old are you at this time 32 32 years oh the same there's a bunch of stuff happen at the same time so this was a collection of my childhood and all these things that happened and now it finally came to a head still 32 I go to the gas station with my last two dollars and homeless guy walks up to me and he asked me for money typical he had more money than I had and I said I said you have more money than me and he said change your mindset change your life and it was like his pupils changed because a change of mindset change your life change of mindset change your life change your mindset and he starts walking away but that was the first time in my life a set of words stopped me in my tracks it's like a conscious interrupt and in that moment I felt like my whole life was a lie because all I knew was all I knew but I'd never heard boom change it change your mindset change your life change of myself so if my mind is set on something then that's why the result is what it is so if I do different with the same circumstance then my life will change which meant if it didn't make sense to me and I was trying to make sense to everything else according to how I saw life that's why my life was where it was so it was important for me to do things that I wouldn't normally do and I didn't know so I started taking the stairs when I would normally take the escalators using bar sofa City using gel so I joined a direct cells like health and nutrition company that was something I would never direct cells hell no it's a scam like but that's that's that's that's how broke people talk so you started doing the opposite what you would normally do that was part of the opposite yeah yeah listening to people was part of the opposite they are distorting right reading getting a mentor purchasing my first suit because anything that I would do I would try to make it make sense according to the only way I knew how to see life that was through my lens but I wasn't happy so obviously my choices is what had me where I was and so by doing different then that was expanding upon who I was it was like the person says well I'm not me that's not me I don't do this because of that I don't well math wasn't you until you learned math you were open to the process of growth and so inside of encapsulated inside of that it's been six and a half straight years where every single day something I don't want to do I do it anyways and now that becomes my pattern in this habitual nature where people carry out their childhood habits to their death and wonder why nothing happened they don't live the life that they want they gave up on their dreams and childhood and settled in a life of what everybody thinks that you should do when I did the opposite I got back to me so losing myself I found myself terrible now when we look back at your childhood so you grow up in Texas right yeah so from Texas as a kid till 32 what were some things you got into were you always a hustler or you always you know in sales because obviously you built a multi-million dollar net worth and I've done amazing things in business and real estate development and all sorts of other stuff but talk to me a little bit about what you were like as a kid right now I know things were not going as well all the time but you had some hustles growing up right selling candy talk to me about who planted the seed in the fact that you got to go get it if you want something yeah now knowing what entrepreneur entrepreneur entrepreneur is I was an entrepreneur when I was like 5 and I'll tell you here's what happened though my mom would always cuz when you grow up in a household we got money my mom was like well whenever you make your own money like you can buy whatever you want to buy and so at 5:00 I had my own lemonade stand and I was standing at the end of the block and it would be my mom used to make fun of me so it would be like dirt and stuff in kool-aid pour like a half a pound of sugar in there then pour different flavors in there and make the kool-aid but I would sell the kool-aid and I had people working for me working for me not with me working for me and they were older kids cuz they wanted to make some money so from my money I was just dishing out and they would get the people and everything I was five you know remember how much we're selling lemonade for $4 yeah just a cup for dog yeah yeah I was selling for a dollar new booty Dixie Cups right there for a dollar yeah and I had to stand in everything and simultaneously I used to wash everybody's car I would go literally door-to-door can wash your car they would say no and cuz my I used to mow the lawn at five and six and seven and so I would go and I was like what kind of mow your lawn and I literally would not take a No you know like what can I do this what can I always always say except they can I do yes yeah and so like so between the lemonade stand the mowing the lawn my mom was like so fun she was like he used to mess everybody's everybody's yard up but I didn't know that that was like a little entrepreneur I just know when somebody tells me I can't have something I was gonna go get it and my mom I love her I love her to death she didn't know that that was a challenge for me I remember I would never when I was 13 years old the white patent leather Jordans came out with the baby blue bottoms 150 honey-like $149 hey mom mom keep inviting these Jordan she was like for $149 that's how much rent cost you know and and she was like well when you can afford for $149 you can get your own Jordans I was like bit so I went to the rec center by the way most city rec center I apologize I was broke it broke into the rec center but I broke into the the concession stand and I and I stole like the Snickers the the gum the blow pops the Pixy sticks sell them for $4 and I went to school the next day and I was hustling candy I was like literally hustling candy put everything and I made the money in one day very next day the patent-leather Jordan was coming out I skipped first period Oh bad as hell I skipped first period and I was one of the first people in line and I got the patent leather drawers Oh fresh yards baby went to school and I became popular because the shoes ahead just like that yeah just like that was your first taste of like alright if I want some I can earn it right yeah that's what planted why didn't know the word earn if I want something I'm gonna get it that's just what it was like yeah if I want something I'm gonna get it nice and then how did that translate after cuz I know after you were involved in things you probably should have been involved with yeah um can you talk a little bit about that tough time and maybe what you learned there yeah so I've always been the kind of person that just do it you know I would I would always find a way to make money like they have is this this this golf course in Missouri City and then there's a lake called alligator island but that's where all the golf balls are like there's other lakes but other kids would would get all the golf balls from the lakes like literally swim in a dark lake pickleball no but this what I would do I would take a large plastic bag because if you get caught you get fine so I take a large plastic bag and it would look like a piece of trash and I would swim down to the bottom of the freaking lake get the golf balls and come back up in in the in the plastic bag and so I would go I was the only kid that would take a risk and go jump into alligator island where there was come it was infested with alligators and that's why I had all the golf balls and so I jumped into alligator island all the time and you risk my Loren scared or you don't even thinking I wasn't thinking if I was to do that now hell but it was a it was something when I was a child I didn't care I was just focused look how I get that money ready for golf balls I know all the golf balls are down there none of the kids were went in there but I would that kind of pattern me breaking into cars or breaking into 60 cars in one night one time I got caught and then I was on probation I got caught again I went to to juvenile for six and a half months did the whole scared straight thing all that crazy stuff kept doing that and I just didn't I didn't know how to stop where did you get that seed of persistence or relentlessness because it seems like to some degree always had it did you get it from your pops or where did you pick up that that hustle you know