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oh no the time is important hey McQueen are you afraid of anything no of course not you're not even afraid of dinosaurs [Music] dinosaurs don't scare me in fact I think I scare them [Music] it's a dinosaur run everyone wrong don't like clean you are scared of dinosaurs anyone would have been scared by that oh really hey Ultron your sweetie are you scared of dinosaurs not judge there's Ultron get him butcher [Music] they definitely cool totally hey superheroes are you afraid of dinosaurs the dinosaurs were dinosaurs no no no no no well-proven follow me the Jason Marshall let everyone to eternal

on the other side oh man look at all dinosaurs [Music]


okay guys to prove you're not scared of dinosaurs launch our round both loops over the web and knock the dinosaur over if you don't knock it over you're out I hope you will walk your car's right let's begin Captain America up first oh yes well done captain you did it Raphael next oh no he didn't make it oh dear you're out now Ironman oh not again he didn't make it round the second loop either Oh ch one next Oh

he's escaped whoops Holley Shiftwell next oh yes brilliantly done well done Superman whoo that was close you didn't knock it over though Batman now oh dear what happened you're out wait wait wait I was in the wrong Batmobile can I have a go in this one fine yes ouch wait still using the long battery this one's the right one come on Batman just admit that you're okay mater's turn oops Matt didn't quite go to playing you're out Wolverine looking good oh no he slowed down too soon close for you're out spider-man next Oh No the dinosaur caught him you're out and finally it's McQueen [Music] yes he did it well done so only these three cars managed to knock the dinosaur over but can any of them do it again Captain America first yes he can well done can Holli do it as well oh no she can't she's out so if McQueen doesn't make it then Captain America wins he didn't make it he slowed down too much so Captain America is the winner [Applause] [Music] [Applause] [Music]

[Music] there it is guys the dinosaur and look it's got the crown okay I've got a plan it's standing by a ramp so it thinks cars will drive straight into its mouth but we can use the ramp to knock the crown off instead good idea let's get into our vehicles oh I can't my vehicles getting new tires don't worry Oh smash no wait Hulk you can't do it by yourself but he tried


almost got the crown but the dinosaur lifted up its tail or all trapping Hulk on its back oh no he's stuck spider-man you'll have to use the ramp if you hit the dinosaurs body it should free Hulk and the crown I'm on it [Music] spider-man got into position but he missed and landed in the dinosaurs mouth oh no he's stuck in its mouth don't worry guys I'll get help and he rushed off not too far away McQueen and blaze were boasting about how brave they both were I'm so brave I climb down trees for fun watch oh yeah well I'm so brave I dive down waterfalls watch [Music] oh yeah well I defy gravity [Music]

oh yeah well I I'm not scared of anything what not even dinosaurs especially not dinosaurs guys guys huh I need help a dinosaur stole a precious crown and it's trapped Hulk and spider-man well McQueen's not scared of dinosaurs Oh perfect I'll show you where it is and Captain America took them to the dinosaur okay one of you will need to drive onto that ramp and hit the dinosaurs body that should free Hulk spider-man and the crown actually blaze you can do this I don't think I can look that tracks too small for me Oh fine I'll do it and McQueen bravely faced the dinosaur he got into position here goes [Music] direct hit causing the dinosaur to free hope spider-man and the crowd [Music]

well done McQueen now we need to get away from here and they drove back to blazes waterfall thanks for saving us McQueen yeah thanks no problem now we can return this crown to its rightful owner well McQueen I guess you were right you really aren't scared of anything maybe but today everyone was weary brave [Music]

what's he up to meanwhile Thomas was busy working but he had to pass through a mysterious tunnel


hello is anybody there he thought he could see something well what is that

ah but dinosaur

don't you Thomas her it's not a real dinosaur huh no but that one is whoa what no I just said it's not real yeah-huh it is a real dinosaur real dinosaur ah no it's not real no not our dinosaur that dinosaur what what was that it was a real dinosaur but help who did that I don't know oh no it's destroying Sodor no we need to stop it hmm maybe if we give it a lot of food it will be too full to move so we could take it far far away yeah good idea let's do it so they had a plan [Music] dinosaur dinosaur ll over here we have a present for you [Music]

he ate the candy yes the plans working but it has a bigger appetite than they were expecting

