CAR TOUR: What's In My Car?!

by: Anna Elizabeth

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welcome to my car I literally can't help lighting it it's the world oh my god you see that like lights a night job of that

we doing a cart or this is literally probably one of the most requested videos on my channel you guys always ask for a car tour because I'm honestly in my car half of my life on a side I'm always going somewhere so just I show you who I keep for everyday life also if you knew my channel and you aren't already subscribed hello I'm Anna what's up I post videos one to two times a week and I would love if you stick around and subscribe the buttons down below or you can click right here I'll just wait I'll give you a second to look it will it'll be quick to buy now those without we're done well hello oh I'm just going to get started my car is a Volkswagen Eos and it's navy blue so it's a really good time so yeah it's a lot of fun so today wearing a hat could obviously see that okay so the first thing I see on this side of my car my car only has two doors so on this side of the driver's door I have a lipstick I don't know it's a very bright red lipstick I'm honestly not sure what this is from literally from half-melted in here cents more than four months a little hot out here I also have my camera lens to this camera which I think I put it in here loss high heat a couple pairs of sunglasses so I have these ones very cool really wear these ones a lot but you know I like them I think they're from punish me one if you're wondering then I have these ones which I showed you my spring break Hall and they're just pink and these are my favorite ones are from PacSun and I love them then I think that's all I have I have another work I have another one somewhere in my car but not right here people have this color pop lips you will notice I have a lot of lip stuff in my pro because I always put the one I'm wearing from the day and he and I never take it out Picon actually sent me this one and it's really good I like it a lot found to have this higher pressure thing I honestly couldn't tell you how to use it looks like this and I have this my cars it's always great to have I don't really have any other tools in here but you know this is coming handy a lot so this think it's an essential life thing to have whoo I have this like pocket if my car has like pockets this would be its back pocket its front pocket so I have this pocket up here I use it to keep change and I just play a bunch of random stuff on the top of it black choker so I was wearing yesterday and I decided to take it off because it literally like kind of hurts to keep it on for a long time so I got it from probably one have a flash drive um please handy it to have you know why not have two hair clips a hair tie probably five dollars in change people hates when I pay in all chains and I was like sir you know it's money sorry that I have change and not actual paper but I have paid in all change more than once this week I have my car charger so it looks like this it's just pink and I attached this white cord to it I actually puts the white cord on yesterday I have my last charger literally like this part up here like broke and so the you could see like the inside part but one day I was driving and this was on like my lap plugged into my phone and it literally like caught on fire started smoking I don't know what I did wrong but it started smoking and I threw out the window and now I don't have that anymore yeah my cup holder right here I have this cup this case makeup this is the one I bring to school a lot the strength of water and I have this pink straw attached to it didn't come with the cup but I found it I thought it was cute and I also have this pink velvet scrunchie I literally love scrunchies they're my favorite things ever think sellable and if you have my glasses I almost always wear contacts but these are in case of previous to our my contacts and I'm blind driving wear these in that situation like this so yeah that's my glasses I should need to get new ones they're the brand Joe I have this little bag I keep this in like the compartment the I don't know the thing that you pull out these makeup remover wipes tiny calm sent this to me and I was like them they're from the brand Garnier no it's supposed to clean your skin and take off your makeup and then I have this pink body spray in case you know I need to see smell better emergency and I have this hand train which I love you guys are smells so good then I also have a hand sanitizer this is Sweet Pea by Bath and Body Works it's great I have this NYX soft matte lip cream and I also have a chapstick and I also have another lip product because this one is more for like a neutral female like if I'm gonna not wear a lot of color and then book chapstick is just for fun and this one is like a damn in your face freakin fold color and in this like compartment eye insurance my passport which I don't know why this is in my car a dog his name is Jeff I usually put him up here but he was kind of like slouching over and falling so Jeff is just along for the ride and I have my cards manuals I have this bouncy ball and it has a smiley face on it I think that's all the important stuff I have and Jeff I'll keep you out here and that side over there I have these sunglasses and they're aviators I like these a lot they're a little bit broken and on the ground oh I have my gym bag is actually my dance team bag so I now use it as a gym bag because dance team is sadly over have my swelling here because actually went to the gym last night I always keep an extra like clothes in here in case I just random we want to go workout tablets and headphones here I have my purse so this is my Kate Spade purse that I love I have my wallet in here I also have two polar chain cards I got these from a fortune tellers as you will have unlimited money and life for you will be very sunny perfect two things on that your future life will be very sunny I see in it a chest full of money be free to spend it as you see fit because there will be plenty more of it thank God the two things that are always my car that I don't have my car right now are a blanket in an emergency snack I literally ate the emergency snack right before this video because I just got hungry if my blanket is somewhere in my house think that pretty much wraps up what's in my car video I really hope you guys like this especially it was requested a lot I just really hope you guys enjoyed it I see my last video go check it out it was a spring break clothing haul so you should go click that the video go watch it comment below what is in your car or if you don't have a car yet what's your favorite kind of car doesn't get rosten's video and I will talk to you very soon in my next video peace out

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