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[Music] with all these guys I think right here is where the names your kids what if they're over here I see their bags oh there's windows windows of course these that are there let's go are you them oh Oh should we attack I was trying to squishy like them oh yes I mean Seattle starts for sprawling I know I'll go upstairs I don't see Rutland okay let's go attack as I hear it named ain't upstate oh my goodness I'm so excited they're so but I'm still so nervous because I heard there's a power okay let's go [Music] hey get back here

[Music] [Applause]




if you guys see just some dance moves will teach you some karate moves yeah oh my goodness you guys we are about to learn nunchucks from ninja kids TV it's going to be super crazy but right up to this video makes you go and check out ninja kids TV to see how they did teen crush it's gonna be embarrassing all right know how to do many types yeah all right guys could you guys actually teach us how to use it Houston yeah I'm gonna first demonstrate some warm Astra and then we'll teach you some cool


first we're gonna see what they can do with no teaching we're gonna teach you a basic budget form that's really fun to learn for your first time this writing position with your fists out like this and then we're gonna step out and go into a horse stance like you're sitting on a horse and then you're gonna put your nunchuck on top and you're gonna grab it with your bottom hand down here and then you're gonna spin down nice then you're gonna take your leg and then switch to your other shoulder [Music] [Applause]










[Music] I'm just gonna count for them and see oh look at they do recognition [Music]





awesome thank you guys so much for watching this video it's so much fun sneaking it down from the kids TV s studio thanks for teaching us no trucks thanks for teaching us the dance make sure to comment down below if you do dance karate

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