How to Crochet a "Floret" Stitch

by: Stitchinstacy

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hey guys welcome back I've already chained a chain it's in multiples of two and I think I did about maybe 10 or 12 and then I added one chain so what we're gonna do here is we're gonna make our florette stitch it is another alternative to do on a basic single crochet if you want to finish up the border of a hat or scarf or purse or anything like that so we're gonna do our floret stitch so you're working in multiples of two and I've already done all that so now on your first row you want to skip three chains so one two three and you're going to double crochet which means you're gonna wrap insert pull your yarn through you have three you're gonna wrap pull through two wrap pull through two and if you're not familiar with just the basic double crochet you can go back and view my video on that so we're going to go ahead and do that all the way across to the end of our practice piece here so you're just going to do double crochets all the way to the end and as you see I'm using some nice hot pink today kind of matches the name of the stitch it's a floret stitch and I think flowers are very pretty when they're pink so perfect to match okay so just double crochet till you get to the end now I've got two more to go

and if you need to stop or pause the video that's fun then you could pick up where we left off all right so now what you're going to do is you're going to turn your work you're gonna chain one okay and then what you're going to do is you're going to do one double crochet in the next stitch so right here you're going to do a double crochet alright and then in our next stitch you're just going to slip it so you're going to insert your hook grab your yarn pull through and then pull through that same stitch that was on your hook okay and you're going to repeat that all the way across so wrap for the double crochet in our next stitch pull through and through then in our next stitch is our slip stitch pull through and through next double crochet and that's just how simple de florette stitch is there's nothing major to it it's just a texture difference from other simple smaller stitches it just gives you an option to have a different type of border you know or it gives your Afghan that you want to do in single crochet gives it just a little bit of a personality okay so I've gotten to the end of my row and that's what it almost looks like a little of a flower fence to me but it has those little ridges up at the top and it's just very cute it was just a very simple stitch to do but it does give you a variety so explore with this stitch and practice this and this again is called the floret stitch and thank you for viewing my video and I hope that you hit the like button on your way out

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