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either it's kevin award with yes masters real estate success training helping real estate agents get more yeses and more successes in your business and in your life and I had an email from a from an agent about getting breaking the ice with expired listings and here's basically what he says he's just brand new in prospecting expired listings and he says right now he said first my introduction is awful right now I'm not engaging correctly with the sellers and I'm having people cut me off and then goes into some other specific things they're saying and what's cutting him off and basically saying how how do I do this how do I get past that initial resistance where the sellers cut me off and don't even give me a chance well the answer is you've got to break the ice with an expired listing now I'm gonna just do a first of all I get agents that resist expires all together and they say we'll leave them alone or I'll have people say is leave them alone if they don't wanna talk to you don't mess with them well here's the reality the reason they don't want to talk to you because they don't want to talk to you okay but the reality is they had their house in the market for a reason they want to sell their house right either do they don't if they don't it doesn't matter okay it just looks good if it if they really don't to sell their house it's going to come out clearly if their motivation is just not there you're going to find that out in the conversation with them but make sure that that's the reality and not just the story they're telling you to get you off the phone because they say well I didn't want to talk to you well I understand that and when my mouth hurts I don't want to go to a dentist but guess what I do want my mouth to stop hurting okay so think about it and this is just gonna be hard for some of you real estate agents to bear but it's okay is that people don't want you okay buyers and sellers they don't want an agent they're not looking for a realtor they want to buy a house or sell a house okay the way most sellers see real cities and not always be just them just go with me here just understand where they're coming from and that is they see Realtors kind of like you see a dentist and that is I don't want a dentist what I want is my mouse to kwinter okay the reason you go to a dentist I either want my smile to be prettier or I want my mouth to quit hurting that's the reason we go to a dentist it's not that we want a dentist is that we the result well they don't a seller somebody who's selling their house they don't want a realtor they want a result they want their house to sell so you can understand whenever somebody hires a real estate agent to sell their house and that agent fails they're not happy it whether they blame the agent whether they blame Realtors in general whether they blame the market whether they blame whatever it is it doesn't matter the reality is they're not happy so if you want to break the ice with the sellers the very first thing you've got to do before anything else is going to matter is you have got to as an agent simply you've got to understand where they're coming from if you don't understand them and where they're coming from then you're going to always be trying to connect with them in a way that's going to actually repel them now how's the best agent has the best and most effective way to repel a seller well the best way the fastest way the way most real estate agents are skilled at and unfortunately the way most real estate scripts are written is to try to convince them how great you are is to try to tell them peers who here's what I can do for you look like I said they don't want you they don't just like you don't want to go to dentist they don't want to hire an agent so when you start saying hey I can do this for you and I'm the guy and I'm the one you should hire all you're doing is pushing them away all you're doing is repelling them the dentist does it say hey you need a dentist let me tell you what a great dentist I am know this is is your mouth hurting tell me more about that you know what I think I can help you you know you want a prettier smile you want straighter teeth you want quiet you know whatever it is lip I can help you with that I find out you a dentist the way he's going to make you're going to want to go to a dentist is because he's there to help you get the results you want not trying to convince you what a great dentist he is okay so you cannot understand them they don't want you they want a result so understand they're unhappy that they've had their house on the market they didn't get the result so I got to be able to be mad with them I've got a little say when they say I'm sick and tired of all you eat just call me you know and I oh so you had all these agents calling it you know what I understand I would be sick and tired of it too I know it's annoying what I just do I understood them I got on their side not in what I in after the training a gift I call this M&M this is mirroring and matching them it's actually it's if they're upset I'm going to be upset with them I'm not going mad at them because they're not mad at me okay they may be mad that I'm calling but they're mad at the situation they're mad at the circumstances so he says leave them alone look I've got to get past their resistance to help them that's the reason you're calling if you're calling and just to get a listing and not to help them get the result they want get out of real estate look us and you and for those you to follow me you know that one of my whole passion is is if you the good cells good selling good real estate is helping buyers and sellers make decisions that are in their best interest and they're going to be glad that they made once they made them it's not always easy it's not always a decision they want to make but it's a decision it's in their best interest based on what their motivation is and what they want so first off I got to get on their side I've got to understand them if they're mad I get it I don't talk to her now click the hang-up I understand that so when you call right back say oh so I'm so sorry we got disconnected we didn't get us connected on up on you okay oh okay well listen I know you're not excited about hearing from a lot of agents right now I just wanted to find out when are you planning to interview agents again for the job of actually getting your home sold well I'm not I'm not going to talk to ages okay great so right now you're not planning to talk to agent right now or just you just fine and take that off the market or what's up what I'm doing is the second step in breaking the ice with expires and that is whatever they tell you you're going to repeat and affirm it okay we're not interviewing Aegis right now okay great so right now you're not planning the interview agency get now are you still planning to sell the property you just going to take it off the market for a while repeat an affirm right now you're not planning to interview agents great so are you planning to keep just take the house off the market or what's the plan simply I'll repeat and affirm them which simply means I'll let them know I'm hearing them now it does a couple of things okay when you that it does two things what it tells them you're listening to them two it gives you time to decide what to say next what question to ask nests in case you need to adjust the script in case you need to skip a question go down to another question it gives you some time to decide how to answer and the third thing and probably the most important thing is when you repeat an affirm what they said it actually forces you to really listen so it's not just telling them you're listening you're actually going to remember what's important to them when you repeat and affirm their answer so that's the second thing that you've got to do to break the ice is when they they say look we're going to go back with the same agent got it so right now you're just planning to go back with the same agent good for you so let me ask you this