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so what is good on guys this is Ryan here and welcome back once again to some more super hot so this is getting extremely interesting now an Oldman I cannot wait to jump straight back into this and see where this is actually taking this because it's really evolved from the start when we fought was just some kind of game it seems like it's some kind of system and I'm so ready to explore it so here we go guys are going to jump straight into super hot and I'll see you in the game so I thought anyway ok whoa ok dis check failed memory check failed VR check ok that's ok Network check is fine oh my dear um yeah probably shouldn't look like that hang on new message type what is happening to me I can't stop Oh super hot super hot super hot oh my goodness you still playing that game I have no control of my system on myself super hot oh my goodness sounds like you're playing too much you can't even hear me I'm writing this basically to myself I can't stop thinking about the game I'm alone in this it's gonna check I knew it would change it to nothing but super cute you don't share your password now this I'm so blocking you I just want to get back in the game course is gonna change to super hot repeatedly and what's this dude gonna say back absolutely nothing and we're gonna say I just want to get back in the game it's not a game after all is it oh hang on it whoa whoa whoa whoa as she wish yeah we're gonna regress 'king this aren't we what the heck is going on here man everything sounds messed up everything is messed up man things are getting pretty down deep here whoa whoa whoa hold on a minute when let's go through all these what's going on here something fishy has just happened oh okay I am actually well this is actually crazy do we have to go through we have to do ourself what is going on we go back out of this hunt we actually can that is absolutely amazing I have no idea where this is taking this guys but this this is taking a turn I did not see coming so we are actually inside the system I believe where are we going man now we're going across some like columns or pillars definitely walk along some kind of bridge now with well that's definitely spikes oh my goodness um the system will set you free please don't say this is the end man are they spikes above the system will shape you yeah I think they are come on just let us out of here there's no way this can be the end though it's not coming down to this know something it hold on a minute so he gets narrowing our field of view what is going on we have no control click Pressey halt oh my goodness this is amazing the sister will see you oh my gosh okay and this is it leave this body press eat a hot switch into enemies Wow man I want to be that it's done up there is no way those us man yeah take a keyboard whilst you run it that is amazing so can I like jump out here and sit oh I wanted to switch bodies again okay so now they're coming for us - so we're gonna beat this tune up yeah straight in the face you're welcome this dude has got a shotgun well and this dude's got bass what with a baseball bat I'm gonna switch to the shotgun dude I want the sugar give me that man yeah so don't just beat myself up then wait so am i ship oh that blast radius Oh room service oh there's gonna be a lot more I'm getting straight back over here take out this dude in the back here reload throw the gun actually oh I missed okay oh god I think I messed up okay dodged that bullet give me that you're welcome there you go oh man I thought but on what was that what did that just say oh we can hop switch whenever we want let's switch to this dude then yeah oh I wanted that gun Hey so I do this alright I like threw it out even though it made his face explode okay then this is insane so we are now the enemy we have like become the super hot red enemy that took a turn I did not see coming I have got to continue playing this man this is gang or some under construction well is that dude shot yeah um well shooting okay I'm gonna jump either way I'm gonna get whoa whoa whoa oh man that reaction now okay kudos dude good shot nice try oh I can go down here oh okay okay I can I've got an idea though let me go this way this is gonna shoot off his foot now I can go oh my god there are so many people okay I'm gonna take this I was gonna wanna Spade man give me that Spade okay a hot switch to this dude this might be a good idea man oh look at that that is so pretty I gotta say that beautiful I was just basking and how beautiful that was now I'm dead I'm gonna punch this dude again uh is there any weapons in here and he's over there is it there is it pistols just here awesome boy so these dudes might be coming down there was a few up there but they just disappear suits me that's fine by me those dudes when I get out of there hey that's fine I'm being shot by a dude mmm it's making me very thing now do I want to switch with this dude or not I'm gonna shoot this dude man I think maybe we're supposed to go down it seems like yeah I've messed up so I could go down here can I switch so I can now switch with this dude here oh I don't like how he throws away his weapon every time I can take that I'll throw that at you catch that there we go and no one