Rainbow Six Siege moments where your whole team gets mad at you for ruining a clip

by: Kryoz

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everyone's going on it's me crouch just in case you forgot or got lost on your way to this video today we're gonna be playing Rainbow six but before we get into that this video is sponsored by Ubisoft and that's so I can spread the fantastic news that Rainbow six is gonna be up to 70% off and not only that it's also gonna be free-to-play from February 14th through the 17th so get on it and guess what if you want to get it on sale guess what you got to do all you gotta do is just click the link right down below in the description and then you can join the 45 the 45 different operators you can play in the game and the 45 million people that also play this game that's a lot of people you know else plays this game the squad that I played with the thunk and dunks squad the best squad ever which was coconut bra the Russian badger tucks bird and yummy and we did the pig slash band playlist which is pretty fun each team can band two operators one attacked one of the fence and it's the best of six but it's pretty fun and I enjoyed it and I hope you guys enjoy it too and I'm not gonna segues Yummy's the only one with the rank Rev bro mine's bugged ya was supposed to say bronze are they gonna ban call they're banning they're abandoning blitz but oh my I called lion I won by the way I'm gonna have to go with no band personally I feel like I would ban recruit if you could but now I'm gonna have to go with no band I'm gonna blitz somebody go finca please I wouldn't think ax for the love of God I'll go finca just for you nice do you like that yeah it's pretty good I went Jack oh oh that's good Wow come on guys you're almost dead we got there's no actual thicket here we don't need to think I'm Jackyl dude I told you it's gonna be okay ah I knew I saw someone dodge shoot back it'll work it didn't work yes right through that wall Kraus I just did I'm pink brown pinks okay let's see the nothing now

what are you doing you can't be giving them information on rural locations yeah I can and I just did well I mean you shouldn't be doing that see look they killed each other but I what you said you highly doubt but you don't know for sure do you tux no y-you don't exactly but it's a safe assumption dude how the fuck did they know you were there are they over here you me yes over there they come to the window I'll spray when they repel in don't worry okay okay epic epic I'm just gonna run out that so where's the Mira that's mandatory on this map on this objective I think most bedrooms have mirrors oh yeah this'll right here it's this one this isn't a mirror it's great yeah sorry yeah that's broken must been cuz you looked at it what John what the fuck man Oh epic gamer bad at the moment oh they were cheating so that's very true we did good we got to a photo I've never seen last literally never seen that in school but I don't have the glue as elite so and I mean that where you're on the bottom of the team went 22 and 6 okay get fuck everyone that's toxic gotta cut that part out sorry I did Frick everyone still toxic I love it everyone there on a certain count just start spraying everywhere that's a good strat everybody stand on this we can't move from of this pile of I have a shot isn't even worse stress I'm gonna fall off and I can't I can't mess up the strip I'll prone underneath had word that these guys are sauce dude this guy's not go on the fucking pipes right now look at this guy he's running he's zooming yeah that's what it sounds like when he running cuz he sewed it out of him quit yeah let's go on an adventure with me hey guys I'm coming along too even though I didn't get and invited hey John do you want to go on an adventure with me yeah and I can't believe that worked for you all ready for the squad for the squad all right cool yeah frost man so it's you for the squad baby for the squad you got him good I was about to shoot it I was about to shoot it all right we got the frost Matt by the way what you're looking at right there yeah you like all these points I'm getting from destroying things right now did I'm a thermite - I can do this oh yeah dude you're owning I'm a big farmers I mean we traded I'm pissed screens going dark not just God rip screaming noises that was pretty descriptive Wow this where happened right there thanks for the replay I'm planting a planting okay no I got a plan fellas oh shit I gotta I tried to shoot it before I got a playground I know but I can hear okay that's cool in this bathtub with me though okay wait wait wait only get the bathtub alright bad you're gonna have to do everything that's wrong because we're all don't pour that weird Edward Edward Edward I'm in the office I'm very nervous my god they're right there in the other room oh no oh no this is scary I'm just trying to join that I don't even want to know what happened in this bathroom what what it was a massacre amen are you just follow hear me I'm not this guy's weird where'd he go I'm scared it's oddly quiet in here and here injured one he's dead dude you'll be stay quiet the entire times if they find you I think she saw yeah I think they want a knife fight I'm down dude I'm down all so I'm gonna shoot everybody outside this again coconut owner mine's a smiley face this time but your I thought you're making a non-disclosed phallic object no I would never do that I'm still alive I got an aquarium both in aquarium going to pose wait hold up turn around again that's a summary type photo right there oh shit ah oh they were knifing hey Monty I'd ask you found a bitch ah fresh switch your bed are you guys I don't even mind that I stole about a kill over there just going to kill no no that was somebody else you got the wrong guy man oh they know where I am they know where I am they know where I am but they don't know who I am it's about yep that's a bug my flash didn't kill him give me behind the hookah counter used to your left your trial ooh well you can't beat that you can't beat the forum no it's impossible I don't even know why you piqued him he's got a p90 and four arms just rush rush her she's blighted shit cryos get her get her she's blind so I traded nice you won you won I did we see this killcam I fucking went in there being yelled at which I like by the way I love this my favorite part of this whole experience so far and that doesn't just show the down guy that's what I sound like yeah you know what's your point all right watch this watch this I'm getting in there get in there okay I'm watching great insertion great insertion oh I just miss hard right it's all laser dot the pressure when to die in three seven just kidding bitch I'm gonna kill you I don't know where you are oh no shit homeboy yeah you get him Coco Oh what hits harder than a sledgehammer Oh calves pistol there it is Doc's forearms get you with his forearms title speak would it just be me Dee whack knuckle oh shit where's yet hard left hard left yeah it's gonna be a 90 degree left on the other balcony that was an accurate call-out Wow very accurate she's going back to the tip to the door above it's okay I got a p9 you using me about it don't worry about it might as well be an LMG prions with a carry oh yeah Oh what the fuck I have 12 ghosts Megan somebody come with an impact I got a really cool strat here he hit me with an impact like oh not what I thought you meant Oh Oh got him coming in I thought they were the other bike race why are they killing me oh my god what the fuck this guy's it's a goodness I was a distraction I did help after all checking cams checking cams oh I see him right there where yeah they're so attractive somebody's for us before me tattooed only does grip strength exercises we've wanted with 25 kills on our top two players and there it is a new game mode may be a better person the pick man I know I feel like I'm just better at the game now gotta to the thumbkin dunk squad 4k every coconut bra yummy tucks bird Russian badger I appreciate it once again if you guys do want to play Rainbow six for free if it's free from the 14th to the 17th and also up to 10% off if you want to click the link down below join the 45 join the 45 million people playing this game and you can play is 45 different operators in the game tons of variety it's great do it why are you not doing it you stop and click the way you might and click the link please click the link in this video



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