BeamNG Drive Creations : DESTRUCTION ARENA! (BeamNG Drive Crashes)

by: Olli43

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whoa oh this is a steep ramp lady gentleman holding crowd are we are gonna go so fast I don't know what's at the bottom that might be an issue welcome ladies and gentlemen you beautiful beautiful the intent today we take a look at this this is death for three oh my god this looks incredible so as you can see this is amazing this is loads of different things for us to crush our car with as you can see look how small I am as the car and this is a complete crazy absolutely insane park with different things to try out to destroy your car so we got like some stairs there we've got like a wavy fear we got a full down this thing and then get killed by that thing we've got all of these different surprise holes water some weird things that one's got containers in it this one has nothing in it this one has something else in it as you can see it's just crazy crazy crazy we got one thing there some more things over here so there's so much to try out today I'm so looking forward to if you enjoy this video remember to hit the like button subscribe all that good stuff or whatever look at these oh so much shenanigans going on ah but yeah I hope you guys enjoy the video but let's get into it okay so the first thing I'm feeling is the staircase the red container staircase you saw at the beginning the video I'm just going to go for it I'm not even gonna hesitate here we go wish me luck whoa whoa oh my oh oh my god are we even gonna get past like the fourth one no okay without that we need a bigger run-up clearly so let's reverse a little bit actually should we just do one of these random ones that's the beauty of this here we go whoo all right wish me luck oh snap oh snap a zoom out a little bit Oh Oh slow crunch slow motion this is a hundred percent slower the real time oh my god are we really going to try and fit in that hole oh here we go Oh oh my god whoa man we might actually fit through that gap let's speed it up a little bit eight times so in real time real time oh oh man it's close okay let's go for another one let's go for I want to try this staircase again actually so here we go I'm gonna try doing a bit of a turn as we get off there we go that's better oh my word Oh oh my this is a long staircase by the way so if we aah I would like to get a lot further well have one more go then we'll try something different let's go for a massive run-up all the way back here so this will be good right okay yeah you thought I was gonna fall off right here we go maximum speed now okay wish me luck we're gonna the goal is to reach the bottom of the staircase here we go whoa oh boy we've got another staircase as well we should check that as well oh boy ha all the crunch oh oh we didn't really get that much further but damn let's try this one to the right here then I want to try like the wheelie the wooden one okay so this one's the one with the containers and we've actually ninja through the entire thing okay we almost ninja through the entire thing let's give that another go this is quite good actually hope I am alright see how far we can get down oh my god is so good watching all the destruction The Vic was just crumple crumple up or not we're still going no we're still going golf we got to the bottom now be amazing Oh Oh a little tumble let's zoom out a little bit we're a bit close ouch Oh I'm actually almost a ball now oh oh this is golden we might actually get to the bottom that oh I thought what was it then here we go oh we're on fire we're on fire are we gonna make to the bomb yours we made it girls that's amazing oh we're gonna land on the ground pit shelf oh oh okay let's try the one on the left here that one looks kind of interesting then we'll try the squiggly thing war oh okay I kind of forgot this has nothing in this is just a complete plummet down to earth although there is stuff at the bomb Oh oh my god I want to do that again this time we're doing it in first-person be ready for this you ready you ready here we go whoa oh all that made me feel a little bit sick then oh we're not gonna see our death oh no wait can I use the mouse to look around oh oh oh my god that's really good I think I actually survived though I'm not even gonna lie I think I I mean I wouldn't have survived cuz I would have been crimped like crushed and destroyed by the ground but I didn't get impaled so that's good alright let's try out the that was pretty cool let's try out this wooden thing here I want to see how far we can get now I'm gonna try and break all the way down be nice and slow easy does it break a little bit break Oh God oh come on Oh front flip tactical front flip that was all part of the plan and again on how many we can do oh shit darn you steerable you've got me again are we gonna end up in the water we might actually have a soft landing depends how deep the water is let's find out how deep the water is this is quite good okay the glass came through pass the Stearman Oh take it easy take it easy no no oh I think we're still alive okay take it nice and slow nice and slow