Goodwill jar unjaring and friend mail

by: Makeup_Zombie

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yes I hope you guys are having an amazing day I am so I wish you the best so I am coming with a new video and this is the mother lode of all the jars this is huge this is a huge jar so we're gonna meet some help before we get started I want to go ahead and think Gina she sent me some friend mail and we're gonna go ahead and open it and I already opened it on the side to do is very good first little baggie

and this is something cute for something kid you may like to use for your film covers or odd stuff you do thank you and so we got little stickers and actually this are gonna be awesome from my planner so and we got a little cupcake I love cupcakes and looks like this is Cameo and the stone awesome thing and we have little box oh my god yes and made with love for my friend on this event love Gina thank you look at those they actually look like moon stones oh my god they are beautiful this is awesome

you guys those are like um like little stones what an artwork those those are beautiful and they actually look like moon stones just like one of my favorite stones oh my god need do you know if you make them to sell let us know down below those are awesome beautiful oh my god look you guys do you not thank you I love them they just made my day thank you oh it doesn't say if it's okay to read here but so I'm gonna go ahead and read it later I do love handwritten notes and letters it's amazing Thank You Gina thank you so much it's actually in my whole game I did receive this last week but I was kind of waiting for dip in my video to share with you guys on camera thank you Thank You Gina send you my blessings in my love now good so we paid $49.99 for this DARPA juicer is massive you guys it's like bongos

up at that this is um this for you I think is we are scarf it's like a she'll get the funds again the games begin looks like next stones like

abalone it looks like abalone and for this I got my little it's a small water Creek so it is [Music]

so please don't let this plastic is wood pretty this feels like a natural stone and this could be it this looks like Jade like it could be Jade and it is this look like like Jade and we have this earring that I hope that I find the pair's this is a beautiful beautiful earring this you guys looks amazing it's what is this Chinese Nutting's and to me it looks like different types of colors of jade jade it's it doesn't you know like I have a jade bracelet yeah a little pendant so it goes in my middle and this is for my friend Monica and I'm almost getting ready to Sun this is a watch watch not just new batteries so we're gonna and this looks like a bracelet I mean I like the I think it's a magnetic clasp those were easy to put on and take off but you know you can lose them II see me but it looks beautiful and this there's no marking but it's a beautiful necklace

canler give us a necklace and this you guys it is marked just a little the little stone fell but it's marked nine to five and right here at you what nine to five and there is no marking on this one oh yeah there's mark but it's hard to see I'll let you guys do a little bit beautiful wish and that's a little wishbone and this feels like another phone it kind of feels like leather Oh

little jingle bells and they're plastic plastic earrings

she's just marking the birds just on necklace it's a gold-tone necklace pretty some bracelets this is anything like the classroom and this one I hope you guys can hear me look on the ring I've seen them working but if it starts to pitch me okay so that's breeding the gold-tone necklace and marking it looks like it's not metal there's a clasp and everything but it's actually strands so you have those two right there just love that's pretty

you know there's this from the Mario Bros game like like it ya know Mickey and I'm gonna go ahead and put it on my I know that my friend Monica likes

mandible bracelets or stretchy lace that's one of those bracelets well you guys this dart was weak and this stretchy bracelet that's full because it looks like it feels like plastic like an animal it's pretty nice I'm gonna get another necklace with this we're doing

let me see if we have any

okay so yeah there is a marking here I'm gonna show you guys and save okay Betsy [Music] come on Elizabeth okay can you see right there it says 14k I'm not sure if you guys can see okay so the mark is right here just marking and then I don't know if those are like little diamonds and then the necklace so scar I'm gonna go bring you guys oh this actually looks like stone and the clasp looks vintage you guys have seen the stones before let me know in the comments down below thank you guys yes and I think we have to noise wanna close this is pretty this is enamel not an animal but yeah dance animal it's blue enamel that's pretty nice


