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Yellow Productions Presents! A travel guide for visiting Tokyo Disneyland in Tokyo Japan. If you come to Japan to Tokyo you need to check it out. I have a separate video video on Tokyo Disney Sea you can find the link in the description below. This video is all about what's in the park the rides the food and what to see and do when you're here at Tokyo Disneyland the happiest place on earth. In this video I'll tell you what's different about Tokyo Disneyland from the other Disneyland theme parks. To start this Disneyland is bigger than all of the other Disneyland's and it's busier. On a weekend they often sell out and reach capacity. So if you're coming make sure you come on a weekday. Number Two: the parades are awesome and the parades are not to be missed. They are bigger and better than anything you've seen at any of the other Disneyland's. The day I was there they had three different parades they had the seasonal happy Halloween harvest parade. They had the regular daytime parade: "Happiness is Here." And they had the amazing nighttime parade the Electrical Parade known as "Dream Lights." I've got the whole Dream Lights Parade in 4K. You'll find the link to that in the description at the end of this video. Number three: they have some unique rides. The most popular of the unique rides is Monsters Inc and while this ride shares the same name with the ride at California Adventure they're completely different. In this one it's a trackless dark ride where you get a flashlight that you shine on the monsters helments and if you shine the flashlight on that "M" that's on top of the blue helmet the monster does kind of a neat animation and reaction. The second really popular unique ride is Winnie the Pooh's Hunny Hunt and while this shares the same name as one in Calfornia it's also completely different. You start in the line going through the storybook of Winnie the Pooh. When you start to ride you get in little jar of honey. It's another trackless dark ride that spins you around in a whole bunch of different directions to go through the story that is Winnie the Pooh. When you get off the ride you have two exit choices. One that looks like a little kid's house where he's got a Winnie the Pooh or you can go out through the Winnie the Pooh gift shop which is like the largest gift shop of Winnie the Pooh that I've ever seen anywhere. Winnie the Pooh is quite a popular character at this park and I spotted a number of people carrying around their very own Winnie the Pooh animals. Make sure that you do those early in the day and get a fast pass because by 12 or 1 o'clock they'll be out of fast passes completely for those rides. Something else unique and different is the popcorn. There is eight different popcorn vendors throughout the park. They sell different flavored popcorn for example soy sauce butter or white chocolate popcorn you can also buy these collectible popcorn holders. You'll see a lot of people carrying these plastic things around their neck that are in the shape of different characters. Those will give you cheaper discounts on refills of your popcorn. The food here at Tokyo Disneyland is also unique and different. The restaurants are definitely much more themed in nature than the restaurants in the other Disneyland's. One of the most popular place to eat at Tokyo Disneyland is here in the 'Queen of Hearts Banquet Hall." This is a very themed restaurant that makes you feel like you're in the Queen of Hearts fairy tale. One of their popular items is the hamburger steak with raspberry sauce and cheese probably not a hamburger that you've seen before but that's what they call it here and you can also celebrate your very own un-birthday with the un-birthday cake so a very happy un-birthday to me. As soon as you enter the park instead of Main Street it's the World Bazaar. It's a covered shopping area that instead of just being long, it's a bit of a cross. So you can be here when it rains because there's a cover on top and today there is special entertainment there's the Tokyo Disney marching band. One of the cool things about the Disney Parks in Japan is they've got folks standing around take your picture with your camera for free. You don't have to buy anything you don't have to pay them. You just stand in this little line over here and they'll take your picture in front of some of the park's most popular attractions. If you come here during Halloween or Christmas definitely check out the Haunted Mansion this is one of the Haunted Mansion's that receives the haunted holiday Halloween and Christmas overlay. Pretty fun! If you want to see Tokyo Disneyland's Main nighttime show "Once Upon a Time" or another one of their shows "One Man's Dream" you have to win tickets via a lottery drawing of sorts. You do that lottery drawing at Tomorrowland Hall. You bring your tickets that you got when you came in. You use them just like you get fast passes and you can attempt a drawing to get the tickets. I got lucky and they give you two reserved seats to see the show at 8:25. Performance starts at 8:50 out in front of the castle. So if you come here you can do this anytime before the show starts and if you have good luck then you'll get a seat. Another show worth seeing at Tokyo Disney is called "Minnie Oh Minnie!" It's performed in an outdoor theater. Make sure to get there at least 40 minutes prior to show time to secure a seat. This show features Minnie and friends dancing and singing to Latin inspired music. Another attraction that is similar in name to those other Disneyland's but completely different is the Enchanted Tiki Room. For one, the songs are all different and for two, this one features Stitch from Lilo and Stitch. But the coolest thing about going to Tokyo Disney is not the rides or the attractions but it's actually the people that go there. The people that go to Tokyo Disney they love it. They totally get in the spirit! They dress up. They bring their stuffed animals. They leave the real world behind and come to the happiest place on earth Tokyo Disney, and it really makes the experience that much more enjoyable. So if your travels take you to Tokyo Japan definitely check out Tokyo Disneyland and don't forget to bring your Disney Spirit and costume with you. Thanks for watching! If you enjoyed this video, please subscribe or follow me on Facebook Twitter or Google+. Links are in the description below. Or you might enjoy watching one of

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