what my mom has been a hustler I would be like mom can we have this she's like I don't have the money and somehow my mom will always find a way to have the money I don't know how I mean I know how but she would always find a way to have the money to make sure that her boys were eaten they had food and even though our all of our clothes came from garage sales still had clothes on our back I didn't appreciate it till I got older you know my mom you didn't do it as why we ever had these kind of at least we had a roof top at least we had food you know and but she would always find a way to make something happen so just by my mom's nature of just making whatever happened to happen because she would never let her me and my brother Anthony go without I didn't appreciate it like I do now but just that was the in graining of i'ma find a way to make it happen in one or two days no matter what yeah yeah okay so then from 13 you get the Jordans and now you got the confidence ah okay I can I can go get it I can set an intention I can go get it well I wasn't saying words like intention back then right but it was in effect yeah it was in effect and I'll put it to you this way as a baby can can go Gaga googoo and it's it's and it's expressing itself back then I was Gaga googoo intentions gotcha yeah you're moving towards that you just didn't know you were it's not a conscious level so from your early teens to your 20s how does that go are you still hustling are you trying out jobs I mean talk to me that about what that periods like I became a great liar to fit in with people and I used to be like ah I'm a Tommy Hilfiger model oh I have to go take my pictures and people like stop lying and I would just lie about all this stuff I was like yeah I'm gonna move to California and we're moving to California and I would just keep lying I was like yeah you know I was on I was I was on this TV show and and people I became like this guy who lied about everything and you'd never been on a TV show I've never been no zero no not at that time yeah not at that time but it was so funny you know I told you how that baby goes Gaga googoo at that time I would tell myself I know you know where this is going I would tell myself to lie so much that I actually started believing it that I was a model at like five five and I would say all of these things and people like all he's such a compulsive liar I don't I don't believe him but I would say it and I would believe it every single thing I lied about happened later on and that was my first birth of creating intentions and manifesting so I was like I was like the biggest liar but in the liar and the belief in what I say all of this stuff started happening so from that I didn't see that until I got older right connect the dots looking backwards exactly and so because you can't see the picture while you're in the frame and so then so from that 13 all the way up into my my 20s something told me at a young age move away it's like that little voice inside move and any time I would ever tell somebody I feel like I just need to move away from here like no you have a girlfriend your family's here and it was like these people and it was like they were talking me into staying but the voice would always say move so when I had the first sign I had to graduate I was running track in Kansas because I thought that that was the when it says move away I was like um I'm gonna move away I moved to Kansas to be in a place I just felt like I need to be in a place I was totally different than the one that I was in because I where I came from it's like a breeding ground for talented people that never really do anything yeah you know and of course people who did but is the people who moved away who ended up actually doing the bird doesn't know how far I can fly until it actually leaves the nest and so and our school was in the eye of a tornado I'm like this is the same I was getting back at home I feel like I need to go somewhere where nobody knows my name and everything is different and something just kept saying Los Angeles Los Angeles Los Angeles and somehow or another I got myself kicked off the track team and I ended up going to Los Angeles without a plan how old were you 18 you just took the bus or flew yeah no no I took a greyhound Graham to LA no plans no plan get here what do you do now you're like art I might become a multi-millionaire or not even thinking that big that's not even close get here run track I have a cousin that I was staying with by any really no I see it's like one of them cousins that you see when you like three yeah and then I see him when I was like staying with them gotcha and everything so we were like we knew each other but not really only through pictures yeah that were 30 years old stories or some 13 years old but then there was like a falling out like quickly and they were going to him and him in his roommate we're going to to this like Grammys after-party and I was mad that I couldn't go and they thought I stole the the after-party tickets because I couldn't go and they'd have any other tickets she was like if you don't find those tickets get out of my house and I haven't in the past I had an issue with people blaming me for stuff that I didn't do so I was like I don't know the i'ma go like and so I just left we're out of plan like I left his house that's the only person I knew in Los Angeles and then I had just started at Santa Monica Community College and I had these two Japanese roommates not roommates but these two Japanese girls that were in my class I was like look I have nowhere to go like you can come stay with us and I was cooking rice for me every single day and we were like all sleeping in the same bed and it's just like I the way that they were taking care of me I was like I had never been taken care of like that are you hungry are you hungry are you hungry one of them lost their student visa because she lost her student visa she had a li she had to leave and went back to Okinawa and then the other one left and by that time I was am manager at Bally's Total Fitness which is basically you hold the keys to open up the club so I open it up an hour before a shower and everything in that time I was living in my car and I was just living trying to figure out life I had no plan all my bags were because I was living in my car two times in my life all my bags were literally in my car so I was going to girls house to girls house to my car my car my car and then there was a lady named Shannon Davidson that I met while modeling when did you start modeling it was during that whole time so I was like I don't have any money so crazy I don't have any money mind you I'm five foot nine right talking about him be some model right but somebody wanted one of the girls said oh you should go you should go audition to become a model I didn't know that I said was gonna be a model when I was a little kid so you should audition to become a model then there was agencies there was like the hardest ones to get into there was like Q Ford Wilhelmina I put them last and I'll put the top 12 easiest first at no car for days I got rejected they're like oh you're too short we already have somebody like you mind you I had no abs I wasn't the the required height for the male models was six foot one right I come in in five foot eight and a half five foot nine no ABS no model clothes no photos I'm black in the african-american and during that time there's only big give one dark-skinned guy one light-skinned guy that's it so all the agencies already were like they already had those models right so mind you my insecurity was nobody looks like me and I was like man I just never I don't know why this is his stupid person to go and do this so over the next four days I went and I got rejected four times a day normally you stop after the second rejection right but this little voice inside said you come this far keep going so I get rejected by all the easy ones mind you I didn't have a car so what it takes to wait for a bus catch the bus then go and walked to whatever the address is was like hours upon hours so this was a all-day process yeah and you're going physically in there and saying hey can i model no they have these things called open calls got you oh you go in for the open calls there's like 50 models get it rejected or taken and each one was like we already have somebody that looks like you you're too short you're too short we have