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hello everyone welcome to the start of another reading block I'm coming at you in basically daylight because there was a blizzard in Chicago today and I got to work from home and I'm taking a little second taking a little second of my lunch break to film an intro and starts beginning of this reading blog and then I'll get back to work because my little workstation is like right over there but I wanted to film this with actual daylight but yeah it's it's uh it's known a lot and pretty much everyone work from home if they could because so much snow as what might expect due to the weather I plan on doing lots of reading this weekend and I figured I'd break that down for you in this vlog also clean are selling celebrating Valentine's Day this weekend we're going out to dinner tomorrow but honestly again because of the weather we're supposed to be getting heavy so not only through last night and then today which is why a lot of people didn't go into work but also throughout the entire weekend honestly it's the most snow I've ever like lived in before in my entire life it's a wild it's a wild thing but in terms of reading plans I got some so let's go over it so first and foremost I want to finish a vertebra which I'm currently reading in three hundred pages and I want to finish this tonight I want to film and upload my review tomorrow so there is that so far I'm really liking this is the sequel to ever the hunted and I actually think this one's better than the first one I feel like there's a little more character inks and also a more expansive political landscape which are all of my favorite things and a little bit of a spicy romance love triangle thing that I like sometimes a love triangle doesn't anger B sometimes it does sometimes like in shatter me for example I'm like yes come to the dark side and that's kind of how I feel in this book too along with that this just came in the mail my copy of immortal rain which is the final book to the fallen Kingdom series which I totally want to start and see how far I can get into this weekend I honestly forgot this was coming out this month I know I don't know how but I have it now I want to read it I've always read the fallen Kingdom books I feel like on release month so I want to finish it I'm actually kind of sad but I'm so excited this has it a super addicting romance and I just can't wait so these are my plans finish the last 150 pages of this and just see how far I can get into this this is actually shorter than I thought it's like just 400 pages so it doesn't think I can get a pretty good of the way through but yeah that's my plan I'm currently wearing like this snuggly is a I feel like I've talked about this jumper so much on Instagram it's my life I'm always cold but let me show you what it looks like so this week I bought this like fuzzy pullover from Nordstrom's it's cheaper than like a Patagonia one and it's like the cushiest in softest thing in the entire world I honestly like sleep in it I wear all around my apartment because I'm always cold it's the greatest thing in the entire world would highly recommend I tuck it in so I look less you know like an abominable man but not that I care about a large I'm gonna link it down below because if you're cold ever or all the time you need this this is the greatest thing I've bought recently I literally wear it every day but yeah that is these started by reading blog I'll be sure to check in once my work day is done and I can start reading but yeah okay yay hi guys it is many an hour later I'm here on the couch with Matilda actually where is she wait let me I'm just like where is she oh there she is but I'm excited to check in because I already have a reading update I feel like last vlog I talked about how I often have a really hard time reading a lot on Fridays but I just sat down and I think it's because I'm already so far into after the brave that I really want to know how it's gonna end so I was like okay I'm gonna read works done let's read so I started the blog I believe I was on page 300 and I had 150 pages left I've now read another 100 pages so I just have 50 pages left for tonight which is easy especially because I'm like flying through the end of this book I kind of set it at the beginning of the video but I love this one even more than ever the hunted which I really enjoyed its use of fairytale tropes and it's like nod to fairy tales and this continues to do that but I feel like it's a lot more political and there's a lot of like romance and sexual tension and all those things it's just keeping me flipping the pages and I'm really liking it and I'll easily easily be able to finish this tonight while I've been reading clays been in the other room playing and like a full a videogame but tonight we're taking it easy I think I mentioned a few times that there was like a blizzard so I think we're gonna watch Paddington which I'm really excited about drink some wine come out make clay read he finally finished a darker shade of magic and I immediately made him start reading a gathering of Shadows so I want him to tell you guys how he felt about her darker shades of magic and then I'm gonna try to document him in all of my reading blogs him reading