behind us that's always good okay we can only go down I kind of want to explore but okay I don't think I should explore if I'm honest with you I'm gonna take a few shots of these dudes don't get any then go Ghani I want to go through this here I'm sure choose a bot whoa okay so we can't actually go through Hey oh he's gonna shoot me that was a good throat give me that yes and you can do that give me that yes oh okay I'll beat him up now I'll take his gun do we have to keep doing this I've gotta be careful man I don't know any of these guys spawning behind me this is Oh Oh God oh he was waiting for me I was like he's gonna come any minute and then he did and it was like I know he slow-motion me now I'm gonna die it's a tough day at the office man hey I'm just gonna take my bag 5:30 time to go home Oh since when did security get stepped up around here too bad I can't take the shotgun okay and why didn't head explode not happy with this scenario able to jump dodge this dude punch him give me a gun and I'm gonna shoot this dude in the back there we go ah that headshot though I'm gonna actually get this reload take the shot there ready you are fired okay punch this dude here I feel like I should get away from this section shoot this dude maybe yeah throw my weapon about there catch this look at that for a strap alright oh this is so difficult this is insanely difficult man cuz when you switch you got to be super careful that you don't switch into a really obvious spot okay oh okay I won't are throw my gun at you might catch it in time okay shoot you I need to watch behind me as well though like that okay I want to switch to this dude here take the gun I think this was a smart move take the shot okay I got I got in with that one okay um where is he he's right there please damn it man what Wi-Fi switch with this dude I think he might be the last one if I switch with him sure but yes yes I did not think I was going to be that one okay so by switching as well you can also kill yourself oh man that's a horrible thought god damn technically speaking what we're doing when we're switching is were like overriding someone else's brain and our self becomes like a useless kind of force or surface I'm gonna start switching when we get to the very end that seems like a good strategy let's see what happens next month at level was freaking hard oh oh hang on a minute I think what is that that's the brain die - brain I knew it was gonna be something like that you are our tool now oh my god we will use you to destroy the enemy from within what like a virus or something do you need more details um let's do it man I kind of want to know what else is going on here okay okay um hey that made sense get to work will do man thanks Bill great to see you still with me I'm gonna throw my phone about there it's gonna be a case of throwing phones I think it is throw the phone there god damn it bill why can't you kill him now I'm dead oh we can switch with enemies I've not been doing that so I can switch with this dude here punch this dude let me punch him always shot me first mmm okay I really don't know how I'm gonna get what I can I need to oh I got it I got it I got it okay I haven't got it what I'm gonna do guys is I'm gonna switch with this dude at the very back here I think this may be a smart idea not sure though like okay oh we can jump through wait can I stay on this okay okay then I have not okay Wow I mean these guys aren't Schumi this seems like a good situation I might just stay here for a while and check you guys out well I'll be this guy at the back which will let me catch his weapon one two three four oh my goodness there were so many dudes around okay is this train moving too okay I think I just jumped into the track II I did I want to try and land all my shots here okay I think I may have missed that dude I got those two whoa whoa whoa choose a body I'm choosing a body thank you anymore oh this dudes there I think I'll take this I missed it I think I'm dead I think I'm dead hang on I have the gun shoot that dude who was aiming Oh Kate the might be one left hand can I do it what about vows to switch let's do it the cheap way yes I'm gonna switch for you and there we go I want to see what happens now because the last one was interesting and here we go again repeat after me mind is software mind is software so our character has pretty much become a victim to the software and it's overridden his actual brain head out head out what oh can I catch this don't mind if I do hey why would you throw that I gotta kill this dude quickly and okay I get it okay as I jump down catch this thank you and we're okay we're uh we're not okay so pretty much if you don't catch that the first time you're pretty much doomed all right so shoot that dude okay and the last one in the corner stir hey shoot me come on Jimmy dude Jimmy there we go and now I'll swap with you Thank You Man all right now I need this oh here we go here we go this is how it should have went the first time hey there we go hey tickets please oh that's the that's the driver can I swap with this dude swip swap no but I can jump and dodge yes that just works as effectively yes all right let's see where this goes one's gonna be another level or no it's back to the machine