somebody that looks like you I had no poor I didn't have anything to anybody else head nor did I look like anybody everybody look like Tyson Beckford in every shade of color right yeah you get to the last day I get rejected by Q I get rejected by Ford I'm like hell no Wilhelmina is definitely going to reject me they got Beyonce they got David Beckham they got all these top models of course they're gonna reject me I don't I don't look like anybody and that was my story I'm like I'm just so so deathly afraid there was a cattle call with like easily 60 people cattle college it's a bunch of people that's waiting to get picked up by the agency I went there not only did I get rejected over the last three days I get in there and I'm one of the last people and I'm watching everybody get rejected in front of me and they're giving them tops less than a minute they're looking thank you thank you out rejection rejection rejection rejection I get up walk out go downstairs something says you've come this far just stay till the end so you're actually left you're about to leave I left I was like and something and you just wouldn't let you yes I'm watching people who I think are perfect looking yeah get rejected I want you he got I got no definitely getting rejected right I go back up there rejection rejection rejections thirds are the last person I'm like I get up to walk out again and that little voice says just stay and I stayed rejection rejection rejection I'm the very last person and all of a sudden little beauty gay dude huh named David Todd was like hmm hmm what I'm saying in my head is this lasted longer than a minute right hmm he's like looking at me he was like interesting I'm gonna take your portfolio I mean I want to take your polaroid took a Polaroid my bird chest you know I'm saying I had Lubeck little pecs little sob some not like is now we superhero status now but what happened was in my head I said I don't look like anybody and when he got the Polaroid he was like sure we would love to represent you you don't look like anybody no way and now in and I didn't want to like react but in my head I'm like what the the very thing that I feared right was the very reason why they hired somebody was lower than their height yes they already had the light skin and the dark skin but since I didn't look like anybody that was on their wall they hired me and in the very same day he was gonna send you on three auditions the Skechers campaign buckle campaign and the Beyonce of the the jumpin' jumpin' video for a lead and I was riding a bus so I can only make the sketches in the buckle campaign I don't even make the jump and jump in video campaign I mean the music video I woke up the very next day and David goes today's your lucky day you booked all three of them no way how like I was like even the jump in jump knowing that I didn't go on the audition right even the jumping jumping video she was like yeah Beyonce just happened to stop by no one she looked on the she looked on the wall and she personally hand-picked your card and said I want him to be my lead and then a week later I shot the Destiny's Child jumpin' jumpin' video as the lead in that video 18 years old young and supple young and supple and they paid me forty-four thousand dollars for that job $2,000 for the buckle job two thousand dollars for the sketches campaign and just like that nine thousand dollars the question is who would go through all of that adversity all of that rejection all of that insecurity to get to the very last powerful yes earn you're powerful yes and through that I started growing I didn't know shaping and molding and growing in strength and strength and strength yes and it should it like created a ripple effect and all of that simultaneously I was reading a book called the power of positive thinking what did you first pick up that book a lady named Shannon Davidson who was a runway coordinator in the industry that I never thought that I would be in the modeling industry who gave me a book for my birthday and I was like mind you I grew up like I was in special needs classes when I was a little kid and so I had delayed learning so it would normally take you four days to learn would take me six months to learn and so reading was a very difficult thing for me so I'm like why would somebody give me a book and it changed how I thought about her actually didn't lie I was like you give me a book for my birthday you got all this money is so ungrateful brain one day I was so cuz I used to speak with an impediment funny I'm a global speaker now thought you thought like this one day I was so insecure I mean I was so fed up with being insecure of clamming up in my shell when I would hear people speak eloquently or hear people speak big words or with passion I could never do that that I started reading the power of positive thinking not knowing that I'm reading a this a transformational book I'm just reading because I want to oh it's the book that I have and I was over enunciated like this and I was like today I'm going to by the time I finished reading the book I was talking like this those are oh I stretched myself and inside and that's a whole nother concept I stretched myself so much that it went when it went back to its normal position my new normal was a whole different person simultaneously I was reading a book called the power of positive thinking not knowing that the meditating that I'm doing the saying that I can do all things through which Christ strengthens me every single day that I'm doing I'm just doing it all the activities that are in the book I'm not knowing that it's causing all these things to happen so all the modeling gigs everything I did I did Tommy Hilfiger and you're just tripping out how all this is happening right you just and I don't but I don't line it up I don't line it up with all the things that I lied about when I was a little kid being a Tommy Hilfiger model until I connected the dots looking backwards but I did Tommy gap old Navy L'Oreal hair I was doing all kind of music videos or making money y'all started making so much money and you weren't used to it at that time right no honeys yeah I was spitting it and all kind of stuff stop reading the book I stopped reading the power of positive thinking how old are you when you first read it nineteen eighteen nineteen and I know since then you're famous for having read it how many times now three hundred fifteen times you've read the whole book cover to cover cover to cover weather cover to cover an audio book over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over do you find that you get new insights every time or they hit you in a new way or what is it that makes it so important most people read books and then they have a couple quotes but the information and their life doesn't look like the information that's stored in their brain so the issue is not that you can't read the book the deal is most people unconsciously get satisfaction off of committing something to memory instead of committing something to mastery Wow that's profound so as I was reading and reading and reading and reading and reading and reading and reading and reading and reading and reading and reading like somebody listening to a song over and over and over and over and they're singing the song doing the dance it's all the unconscious that's controlling the conscious I was reading and reading and reading and reading so whatever was in the book was causing me to be that book and everything that was going through that so the power that I was living by was anything that had to do with gratitude grace serenity abundance everything cuz that was all that was in the book and I just kept doing it so I don't discover it's they knew out there I learned something new about myself that's been there the whole time because you can't change without awareness so just kept opening me up and I'm but every time I stopped reading it that's when my life started crashing so so then we're in our 20s you start making more money than you've ever made before we're talking six figures multiple six figures givers yeah and modeling in acting and modeling and acting you're in your 20s and then I know you had a situation where you I think was like a half million dollar record deal right because you're you were into music as a producer I went that was after I went to prison ah so now the question is how can somebody that's making all this money and