Miracast / Airplay HDMI Dongle Review

by: Roberto Jorge

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hey guys welcome back to another one and today I've got here with me a HDMI stick with miracast and airplay capabilities now for those that don't know what basically this allow us to do is just to connect to the back of our TV and after that we are able to stream content from mobile phones tablets computers and so on to the TV itself now this is very interesting especially if your TV hasn't got those features already now about a year ago I did test out one of these devices it was not from this brand but it was with the same technology and I will try not forget to post a link for that video right over here this just to say that a year ago I did have a really bad experience with one of these and it was useless to say the least as you can see on the video just do yourself a favor and skip the first five minutes of that video now this being said a few weeks ago I was challenged to test out and review one of these sticks and a spot a lot before we begin the video they are much better still not perfect though so this week said let's go for the video hope you enjoy it and I'll see you in a few seconds

regarding the unboxing experience there is not much to it once we open the package we will find the hdmi dongle with a micro SB at the back to connect the Wi-Fi antenna will also find the Wi-Fi antenna with two connectors one of which is a micro USB and the other one a full-sized USB finally there's also a user guide but you will not be needing it at least on my opinion in terms of colors there are five available colors being the pink blue green yellow and white the one that we will be testing is the white model in terms of connectivity all we have to do is to connect the HDMI dongle at the back of our TV on a HDMI free slot and then connect the microwave speed to the dongle and the full-size USB to a free USB port on our TV and that is it and now when we turn the TV on we will have all the necessary instructions on screen so that we can connect any mobile device like a phone or tablet or even a computer probe our devices just select the Wi-Fi connection from the I push device connect to it using the password on-screen and we can now have access to this settings menu and in the settings menu we will find options as changing the resolution up to 1080 which is the resolution that we are going to use on these testings change the password to something more friendly to you connect the I push device to our internet connection change our language reset the device and finally update the firer I also like to mention that we just need to configure these settings once and after that any device that we connect will use those same settings so I started my testings on the iPhone 4s and the results are that we will be able to have a nice experience on mirroring always with a bit of delay so it's not advisable for gaming for example but to show off some pictures or any videos like YouTube will play just fine the image was very smooth and so was the audio and on the iPad Mini with Retina display the results were exactly the same having a nice experience showing photos or videos and also tested out the range and up to 5 6 meters we will be just fine after that we will have the signal that will start to degrade and the results will be much lower now testing with the MacBook Pro the results were a bit different specially because we are dealing with much higher bitrate files so to browse pictures will be fine as we can see on screen and for light slideshows like the magazine style slideshow from the Photos app we also have an acceptable performance on image quality and also a smooth playback on audio on the other hand a via bitrate files or more demanding slideshows then we will start to see some image frame dropping and some casual freezes that makes the experience not so good I did run to have your tests the sliding panels and also the vintage prints and although the Audi was perfect the image experience is not the best and we will need to lower the resolution way down to get better results and finally testing YouTube videos at 1080p it will play but the experience was not good at all there was some serious frame dropping and also the audio was totally out of sync so once again to have acceptable results on playing this kind of content we really need to lower the resolution way down so in conclusion guys things that I did like the most it is a great companion for a known smart TV at a budget totally capable of streaming content from mobile devices and also capable of streaming light files from computers on the other hand things that I did like less for high bitrate file stream from laptops or desktops at 1080p it's still not ready and that is that guys regarding this overview hope that you guys enjoyed the video if you did so don't forget that thumbs up over there my name is Alberto George and as always I'll see you on the

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This is my review on the iPUSH OTA Miracast / Airplay HDMI Dongle This kind of device is particular usefull if you dont have a smart tv with these built in functions. It will allow us to connect to any HDMI port and stream content form our mobile phones, tablets and computers to our tv. In terms of performance it actually plays great on mobile phones and tablets. Regarding PCs for low bit-rate files will play fine, but for high bit-rate files it will not gives a good experience at 1080p, still needs some improvements on that area. Hope you enjoy the video RJ
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