and we're out of candy it's coming for us the dinosaur chased them

oh no it's still chasing us

but then the lighthouse turned on the bright lights stun the dinosaur and it fell in the river the current took him away phew will it be alright yes the water isn't very deep here but who brought a dinosaur to Sodor Thomas look it's Thomas get home they chase tub

but they lost him where did he go oh we lost him at least there weren't any dinosaurs left in Sodor but Thomas got away again

oh hello Thomas hello spotty the big yellow dinosaur have you seen my cousin Arlo he's a big green dinosaur I did pass a big green dinosaur earlier maybe it was him thanks Thomas and spotty looked for Arlo but when he got there it was a big green dinosaur but it wasn't Arlo hello there have you seen my cousin Arlo he's a big green dinosaur like you well not quite as big as you now sorry I haven't seen him but I'd love to help you look for him oh thank you and they continued to search [Music] they bumped into sky hello sky have you seen my cousin Harlow he's a big green dinosaur like me I'm not sure I did see a dinosaur over there though so they thanks sky and look for the dinosaur but again it wasn't Harlow in fact it wasn't big nor green it was small and blue hello there have you seen my cousin Harlow he's a big green dinosaur like me sorry I haven't but I can help you find him so the three of them continued the search suddenly what was that


huh but it's a dragon [Music] don't worry he's actually very friendly George have you seen my cousin Arlo he's a big green dinosaur like me yeah not a little blue dinosaur like me I did see one area it was over there where my dragons pointing but it wasn't Harlow either and neither was the next dinosaur they found they were starting to lose hope of finding him oh we're never going to find him find who oh there you are we've been looking for you all day oh really I've been looking for you all day well at least we found each other now so in the end they were one big happy group of dinosaurs [Music] one day two fundings were hosting a barbecue for Thomas ant-man my man and spider-man we hope you're hungry because my barbecue grill has fish corn and eggs yum yum what you'd cook that so we agree that art do the fish coordinates and you do burgers and hot dogs no we didn't you were doing the burgers and hot dogs no you are doing it huh the dinosaur [Music] well we'll just have to serve what we've got right guys dinosaur quick bomb here what was that judging by its huge claw I'd say it was a berry awnings well the claw didn't look too big to me would you like to see it close-up um no thanks what are we going to do what if it tries to eat us or worse what if it tries to eat our barbecue look if we work as a team I'm sure we can scare it away come on let's work together hello there dinosaur try to get out of this oh

it's too strong for my web fun links do your thing [Music]

whoa that's our school he's actually huge who run away my man over to you

okay big guy let's see how strong you really are oh very strong sorry guys I think I've just annoyed it Batman see what you can do yes sir Iron Man hey dinosaur pick on someone your own size like me oh yeah just call me joy ant-man get it ha giant man joy ant-man ha funny

yes come on out man wait Iron Man did you say it was a battery on it yes I think it is why well according to this book they mainly eat fish hmm that's good because we're not fish no but there is a fish on the barbecue oh yes maybe if we give it the fish it'll go away hey ant-man let the dinosaur eat the fish what Oh fine oh I was looking forward to that