making all these head waves why would they do something like that and end up in prison so what did you do with it why did you up in prison because I never had money before I was willing to do anything to get it and it didn't matter how I got it so if I found easy ways to make money I'll do it where they were selling drugs whether it was stealing stealing from people and I had an opportunity one time where somebody said if you drive this car mind you I had billboards going on I was in all these magazines commercials everything but I was so greedy for money the greed for money I put money over everything I would sell you out in a heartbeat money over everything because that's what I saw on TV music videos society they say money is the root of all evil people are the root of all evil not the money it's a piece of paper that perceived value that you give meaning to I didn't know this so by my greed for money I was willing to do anything to make more of it more and more and more more and more and more and more and more so I'm driving the car what's in it huh what's in 6.2 kilos of heroin that I don't even know Don't Ask Don't Tell so you just didn't want it on your conscience not at all so I'm literally doing what I know is something bad not looking driving go over the border get passed go over the border I Drive they pay me in pounds and at that time the US dollar was two point one dollar per 1 pound eighty four thousand pounds to go and do that drop I did it seven times more and more and more more and more and more and more and more one time they had me go to France I went to France I did it again everything about it felt wrong that feeling stop stop it's like the universe saying stop and getting louder and louder and louder get to the border first time they ever said seven seven times they never stopped me just pass through oh I'm a model I'm of this eighth time we need to x-ray your vehicle and I thought about everything my daughter who was young she was like one all this stuff I had going on and I knew in that moment my life was over I knew in that moment my life was over how old are you at that time 23 23 there's a lot of stuff that happened in short period of time yeah I can tell talk about 22 23 no I was 22 so I'm literally in a holding cell with somebody with broken English telling me you're gonna go to prison for a long time so they searched the car they x-ray it they find this stuff they find it stuff no but if it's the Congo drums I never knew what was in the Congo trunk I just knew that it wasn't good yeah yeah they opened up the Congo Jones they pull out these little yellow bricks as soon as I saw the brick that's when they put the hang soon as they opened it up and cracked it open because the the Congo drums were originally hollow so they whenever they did they put it on the inside of the hollow Congo drums cracked it open pulled that out my heart everything just sunk it was like and I was like my life is over because all I could think about was when I see on what I see on TV what Jill was like well prison was like I'm like Dan I could fight my ass off but like 15 people coming after me trying to take my manhood I don't know about that right so what am I gonna do this was like American barbaric prison and it was so that was what No so I was deathly afraid course all this going for you your family your daughter momentum nice like that oh wow for what for 4000 euros or 4000 bucks I'm just like man I'm yeah and I remember they put me in the holding cell they put me in there for five days and I got these little square sandwiches and it was just one like little one little piece I didn't get to brush my teeth like hardly got to use a bat like literally they were trying to how can I put it just force me to tell he gave me the drugs where the drugs came from teleport telepresence I was like I ain't about to lose my life or nobody I never said anything and I'm sitting there looking at a video of me with the people and I said that ain't me and I don't know who that is deathly afraid and then they put me in as soon as I got there for some reason I felt like everything was gonna be okay really soon it was like the weirdest feeling is like I got there something said you're going to be okay and then that eased me that eased my spirits I'm in prison for all of this time I'm in there for a whole year before I get sentenced this what I'm about to share is gonna blow people's minds while I was in there she's like watching the clock watch the clock you watch the clock in time just goes by it seems like it goes so slow nobody was writing me back and I'm writing all these people my friend nobody's writing me back so I'm like man I said I figure out how to it was in that moment where I found out that I could only make only nobody's coming to save me I can only make myself happy how many years were you sent so I was there for a whole year and then they sentenced me until 2014 back in 2003 11 almost 12 years 12 years so in my head I'm not getting out yeah so while knowing I'm not getting out of prison I remember saying to myself what can I do in here that I wouldn't normally do out there by the time the pass I just want to get the time to pass right so I started reading and reading and reading and reading and reading read over 275 books anything any topics anything just to take your mind off the fact that anything I read a lot of books that was based off of your imaginations but I read the Bible cover-to-cover eight times I read the Quran cover-to-cover eight times I I started learning Braille I started learning sign language but they were all in the books like anything that would keep my right yeah I stopped using my right hand which with my non-dominant hand and I started using my I mean which was my dominant hand and I started using my non-dominant hand which I didn't know at the time was exercising a different part of my brain and I started writing letters home with my left hand to the point where I got my left hand better than my right and so because I was working on these acute senses it actually made my right ten times more efficient did you notice shifts in your brain of oh you're developing here's the thing when you're not aware you can't point it out so that's why I keep saying what I didn't know at the time because I wasn't aware of all these these things I just know that when I started using my left hand that's when I became more creative that's when I started singing again but simultaneously I was reading the power of positive thinking how ironic the consulate goes we think you might like this book and it was the power of positive thinking I never knew that the information I was reading is what caused my life to go up like that before right I'm just reading now as I go I've read this book before it so I'm reading using my non-dominant hand got back to everything that I love I'm singing I'm doing I take the art class all in all in jail all in prison prison yeah 23 years old 23 years old learned how to memorize my dreams in specific detail usually you wake up on a dream you forget after five seconds right I could wake up 30 minutes later I knew my dream it was like practicing a muscle crazy thing is I have a stack of dreams downstairs half of those dreams is the life that I'm living right now like word for word but in different times any medieval time and including this beautiful house cuz a lot of people who aren't watching if you saw the b-roll on some clips that we'll play over the audio here you'll see that he literally designed his home to be an inspirational Mecca right lay all these quotes on the walls inspiration why is that so important for you and how did you conceive it in prison well all of those words were words that had me shift once I was able to connect the dots going backwards I was like oh I remember that word but going back into the prison I'm in there not knowing that I'm gonna get out so I just keep on doing stuff I just know I feel good I'm not even thinking about time right while I was creating attention while I was creating and doing what I loved and taking what I love and making people happy and bringing joy to their lives I didn't think about my current circumstance and so while I was doing that and we got to watch Shawshank Redemption we got to watch movies once a month that came on Anthony Robbins he goes they can take everything away from him they can't take away my mind as long as I have my mind then