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I'm never gonna forget this interview bro that's good this is like crazy Wow okay shit okay what's going on everybody for first we feast I'm Sean Evans and you're watching hot ones it's the show with hot questions and even hotter wings and today I'm joined by young Sinatra himself you know him is logic he's released three studio albums including the critically acclaimed everybody which shot to the top of the Billboard albums chart earlier this year and he's a man that beat uncharted four and one day but how will he fare against the wings of death we'll find out today logic welcome to the show yeah that was like the most coolest intro I've ever been given thank you for those of you who are watching I'm extremely fuckin nervous can I curse go ahead pussy why I'm so I'm so nervous right now how are you with hot food I'm terrible you think I'd be good because when I was 20 years old I lived in my homies basement his name is big limbo and he's Indian and if there's anything you should know about beautiful brown people is they like their food very spicy so we ate a lot of like curry but I couldn't handle it so this is probably the first spicy thing I've eaten since then [Music] so this first one is crystal and even for a guy without much of a spice foundation I think you'll be good on this alright here we go let's do it [Music] alright so I think that it's natural to kick things off and your pre-wrapped days when you're working in the kitchen making drums and flats at Wingstop row yes I didn't know about that did you take your wing making seriously or was it just a job for you when you when you're kind of flipping it you kind of take it a little seriously especially when you put it in got a bread it and then you got to put all the different sauces on it I can't believe you know about this this is crazy yeah I love like the honey barbecue sauce that was my my shit did you ever mess with the atomic wings or anything no not really I just avoid space just like avoid a brother this is like I'm yo this is crazy yeah this is I'm sorry I know this is like the weirdest thing I've ever done but it's pretty exciting because it's out of my element I'm like a vet yeah when I go when I do interviews I sit down I Know Who I am I say whatever I gotta say but this is like freaking me out in the best way [Music] I'm trying to make my wife proud well that's a lovely segue because I want to talk about this great YouTube video that you posted where you woke up your wife Jess with an orchestra playing the Curb Your Enthusiasm theme and for the dudes that need to step up the romantic gestures can you talk about the execution and the ideation of something like that it all started when we were watching one of the seasons of Curb where Larry wakes up his wife Cheryl on her birthday to an orchestra and then Jeff comes in and fucks it up cuz he's like let's go golfing which is like the worst thing you could do to your wife I think on her birthday in my mind I was like man this would be so cool I should remember this because my wife is I call this so sweet that's you know it's like some Disney shit so I've kind of just clocked it remembered it and then set it all up and then there must be something about Montgomery County and rappers and Seinfeld because just like wale you know I see you what the Seinfeld T's and stuff and then you had that great line from growing pains where you say you see these Seinfeld rappers talking a whole lot of nothing do you feel a special affinity towards Larry David and Jerry Seinfeld and if so does it inform the music at all oh I'm so fucking impressed with these questions Thank You Man sometimes you do interviews and motherfuckers don't really take the time to like yeah so it means thank you um you know I've heard a lot of people say this specially Chappelle I think every comedian wants to be a rapper and every rapper wants to be a stand-up comedian in some way I just feel like my life is one long curb episode of a bunch of shit that's going crazy and I don't know how to deal with it

