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behind me or well not behind me more so in front of me there's a massive obstacle course which we have to escape a certain amount of time and this is ridiculous before this video starts I need you guys to click that subscribe button and slap the belt to never miss another video ladies and gentlemen my name is unspeakable and welcome back to another video today we're just gonna go ahead and dive it straight into this we're gonna slide down here and oh my gosh oh hey buddy how are you today we're escaping this giant pufferfish or or that thing they're they're honestly so cute why would I want to escape them honestly escaping the giant 2ob that is exactly what we're doing unspeakable do not fall do not fall do not fall do not fall go too fast come on come on you got this come on you got this Sofia there you go there you go if you want to see more roblox videos on the channel all I need you guys to do is smash that like button also definitely be sure to leave a like and click that subscribe button on this video but this is gonna be fun we're gonna try to make it through this whole entire thing I don't know if we will be able to it looks pretty long but we're gonna try our best we're gonna try our best this kinda reminds me of like American Ninja Warrior like those crazy courses that's what reminds me of here let me step on that checkpoint I'm assuming I'm not supposed to touch you know that the blue uh-uh there we go oh this is getting intense this is getting intense excuse me guys unspeakable is coming through I speak it was common to excuse me all there's like two ways you can go on this one oh I like this okay also of you guys look at the side there's a bunch of options of things we can buy which I don't really know what these things are let's buy a motorcycle how does how does this work a motorcycle Oh what no way hold on hold on hold on yeah guess it doesn't really work very well either that oh wait no it's actually just the course if I step on this one it does it wait wait wait what they're like random Oh No so I can step on this one then I step on this one and then this one and then Oh No ah it's like minecraft parkour barrier blocks you have to memorize which ones aren't no it's flip okay so it's right right left right right left right there we go okay we're good we're good we're good we're good I really want to buy the jet pack I want to see what that does what does the jet pack do why not let's see what the jet pack does oh geez look at this oh how does this work what oh no now go up go up go up what am i what am i doing I don't I don't understand it oh my jet packs gone well that was a nice 250 robux just right down the drain wasn't it oh this is interesting this is interesting this is very this is very stressful I'm not gonna lie this is stressing me out quite a bit oh this part is like invisible this is kind of sick but it's also really hard to see oh my gosh okay there we go okay wait which ones are we not supposed to step on the orange of the okay I guess everyone's going Orange everyone's going Orange don't touch the blue don't touch the blue all right stop all right unspeakable whatever you do do not touch the blue I okay careful steady there we go Oh another set of invisible jumps oh my gosh there we go okay okay okay I feel like we haven't even made it like 1/4 of the way through this whole entire map this thing is absolutely massive and that puffer fish over there will not stop staring at me and I don't like it like no matter where I go they're always looking at me the giant fish excuse me there we go there we go okay okay okay what is this oh yeah do we know which way to go Oh flip not another one of these know which way are you gonna go Sophia what do you pick we got we got blue we got green oh you oh okay okay I'll follow you what what what what color are you feeling now I don't know help me please help me do you want here let's get a machine-gun maybe this will help how did you wake you pick yellow oh no no no I just I just bought that machine gun and I lost it well oh you picked red oh thank you okay which one now is it red again is it red again oh come on okay well we haven't done green or yellow oh my gosh it's green it's green it's green yeah follow me okay this looks very stressful there we go okay okay okay there we go we did it Oh tightrope you oh my gosh and we got another one of these you've got to be kidding me okay well if it's not yellow okay it's green not green again no I'm gonna go I'm gonna go for the red okay green and then the red the blue oh my gosh oh my gosh and then the yellow oh come on so it's the green the red and then the blue and the blue gana hmm okay okay I completely got that one this is fun I like this you know this is a lot easier than minecraft parkour I feel like minecraft parkour is like what Oh am I not supposed to touch the blue oh jeez this is stressing me out oh okay okay what is this oh we have to pick one oh did I just knock you over I'm so sorry which one do I go through oh jeez do I go through okay so it's blue this one do I really have to pick again it's probably gonna be the same one yep and then it's