nice and slow yeah no oh now we're doing the red staircase Oh crunch time uh well us we got there's this thing over this way this like little red containers let's try that out and see if we can get Oh I'm just gonna completely miss all of the containers oh no all the impalement let's go four times slower than real time Oh oh boy Wow and I'm gonna speed it up again Oh okay get ready for the crunch this is really fast yeah yeah that looked like it hurt actually okay the next one I'm gonna go for is behind me and I'm gonna do in first-person view oh no I wanted to go that one where are we going I got it wrong no oh this one looks like the streets at the bottom uh-oh I have to make sure I'm going the right way so we want to go there we go all right list this one I wanted to do I'm not entirely sure what's in this one the zoom out a little bit looks like just weird spikes at the bottom uh Wow we've done that one we've done that one we did that one so let's do this one boo okay crunch it looks like there's just water at the bottom of this one what's that gonna be like are we just gonna drown is are we gonna oh well we would have drowned but we didn't have time all right so this next one ladies and gentlemen want to try out it looks pretty cool it's basically a really steep ramp it's going to be really difficult to line up it's between these two blocks like it does give you a little indication where it is ah okay so we want to be nice and slow nice and slow oh yeah okay whoa oh this is a steep ramp ladies and gentlemen holy crap oh we are gonna go so fast I don't know what's at the bottom that might be an issue is it is it look bad ah all right guys so at the end of this there was a ramp so I'm just gonna go straight for it and then we're gonna check out something that's a little further over to the right which is three different oh god no oh god no that was not a good start come on recover oh my god the recoveries real poor no oh that would have been awesome oh yeah oh man that was almost really cool so we've got these three things here so we've got a just to show you we've got this one which is some weird blocks we've got this which looks like big blocks I'm not entirely sure it looks like it shoots you out that way and this one is really weird because we've got like these little stones I don't know if they fall or anything but we'll check that out so first of all let's go for let's go for the one behind us first so oh god oh that was close alright here we go I can't remember what this was oh this is the one that shoots out okay this is fine we can manage this oh okay now we're going off on a magical journey look out flat we have streamlined the vehicle that's what the technical term oh yeah yeah that was rolling through the flap hey where'd the ball go though it's a lie all right so let's check out the second one the second one was like weird blocks and then we'll do the stone one here we go oh oh out yeah so we had the blocks all them in the tetris pieces oh we're spinning and then the container which we're gonna ah ouch oh my God look at that man the damage oh and now we're gonna plummet to the ground this is fairly normal now you guys are used to seeing it oh it's still cool to see it over and over again damn look at that damage though all right actually I've had a change of heart let's before we do the stone one let's do this oh we're gonna do this one there's a random contained a staircase oh I don't think we're gonna go very far ah ah yeah this is oh my god I'm not even gonna wow man I was right in the window I tell you what this game needs aids and gents it needs like a school counter would be so great it would but my wheel just exploded if we're really awesome if we had like a score counter for like every time we did something like we got like a multiplier for the damage and stuff Oh oh my god so you just literally hit into them it looked like we weren't going to get through but it looked like we got through pretty easily I don't know if there's anything at the end here no I think we're good it's gonna hurt oh no why not ah all right so let's we've done that kind of area I next up want to check out some of this stuff so we've got some ramps we've got some jumps I'm going to try and attempt this loop thing which looks amazing and obviously we're going to go down here so let's do that the only difference is I think it's a bit bought whoa boring I'm doing this one forward so I'm going to go backwards and see what happens oh yeah that's what I'm talking about that's the damage we want yeah oh ho oh we spitting wish the whole an hour on our back oh the Rakata no no recovery maybe all the recoveries real look at that ladies and gentlemen that's how you rescue a vehicle oh I feel like I should salute you guys's God at the end this is the end of the world as we know it it's him whoa whoa wait are we gonna land on something I did not realize look at me landing on a platform huh what what I thought I was gonna hit the water lies Oh kind of annoyed about that I was like - there we go and okay let's do this this is gonna be good gonna go a little jump oh yeah boy oh man that's so cool I