like oh yeah how much harder that's how we designed it Reshma anyone who knows logic knows that your rep Montgomery County proudly and I think that you'd be the first to admit that Maryland hip hop is a little under the radar but I would argue that everything about Maryland is a little bit under the radar so with your help I want to do a little visitors guide to the DMV if you're Kendra me yeah you got it what's the best regional food specialty in Maryland in your opinion I actually worked at a spot called Joe's Crab Shack so like we're known for crabs that sounds really says but uh but yeah like Maryland's known for crabs like Ben's Chili Bowl oh man and in DC like that's the spot that's where everybody goes Mambo sauce all that ladies it's really awesome so we're definitely known for that but I would say in Maryland is the crabs name one rapper in the region that more people should know about goldlink I personally fucker goldlink I think he's super different and very different I think his flow is weird and I think that's a good thing do you put Baltimore in the Maryland because that's what people do sometimes they go DMV Baltimore Baltimore is in Maryland Baltimore I know but in a way if you're coming it's it's almost like its own its own world and even the accents like you can hear the accents are different it's really funny I love Maryland access got like mogul haircut like yeah if that's like all I grew up with is this shit I love it and the DMV is known for inventing slang I don't care what anybody says like the term thirst came from the DMV like you thirsty or you this is that like yeah so they're really good at that which is hilarious all right please ask me a question I'd be remiss not to mention that you shared a complex cover with Neil deGrasse Tyson the people's astrophysicist and a proud fan favorite hot ones alum and then I know he played the voice of God on everybody is that the feature that you're most proud of in your rap career yes yeah definitely um you got to understand like when I first told my label is you that I want do an album about space you know for myself and where how everybody was like yeah cool well you know too because that's like I just know that it's so different and weird and even myself as a nerd I wasn't sure how people were gonna take it but they actually enjoyed it and I think there was a voice for that that's why I love it that's why I obsess I would love sci-fi I love all these different things so much because I wish deep in my heart that I could see where we would be in a hundred years hundred fifty years five hundred years from now what's your message to certain emcees who say that the world is flat okay all right it's fucking round I don't know man like just think about it like I've literally not to flex flown around the world and I can ensure you that I you know I didn't fall off the edge of it can I have a bottle of this mhm I'll bring it to my wife oh good mind you I hate spicy shit that's good I know that's why it's high praise it's high praise no all right logic so every current segment on our show called explain that Graham we do a deep dive on our guests Instagram full interesting pictures that need more context so I'll show you the picture and then you just tell me the bigger story whoa yo play Mario Kart on stage smacked lil yachty smacked him smacked him he was like talking all this shit to forever I was on tour it was my tours everybody tour and we have these humongous LED walls like screens behind me 35 shows I brought out somebody every single night whether it was you know another rapper and especially people who were a part of the tour on the tour fucked everybody up not one lost dog 35 and oh in oh yes because you played Kyle like when you think back he got sucked up to who was the closest who was the closest to logics level honestly Damian Lamar Hudson the black spider-man himself my boy my homie my artist Damian came out one night and it was one of the very last nights and he hit me with a red shell just before I crossed the finish line and then I was gonna go again and he hit me with another shell cuz he had three red shells that's the word and he was coming up just behind me hit me with a third shell and I literally don't know how we did it was like same time we went over but I just made it past them yeah he was fuckin mad he was heated he was thought he was the one and shit as like nada one more free logic okay yeah this is fun oh the integration station inspiration station oh that's what oh that's that's yeah oh dude that's crazy yes so this is in my guest house in LA man I've been like busting my ass at piano and singing and I mean really singing because that's what I want to do man I want to sing ballads like Freddie Mercury and fucking Hilton John and all that and then throw some wu-tang drums on that shit have fun and just make music for so long I told myself that I couldn't play the piano or that I couldn't do this because it wasn't hip-hop enough where it wasn't this or whatever dumb ass fucking thing that we tell ourselves to hold ourselves back and I was like now I'm gonna do it because I don't want to do the same thing over and over you know like sometimes I'll have fans who will be like you know I you're young Sinatra shit's the best ever or you know go back to the incredible true story or or you do more Bobby Tarantino trap shit or do this do this and it's all these fucking people telling you what to do or what they would do if they were you but they're not me and that's why I'm on high ones right now no but I mean that is literally the beginning of the rest of my career in that picture [Music] that's like rubbery pot mental health is an issue that's long been taboo in hip-hop and that seems to be changing a little bit and when you think back on past eras like with artists like DMX for example it's kind of tragic to think about how many serious issues were swept under the rug or at least not addressed for what they were and I'm wondering from your perspective point-blank do you think more rappers should be in therapy hundreds I think more people in fuckin general should be in therapy I mean therapy since 2013 you know especially people who are in entertainment regardless of what you do because every day what we do is scrutinized you know what I'm saying like literally there's probably somebody out there like yo he a bitch finishing all the wings you know there life is like a chill but no matter what you do like people are gonna always and that can be very very hard man but then there's some other people that are like nah fuck that like that ain't around here that's not hard that's not this it's not that and I'm like and my mind I'm like damn that sucks hip-hop was built upon telling the truth and being honest with yourself it is meant to be therapeutic but I also think as awesome and big as rap got it's almost like this tough-guy versus whatever like I've been blessed with this power and I'm just going on using that power to say like be the best you you can be don't throw your shit under the rug just be you and others are doing it too it's awesome it's really cool that we can unite and really say something special

I was fuckin nervous when I came in here bro okay zombie apocalypse [Music]

oh fuck yeah you know it right away mm-hmm I know I'm never gonna so last year you launch the YouTube gaming channel and I've heard you brag about logging 70 hours in a week and a half to beat watch or three as a musician and producer which video game do you think has the best original music oh shit nobody's ever asked me anything like that Chrono Trigger is one and then if we're talking more up-to-date pretty sure Hans Zimmer did like the minor warfare too but even if we're even if yeah uh no I got a go Chrono Trigger and then when we had Vince staples on the show he went through yo hey yo Vince what's up you got a message for Vince I got a message for Vince motherfucker when you gonna come see me at PlayStation you talkin all his shit you've been talkin to shit for years doc oh you've been talking to shit for years bro come see me in a Playstation because he went through a whole laundry list of rappers that he's whupped on and he included in either the creator and know Roger hey never would me know cuz we never play he said no that he could or that he would it's all good it's fine he's a punk it's cool you know we ain't never played motherfucker so it's you know what it's cool but next time I come back hopefully you'll have me back yep and I'll be just talking about how I just fucked him up are you hot like from the wait for the wings a little better you are oh hi the bomb beyond indentity