gonna be this one yep and then it's probably gonna be the same one again no it's hard to memorize there's so many different options and then this one and then this one oh my gosh oh my gosh we're like standing on ice now it's like super slippery it's like super super slippery and we can't touch any of the walls we touch the walls we die okay okay don't touch the walls and speakable there we go I'm just gonna I'm just gonna let it move for me there we go oh I love all these like all the stages are so okay don't touch the red that makes sense all the stages are just like so different and it's honestly it's kind of fun am I not supposed to touch that okay okay this is weird up just don't touch the blue just don't touch the blue just don't touch the blue there we go all right let's go to climb up this thing and there's giant blue squid over there which hopefully I will not have to mess with because dude you look like you have ID yep okay uh-huh okay grab that ladder so I don't take any fall damage if you know what I mean it's fall damage exist in real Plex I don't know all right so we're making it pretty far if you ask me I feel like we're doing pretty well you know for being very new to roblox obstacle courses and things and such there we go that's what I'm talking about what the heck is this what the heck I'm scared I'm scared I'm scared am I just not supposed to touch the walls what are all those holes in the ceiling please don't hurt me please don't hurt me please don't hurt me please don't hurt me what that thing I just don't touch the walls okay that wasn't too hard oh now this is getting intense now we're talking this is like walking on glass panes and minecraft or like iron bars it's just about the same thing unspeakable you got this all you gotta do is walk on it you don't even have a speed potion on you no you're good you almost made it through the whole entire thing you almost made it there we go there we go okay what is this you just jump over all the colors okay okay this is easy you know I'm getting no relief this is this is getting easier and easier as we go never mind I just died this is actually kind of stressful just stuff like one of my toes just slightly touch the wall it's completely over for me if one of my toes touch the wall there we go okay my toes are good what is this like the same thing it's just worse okay okay okay I'm feeling confident now what are these like little pieces of Legos they're like the top of a Lego maybe I'm a I'm just I've been playing with too many Legos recently oh it is getting a little bit more difficult I'm not gonna lie jumping over these big things but that's when a jetpack is gonna come into you soon I feel like you know what I mean I can just sense the urge of me buying another jetpack I don't know why even though I didn't know how to work the last one but maybe I'll learn how to work this one oh my gosh that was stressful what is this oh well that was really easy that was probably the easiest one yet these blocks keep getting bigger and bigger and it's only stressing me out more and more but I made it why did I make it that one time oh no I made it okay what are these are these couches these are couches what why am i why am I parkouring on on couches right now no I never thought they'd be a day where I jump across the table like that feel like I'm playing the floor is lava in my house and I'm jumping on all the couches right now if the floor is kind of wobbly well it's actually watered but it's basically oh come on what the back of the couches are messing me up because if you head them it like trips you if you got to like jump on top of the couch yeah there we go okay we're good what the heck is this I don't like this it's getting real intense let me tell you it's getting real intense we're actually almost like to the end I think like oh my gosh we're gonna beat this in this video yeah we're gonna beat this whole tide thing unless it like teleports us to like some other dimension and it's like four times longer yeah that's that's that's the only thing what is this oh it's a giant staircase okay I like staircases staircases are fun you know I enjoy staircase every oh wow this is like a really big staircase where are we going is this a dropper in roblox is that what it is there we go wait am I not supposed to touch the purple or can I touch the purple oh I can't touch the purple but I just can't touch the purple that's on the blue that makes sense that makes the whole sense okay this is actually kind of difficult oh oh there we go okay guys I'm very stressed right now my hands are getting a little sweaty I'm just trying not to die I want to make it through like the rest of this course without dieing maybe is that a possible is that a thing I don't know I mean the rest of course doesn't seem too hard I feel like I can do it I feel very confident with how far I've made it so far I'm gonna try not to die basically let's play half a heart but in in roblox I got half heart right now if I touch anything I'm I'm doomed okay what the heck is this oh I didn't know I didn't know okay to be fair I didn't know I was supposed to walk on these because like half of the course we've been