Wow it sure was hungry look it's eating everything on both grills and now that the dinosaur was full it walked away yeah we did it here and now we can do a proper barbecue so the fundings fetched more food and set up another barbecue Thomas helped the fun wings cook the food and now one grill had fish corn and eggs while the other had burgers and hot dogs and the superheroes continued reading the dinosaur book to learn more about the Baryonyx but today everyone had been really brave and they had definitely all deserved a nice relaxing barbecue a new dinosaur museum was opening on Sodor lots of the trains had important jobs to help out Gordon had to deliver four dinosaur skeletons Thomas had to deliver a dinosaur skull James had to deliver some supplies for the museum and Henry had to deliver some steel for the building look at all of us we're all strong engines with heavy cargo built Gordon well apart from Thomas he's only got one truck all of the other engines love Thomas was embarrassed I'm just as strong as all of you he replied no you're not Thomas I am strong you're not Thomas I am just as strong as you the other engines laughed again and left but Thomas was still embarrassed now all of the engines thought he was small and weak anyway you're not that strong Gordon you can't pull much more than that that's your limit this is not my limit well let's see how about you pull my truck too no problem go ahead Thomas so Thomas attached his truck onto the end of Gordon's now he was carrying his four skeletons and Thomas's skull this is still very easy thomas was annoyed but then he came up with an idea how about we add more trucks to you Gordon I bet you're not that strong wait there and Thomas hurried away James was on his way to the new dinosaur museum to deliver his supplies and had to wait at a signal Thomas caught up hi James Sir Topham Hatt has asked me to take your trucks because I'm stronger than you think oh okay replied James maybe you are strong after all thanks Thomas Thomas connected up to James's trucks they were heavy but Thomas just about managed however he traveled all the way back to Gordon Gordon I have two more trucks here for you I don't think you're strong enough to pull these as well let's see [Music] Thomas attached the trucks Gordon was starting to get worried he began to think this may be too heavy fare oh this is still easy Thomas he lied you must remember I'm much stronger than you now Gordon had his four skeletons Thomas's skull and James's supplies Thomas was once again annoyed so left to find more trucks he soon caught up with Henry who was on his way to the new dinosaur museum hi Henry Sir Topham Hatt has asked me to take your trucks because I'm much stronger than you think who greats stated Henry I guess you are stronger than I thought so Thomas connected up to them they were very very heavy but Thomas just about managed to move off however he went all the way back to Gordon here you go Gordon let's see if you can take these trucks to [Music] now Gordon had his for skeletons Thomas's scowl James's supplies and Henry's still I can still pull this Gordon light Thomas was very annoyed he was running out of ideas Oh exclaimed Thomas how about you pull me to and Thomas connected up to Gordon's trucks right side Gordon here goes [Music]

[Music] Gordon heaved and heaved and heaved haha see Gordon I told you you're not that strong

Gordon was so determined when suddenly

Gordan broke down uh-oh all the indignity [Music] Sir Topham Hatt arrived what is going on here none of the trucks arrived at the new Sodor dinosaur museum why did you bring all of the trucks back Thomas I'm sorry sir the other engines caught me small and weak Thomas it doesn't matter that you're small being small means you are much better at doing other jobs now go and kindly ask the other engines to help bring these trucks to the museum while we fix water Thomas soon found the other engines I'm sorry for taking your trucks today I am smaller than you and can't pull the heavy trucks please may help me take them to the dinosaur museum and Spencer could you please take Gordon skeletons certainly Thomas [Music]

and soon the new Sodor dinosaur museum was open for business one day Thomas was hanging out with two fan Ling's oh look guys a tunnel who wants to make echoes [Music] alright then oh here comes Benny watch this he really thought it was Thomas hey comes a dinosaur let's Surprise them to be ah Santa's in the tunnel don't worry dinosaur it's only us that was a very impressive role hey dinosaur do you want to make echoes in this tunnel with us oh yes please [Music] here comes chase and mushroom dinosaur roars loud as you can okay

okay guys very funny but you really need to work on your war

okay okay timeout what was that it was my rule it was rubbish you're supposed to be a great big dinosaur yes well the thing is okay don't worry we'll teach you how to roll really oh thank you so they tried teaching the dinosaur how to roar okay so let's show you an example of a good wall let me show you [Music] wow that was brilliant okay try and copy that okay hmm okay bat for salmon interesting why don't you think of something that you're really passionate about that might help oh yes then I can oh I ate your last day at last [Music] see how it's pretty good did you really you teach Rick doesn't matter we're trying to keep the dinosaur how to rule but yes but I can't think of anything which I'm very passionate about this is turning out to be much harder than I thought meanwhile nearby Batman was on the lookout for someone come on scarecrow I know you're around here somewhere ah there you are hello Batman time to sleep sleeping gas now with Batman asleep I can do whatever I want [Music] I think I might steal some treasure ah come on dinosaur there must be something that you're really passionate about mmm let me see hello everyone time for you to go to sleep starting with you dinosaur hahahaha what why aren't you asleep because I'm a big dinosaur you'll need a lot of that to make me go to sleep now don't mess with my friends okay okay okay Wow dinosaur that war was amazing oh thank you now go and find Batman oh yes that's right come on so the dinosaur watched over scarecrow while the fundings found Batman we need to stop scarecrow already taken care so the fundings took Batman two scarecrows thanks for catching him guys actually it was all thanks to the dinosaurs war well it was a good war because I realized what I'm really passionate about how protecting my friends hi I'm Dave thanks for watching my video please check out these other videos and don't forget to Like and subscribe see you soon

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