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what up what up so it's K we're back another NBA 2k16 career guys it's back in your guys's lives so for a little recap of my other 2k episodes for all you people that haven't seen it is I was drafted by the Phoenix Suns I was a late pick as I was short and you know not teams don't want to drive to short player guys the Phoenix Suns took a chance but after a year with them I left and I went to the Knicks to start a big three with Melo and porzingis so I guess I'm not a big three since before Zynga sandai are not solidified yet but we're planning on becoming in next big three so now we are in the all-star break after the Knicks and I have dominated teams and I was nominated for the three-point competition the rising stars obviously but yes I was also voted into the all-star game which is truly crazy considering all the good guards that are in the league but now let's look at our text messages real quick and now let's get into the game see see sparking me up I'm just not gonna listen to her because she's a little thought um what else we got on here um skull oh I'm on a billboard for the all-star game haha I get it yes all-stars stars I get it I'm a consolation but it looks kind of lame let's be serious why don't you just put my face up there that's better however I would never wear that shirt but now let's get to the Rising Stars Challenge let's get into the game but now guys let's get to the tip-off of this game we are the stars and we are taking on the elites and we win it so it's like our team is me porzingis Okafor hezonia and jum and Johnson Stanley Johnson that is pick and roll with porzingis has word teammates and look at that team chemistry leading the two points good start however the leads obviously have quite a good squad as well so it will be a good game porzingis a little catch and shoot and he cashes the three five to two outlet pass by Stanley Yelnats alright we're trying to find someone open we're at the top of the arc who is going with a little pick-and-roll but Stanley on the trailer makes the to we makes the layup top of the right-wing guys were sizing up mudiay he does not want it and crossover walk broken ankles all soon and we make the bucket that man needs ankle insurance it up State Farm bro ankle now 11 2-6 earlies china sighs uh porzingis I see though I'm in the pin and bow number you are not going to make a bucket best break don't worry I see you his own yeah and great layup get me the assist early dribbling right back up court after getting rejected we're playing great defense I see the pic I go underneath oh my god early cannot make an early bucket as we're strapping the man up he's just going back and forth he's going with little pick and roll we go underneath again and we aren't here Sims passes it back out too early and once again no boy as we get another block and this looks like deja vu I see whose onea let's make a little repeat play okay maybe now he misses the shot but still a pretty nasty block oh god this early guy doesn't want it we're gonna both well size up behind the back and bow I don't get down this early guys I don't even feel like he deserves to be in the game no offense everyone else is balling out other than him he passes to call us any towns shootin porzingis his face and that is a 2 off of the left corner to bringing a double-team now wait for porzingis to move he is not I try to split the double-team however I turn the ball over mudiay driving to the basket shoots the two and misses good recovery by our team fast break to UM one low bounce fest and Stanley Johnson with it and one not the top of the right winger bring another double team but once again another turnover I really got to work on not turn the ball over guys and Daniel Russel draws the foul and after that second turnover the coach decides to sub me out however I do come back in in the second quarters resolve of trying to get open we're starting the second passes it to me at the top of the right wing I shoot the tray and I miss but hey guys we will get our shot to drop we just got to get some shots up another three trying to get on rhythm and another miss guys what's going on with me it's kind of a comedy a drumming up court I pluck it loose I get this steel looking for an open guy stop at the right corner and back oh my god but it's all good porzingis was right there but still guys I gotta make my shots I can't allow my teammates to bail me out just like that no all right porzingis I got you I won't make you have to work that hard now as I'm making porzingis work for those rebounds probably three times with the layup 32:19 trying to get open trying to create a play cut on the inside I go for a 360 dunk and I could not get it that was difficult but once again porzingis if I'm making porzingis work with too hard guys crawling few towns pass its angel' russell he shoots it and that is a miss oh shoot two-on-one fast break i throw you and great Duncan finished by hezonia two minutes left in the quarter wounded with a little pick-and-roll both little spin move all shoot the in to Russell too much space and I make my first three of the game why are they showing an empty bench I don't know all right so I have seven points eight assists at this point three off the right wing and missed by Russell oh gods one on three not good pass it off to Sonia who's been great on finishing on these fast breaks early with the shot and he could not get it to drop oh god he don't want it he doesn't want it a little step back and pow I'm on fire right now Rudi a driving to the basket he's looking like the spin Lord out there Gold back-to-back spins could not get it to fall another fast break we're gonna try to create a play but I see my current teammate trailing for Zynga's look at that team chemistry though up by 18 at the top of the arc they have a big man on me he's clapping me up he does not want that we're gonna shoot that three and we are getting our shots to drop guys we are looking like Stefan mega curry out there mudiay is guarding me full court bad idea as I use my lettuce system to get right past them however grapes of flexion and great read by karl-anthony towns yeah guys I need be more careful with that ball but look at me strapping a mood not give him any space we even play it loose looking like Tony Allen but Ken Tony Allen do this let's dunk this down we got air up there plus we get 11,000 fans three seconds left on the shot clock we're both a little pick-and-roll bit after a few jab steps I decide to pull it and porzingis I told you I would not have to make your work extra hard for those rebounds sizing up mudiay got the spin move we lost him and we're getting swollen the paint making a layup clapping all mudiay they're gonna flow pick-and-roll I'm playing decent defense oh he got me with that spin though go spin inside pass karl-anthony towns gets his soul blocked sizing up mudiay once again step back I shoot the three n I miss it's all good though we are starting to shoot bit better now so after mudiay makes it three I