I'll always be free as long as I'm doing everything that I love then I'll always be free in that moment I said I'm a free man I literally said I'm a free man and that's when it hit me when I was outside of the bars free I always used to say man I feel like I'm so far from where I'm supposed to be I just feel like I don't know I feel like I'm behind bars or something I feel trapped to the point where I was far away from where I was supposed to be trapped behind bars but while I was behind bars I got that I'm free cuz I was doing everything that I loved that didn't do that out there as long as I was doing everything I loved I was free and I was bringing joy to their lives I started running when the prison inmates they're walking around in the yard stabbing and fighting and drug deals and jumping each other I'm the only one running within a month I have 50 people running with me it was less fights less drug deals less jumping and I didn't know that what I loved was causing value value creation now here's how beautiful this is think about it think about a pregnant lady she's pregnant something fetus is growing on the inside and it fills out the space it's only so much the baby can fill out the space until what was growing on the inside is produced on the outside true unconsciously I was taking what I love and providing so much value and who I became with positivity like I was that I wasn't the words I was the essence of even in prison in prison I was no longer in prison the second I said I'm a free man there was no prison I wasn't anything about when I'm gonna get out I had given up on that I was just man I was just in it it was just a bird a bird doesn't know it's a bird alligator doesn't know it's alligator but if the bird were to try to be an alligator you can see how life would be difficult it's just using everything that's already inside of them that's why flow happens in its innate nature so how can people who are listening to this apply that to their life if they're feeling stuck or they feel like they're in a prison of sorts maybe they have money maybe they don't they're going after their dreams what have you learned from going from living in your car things being rough to become multi-millionaire impacting people what's the take away to help people live free you are watching this looking for answers I'm gonna die I'm gonna jump with that but there's this last part of that story that you gotta get so like the the lady becomes pregnant she gives birth to a baby the value in who I was becoming on the inside grow so much that something had to be produced on the outside and out of nowhere Jones you're getting out next week the drugs were fake no way the drugs were fake so through my lack of awareness I didn't know I was a god I'm lucky praise God all right but now knowing what I know it's who I was the world the universe is plastic right and it literally flows according to how you see yourself and how you're applying yourself inside of this mind body and spirit so while I was in it I didn't know Garen I didn't know I was a black man I didn't know any of those things because I was so in it bird doesn't know it's a bird so being unconscious to what I usually conscious of and just instead of focusing on having I was just being the drugs that they tested three times six point two kilos of heroin magically fake you're free to go home just like that it wasn't until ten years later till I've picked up books went to seminars went to workshops that they helped me to understand and connect the dots going backwards that I've been guided literally my entire life from childhood all the way up to that time the only thing I was missing they were saying leaders or readers and you've got to keep doing it like you should take a shower every day brush your teeth every day you do it every day for five years and then stop for five days you wondering why it's all messed up right smell stink why you smell he'll take your shower every day you renew your mind every day and I never knew that so now it made sense why every time I read the book read these books audio books all this great stuff would happen I would stop make it about myself pride an ego would set in it's all me yeah hey me me me me me me just as fast as it would rise just as faster than a crash I never stopped reading the books and so now you understand 320 times right it's not 320 times of the same exact Garin Jones reading that book I see what you're saying yeah it's like the gym almost you're building the muscle upon the muscle upon the muscle on the muscle so every time you read it you get to a higher and higher yeah most people read books and all they have are great words that inspire non woke people right when you actually speak to a woke person they will have the results in their life it has to it's a law it is a law for your life the physical equivalent of your life to mirror the thoughts that you give the most power and when you're really living that life it has to produce the result it has to period period there is no light well you know it's because no because if it's not there you're blocking yourself somewhere and that's why I focus on whole life success mind body spirit health every part everything family Oh life success and you were even talking about something interesting off-camera before we started where you were talking about the importance of health and how you could only experience so much happiness if your health is at a certain point so much can you share a little bit about your philosophy on that you know you play video games you can only get so far until you face the dragon you gotta face a dragon once you beat the dragon go to the next level right the dragon of most people in the world but they don't understand they don't understand how important health is and they're like so what they'll do is they'll give they'll give themselves to the guy to the money to the job to all these other things and leave themselves last we weren't created to be keepers we were created to be givers so if you're not giving to yourself you've got it all wrong that's like hold your breath keep it everybody out there hold your breath don't let it go hold it for a minute 30 seconds and watch how uncomfortable it becomes in your body so if you're keeping your best self from the universe that's like holding in nature that's holding in your breath so your life is going to start looking uncomfortable your relationships are gonna start looking uncomfortable and things start breaking down and all this kind of stuff is because there's something inside of you you're holding back your creativity holding your secrets in holding your darkness and holding your vulnerability in holding all of this stuff in but that has to do with your that who you are as a person right so at the core of everything is your health and that's not a focus I can tell you how your life is gonna go off when health is not your first priority 100% I can tell you anybody can do anything for a little bit staying power is what you want and when you understand nature you look at all these trees out here they're going like this you look at the water it's going like this you look at the bird it's literally in flight in nature the fish when we withhold information information meaning that breath in your body meaning your best self that's information you're not a part of nature's design and that's why things are gonna break down like that's why love will break down that's why money will break down you don't understand how money flows money is made from trees so if money's made from trees and that's energy and oxygen so if you understand oxygen and you understand energy money's got to give and go and that's why giving and receiving is so important so if the oxygen I mean if you're withholding yourself and yourself your best self is oxygen you're stopping the process of nature and so that's why everything will go wrong in your life I learn this the hard way so that people don't have to go through what I went through I got a chance to grow through that but health is so important that's that center console that's your that's your a super mario super playing Super Mario Brothers you got that Universal star and speeds up the gaming you become invincible then thin thin and then I know it and there's only a certain level of happiness that you can get to you're not healthy I have a five-minute conversation if I know you're not healthy I can already