I Found Out My Stalker's Identity

by: TerryTV

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today I'm gonna tell you about the time that I found out my stalkers identity now this is somebody who had been stalking me for who knows how long but I found out that they were stalking me because one day I received a text message from a number I had never seen before at first I thought the texts were a joke maybe it was one of my friends playing a prank on me but soon after I realized that this was no joke and this person was an actual stalker not only did they know where I lived but they also knew where I liked to hang out and they even rode my bus eventually one of the text messages told me to call him so I did as freaked out at the time as I was I still wanted to find out who this person was and why they were stalking my life so hard

just then I heard some weird sound it sounded like music or some kind of a funky beat and then I realized it wasn't just some beat or some song it was a ringtone closet I looked over the sound continued I got out of my bed and took a few steps closer every step I took the sound grew louder I looked at my phone again it was still calling [Music] what it was it was just a dream I woke up panting looked around of my surroundings it was just a dream after all I checked my phone I looked through the messages sure enough the last few messages where the stalker told me to call her never actually happen I must have just dozed off thinking about it wait a minute I checked the time on my phone oh crap I gotta go to school I quickly got out of bed got dressed and ran out honey you forgot your lunch not now mom okay at the bus stop there were a lot of kids waiting and even more who haven't even shown up yet I leaned against a pole and I looked around wondering who my stalker could be is it one of these people or have they not even shown up yet I wonder if they're even gonna go to school today just then hey Terry what are you looking at oh hey SID not much just um you know checking out the freshmen Oh freshmen huh more like fresh meat gosh I'm gonna miss high school too bad I'm graduating this year yeah that's that's great great SID it's a really cool I swear the freshmen get hotter every year yeah about that isn't your sister a freshman yeah just then Sid grabs me and holds me up against the pole don't you ever talk about my sister all right tic-tac I was just saying and relax I'm looking for another freshman trust me well if you say so he see you around Gary and just like that Sid walked off it's Terry with a t primates as the day went on all I could think about during my classes was who is this stalker and when are they gonna stop or at least reveal themselves as I got home I was taking off my shoes just then Terry my stepdad yes Michael I got it homework first game's second don't do drugs stay in school drink milk yada-yada-yada got it Thanks I quickly rushed upstairs I was gonna say don't forget to take out the trash I went up to my room I took my backpack off and just then speak of the devil it was another message from my stalker did you get home safely yeah thanks for asking how about you maybe I'm home maybe I'm not he you know you can keep playing these games with me all you want but eventually I'm gonna find out who you are I like the sound of that so I put my phone down set up my desk and I thought to myself for a minute then it hit me I'll call my dad my dad is not only a genius with computers but technology in general if anyone's gonna know a way of how to track a phone number it's got to be him hello hey Dad how's it going hey son good how are you are you at your mom's yeah yeah I just got home from school oh okay is everything okay I'm still gonna see you next week right yeah for sure I mean it's not like I got any plans anyway okay great I got a couple coupons to that burger joint that you love so much that's still your favorite place right yeah since that was a kid still is anyway dad I need your help with something okay you're not on drugs are you no dad I need your help tracking a phone number tracking a phone number what do you mean well I've just been getting a lot of texts from one of my friends trying to prank me and I just need to find out whose number this belongs to is there any way you can help me with that mmm well not a fast way but I think I can what's the number I've read out the number to my dad and he told me he called me back a little later I quickly picked up my phone all right I got a couple names here okay great the first one is a kebab pengal kpop fan girl what well that's the first one okay I don't think it's them next one is you know gasps I sounds Japanese but okay and the last one belongs to a Richard and Elena Potter's Potter's that's what it says all right great I'll look into it thanks dad after I got off the phone with my dad I pulled out my yearbook I looked through the names Potter's Potter's there's nothing this yearbook is from last year what if she wasn't in my school then I put the yearbook back on my shelf and grabbed my middle school yearbook from the year before I looked through the list of names and finally I found it Potter's summer Potter's gotcha the next morning I went to the bus stop with a smile on my face I looked around no sign of summer yet a few minutes pass and finally she shows up for a stalker I imagine she'd be a little more creepy looking she just looked like anyone else this was the moment of truth I walked up to her hey summer she looked at me and then turned back as if she didn't even care I'm Terry you're a freshman right I'm a sophomore I ride in the back yeah and sorry you're right let's just cut to the point I know it's you um what are you talking about loser just then the school bus arrived and kids started to get on listened we I don't know who you think you are but I have a bus to catch just then her phone started ringing she pulled out her phone and then her face turned wide her eyes big and her mouth almost dropped she turned back to me you know we're both going to the same place why don't we ride the bus together and have a little chat

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