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blew their huge is there any hours have all like 5700 of gametime work with the eight ASMR

let's turn in their fury get rid of the bonus damage thing that lets her shoot faster Derek's the beam the battle is about to begin I actually have a good ping that's 40 ping wish I had this all the time make know I feel like they should make it so that it takes a lot longer than just like one field I am may get at least six kills and have that indicates superfluity three to one is I don't feel like the inherent strength is the problem I feel like the fact that she just gets it as soon as she gets into a team well she has it all the time basically all of them time and it decays like super slow

Oh over there

there's loan on there

we've got towels behind now ruckus is just out there dude don't go out there the danger zone oh it's not we don't have a fucking heal beam do it it didn't heal me Oh most of the dead zone that's what it was I walked in am like I'm not void feet

he flick shot I'm not gonna be busting 180 flicks there's a hardest luck today

you don't have a dealer by the by three times more okay

don't like as well

show them their worst

it's burning

they're looking on me nude boys

killing freak oh he just you get 30% back on I guess no it starts draining immediately once you pass it so it was just in the middle of the drain

you went behind our corner dude no I press the right now is fancy oh my god the tree I pressed it like six cars sale the salt sometimes this game sucks okay oh this - fighting games hurt fifteen seconds remaining

seven-six to

god damn dude I can't heal it like at all

thanks honey now it's just the same thing that happens never lobster Onizuka team said immediately it's the netcode plus the 20 take great I just like I like Godslayer a lot mark 5 4 3 2 1

let's see the willow behind me

it's okay they actually didn't like waste literally everything I mean

you ever drive up there you just run always running a reset [Music] have no healer how could we do to walk on that fourth-down home

and are as adapts

[Music] our apps

but all the database

thirty seconds remaining

yeah that was all for nothing I should just respond back with you guys the same seconds remaining 10 9 8 7 6 3 2 1 over time chef asleep one

today that's that's the biggest issue that I've had with soloqueue Korea wood beam is that I feel like every or after cherish a lot of metal okay keep it looking running solar blessing aunt upon a-naught point up because they won just straight up don't land it or to their teammates don't walk in five solar system in three two one ultimate is ready I don't completely hate you

wanting to be

hang around the Rosie

q that's five in a row we've been a year

over time

escorts the payload

that's seven in a row

one down


where's my hits gasps I know where the hell she was it's night

can you open that little windows that actually work inside that little tower thing was Andrew all right it's like what I have in a room at the window - just up there a little the little tower if you're on the counter

Thanks on utile playing I just play what

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