mean we're gonna die oh man the spinning oh boy I am let's see if we do this first time it'd be amazing if I could do it first attempt I don't think we will but you never know hashtag believe all right here we go whoa oh my god oh oh oh yeah boy that's not talking about first home legendary I mean now we're gonna die painful death but at least now I get to enjoy the fact that I had an achievement and it was doing the loop for the first time this is really gonna hurt his face ah and now his life is over Oh Oh guys I missed out this one I want to do it I'm not leaving one behind all right here we go boom oh we got over it all does awesome okay I don't really know what's gonna happen now we're probably gonna die [Music] oh my god the steering wheel went through my face alright there's more round here this one's really weird I don't think this is gonna work I took a look at this earlier when I was checking out the mod and basically well I'll let it free to speak for itself but I don't think this is gonna work ok so we go down here and as you can see it's like a tunnel of rock now I don't think we're gonna fit through the whole entire thing we're doing pretty well so far actually ok alright I might I might be corrected this is angeling insane oh boy oh let me be right oh god damn it you hate you game now I said that it's not gonna work it's gonna work perfectly and you guys are going to say this is the best one I hate my life this is literally my life oh this is not gonna work man it's gonna be pretty stupid and I made it all the way through I mean now is really cool but still that was look at that three more over here and then I think we've pretty much done it all I think anyway um oh yeah that's yep um okay don't know what happen there we just pretend that didn't happen it's fine I don't know what's in these I haven't looked but maybe that's good so here we go is the first one okay no idea what's going on here looks like we're moving into a different oh no is it one of those yeah it's as Zed or Z is zigzag of awesome destruction and now the water look at that look at this I keep saying it but like a pancake FLOTUS oh no oh damn okay that was pretty damn cool check out the next one I think there's two here or three that's two all right there we go let's check out the next one and then we've pretty much done it well I think good Oh graceful okay so what's this one is it similar to the last one it looks fairly similar oh look at that laughing oh I mean him I mean I was close oh oh oh that was pretty cool that worked out that that was paint all right I'm going through the ones we've missed so far and I actually missed this one so let's give this one a go this one's just a load of our crosses it says pretty brutal but I guess if you fall through one side you're uh you're good I mean you're not good you're still gonna die but yeah you get the picture I mean it's still really gonna hurt yeah so that was cool we've also got another ramp so we had that one but there's also one here and I think this one that we're gonna go on is actually steeper so let's give this a go we've also got some stuff over there so here we go nice and easy let's get the angle nice and right cuz if you mess up the angle you're gonna you're gonna do fine no if you mess up the angle you're not gonna do fine oh and I messed up oh that's super awesome oh man that would have been epic oh I gotta try that again

okay let's try it again that was pretty gross I almost did the whole thing backwards that would have been awesome man okay so let's see if we can line up perfectly let that the average okay ah that's so annoying oh my god you deserve this oh my couch and yeah there we go noise oh we did it okay all right Wow look at this speed keep it on the speed counter 180 190 200 my god that was cool okay so we got a couple of ramps over here so let's do this one yeah let's do this one here we go just gonna plow straight down here we go ah oh yeah man that wasn't actually too bad that was alright uh I mean I thought there was more of it I'll be honest but it look hmm you guys yep alright so whoa okay we're going down this ramp let me see mugging oh god no whoa oh oh oh oh no what a night oh don't get a die [Music] hi guys I hope you enjoyed this video that's pretty much everything here if you want to see more of beamng drive em - hit the like button subscribe all that good stuff I'm gonna finish up with the red staircase because I think it was the most iconic of all of it and yeah thanks for watching but here we go let's see how far we can get let's see if we can get a little bit further what I don't know what happened we got a replicate that somehow I want to see it in slow motion here we go oh wow okay four times slower than we'll talk I know okay four times slower look at that no we're screwed alright we're gonna replicate what just happened all the crunch oh oh go oh my god yeah thanks for watching and take care bye work here we go here we go ready your helicopter that your own helicopters gonna kill you here we go oh that was good oh I gotta do that again wait for it

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