avoiding all the blocks that are like this so I just figured I'm sorry I'm sorry we tweed we are half hearts gone am I supposed to dodge the block Oh oh yeah that would make sense okay now I'm stuck down here alright dodge the black okay there we go I suppose dodge this one too I'm assuming okay uh-huh if one of these are invisible I swear I'm gonna be extremely triggered okay there we go we're good no we're good what is this this is stressing me out I'm only gonna jump on the yellow I don't trust the other color I don't trust the other color just because I haven't made it on it yet I don't know if I'm supposed to step step on these little green things that are on the side oh no you're not jeez you have to like really be careful about it high levels of stress right now I'm getting very very high levels of stress is one of these invisible things oh wait well well well I don't like this I don't like this why is everything turning invisible I don't like this I don't like this is gonna disappear soon I'm getting scared okay what the heck is this okay jump through some portals teleport into the nether I got this yeah might have to stop me well don't worry guys Oh what do we got here another one of these things these things seem very easy it's just going to make me very very triggered if I fall cuz they just take so long and they're so tedious I'm on unspeakable there we go just you know nothing nothing stressful they're just totally not doing anything stressed well not at all easy easy just go on the side you're not going the middle that makes it way more difficult oh my gosh it looks like you get really intense on the next little stage over there what is going on here do I jump on the red okay now don't jump on the red and whenever I walk in here I like turns on the lights like hey who forgot to turn on the lights here after parkouring and minecraft for so long this one thing I've learned and it's shortcuts yes there we go that's what I'm talking about there we go yep step on that okay mmhmm yeah shortcuts that's that's what I'm saying shortcuts oh I don't know how I just made it through that this is stressing I like rainbows wait I could just walk along this I don't have to jump Minecraft shortcuts that that's what I mean wait what why can't I go forward oh okay there we go I was like stuck first I get oh okay okay okay uh-huh uh-huh uh-huh easy easy look how spaced out these jumps are you kidding me this is like doing one block jumps backwards I can I've done another thing I've learned about minecraft parkour and roblox don't don't try show off it never really works okay but seriously though what is the rocket ship I'm gonna buy the rocket ship I know I'm spending a lot of roebucks but it's okay because at the end of the day it's all good okay so I literally have a rocket ship with me the problem is is if I die I lose it I lost 500 roebucks so that puts a lot more stress on the line if you know what I mean so I'm really gonna try to not die and this is probably the time where I'm gonna use this rocket ship how do i what oh where am I going I can't control it I can't steer I can't steer I can only move my what like oh no oh no no does that mean the rocket ships gonna gonna die soon can I land right there I can lane right there no no no no I mean land right right here this will be perfect I can skip all of this come on come on let me out let me all the way I can't control it I just figured out of control it's spacebar what a weird key yeah this is this is interesting how do I get out of this thing I'm just gonna I'm just gonna keep you know keep going with the ride here it's kind of fun there we go can we land like right here can we land like right here could I take this thing off no it's just gonna keep going it's just gonna keep going okay I'm just gonna let it keep going all right well we're gonna pass everything is up no no no no no no we almost flipped there that was not good that was not good what is that ah which one am I supposed to step on oh jeez okay okay oh my gosh I just skipped like half the map oh I love this rocketship I'm gonna use it again I'm gonna use it so many more times well guys I'm sorry if you wanted to see that other half of the map but I just I didn't know I didn't know the rocket ship was gonna take me that way but now I have checkpoints here so it's kind of like way to these oh I thought they were actually disappearing for a second I was like there's no way this is the end congratulations you won no way and there's a hot tub here too you have got to be kidding me and I still got a rocket ship yeah well guys I want to thank you all so much for watching I'm now sitting in a hot tub with my that was interesting if you guys would see more roblox videos on the channel all I need you guys to do is leave a like on this video and click that subscribe button so you guys can be notified when I do upload more roblox videos but thank you guys so much for watching my name isn't speakable I wish you all a safe and phantasticus today stay awesome stay safe and of course stay on speakable and i'll see you guys tomorrow in a brand new video [Music] [Applause]

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