and then I go to the next question or now I can go to an objection handler but the first thing I'm going to do is let them know I hear you I get you I'm repeating and affirming and it helps them do that and then the next thing that follows that is once you've repeated affirm then you can go to the next question on the script which is what do I say next well when I ask them the next question I'm not talking about me I'm asking them questions identify how I can help them that makes sense now let me just throw in a little side here one of the questions that he asked was why do I say whenever they ask me a question okay for example what company are you with or how long have you been selling real estate or whatever you know what that's a great question and then I'm going to answer the question I'm an answer quickly succinctly and I'm going to go back into asking them questions about themselves okay so we're coming to with two great questions on with yes masters Realty over on blanket you know in Hermosa Beach so when you sell a house where you planning to go next I answer the question but I'm not going to dwell in the question if I've got a great strong answer for it that's awesome if I've got a weak answer for it I'm in other words they say so holiday mints on Bell State it's a great question this actually is my second year in the business now here's the cool thing is it if you're if you started selling real estate six months ago and it was last year calendar year this your second year right so my second year is my second year little say however the key thing is is that I help people like yourself get home so and I get all of them solved is that what you are you still wanting to get your property sold now I'm going to go right back into asking them questions about what they want what's important to them okay so I'll repeat and affirm their answers and then I ask another question if they ask me a question I'm going to answer the question if it's a question that needs to be answered I'm going to answer the question very simply very quickly I'm not going to go I'm not going to follow their lead but I am going to answer the question or I'm going to defer the question I'm going to treat it honestly respectfully and I'm going to go back on to a conversation that finds out how I can serve them okay now let's just say you get absolutely stuck let's say you're trying to break the ice with them and they hang up on you and they say look I'm too busy right now I've got other things going on sick and tired of all you people call me and these are some of the things and says you know they're saying well I'm going to go with the other broker and I've done this before every word I've been working with them forever and then I'm any said I just got caught flat-footed okay or they say all these calls are very annoying and I'm tied up at the moment don't ever call you know don't just leave me alone but why are you calling me I'm sick and tired all you just call him not gonna listen Alice right now and then he's getting stumped you know here's the most important thing the fourth point is is if you want to break the ice don't give up because the reality is some people's ice is thicker than others okay so if you take one whack at the ice and it doesn't break it doesn't mean I'll give up and dives first it means I may have to hit the eye several times to actually break the ice okay I mean the term breaking ice is in social interaction is typically in romance and guys courting girls and you know how do I break the ice how do I get the conversation going okay well the first question you ask it may fall on deaf ears they may read they may resist you that's okay but here's the thing is 90% of the agents that are actually talking to them after that first conversation if they didn't break the ice in one conversation they're done they're over with here's the thing if they if they either hang up on you or they don't talk to you look unless they're so rude you don't ever want to talk to them again okay and that's just if they're - if they're man think of the dentist analogy if their mouth is hurting so bad you're like I don't want to deal with that patient because they're going to scream in my ear that's up to you that's a business decision you're going to make who you're going to work with you you're not going to work with but here's the reality is sometimes the greater the pain that they're feeling which is going to come out as resistance to you the greater the reward is going to be when you break that ice to connect with them establish that relationship and you become the agent that actually solves their problems see here's the thing you've got to look at in terms of your perspective you've got to see yourself let me just do it zwei is if you want you want magic to happen in real estate is you got to understand that you are that's the wrong path you've got to understand that you are the problem solver and if you approach real estate as a advocate as a professional who represents sellers best interests that's what your job is so when they're mad or they're frustrated or they're angry or they're resister they want they don't to talk to you it's because they're they haven't found an agent and solved their problem or they don't believe agents can solve their problem your job is to help establish what the problem is and to establish credibility in connection with them to build the trust so that you can help them solve the problem and show them help to develop a trust allow them to see that you can actually solve their problem and that you're interested in their situation and their problem and helping them solve it that you're not just there to get a listing that's what they think right they make you're there to get a listing that that's not what I'm here for I'm here to help you solve your problem so I'm telling you guys here is the key to working with expired listings when it goes back to this whole concept of understanding them most agents come across as just wanting a listing how do you break that you got to understand them you got to repeat in affirm what they say what you knew means you've got to listen with them you've got to connect with them of that you've got to ask them questions that focus on what they want you better come across with that confidence and then when you follow up if that first shot doesn't break the ice that first conversation doesn't work call again if they're really angry and stuff wait a few days call a couple of days later listen this they had a bunch of Ages calling that first day if they were hanging up on all of them you call back a couple days later they don't know who you were they had all know if you've ever called again just be friendly be excited hey I just noticed your house has been off the market couple of days and I was curious if you're still wanting to sell and when you're planning to when you're thinking to when you're going to interview agents again for the job of actually getting assault I thought I had this conversation with you guys and I can't believe you're still on you know what I hear you I understand it sounds me like you're sick of this whole process I understand so let me ask you this if the house had salt where were you planning to go next I'm just going to go into talking to them or asking questions about what's important to them and if you just understand them and they can tell you they can feel it if you really care about them it's kind of like the whole thing of a you know the guy hitting on the girl look if he's just giving her a line and all he's looking for she's just looking for you know for a quick date it's going to leak but if you really cares about people that's going to show up and when you really care about the people you're talking to and you establish that credibility interesting give them time to like you and give them time to trust you more often than not if they're motivated they're yours and once they're yours you can help them get what they want it's going to always help you get what you

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