there is no markings on the cross that I can see it but if I clean it up let's see it's it looks like silver and this is interesting and that's an interesting case and this is plastic but it's like honestly necklace made in Korea [Applause] you guys are separating necklace even though it's plastic it's just a detail on the stones I'm looking for the class it's broken but it's very nice stone very nice and feel and this is a bracelet and it's beautiful this jar I think so far so good and I might just keep this for myself cuz it looks very strange like bones I like it let you guys think

pretty ring theme and my helper it's hard at work and at some point somebody was selling this for $15

this um it does not look like vintage for the clasping and this there are plastic piece there the necklace is still nice and there's no markings it's pretty dark my favourite beads because they're very shiny and the looks like it's broken but I can repair it can be done surgically it can be done and then we have this necklace my old book on necklaces so which through the glass it looked well there's some like markings and this I mean it looked antique but through the glass because I wasn't able to touch it look like coral

this ones are so cool I remember my mom used to have like long time ago maybe like the babies just wanted to like this it's pretty cute and the necklace it doesn't look like it's marked but it's fun I retrieve us this one so this one's feel like plastic it's a long necklace didn't divide it in cross

you have another one and this is pretty good it looks like a fish Luke this is are you guys and this is leather I like it this I'm gonna keep you guys this is a minute one of my my things that I'm gonna keep from the jar this one and this one so far it's a keeper for me because I like like stuff like that nobody it's saying hi and I think is this a handmade it's also another pretty awesome I like like this another tip another another time but it is any good you guys the way a ways for Easter but it's cute and this one I think is Jasper and the stone is beautiful and it is smart and I'm gonna tell you guys yeah we have standing this is a beautiful piece and Michael is this also marked


so here it says JTC but some this dependent is beautiful I like the stone it's beautiful and then we have another necklace but it's broken its broken you guys look at this ah this one it's a sapphire starts a fire on a clasp it looks vintage vintage ink but I know this stone it's a star sapphire it's a good size and well looks like the earth I don't know I don't know what stone this might be but I'll glue it this one is pretty nice you guys do its plastic with those are Tom glass beads but this beats are plastic and with this class

this one's hourglass and pretty nice from far away they look like amber panother this one glass necklace with black stones it could be onyx very nice I'll go a little faster guys because the the DAR is huge humongous and we have a necklace and so like justice like my eyes I don't see any markings look at this you guys it's pretty it's pretty is I don't see any markings and you guys think my helper cuz he's helping me go this it's going a little bit faster and this is reckless and the class was so or gonna see you guys you go like this and you go like that so it's very nice pretty pretty pretty memorize this one it's leather handles um you know how there's plastic this ones don't feel like plastic they actually feel like stones so in there stones pretty nice look at this beautiful it's a bracelet and then there are pearls but they're not real pearls but the class very old school very old you know the ladies from the got this you guys which is beautiful

looks like rubies and CC so pretty I hope we find a pair let's cross our fingers class okay and this is like tricolor see there's some marking right there

you can do it so here is a made in Italy and then here it says 9:00 to 5:00 can you guys see right there 95 it's a very nice necklace let's go back back back it's pretty so we got two pieces of two got two pieces of sterling silver so far pretty pretty pretty necklace I don't see any markings and then we got this strand of pearls of pearls and these are beautiful very nice and

this one laughs they're beautiful they're very little mutual look at this you guys it's the strength of this is speed at work and the stones spreading very beautiful look at this you guys it's a cool bracelet

