SLIME KITCHEN: DIY - How to Make Doll SLIME | Sugar Cookies | Eggs | Coffee | Ice | Lemonade & More

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[Music] today we are taking a look at our slime collection which I am sure is a little odd-looking yeah they're not the most beautiful slime colors and that's because we use them in our doll slime kitchen what do you think I have too much trouble with the hat yes let's move ahead we use our slime to look like doll food mainly a lot of drinks what we do is make clear slime by mixing clear school glue and activator we are using a borax and water solution adding a little at a time and stirring until it begins to stick to itself and not the sides then knead it then we divide it over the storage container and add food coloring or paint to make different things this is our yellow slime in our slime kitchen it is really good for eggs and for butter here is some clear slime that goes perfect with our eggs so we take a bowl oops this one is kind of dirty just wipe it out right quick sorry I forgot to wash the dishes okay I just didn't wash the dishes so we like to take a bowl add a little clear slime make a little ball out of the yellow place it in the bowl and it looks like we just cracked an egg into the bowl oh no someone missed the bowl now we have egg all over the counter these miss can be a lot of fun in the doll slime kitchen clear slime is also great for a glass of water clear slime is also great for a glass of water add some plastic vase filler for ice and if you let it sit for a little while it will get completely clear and look great we made a light slime it's a pretty golden brown and it makes a great cup of chamomile tea on a hot day we add a little vase filler ice for a refreshing glass of iced tea make it yellow and we have lemonade this is so much fun because you can see all of the details we made the iced tea a lot darker with a really rich dark brown color for a cup of coffee and since this is slime we can easily remove it from the cup so we can fill it with something different mmm milk oh man but now I need cookies to make the milk we added a tiny drop of white paint then we added some beads for a bowl of cereal yeah yeah but what about like cookies in a bowl we add clear slime and yellow for two eggs add a little vanilla extract which is our coffee add a cup of flour which is actually cornstarch then stir this is starting to get messy but it is a lot of fun look it looks kind of like dough or batter I may need to add a little milk adding the milk stir until completely mixed and put it on the counter knead the dough get a baking pan divide the dough into small pieces roll it into a ball I use fine glitter to add a little sugar on top gently press down onto the cookies to flatten them and to push the sugar into the dough place them into the oven allow them to bake quote-unquote overnight until completely dried drying times may vary yeah those are totally not done to make delectable dull size sugar cookie oh yeah I am going to be making tons of cookies the cornstarch helps them to keep their shape so you can have fun in your own doll slime kitchen just don't actually eat them or place them in a real oven seriously and when playtime is over store the slime way until next time and you're done happy crafting [Applause]


we want to give a shout-out to Barbie stuff doll lover what ah all of the sugar cookies are gone what do I do now that's right we have more in the oven ah we don't much time but she did say baking time so very so Oh No no they're definitely not ready



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