a gathering of shadows and just any book at all that um that I make him read I'm actually making like a video series about that on my youtube channel so I think it'd be kind of funny but let me know if you're interested in that but yeah I'm gonna make him talk to you guys about it because I love it and I know a lot of you guys have read it and it's just gonna be a thing we're gonna make clay read yaa it's gonna be awesome so yeah I read 100 pages of 50 pages left whoo um and I think Clara clay now you're going to the good place now oh I also wanted to show you guys I felt like this wouldn't be a reading blog if I didn't show you something I bought from Anthropologie it seems like a weekly problem I have but I bought this really cute here I'll show you I bought this really cute t-shirt on sale it's like striped and it has like honey embroidered on it and it was $30 and I thought it was so cute like it's very summery but you know right now I can still be warm with like chunky cardigans and stuff but I thought for 30 dollars I thought it was too cute too sup I love t-shirts more than most things in this world so I bought this and a more Lorraine hull this is my kind of haul books clothes my two favorite things in the whole wide world so Millie and I are here in clay and we're about to watch the good place and apparently this is the finale for season 2 I'm not ready for this it's only February how did this happen I'm not okay huh we just finished the newest episode of the good place and that show is so good in the fact that the wait like eight months for new episodes just pains me Clay's about to run out and get us food cuz he's my hero and I just finished well I finished a good place Oh Millie and then I finished ever the brave and I really really really enjoyed it I thought it was a great game hold on Millie need something hair was I anyway I thought it was a really great concluding novel I thought it wrapped up the story really well I really loved the characters I thought they experienced a lot of growth and also like self-reflection and they had a lot of perspective on their own actions and their own flaws which I always appreciate and I really enjoyed it and now that I finished my first book already this weekend high five or go to 150 pages it's Friday I'm gonna watch The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills wow clay goes get food miss Lisa Vanderpump and yes and then I will try to start amore to arrange night but likely I'll start it tomorrow because I'll probably have a couple glasses of clay you're so creepy because I'll probably have a couple glasses of wine and likely fall asleep early tonight but yeah I'm so happy I've already finished the book this weekend clay you like to read fun fact play is back with the goods got the Halal we started Paddington what do you think so far clay it is very charming and sweet and kind and kind it's so cute I know I like it good morning Mathilde what do you want do you want to go under the blanket this is what I deal with every day I'm awake now I'm watching Survivor Mathilde has hid under here it's survivor time though hi friends the next day I feel like I have so much to catch you up on I've had quite the lazy morning I'm almost I'm on the season finale of season 12 Panama of Survivor yeah I'm still deep in that hole but I'm not to take a break and film as you can see behind me I'm gonna come to videos when I gotta get up today you know but I thought I would also show you my filming OOTD because I'm gonna have to change after this for another video but I think I'm actually just gonna wear this today I'll put it back on afterwards but here's what I'm wearing I have a never Lane gray tee I got an anthropology chenille thing I think Urban Outfitters has a similar one for cheaper I have my made well black denim uh and I got - solo shoes on which I don't know why I put shoes on I'm not going outside I think it's because it's like a blizzard outside I obviously cannot wear these shoes out there so I put them on you know to put you to wear them because I love them so much they're so cute I think they're gonna be like the perfect summer shoe I love a slide on that has a cutout because that means I don't have to wear socks oh and I'm also I finally can switch out my earrings me I can finally switch out my earrings which is so exciting I finally got my ears repierced I can find my earrings but it's just like what an achievement I feel like I have so much to catch you up on from what you know my thoughts on Paddington etc but right now I have to film before it gets any darker outside cuz it's gonna start snowing again and I'm gonna continue to lose light so I'll check in in a little bit huh I just finished filming and I started filming this blog so I could procrastinate cleaning up I think about putting my lighting away it's just the worst um yeah so I changed into this sweater to film because you know I don't know why I do that it probably doesn't matter to you guys but wearing different clothes at least makes me feel like it's not all just like films in the same day yeah that is then I'm gonna make clay come out he's playing NFL football on his xbox and I'm gonna make him talk about Paddington because I love Paddington but I let him play