Norman's Rare Guitars - Guitar of the Day: 1964 Fender Jaguar Olympic White

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how much does a polar bear weigh Oh No enough to break the ice hey Mark agnesi here in the backroom of Norman's rare guitars once again it's time for guitar of the day hipsters be damned let's do it Jaguar come on back this thing's from 1964 which if you're keeping track makes it pre CBS 1964 Fender Jaguar factory custom color Olympic white with matching headstock and tortoise pickguard booyah it's pretty cool I must admit a little bit of wear on it's not a minty guitar but it's pretty cool uh shows now some honest dings and you know vibe if you will throughout decals getting a little bit you know little hairy but it's still a pretty sweet guitar man its original factory custom color like I said 64 it's an L series for those of you who don't know while these industry jargon let's talk about L Series 63 to 65 it's called the L Series because if you look here the serial numbers tend to begin with the letter L this is the laminated board version of these guitars you can get a slab board version briefly in 62 ok let's talk about that - slab board laminated board what the hell do these things mean a 1959 fender decides to start putting slab rosewood fingerboard zhan there why do we call it a slab because it's milled flat and sits like a slab of marble all right way thicker then they would radius the top of that seven and a quarter and put frets on it once you get into the 60s leo being the the penny pincher he was he realized hey why don't we radius the maple part of the neck and then put a thin laminate veneer of rosewood over top that's already radius to seven and a quarter and put the frets on it that's what a laminate board is versus a slab board just a little bit more rows with there this is a laminated board as you can see if you can get in there you could see how the rosewood curves around the maple that's a laminate if it was sitting flat straight across a little bit thicker maybe a slab board a short scale little brother little sister whatever of the Jazzmaster it's the most expensive guitar in the catalogue still is to be to be honest the most expensive guitar they do why lots of chrome lots of switching lots of tonal options up here you have what we call the rhythm and lead circuit if you're in the rhythm circuit these are your volume and tone controls for the guitar you kick down into the lead circuit and you have this series of switching what we have going on here is a on/off switch for the neck on/off switch for the bridge and then the other little magical switch that kind of gives you another like little take on the sound some people say it's phase I don't really know if L it does makes it sound a little bit different uh you gotta have at least one of these up or you can have both up have both pickups on when you're in the lead circuit volume tone controls down here on the plate like you would expect them got the cool little tremolo and yeah matching headstocks are always cool let's go plug it in see what kind of sounds we get out of it alright we're out front here we have the 1964 Fender L series jag you are custom color Olympic white matching headstock we're going to bypass the rhythm circuit just jump down to the lead circuits that we can kind of hear what all the pickup sound like we're going to start back here on the bridge pickup see what kind of sounds we get out of that moving on let's get out of the bridge pickup licks turn on the neck pickup see what kind of sounds we get out of that thing

and both pickups together let's see what kind of sounds we can get out of that we'll start off clean we'll throw a little bit of overdrive from the hot rod on there so you guys can hear it both ways

they're avid 1964 pre CBS under L Series Jaguar custom color Olympic white matching headstock tortoiseshell pickguard follow me on instagram and at marquette nisi check out the store at at Norman's rare guitars and see this and the rest of all these wares and such we got for sale online at Norman's rare

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Guitar of the Day: 1964 Fender Jaguar Olympic White with Matching Headstock! Store manager, Mark Agnesi, showing you this #Fender #Jaguar here at #NormansRareGuitars. As usual, Mark will be showing you the different pickup positions. For any questions you may have or price inquires please give us a call at 818-344-8300. So what do you guys think of this #guitar?
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