have a little surprise for him guys you see that all-star logo let's pull up from the end of it and Chuck King we cash the deep shot I am putting on a little show case here with 23 points and 10 assists early German enough court great defense it goes a little crossover and he goes to the one hand footer misses it oh gosh fast-break they have helped so I'm gonna kick it back out psych boy with the spin move and windmill let's get it that was definitely the nicest dunk of the game sizing up the big man we take the long three however we miss the shot but we're gonna continue to shoot those as we are shooting pretty well now mudiay to call anything towns great layup by him definitely one of the brightest stars that uh is in the NBA today dribbling up court pass to porzingis top of the arc am i gonna pull it no I will not I go to the pump and I draw the foul after making all three shots off those free throws sizing up moody a wide open is Skinner and he makes the two off of the elbow great stuff so this game is all wrapped up after they sub me out and we leave with a smile on her face and we win 98 to 64 verse the elites but I had a fantastic game with 20 points 10 for 19 shooting two steals two blocks and 11 assists and of course with that I also won Jordan player of the game but once again guys this is not over yet as we still have the three point challenge left approved by footlocker I wish I'll sponsored by them that would be sick but guys the competition is pretty steep look who we got we have this splash bros dick me and Lillard Harden and Chandler Parsons I don't know necessarily why Chandler Parsons is there but hey he what he was a solid player so I'm James Hart and Chandler Parsa wait one of these persons doing the cooking thing that's James harness it's funny though cuz they were teammates and then of course the splash bros this is gonna be hard guys but let's get to it we are gonna start it all from the right corner alright let's get to it we missed the first one drastically however we're starting to pick up on it adds up we're getting on rhythm guys and the money ball splash now on to the second drag guys I think that's low overshot no that was good missed the second one however but we are shooting overall pretty dang well Moneyball Oh we needed that off to the top of the arc miss we got a make can we get on rhythm oh come on we got to be consistent fellas at least the Moneyball oh we need that we only have ten right now we got to finish strong though we got to finish strong cash buckets and POW get swole just kidding this has nothing to do it getting small

and Moneyball is and so that is 20 points that was pretty solid as we shot over 50% however remember what I thought this was gonna be good competition it really wasn't haha I mean look at it Lillard hits one for five out of the first rack and on to the second hits one a Miss a make but overall as you can see people were not making their shots we're out to the top of the yard for a little bit off to the third rack many start a brick so we decided to skip it altogether he finishes with 13 he looks kind of salty he probably in real life would perform much better all right and harden as well not performing too well either I guess they were too late they're up too late partying or something Wow come on James I know you can do better than that I want to win this thing but I'm still rooting for you buddy we decided to skip him too as he was not performing only finishes with 11 now with the Chandler Parsons the funny thing is we actually skipped on Kissel's just Parsons but guess what he finished with just wait he finished with 20 we should have watched but hey guys I thought honestly if anyone wouldn't perform it'd be him especially think about this even clay wasn't shooting well look at him breaking these shots and the Moneyball is a Miss and Healy finishes with 10 and guys my even Stefan curry was shooting well he was honestly probably shooting probably in the bottom two like look at this 1 4 5 for curry off the first rack that's unlike him that's uncharacteristic second rack not any better he misses the whole second rack haha like that's oh no no I lied him hit the Moneyball but still like I'm the thing is guys I want to win but I'm still brooding for the shooters because you know the shooters are making us look better they're making us look bad we're supposed to put on a show curry finishes with Sam with clay so now we're moving on to the final round however though in the final round guys everyone started get on rhythm look at little or knocking down those shots whoo that's what I'm talking about Lillard make those buckets he makes every single one off the first rack not the fourth rack he's starting to knock those down - good stuff my man whoo and now to the final rack guys Lillard misses when he's misses - he's still missing he finally makes one and he James the Moneyball he finishes with 19 I'm up next guys over shot completely but hey don't worry we just have a little jitters that we had to shake off of it and we're starting to hit these buttons starting to hit those trades off to the second get on rhythm guys we're knocking these down okay Ally maybe not so let's even get on rhythm that's two in a row can we hit the Money Ball yes we can that's three straight we got hit these another brick a make oh my god we got to get consistent go we're always finishing strong on the wrap oh my god I completely overshot that I was a little confused as you can see it's giving us an angle from the top of yards but they're not even putting the camera on me what's what gives what gives us p.m. now to the final rack we got to finish 15:16 the money bull is misses with them is we will not win this Lillard scored more than me with 19 I would if I hit that money ball would have been a tie I'm Jillian Parsons once again tied me in the first round but he did not perform the same he performed pretty well but uh it looks like little will come out on top in this one as Parsons finishes with 16 so Lillard finishes up top with 19 I get 17 if I hit that Moneyball I would have tied it up but I did not in persons with 16 ironically though Harden and a splash bros perform terribly yes so Damian Lillard wins a three-point competition but guys maybe next year maybe I will bring it home and maybe I get nominated for the dunk competition as well but congratulations to Lillard he is definitely a top player in this league that is overlooked by plenty of guards but yeah guys let's wrap up the video here um so we go into the Rising Stars Challenge we put on a freaking show for the fans I finished with a double-double and some sick dunks and passes but guys we cannot show up in the three-point competition but it's all good as the Knicks and I are a team to beat so up next guys in my next 2k16 career is the all-star game but I'm wrap it up thank you so much watching thank you for all the sports be enjoyed this video please hit the like button leave some love down below in the comment section I'm out

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