a little longer because I got edit over there anyway gotta edit the work never stops the hustle never ceases as they say oh I'm so happy oh these earrings though it makes me so happy okay I gotta edit now and finish watching survivor I'm on the on the final tribal vote for season 12 who's gonna be the winner just finished editing the video that I'm uploading today and I put the Olympics on which I you know it's exciting claiming to go work out because guess who's healthy or whatever so I'm gonna wait till a little later and we can update you I'm Paddington but plan on uploading this watching the Olympics and starting to read me immortal rain which I'm really pumped about so once I have more of an update I'll check in Milly's just been the best companion I feel like every reading blog I just have a shot I'm merely staring at me rudely from the couch she just cannot handle life she's just so tired from her workweek you know hi everyone it's a few hours later I wanted to check in I've started the immortal rain but I only read 20 pages cuz then I got real into the Olympics snowboarding came on and I was like so chill now I just really really liked it and then speed skating is about to come on and it's just so fun I love the Olympics what do you think clay because they're really really fun he just wants to go back to Facebook he doesn't even care he doesn't even care about Team USA only cares about social media to play on our generation yeah yeah so the 20 pages I've read so far the immoral rain are really good but I think I'm gonna just watch the Olympics for a while but yeah I love the Olympics play what what Olympic event are you most excited to while you're skating halfpipe Shaun White yeah that's pretty cool speed skating just behaving till really anything that has to do with race luge bobsled is fun yeah the giant ski think I mean that thing is the most wild look I say the Winter Olympics I was talking to clay about this I was like I feel like all the sports at the Winter Olympics are so dangerous it's like if you fall you're like landing on ice or like you're like 80 feet in the air jumping off of a mountain without sticks or you're pushing a rock down or you're pushing garage yeah yeah yes okay sometimes curling whatever but like the one with the giant thing there like fall Eddie the Eagle is freaking wild but clays and ice plans for tonight we're celebrating a Valentine's Day we're going out to dinner to a place called cafe Bob Arriba in Chicago it's very famous tapas place and I love tapas clay is a neutral on top of but I feel like this dinner will make him more excited about tapas plus they have sangria which is fun Oh clay also got me some beautiful flowers some fleurs they're over there not bad Clayton not bad happy Valentine's Day America Oh clean I meant to tell talk to them about Paddington we watched Paddington last night and it was the best wasn't it the good oh my god it was so good like for the longest time everyone's was hanging Paddington Paddington and I like still saw the trailer and I was like this kind of looks stupid like it's a kids movie and I love kids movies but also I was like oh I don't think this is gonna be good I was so wrong it's like so heartwarming I cried for a bear he's so cute and not in like a stupid way he's cute and like you just love him I want to protect his cute not from a looks way but from an emotional way he's just my home you just want to help him he's so sweet he has the best intentions and then I really wanted to watch Paddington to like right away but then it's not out on DVD yet so people will go to the theaters oh man but if you haven't seen Paddington freakin watch it it's so cute I cannot even read her I can't even say it enough it's so cute Wow the myth the man the legend doing what she does doing what she does best reading doing what I do best baseball video games and actually you're about to leave for dinner here I changed into my turtleneck and my distinguished glasses these glasses make me feel distinguished as I just said I wanted to give a quick update before we left I'm currently watching ice dancing you know Team USA but I read a hundred pages of the immortal reign and I'm in it for the I'm just in it so quickly it's so funny how I read these immediately when they come out and I always like pre-order them I get them and then I just like start reading and like and the first 10 pages I'm like oh yeah I like this book series a lot and then I just immediately get sucked in that's how I feel right now I miss and Cleo or my life and this is the last book I can't believe I've been with this book series sense gosh freshman year of college and it's ending and it makes me feel old but I'm so excited to continue reading this book so far it's so good I'm also very proud of myself I've already read over two hundred and fifty pages and it's only Saturday and Sunday always tends to be my strongest reading day because it's my laziest day um but yeah the Canadian team for ice dancing just it's just about to start and their favorite to win so I have to go but we're gonna go to dinner here in a minute too so I'll bring you a lot we're an Armitage Lincoln Park and I love this area even with all the snow it kind of reminds me of Gilmore Girls and has