[Music] that's pretty hot bro mm-hmm not playing around anymore you do yeah God yeah oh man there's a fuck Musab moment right now uh-huh mm-hmm when you appeared as yourself on an episode of Rick and Morty did you write that verse or how does that whole thing come together yes fuck you man yeah how you gonna do that the last one wasn't like this it wasn't like this bro oh that's bit yeah you can spit take laps all right so I get to Rick and Morty no that's a year later all right so I tech III tweet tweet Justin roiland tweet Justin roiland I'll do a oh shit bro and I say I'll do a oh man I say I'll do I'll do a voices for any for any character on your show anyone and he's like are you serious and I'm like yeah man I'll play a fucking turn bro that would be amazing and then before I knew it we met my lips bro mm-hmm mm-hmm

take that lap logic goes crazy uh-huh BAM you this was like oh okay this is the prize good you know hold on and then you just feel like you got pepper-sprayed know and it's this yeah it is hot ones which is very good and then yeah and then you fuck me right now yeah yeah it's a tough spot to be definitely painted into a corner so I go to the brick Amaury opposite oh shit I know the Rick and Morty offices and we work together and I'm fine here's here's how the flow should go sorry this is very distracting mmm here's how the flow should go here's how the syllables should do this and let's get it up I'm never gonna forget this interview probably that's good this is like crazy Wow okay shit anyway sorry so I write it I write it and I record it and I send it over and that's how it happened Jesus how long did I take me [Music]

let me ask you something doc yeah yeah anything you want is it quite is this what's what's it like this is next one so here let me get let me put yetiz a little bit this one universally every episode is the hardest one so if you can get on top of this you can get on top of this you can get on top of this there this there it is logic I have the tiger I mean it's not easy though chewy shit I'm not even though there's some like cartilage so you've done things differently your whole career so it's not surprising that you don't have cookie cutter heroes you seem to be just as inspired by an Italian Renaissance painter as he might be by a contemporary artist like Jay Cole so what I want to do is bounce some names off of you and you can just tell me the first thing that comes to mind okay Naru are the human serviette this interview because it's the only other interview that I've ever done that can compare to the fucking lizardy that is that man I love you nard wiry the shit Mac DeMarco oh man freedom when I think about Mac I think about an artist in many ways along with a gentleman named by the name of Toro y Moi who has set me free man just make the music you want to make have fun and fucking anything could happen and he is one crazy motherfucker and he's one of the nicest coolest welcoming musicians I've ever met he auntie ate all ten wings let the record show oh nice and then I've heard you talk about that first meeting with Jay Cole he bought you a burger yeah he did buy me a burger you're like I'm not gonna like this can this like physically like fuck you up do I have to be like worries if you're worried what am i I've done this like a hundred times you know I mean yeah okay summer jacket on top of one let's go you got it what do you remember about that burger what kind of burger was it I remember that she was big as fuck I was walking going in my room and I just see this fucking tall ass dude and I was like oh man hey what's up dude how are you he's like oh shit has been forever so you'll pull up a chair pull up a chair I got you and I'm answering this question really quickly and it was great all right logic fuck dude all right breath all right so this is the last dab this is an emotive right I mean I'm not gonna make any promises but this is the last dab we call it the last tab give me just a little bit because it's tradition around here to put a little extra on the last no not a little extra it's just like yeah you know go high go low all right magic you've described yourself as a Rubik's Cube solvent video-game-playing married puppy love and motherfucker who can rap well and over the last 10 wings we've explored those many sides of logic and I know that you've jumped through this hoop before you fucking it but never with a trillion scovilles going through you so there you have a Rubik's Cube while you're solving it I'm gonna hit you with some drastic parties I think that you're good for two out of three would be shocked with three out of three what year was Jurassic Park released 1991 1993 1995 or 1996 I'm gonna say 93 ding-ding-ding-ding-ding he is 1 for 1 what did in gen scientists used to film the gaps in the dinosaur DNA calves frogs lions or spiders bugs ding-ding-ding-ding-ding that's two and he's starting to fill in that rope experiment one more how many humans are eaten by dinosaurs in the film 3 5 7 or 9 look at those mechanics [Music] the fundamentals [Music] damn five five five five five three out of there and I'm the trivia Rubik's Cube let the record show logic what a fucking trip through the hot wing gauntlet probably the most challenging wing 10 we've ever had but look at you at the top of the mountain and looking great now there's nothing left to do but roll out the red carpet for you my friend this camera this camera or this camera let the people know what you have going on in your life first of all everybody's talking shit in the comments right now fuck you come do it and then talk shit life is good I'm excited for the future I'm excited from music I was excited for my novel I'm writing for acting for continuing to live my life and have a fucking blast and never eating goddamn wings again maybe only hear a piece of positivity [Applause] [Music] it's not this into here yeah it's in your mouth and here's the other thing too is it has a half lips like whatever the worst you're feeling now is the worst you're gonna feel yeah and ten minutes would be cool but you know if you want to get um like a milkshake or something that'd be nice of you hello hot ones fans its Sean Evans new outro same message if you like what just saw throw us a bone maybe please it is dog-eat-dog here on the YouTube streets hit that subscribe button knowing that you subscribed it is seriously the only thing that gets me out of bed in the morning thank you very much hot ones fans I love

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