Abed Invoker vs Miracle- Morphling Insane Battle Fnatic vs Liquid Dota 2


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[Music] he drops actually do DJ that gets dropped down jeeps and now on the run pilot I he's got the brain SAP me I'm trying to realign statically coming in oil I can't get it off he finally does for the condiment oh man instead and that will give him a double kill oh that was very close well the Sun strike all got them a bit getting forms very important if that might a and with the three points in the exhort that's when you get to like 225 that's a pretty decent Sun strike right oh damn they actually got them nice ten seconds so yeah he's just gonna run around be happy do some little banner and things I guess you can deny for like the full duration of Animorphs this sort of but

better miss huh daddy well he's gonna get away to build miracle we'll find the double kill so high she had the it was killing for some reason Saturday I cancelled it know that he's there

cold snap still hitting cheapies they're coming in but he played Spencer the coming man actually might survive for now get the kill bro I'm going to be out my controllers a top of our time son strike we'll miss mind control down that's done he's gotta be careful they will get the kill it's a huge one stupid grants up coming up for my light eye and shape up th might be there will be stop comes in you will make safety meanwhile mid late it looks like he's gonna get pocketed Mike first time you're on the pie light I might chase him down lay it aside against it and I'm gonna go for it instead of looking for DJ back sounds coming in the waveform rolling Boulder and boulders crashing agonizing DJ here just that he knows if he gets snowball DS is dead they want to go with him

and now as well the man will get dropped through if miracle warp into the vein early vlad's as well here from mind control allows him to just kind of group up with whoever and play dangerously all the fanatics here though and back up front right cool froakie just dodging

now he gets it off a midsummer man now is drunk but MP not going to do enough damage and get the kill in fact miracles double hill it is the British diplomatic they don't see anything out of that fight if you get off the sunder and like 0hb it still lose the fight not a good sign Tuscany blown up racer

earth splitter will miss that means we might not be able to get you mad

I think India DJ's definitely try to make something happen

I'll kick em finally into - gimme a Mexico the links wasted if you need to be careful it's good ice charge that was beautifully the all an illusion I can't acknowledge for another stop like wiggle back themselves away

the Lincoln scurb really helps with all this pure damage that comes in from the brain SAP and the Sun strike its Vanguard for the high ground as they're smoking

a lot of them say after one conference and that will hit but he's still on the run in Ohio is no way to chasing down tens go get the radiant courier now my control got the part I'm ready to eat will pop it still what's going and they're gonna try to turn there they will get the skills been very big deal at that it's gonna be of it that was a miracle I think he just morphed elder Titan it just stopped it's so hard to keep track of his hero right now it was pretty cool though but yeah massive stuff for them that's a 1600 gold swing defining that space for Abed he got a chance to cast some spells look pretty good got himself to kill during that to she's got the one on two mind control and so that's gonna put him closer to those boots of travel and what I was gonna talk about was oh man be silent stop this is the one answer to sundar yeah but he demand to anyway not that close but at the end of the draft they had a chance to ban them morphling they they would have known right did this the exact strategies they ran before but they wanted that invoker mid so they had to ban the PL instead but there's no they have vision down here oh yeah so he sees them now let's see if he goes for it he's doing his dance he's dancing back and forth trying not to be too predictable that ancient Prowler shot him shaman oh there goes oh man Abed that was nice he waited patiently and there's also so many telegraphed abilities on the side of fanatic like there's a lot of slow-moving Sun strike and meatball

good crab with the blink dagger and then it kills brief good crab with the blink dagger and then I'll fill them up into that BJP but like miracles been crazy not only can he easy super annoying cause he's gonna morph everything as he goes after Pilate I goodbye what he can morph through a lot of stuff but he's also dodging so much with some TV illusions go scout

and second that'll be down for quite a while on now op it's getting to taste down his blanket three he just survived but liquid has any man I can save this game guys I got the mango with the magnetized on to boil roll himself away people try to TP and actually just makes it so hall would not there in time and they will give the Rangers are about to Taylor damn damn it

he's gone people drop down to back together

waveform instilled fine oh hi oh there's no way he gets out of this right straight up against a lot of MC Dowell miracle empirically getting a double chili shrimp or monikers than the MP they have to buy back that'll be on to the Tuscan miracle boys room ready any make it away in time to 20 stores Hobbit he's gonna try with the cold snap one second he can't get it it was just coming off cooldown a croque instead will be turned out another kill going away fanatic but again miracles some don't have enough damage

you have to play aggressive you're never gonna win if you just sit your base in the situation they need some big kills so didn't quite work out they're gonna lose the bottom melee rax here and enemies buyback might be enough to save the top rax in this game for at least now but I'm not too hopeful

man static government we didn't live at 49 they'll material play Palatine amor flake and all there's the meta there's the medical yet you decide not he's gonna be able to get it off remember pie now and run away from the adapt recognition back down and that should be GG here in Game one which way they don't take to make a statement until abiding but for all intensive purposes in solution happen to these fantastic not only miracle yep Marysol's strategy they've done it before if executed before who made it look trick too easy the G

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