all these old buildings it's so cute I secretly wished I lived here ha but we're eating dinner here at that's for classy sangria spicy potato loves potato chicken 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final round we got an empanada that's basically gone in a beef skewer then it's time for bed oh my god I'm so cool good morning everyone it's Sunday um uh it's like 10:30 yeah 10:30 I've been up just waiting for the Olympics to start because I'm officially trashed for the Olympics I followed the ship Twitter Instagram this morning it's a real thing but whilst I've been waiting for the Olympics to start I started season 17 18 of Survivor yeah season 17 of Survivor the addiction is still real I'm trying to watch all the seasons before season 20 that I can cuz that's the season I really want to watch I think it's heroes versus villains but I'm trying to get as much context as possible I'm about to start getting ready to film a video I only need to film one video today and then I'm meeting a friend for lunch before I do that I think I'm gonna do a face mask I'm gonna do an aqua hydrating face mask because my skin has been feeling especially like in my for it I have some like dryish patches I've also been snacking on cheeses I've good created a very strong addiction to cheese it's over these past couple days the real thing but yeah I've got 30 minutes Lee a little big starts I'm gonna facemask and then I'm gonna get ready for the day even though I don't want to I just want to stay and my fuzzy pullover not put any makeup on and lay on my couch but I got a film oh yo guys and I gotta get some Instagram photos for the week quick update I read 100 pages last night of the immortal reign which I believe I updated you about loving it so far so addicting Cleo Magnus life there my life so definitely planning on reading more of that today probably later in the afternoon going into the evening after I get my Olympic fix in and I get all of my work done I need to do but I'll definitely update us at happens anyway time to face mask I won't show you because you literally look like you killed someone and put their skin on your face when you put these things on I also need to make coffee anyway now I'm rambling goodbye just kidding here's one beauty shot I know I look great very watching cross-country skiing Singh is like the most exhausting looking sport clay it's like I don't know I don't even know how to describe it I just know I never want to try it but till then I just watch my favorite Olympic event really savor it - it's a one where they ski and shoot it's so wild it's like true survivor it's the survivor version of the Olympics also this German guy just won congratulations Deutschland wunderbar I think I'm gonna pick up and read for a little bit now yeah maybe read another hundred pages whilst I sit here I'm on a Cleo chapter hi friends I thought I would check in I took a little bit of Olympics break I'm not watching the Olympics again but I took a bit of a break and I read it some more of the immortal reign I read about 70 more pages some on page 170 and I've got to say I'm just loving this book so much right now I feel like so much stuff is happening I mean this is a concluding novel of a six book series so I feel like things are finally coming together I have no idea how it's gonna end though but I'm along for the ride I'm definitely gonna read more tonight I'm hoping to read maybe another 100 pages which would mean I would read a total of about over 500 pages I would say for the weekend which is pretty good what do you think play 500 pages for a weekend pretty good yeah oh and later clay I'm gonna make you talk about darker she has a magic and make you read a Condor or rather a gathering of shadows a bit tonight with me sounds good cuz the frozen meats that we're gonna make it's a Gino's East frozen pizza and I was like looking at the instructions and it takes 15 minutes to make so we're gonna start it now though I guess we shouldn't be surprised that it takes so long takes that long really yeah it's a deep-dish pizza you know nothing screams the Olympics like eating pizza while watching it when you say clay it really makes you feel great about yourself yeah I feel old and fat watching the Olympics as a 23 year old here she blows it literally is a pie like I'm Steeve dish pizza I don't really feel like a pizza it's why I love it I love this upbeat some pie try this at home we couldn't find the pizza cutter so we're going with the big knife I would go like across like cut it in half the top chef knows plating is very important my got a bad score yes all right all righty I've moved into the bedroom with Clayton we finished watching the team at competition for figure skating the ship twins were great so what's that Canadian couple oh my goodness Malan Rouge it was quite the moment wouldn't you say clay that's pretty dope now I made clay go in read with me I'm trying to make him read more books it's one of my 2018 resolutions but clay finished the darker shades of magic and now you're reading what are you reading click gathering shadows how did you like a darker shade of magic so it's pretty good but it was definitely a book that if I didn't know it gets better according to at least Regan I