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now another thing in Germany were a stupid science coat and your dad's gardening goggles sorry dad now Hughie's go i saw a funny vine i'll leave a link to in the description below inspire me to do an experiment a lot of my youtube friends over the last couple of weeks now I told them that was an experiment where natural fact is a prank involving these not then just just this no I was worried that Lauren would think again prank straight away but then I became more worried in the fact that none of them would actually sit still and do what they're told you go from William I yeah alright usually shut the door oh no that's so straight Anna SHhhh Anna we don't eat me like that and a whole video sorry I'd rather be like this yeah bloody hell you're a diva if you put on your blindfold it's like top of your nose a little bit not gonna lie you say to come over and then just put a blindfold on I'm scared and then made up a complete nonsense story about how I was going to do your ear and I are connected in it certain words sound different what you'll see certain words sound different when you're blindfolded yeah there's a sign apps you know sanitary faces you know what sign ups it's an eye to ear sign up to reflex another no order when you're blindfolded it affects how you hear things certain sounds some pitches whether they lie you think of something else but actually something different oh I'm going to play sounds or appie back to me what you're hearing that's pretty crazy so things sound different when you guys knowledge yeah I was surprised myself a howl doubled inward I should believe in that story so I thought I'd take it to the next level and Zoey got a highest score and she got one wrong blow you know Josh B is what's his quarry school your other half gym really yeah oh god I have to you have to be June I even got to shout our stupid hashtags I made up on the spot and do like a hashtag sign legal fingers I get how it had make sure keep sending your reactions using the hashtag hashtag sounds great yeah friendly thank you in sound ear sounds it sounds great it sounds good sounds gonna hit play using a hashtag hashtag it sounds different I don't you have oh oh yeah you hugging yet from here beggar you got it I'm a fat high five it was time to start the prank experiment huh coyote a dog dog dog a dog doc a dog knows a dog barking dog correct hey hey monkey Oh Jim I'm Cherokee a chimpanzee yeah that was a chimpanzee that would be a monkey or maybe a chimpanzee yeah but um see oh yes see y'all you going for CEO yeah well oh yeah yeah don't you buzzy ah see it's really sad take effect in your ears oh my god what makes that noise again be serious a better sheep farm sheep yes concept chief because she for shapes she that would that would be a sheep or a goat she oh my good with animals own good again a sheep is she asked by decide Nora good Adams that s your Esau sonic reflex mmm crickets crickets some crickets in the night time cricket grasshopper bat did someone give that wrong it's a bat it's a fat no which we hear at night use the bass are you kidding me it again again and horse horse horse horse lion boss the horse is again Oh what was the link did it again yeah wawk wawk singer queen dropping a penny dropping that is a coin dropping on the floor yes eater what sort of coin penny penny dropping what hi hey wait so you said 5pb or high up 10 fingers what school do you go to campaign that's someone dropping a 1p that's a coin dropping the 5p or closes a 1p you gotta give it out Jim what saw coin it was know did you record all these farting oh bloody oh is that the balloon is coming out of oh yeah car I'm gonna say that someone sucking change there nothing there blowing it art balloon that someone like defacing a balloon so I'm doing a TV went good shuts off no do you hit they're just thinking out loud it's not blowing their nose so waves crashing against the rocks playing tennis tennis tennis tennis racket yeah tennis Oh tennis rackets on hearing a tennis racket and the final one okay last one is really quiet okay the last one this is the quietest one is what really stand out but most will get robbed this was really quite like this and really carefully ready and asked what we're going to get done now it's the last one I'm scared you approached me

no I knew you shot annoying boy I knew so much about this dude when I stopped it oh so there was no competition no say I was like a beat bloody so Ella does anyone been in me only got one wrong it's a little faith I made it will look the whole thing's been made up I just wanted to add one you call each other so I'm not gonna get the point to all those good things like it wasn't gonna live she saw your subenoy yeah you're such an idiot I'll get you back to that oh there we go oh yeah don't ever come and stay off place Joey ya know that I hope you enjoyed the video if you did then please hit the subscribe button that'll make me so blimmin happy other than that I'll see you soon

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