here we go guys repeat after me bodies are disposable bodies are disposable this guy is really getting into our heads now if he's not already touched no no scratches probably in our heads he's well in our head some folks a right let's go this way I'll get in this guy's body I hate how it throws the weapon every time man I could really do with it not doing that because of this dude here someone is shooting me very fast I could throw my weapon okay shot my weapon good shot man good shot I got to say kudos to that so if I switch with him and run very fast over here this dude's got a okay I'm gonna wait this out come on okay give me that weapon won't shoot this dude even okay right there was a dude right behind me then that's what I was very conscious of so I could pop that dude can I get him through the mesh let's find out I think I did yeah I got him through the mesh awesome nice shot so I'm not sure if that sound means it's more of them spawning no it doesn't yes we won another level oh yes so what's gonna happen now repeat after me the system will set me free the system will set me free this is getting very interesting now guys and one more stat one most okay so this might be the last level could it be I don't think it is man Oh sir shadow dudes they're okay right so let's do this again why bye if I was to switch with this dude in a second throw the samurai sword there then switch with this dude so there's two dead I actually need to go of here I think I think that's my problem oh come on man that fast right after you okay give me that there's still quite a lot of these guys so he's gonna come out about here if I shoot this dude in the back and switch with this guy that won't be the worst situation ever so I can jump Dodge pickup this gun here okay what did I miss I think I may have missed I'm not sure no I think I look at that sword standing up man epic okay I think it's just this do so let's swap with him let's do it in style again there we go yes oh so what's that what's the system gonna tell us now it's told us a hole a junk well to us anyway we've reached the core oh dear have they now okay so let's see where this friggin transfers to man oh my god we are literally inside the machine now you can see all what is that sound what does that sound signify what's with this white corridor I'm not insane I'm just slightly weird come on give me a break man stop categorizing me too soon this feels a lot like some kind of tense moment man this doesn't feel right to me I'm so used to the red dudes and all the color we've become the enemy in this episode we've got into the system and now we seem to be going down this oh okay the corridor was ending way way way way what is going on here hold on a minute repeat after me okay we're back to this again I will hot switch into the core what does I even mean I will haunt switch into the core okay we got to do something pretty damn fishy here guys something I'm not even familiar with and if you guys are too I don't know what to say because I only just found out about it oh my gosh guys the core the core to absolutely everything so is that what happens if we hot switch into the pyramid core why is going on whoa whoa oh my goodness so the brain it is literally the brick okay it's uploading I have no idea whatever whoa okay access denied we got freaking Wow okay we got pushed out oh they brought us out oh my goodness okay he's got a good gun I missed I miss yeah I missed we all switch with this dude he's gonna kill me now dammit you picked his gun back up he missed again take the shot nice good dodge it man well whoa whoa aah wow that dodge was sick I don't care what you guys say that was a good dodge and I'm worried about okay this dude's just literal okay return to the core hang on a minute hang on a minute I got some unfinished business take the core let's do it man oh my god we're gonna like defend ourselves off once we try and take over the core this is awesome oh my god we get further than ever wait for it wait for it access denied yet again okay we got more dues to take care of man I'm so ready man Wow well what is going on here oh that's been all could he have too good like that my head okay be ready be ready be ready be ready be ready there he is okay my let's take the core man let's do this once and for all this gun slinging man top dog oh my goodness oh good yeah he was gonna do that and shoot you boom throw the gun at you I'll have a spanner thank you throw that spawn with you - I'll take that and I'll shoot your friend right now there am I gonna him I know what a sure yeah shoot you throw my gun I want you're kidding yes shoot you as well I'd say I'm taking a lot of these dudes actually our night Wow okay anymore for anymore fine by me I think I'm as mad as these dudes as they can yeah oh okay this is the final battle guys this is literally it so no wonderful things are meant to get really intense here Wow Oh so I would just knocked on my head let's go right there shoot em jump dodge Oh God I think this might be the last dude as well throw that oh my god this is okay focus on the core II yes I may have done this I think I may have just taken over the core let's see what happens man here we go it's uploading come on come on come on do I want this to