tell I can already tell where the self love self care comes in because I've been there I seen what happened to my mom and she had a year to live and then we got her healthy seven years later she's still here see what happened to my brother I seen what happen to thousands of people and so that became my main focus because I saw inside of my body what happens to me because it affects how you feel and how you feel affects how you think how you think affects how you speak how you speak affects your actions your actions affect the outcome and it's all connected can you feel bad anything you put out is going to be from the Lin feeling bad I give 100% yeah from the 2% that you give yourself but when I made this my primary focus my temple my temple all this now people they benefit from the overflow that I get to myself and I don't give from an empty Cup and it doesn't hurt to give your overflowing so it's you're more than enough you're abundant there's so much I there's so much I give that nobody even knows nobody knows what I do at my church one of the highest donors like nobody knows the kind of tips that I leave I never even talked about it but anything that you see in my life out loud is a result of what was given in silence so let's go to at 23 you finally are free man I don't know where the drugs are fake you get out yeah now when you're in there what was your plan - like what do I do when I get out so you get out which what's your game plan from there I said I'm cuz I was writing all these songs I was making all these beats in my head and everything and I said I'm gonna write all these songs I'm gonna get a record deal I'm going to like I'm gonna get this I'm gonna do this I'm gonna do this you started setting intentions and getting into manifestation at this time correct like this when you start against certain causes no they were called intentions but I just said I was gonna do there was a power and a surge of confidence that was you see when you're in prison it's way different than being out here cuz you can be a distracted by squirrel trees here in prison all you have is time and yourself yeah that's it so everything automatically quiet sit down so whenever I would say something there was no distraction so I get out and then I say I'm gonna I'm gonna get a record deal I'm gonna do it and then I was like oh your credit no clue how okay and I say man how do I had no songs I went on myspace like I don't have no friends what yours is 2000 and 2005 that's what I that wasn't my introduction of social media because while I was in there social media wasn't popular and I get out and it was like MySpace talk online then I remember meeting this one guy who was a photographer named John Henry and then John Henry was he heard me ha me it's like oh you see and as I sang a song then I had one song I put that one song on MySpace and then all of a sudden I started hitting up all these people when I say all these people I mean massive action I hit up over 500 people to get I didn't have no money like to get free sessions I took that one song I played it a bug you have enough talent I say you come in there and then one thing led to another and then I had this song this song in this next song now my it's my play brother die named DeRay Davis he goes oh you can stay with me he was like rent free I'll Drive you wherever you want to go pay for your clothes food and everything he was like you want to sing right I'm like yeah he said you can stay here for free don't come home unless you have a song per day so I'll take care of everything just make a song per day per day I'm like how you want to sing right right yeah don't come home unless you have a song 30 days I had 29 songs two weeks later out of $500,000 I could do no way yeah because he's a comedian and inside of his he every Monday night at The Improv Ludacris came there he had me perform on stage and that's where I met Luda so you met Luther right there and chance encounter and I'm gonna do my CD and you guys did it off started talking yep two weeks later they sign me to a five hundred thousand dollar ready and you're blown away blown away oh I'm lucky I'm so lucky right oh my god praise God right same thing but then I have this thing about if it don't feel right I'm not gonna do it so I'm doing it and they say we sign you for the kind of music that you're making and then all of a sudden I was like this this don't feel right I'm not making the kind of music that I want to make it so I ended up quitting the label and everybody called me crazy there went after that I was like I'd do it myself and that went my descent when you when you left did you were you in debt I mean did you go and debt or owe them or not it was uh there was like there was debt it was credit card bills there was all kind of stuff that I just school loans like so much stuff that was just in the ocean you were next figures in debt right at one point yeah but that was towards 2010 okay for not paying taxes for over 10 years but you they get you for the last seven yeah it was a compound of all this thing like everything and I owe this money they know as people I owed money that's off record mm-hmm of course yeah that's a whole nother ballgame yeah like well your family's threatened right that kind I didn't know what I was gonna do so that's what I was gonna in my life and so yeah is one thing mixed or another because it's like I got these people on my head threatening me how old money then I got the IRS and my girlfriend just broke up with me then like my mom is pretty much dying in the hospital then like I'm putting on weight I was like my daughter pretty much disowned me because I couldn't I wasn't emotionally available for their one thing after the other after the other after the other and that that was the moment where and it just kept piling on piling on it piling on it just imagine Superman and kryptonite and there's like thousand tons of kryptonite surrounding him in every single area I'm sleeping in my car I'm sleeping in abandoned buildings I'm sleeping in the my storage unit but I got to leave by 8:00 p.m. sort of grab the little big gate don't don't close down and I'm doing that my only source of food is ramen noodles and I had too much pride to go back home and that's when I had can it get any worse can it get any worse Kenny and the stage before it got any worse somebody out of I don't even know where it came from and that anonymous PayPal for $1,400 I believe in you keep going just randomly random and you still don't know how I know gonna take this money go to the Municipal Court the the court district to pay off my 14 traffic tickets I get one block away from courthouse cop pulls me over says you know your license is suspended registration is past due and that's what I was going to pay off I'm gonna take your car I don't take my car living out of my car got my clothes in the back of my seat look I have this wad of money won a baton to pay my car took my car left me in Denny's parking lot and that's the point where I was like I don't want to live

get my car back and he goes all the way around full circle pick up the book the power of positive because I can't do this on my own then I pick up the book the power of positive thinking and that night that's when I had my moment of awake and I screamed out okay okay haven't looked back since and I just kept reading and reading and reading and applying and reading and committing to mastery and reading and breaking through and going to seminars and going to see sort of like you know getting a life coach and having mentors and observing and reading and I just kept going it's like a it's like an ant kick over the ant bed and they're doing everything to build the house I'm doing everything to expand upon Garen higher bigger quicker faster stronger it doesn't matter what you put in my way I have so much momentum so much momentum going on inside of me I like to call it magnetism you know you can take a piece of steel and when it's magnetized and pick up a car it's not magnetized it won't even pick up a feather it's all about the charge not just the vessel I realize how to charge myself up with affirmations every day positive words every day acknowledgement every day treating people kind every single day I forgave all I forgave the two men who murdered my father let it go completely I wrote a list of 250 names from kindergarten up till now apologized to everybody for any