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so weird crushes ladies well I don't if he's weird but I love John Humphries when I hear his voice and that interrogation you know mind I've just got all funny do you like to say my mother is just powerful and he's just clever and intelligent and yeah I think he's lovely and then the other one is Wentworth Miller but I mean that's obvious really I mean you spent with me he's the guy the lead actor in pissed Prison Break Chris Brogan Prison Break honestly the the body of oh just oh oh ok move on from this scale very yeah yes yes yes um yeah Janet well there's some stories mmm not really there's some very very weird people on this list honestly you know I'll just be honest it's enough to turn me into a lesbian play the idea of fancying Piers Morgan I'd rather not rather kiss at Gloucester old spot piers he reminds me of a pigsty number 22 though Janet said look women doing well anyway if I had to choose my weird crush I think be a gorgeous gay man and there are two there what I call the yoy man what last right why why why number one would be Rupert Everett because he's the most fantastically bitchy got it I'm fantastic Gossett a great person to go to a party with and the other person be my old neck a next-door neighbor he's used to live door to me for eight years Ian McKellen used to live down the road for me and I see well why can't a little my fabulous he's a he's a lovely manage yeah I smell fun and mine is what only because you pointed out and I haven't realized that he was probably my little crush his Nick hewer from countdown and formally the apprentice was do you remember when he came last you are very able to speak I know he's very handsome he's very handsome but you know he's got a twinkle in his eye he's very funny he's got that lovely dry sense of humor very hot your hobby is on that lift my hobbies on this

21 and foxy is number 16 by him already met on the list of God's a man happy unless you're chosen to older men and you chosen an older man chose an older man and do you know who mine is because I had three extremely marvelous dreams about him and why so horrid Wow what kind of dreams were talking about no surely there weren't those kind of dreams actually he was just so lovely and he looked after me so well and he was so protective and he's loaded and he's really possible and he met Kira when she was about 11 my daughter and he was just so lovely to her and I kind of

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