would not have kept going like it was interesting and stuff but I felt like there wasn't enough world building for such a cool concept didn't it's a truth you're laughing at me I know you're just like using all these technical terms I really like it well but like the worlds are really cool and I felt like they really didn't go in depth because like I felt like I had to use my imagination for a lot of my understanding of how each world works and how each world was yeah I mean she definitely goes more expansive detail than I in this next book in the world but also you're just wrong in those books the first book doesn't mean no it was really good I really liked the characters and stuff but in terms of like the way you sold me the book was like these London's and they're different above all and the only one that I really felt that was pretty fleshed out with the grey one ghrelin it yeah and put that but I hope that I don't have to use very much I gather it's our London Eye gathering shadows we don't live in London a gathering if shadows have said entirely tell you like in the future I mean like six months in a teacher go hey it's not like the future it's not entirely in red London for the most part that's cool yeah bread buns messenger but yeah the new ones set mostly in my lemons you'll get a lot more world building where London's dope oh yeah I'm reading more rain as I've mentioned of many a time in this vlog I'm still on page 170 trying to read at least another 70 pages to 100 pages stank four sleeps how many pages do you want to read tonight what page are you on clay twenty-eight how many pages do you want to read I'd like to be on 75 really you want to read it 15 whole pages I'm so impressed okay we got to get to it check in after we read those my little potato Queen she reminds me I believe owns two together isn't that right meteo dad look at me side eye cream too she's the queen of potatoes and the side eye hey guys it is a few days later and I just want to do pop in and the vlog I'm actually going to not only wrap up what I read but I'm gonna make clay wrap up what he read this weekend cuz he read to cuz I made it we came in the bedroom because it's the most well-lit room in our apartment so I'm gonna go first because I think I have probably read the most what'd she say clay everyday so first off this weekend I finished up over the break which at this point I bleed I have a full review on so I'll leave that link down below but I read the last 150 pages of this book and I have to say I really enjoyed it it had some really addicting romance elements and the plot was really entertaining and also wrapped up this duology I felt really really well and I liked that a lot and again if you wanna hear more specific thoughts I already filmed a review but yeah I really really liked that that was a lot of fun and I'm super pumped for the next book that's set in the same world to come out later this year cuz it follows my fav character from the series after that I read over 200 pages of the worm rain this weekend Wu foo and I'm so pumped about this they're not familiar immortal rain is the sixth and final book to the fallen kingdom series and I am liking it so far I can kind of already tell that it's not my favorite book of the series but I do think it's doing a really good job wrapping everything up there's so many great characters in this series I think there's like six perspective seven perspectives it's a lot of perspectives clay overall in this book including my base for life Magnus and Cleo and I think I think it's going really well so far clay how do you feel about Magnus incluye they're your base for life yeah sorry I'm not your place for life Oh God so tell me how you're feeling how do you like out of your shadow so prior to about the setting we got some pirates book two is happening yeah so the first scene whatever chapter few chapters that what the lead female protagonist dies Lila lela lela lela you know whatever yeah hey we pronounce it she does something really really cool which is a really good way to start the book in it starts out really fast yeah pretty interesting and a lot has changed since the last one it kind of picks up right after it but like there's some time yeah so it's definitely gonna be interesting one has a lot more magic it's gonna be interesting to see them unwind it also I will I'm happy to hear that because the first one's called a darker shade of magic and there's really only magic in the beginning in the yeah so the cool thing about this book is that it explores on the first novel this isn't a spoiler or anything the first novel focuses a lot on just our main couple characters but the second book really expands the magic system he'll Cal has the ability to control like all elements of magic because of his power and that's acknowledged in their beginning but you get to see magicians of maybe a specialty in just one and that's kind of where like the Goblet of Fire element I always kind of talk about the second one comes in mm-hmm it's pretty dope this is definitely my favorite avatar book so far oh my god anyway that's the end of the reading blog I hope you guys enjoyed and I'll see you guys soon with another one soon

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