I've ever done let let it up this time I was aware of what I was doing so I wasn't aware before us I'm just floating through life now I'm very clear on what I'm doing I do this this happens now I start teaching it teaching it and sharing it starts happening to other people how old were you that night when you turn it around and that parking lot that Danny's parking lot I was 32 32 at that time yeah so after you get out from prison there was a while almost a decade ago gonna up and down going from couch to couch the couch to girls house to couch the girls house to girls house to couch to damn I'm tired of sex it asleep yeah like how do I even want to be touched I don't like listen I just I just want to sleep yeah and that is a great pleasure but you don't want it all not even kissed from nobody yeah I just want to sleep so it was in that moment ten years and I used to say man these people crazy going to school for 15 years going to to become a brain surgery I ain't never doing this you ever gonna when I calculated the time the amount of time that it took me to figure it out and you're always figuring it out the essence of life is growth and I calculated the amount of time whereas hardship and hardship and hardship hardship and hardship and hardship right around 17 years now I was like holy I went to school for 17 years to get the big pay oh you will be rewarded in life for the price you had to pay if you choose to wake up because if you never wake up you're gonna carry that cycle to your death now this is what had me like really change the last place I live was in a high-rise in Santa Monica on the beach the youngest person that was there was 75 years old all I did was ask them questions every day my neighbor was 103 everything that they were learning now because they knew death was approaching I said I'm apply right now in my thirties and I'm not gonna wait until I know I'm about to die to figure out how to be happy and live wise and live wise and I say everything they're telling me I said my work on that now we're gonna now I'm gonna teach it now I don't I'm gonna worry about the money that's not worried about the money and just giving and giving breath giving and giving and giving or receiving at the capacity that I that I give it's supposed to trade it's supposed to money's supposed to go like this I'm in flow yeah it made from trees look at just look at the trees look at the nature you understand that you understand this you understand money you understand love it's supposed to go like this and at 32 you found the vehicle is that one you found the vehicle that allowed you to build your first sense yeah yeah so I my first seven figures within two and a half then two and a half years funny I was in prison for two and a half years and within two and a half years I found my first vehicle to earn my first seven figures and it was through health and wellness funny because my girlfriend at the time and my mom while I was trying to do the music they were like you should do something in health and fitness you love to help people and I would say no I'm gonna get this music why don't you do something in health and fitness you love to help people because at that time at that time I was helping I was literally helping people for free and at Runyon Canyon I'm literally helping people for free seventy-five people at the at the at the Runyon Canyon living in my car nobody knew I was sleeping in my car then going through the canyon you know as we go into closing no nobody had any idea so I'm doing these workouts for free my girlfriend is saying you should do something a health and fitness you love to help people on my hell now I'm going to studio but remember my prayer in my moment of awakening I want to be healthy I want to be happy I want to surrounded by nothing but positive people I want to inspire people all over the world I want to make a bunch of money but I want the money to represent something that I passionately believe in that I would do for free I didn't even realize that the health and wellness is what I was doing for free because I was so busy doing all this other stuff and then the second I shifted my whole entire world opening and that was the first trade and that's when I realized it wasn't even about what you working in is who you are while you're doing the work and who I was with while doing the work of somebody that was generating that was generating transformation it didn't matter what it was you give me a videogame somebody's life was going to be transformed because of who I'm being and I put that into real estate development you know I'll put that into my own company my own workshops and all these other stuff and the feedback that I get from people they got a gun to the head right now and then watch the interview and they say I put the gun down after your interview now I know a reason for living thank you for reminding me of Who I am I get those every day every single day and when you first started with the company that allowed you to build your your vehicle of wealth was that something that you struggled with that first or no you weren't so hell yeah you started trusting people when you don't come from money yeah and people come to you with opportunity all that should sound weird and you have limiting beliefs and all that yeah hey opportunity last time I heard opportunity I spent two and a half years in a French prison so the next time you know I'm saying right so the next time I hear opportunity I'm like that hell huh you know but you know it was through that personal development work you know when you read a book 300 times something starts to happen inside of you it's not happening out there I'm just reminded of even more of what's been there the entire time and do you find that that fueled your success economically and personally more so than the actual mechanics of the steps 100 so it's more about the mindset of how your being while you're doing than it is cell like this or do this or find people like this it's a very fine line I wasn't like reading and then I'm sitting there and be like praise Jesus yeah I'm just waiting on God you're gonna be waiting to to you on the ground right because you've been given the spirit to actually do something with it like I've always been a hard worker I was like man go get that girl when we set the club's few like I'll go get that girl be like all right I'm gonna go get the girl or I'm gonna break into the house imma break into the cars or whatever I've always been that person but it was energy that I didn't know where to place once I found a vehicle to just place the same energy I receive exponential success because now there's almost got it was almost like I was like now you get it my son bring me my children and as people just started waking up and waking up waking up waking up waking up I never had to worry about income nor of my family nor other people around me and it's not I was I stopped focusing on it on the income and that's when I started coming in abundance yeah now looking back to the the young Garan that was in the car homeless looking for answers begging praying not understanding why things weren't working compared to the multi-millionaire now and the things you're doing to impact and inspire the world um what would that the the the Garen who was looking for answers at that time when he was 18 what would the guaranted a tell that young man who was looking for answers and maybe that applies to people watching this for themselves looking for answers what would you tell people about how to find their path how to find their clarity how to find their vision how to find meaningful work that they love their vehicle keep listening to that voice every single time something happened in my life I listen to the voice we think it's a little voice it's just surrounded by and once you remove this stuff that doesn't serve a purpose in your life anyways what shows up is a really loud voice but this your higher self connected to source giving you the way through your life and it might not go the way that you want it but it's gonna go the way that's gonna shape you and mold you into the kind of person that can sustain at the next level that's why they don't put first graders in fifth grade you gotta pass tests and you need teachers mentors to take you to the next recent you a fifth grader can't take himself to sixth grade he needs a teacher to take him to that next absolutely I've got