this is elastic even though it might look like glass but it's plasticky and those are earrings also plastic but beautiful necklace we have the necklace with little this or this are plastic and this is metal crystals and pearls very long very nice and this is glass device this looks like a bracelet but it's all glass and has butterflies it has little butterflies and it's pretty a little cleaning but it's beautiful and then we found a pair further but it's one is broken this is this ones aren't beautiful you guys and I have a tip for you like when I want to wear earrings like this what I do is to put clear nail polish in in here and then wear it in that way it doesn't affect you know my my earrings I can only wear that or is it for a little bit but and then my mom used to put garlic in the little in the here so it wouldn't cost me to get infection but that's that's what I did but these are pretty this are like real peacock feathers they're beautiful with beats in the end what a beautiful artwork and I'm actually gonna wear this with white shirt and jeans and boots and this you are gonna look home and we have a coin because it looks like lapis and like fox pearls because this I know it's vintage it's just a mate sometimes to the way that things were made or jeweler was made in the past and how its mate now it looks like the flowers are not missing any stone the flowers are plastic no plastic and it's beautiful I don't want to understand this it looks like it was also handmade with pearls but if you pull it it's gonna understand look you guys there's a name in the back and here is this Casey so pretty this are also pretty and this looks like it's broken the this is plastic and this is beautiful that the cross looks like silver and you know guys I'm keeping this I like it this is awesome to us and I don't know if this might be your necklace but maybe this feels like leather and this looks like a turquoise this weird no I think it's just plastic oh this one looks broken baby's fixable maybe eight this is a flower and this is like another strap and nice necklace and I don't know what this are you guys but pay for the buttons and they looks vintage they look vintage vintage this is expendable taste it this little Eagle oh

this is broke because it was ceramic so I broke hmm when it went well and this is

this is to renew and then say this wasn't signed a little baggy a little baggy I'd like through the plastic begging and you guys were almost like that 33 minutes and I think we're almost done you guys I hope you guys are liking this video I like the start it was so fun and this is for this like a cell phone a little it was it was in this little baggie cute and those are plastic but this are magnets nice I like the necklace pretty freakin I'll look at this you guys and there's no marking on the necklace that's pretty small very small okay guys is pretty cool bracelet you know three somebody slammed the door yeah okay and this is like another bracelet it's plastic but these are metals pretty cool the bracelet looks like less beads pretty thick glass beads pretty bracelet and this one it's also like expandable and those are seeds I think I'm gonna be wrong what's it look like seats beautiful earring hopefully we find the pin and then this one

okay my beauty so this is the pairs of the earrings that we found so we have we have this stuff this one's right here [Music]

with that this one's right here it's pretty this glass and those ones I did love those ones the only things are broken so I'm gonna have to kind of fix them but and then this ones are awesome too they're beautiful the only thing is that they're clip-ons and I might be able to convert them into regular so beautiful they're very nice they're beautiful and then I found this ring but it says 114 K which I don't know if you guys can tell me what that means or if you guys can see that inside so is this 1/10 what okay so I don't know what that means but we got it in the jar it's pretty cool and we got those ones that's pretty and this cherries pretty deep pretty cool and so once right here too and I like the stone you guys can see I like the stone this one

just like in our stuff ready they're cool those ones right here and this one with just a pen it's almost full this one's little cuties and I think somewhere it's the the car but this is complete and because it is a pin pin we have this little their plastic pretty cool cool so so far so good one of my favorite I'm not sure you guys my favorite pieces that we got from this jar and this necklace right here so it's very heavy it's beautiful and I love it my favorite pieces I think it's beautiful and then this one I loved as well and we know this pendant it's I'm scaring silver which is really cool and then this one right here which is I think awesome find which is a 14 karat cross I don't know if those are diamonds or not the necklace also filled it looked like it's 14 K and at some point it broke and somebody fixed it so this this doesn't belong to that so that was an awesome fine as well that was a score tickets a Ching and then I know that I found that the pair of this one this one and this one right here I loved and my skull and this was right there too it's pretty cool so this is a recap is one of the nicest things that I think I found this one I love it and this one did I was gonna wear it but I need to open it first but those are pretty cool that's cool and those were my favorite things and then my friend came out those are my awesomeness favorite in the whole wide world I love those so well you guys include the video I hope you guys liked it give me thumbs up and subscribe help us those little channels that weren't working really hard if you guys look up if you guys like our content subscribed and in comment I answer all your comments and you guys don't know how much I appreciate you guys then you want saw ones I appreciate you guys so much have a wonderful rest of your week

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