happen actually oh my god we got another layer of these dudes man this is intense come on Wow why did they shoot these two dudes hang on oh we're not the only one doing this that's an interesting idea okay that was a good dodge I got a dodge again okay we got some couple we got some cover no dudes there one just there there you go you're welcome I would much prefer a handgun to this I think Oh or samurai sword that works for me actually no no I like my weapon Oh God uh this isn't good there you go take that I got to run I got to run I got to run give me that slide shoot oh okay the samurai sword is extremely effective even when thrown no it's not look damn it oh man if I know how to hit that samurai sword won't be in this predicament now oh my god finally I've been trying to do this for so friggin long alright this says finish it so I'm hoping this is it it literally took me 10 minutes to fill I kept dying and dying and I'm please come on just upload please come on yes should I be happy about this I did something and it took a lot of effort whoa hold on a minute where am I oh my god so I literally have the power of these deaths oh my goodness whoa this is awesome okay this was so worth it man I have like the ultimate power now is that what is he's trying to say I think I've got it so it's at them all well if she became that frigging triangle thing okay hang on a minute you are still weak seem pretty strong now I killed 12 of those dudes they didn't even always go okay I'm back in the prison selling like this weird really weird realm actually so what's the dealio with this now hey you're not prompting me anything you're not asking me anything what's going on here I'm bit confused gotta be honest with you oh oh hang on a minute something is holding you back okay let's elaborate what is holding me back you must set yourself free right okay how do we do this mr. red thing red type stuff okay I think we did our self so there we go we start a sounds free and we're going into this massive obelisk of light let's see what happens once we go into it looks an awfully are familiar color yep I was just about to say resembled the exact same background color your mind is software oh okay that's a bit of a broad statement my body is holding me back oh I think I see where this is going now we're about to like leave our body and become the part of the software or something so what's going on here hang on set your mind free I recognize this scenario a lot yep we are back pretty much where we was before and we saw herself and had to punch ourselves so wow man there we are look at that for a time paradox you can actually see all the screens in there that's friggin weird man but this is us man here we are look you can actually see our head turning as we look around that's really awesome so we have all but one thing to do we've got to set up our selves three guys and I say we do have a headshot and definitely without making a pun with a bang so let's do this man here we go whoa oh my god that was kind of disturbing in a weird wave and there were just another red dude okay here we go endless mode unlocked oh okay hang on wait so what's the dealio now whoa okay hang on it everything's going red endless mode that was it and I got achievement called one of us hey there we go man that was actually really good okay here we go what's this well okay everything just went red everything else is going red too now it's going black it red it's gone black again what does that mean zeros and ones I don't know man awfully quite I can hear something the but hang on a minute one of us whoa okay so we are now one of them apparently one of us and we get to type one of us Genevieve's ed like I'm one of you we need more give us your friends give us names okay contact your friends using this phrase it's the most innovative shooter I've played in years okay now you're just trying to promote yourself hi friend name here you have to check out this game it's the most innovative shooter I've ever played in years good try man good try do not say too much whoa I won't I don't have a compile this machine do not reveal the nature of the system basically no spoilers for your friends please so they can play it and listen to what they said that's pretty much it translated congratulations you are now free yes whoa wait we just shot ourselves in the head oh wait hang on a minute we're now free to play support for ever play endless mode play challenges train for the upcoming mmm upcoming maybe there's more levels to come okay well we got some new things we've got recruit DXE levels endless challenges and Wow okay guys so that was super hot DX see if you guys - actually want to see me play some of the challenges or maybe even try the endless mode be sure to let me know because now that the game has finished there's still that to do so that might make for a fun video but anyway guys if you did enjoy this video why not drop me that like rating and hey if you're new around here why not subscribe for more videos just like this one right here and of course guys more amazing indie games so thank you so much for watching this video guys I've course hope you did enjoy and I will of course see you on the next one



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