a life coach right now Mona Kazan is I see her twice a week every week she keep this hothead mind on a swivel hook now how do you recommend people cultivate that voice inside keep listening to it's like a muscle you it's how can you tell if it's actually your intuition or your fear how do you recognize that it's dancing you can either this way I tell people you can either focus on the fear of loss or the possibility of gain I say you see what life looked like when you live in fear when you don't listen when you don't trust you think about something if you ain't happy you might want to try something else I started saying yes to life I started saying yes a that I would never do in my life and then I would say yes this thing I would never do it didn't meet this person as I was going to lunch that would lead me to a prayer that I prayed when I was 15 it's right it's all connected but you got to start somewhere Google started in a garage start with the little voice it's been telling you do this for a long time random I did create something do this do this and in closing before we wrap up I have to ask you these these three last powerful questions for people out there listening that might look at your story and they be in their own challenge yeah how do they overcome that broke mindset not just the broken Fitness not just the broke in terms of their energy but broke in terms of finances too like what is the psychology of being broke why do most people live in that how what is causing them to stay there and how can they get out of it well one it starts at home when you a little kid my mama mama can we we ain't had no money I'm broke if that's your as that that's your childhood narrative you still got right now and that turns into I'm not worthy I gotta prove a point I can't find a man or the woman I want and that that whole entire conversation follows you from when you were a little kid so that whole I'm not worthy and all that kind of stuff I would start listening to different things I don't know who you hanging out with but if people like I'm so ugly I'm so fat I'm so busy and you keep national radio station you're gonna be playing this song dancing to the to the jingle and whatever of however people that choosing the top me yeah you know the people that I stay around little kids I love little kid youthful energy yeah youthful energy I stay around little kids all the time like oh no go ahead and I'll babysit them I'm like wish a dream I'll be at I'll be talking to him they'd be saying all this kind of stuff before society gets to him so whatever you're choosing to listen to massive action it become it committed to mastery over and over and over and over and over and over and over that even if you don't know what's happening it's automatically gonna shift you into something else I would say just start there because I can speak on so many different levels however that's not gonna happen I can speak I'm gonna stay something simple go to your mirror every day tell yourself I love you I love your nose I love my hair I love I love my skin I love all these different things you say that over and over and over and over no don't fill up your cup take a cup pour some content in it the very top and pour another drop it'll spill over fill up your cup every single day and then allow people to benefit from the overflow of what you've given to yourself just start there I want to give you precalculus start there start telling yourself a different story look at yourself different be around people who speak in ways that inspire you listen to those things turn off your TV turn off the radio and take that same time put that into books how about when it comes to clarity how do you find your clarity or your Center how do you recommend people find their purpose there's a lot of people out there that have the talent like you know that they have it they just don't know how to aim it how to direct it you know this purpose is a funny thing I tell you I used to look for purpose and women and and money and girls and saving the children over in Africa but it wasn't until I started I saw a tree outside and a tree is just growing as high as it possibly could producing as much fruit as it possibly could and it don't even know it's a tree hmm it's just living it's just lying to get inside of its innate nature the birds fly as high as they can alligators do it alligator dude what could life look like if Garen lived to be all that he could be fullest expression of himself earn all you can't like everything the kind of person that goes out after the higher version of himself I mean all limbs everything it's beyond me way beyond me but the kind of person that goes after that and that's a focus will be the person that's saving children in Africa have the girls if you want the cars if you want the houses if you want so when it comes to purpose see what life could look like if you were focusing on being on the fullest expression of yourself because I refuse to believe that God put us to put us on this earth to pay bills and die and pass that philosophy on to our kids oh man hey why am I here my purpose what if it was you everything you've been looking for your whole life was the person that you look in the mirror every single day learn a little bit more about yourself now before I ask the closing question I do want to ask for people out there that might love your work love the message you're sharing what are some daily practices or rituals that have really shifted the game for you you mentioned affirmations you mentioned looking in the mirror I know they're probably at a certain point second nature to you now right it's just sort of automatic but what are what are affirmations are things that shifted you that somebody could go and apply right now to their own life to to enhance the quality of their mind their energy their sense of connectedness to themselves what the whole purpose of affirmations is them is to tell yourself a more empowering narrative because when you have this dialogue called I've had such a up childhood all right I've had such a up childhood that I don't even know that this little mad ass five-year-old is controlling my life now as an adult so you've literally got to override 20 30 years of speaking one way how would you want to learn another language kind of tap at it or immerse yourself in it right so when you immerse yourself in affirmations I would just say start their affirmations telling yourself I love you when you're looking yourself in the mirror and doing all those things something will eventually shift in ways you can't calculate in ways you can't calculate just start there and I'm just gonna leave it right there because most people don't do that now in closing I want to ask if you could look into the camera and share everything you've learned the UPS the downs the lessons the wisdom what would Geron Johnson piece of wisdom be to the world if we could capture your advice and share it one last time well be your best 60 seconds to live the most fulfilling life possible

you will find your answer in silence you know what to do now in closing we have a game it's called first things first and the way the game works is basically I'm gonna rifle off ten words or phrases and then you tell me the first word or phrase that comes to mind in response to that thing make sense the only rule is that you can't repeat yourself twice ready all right number one the power of positive thinking norman vincent peale prison-break your childhood Pylea money everything abundance nothing energy love passion new leadership john c maxwell your legacy forever last one you ready love if you guys enjoyed that video be sure to hit that subscribe button right now because every week you can be the very best in personal development content interviews and insights help inspire you to take your life in your dreams and make them a reality and also if you don't know how to book between guests same way i have you can check the link below for my top 3 secrets so if you have a podcast or a show or whatever is you want to collaborate with them if you click that link below I'll give you those top three secrets to help you get in touch with anybody and also don't forget the passionate view is available on media platforms as well so you can subscribe to the podcast and until next time thank you for being one of the passionate to you



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