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hello everyone welcome back to me to joy food channel so today in my husband is going to make another skill for you he's going to prefer to mess you the African way and believe me it's very very tasty and I'm not saying that because he's my husband but because it's the truth so we hope you are going to enjoy watching this video and we also hope to see you in our next one and in the meantime please leave a comment thumbs up subscribe and share our videos thank you you need 8 cans of tuna chunks in sunflower oil we also need carrots fresh color we are also using spring onions we need four small spot municipal or too large line we need green beans which is optional here we have to chop medium onions and also need separately one chopped onion you need three cans of plum tomato or chopped tomato easy process you can even use fresh tomato you also need ginger paste so here it's ginger paste not fresh ginger or ginger powder or gzipping you can find it everywhere and you also need two tubes of tomato puree vegetable oil add some oil into a large pan and let it take next when the oil is hot enough add two chopped [Music] now share it and leave it to cook until onion becomes tender and please cook it on a medium heat now in the meantime in your blender add one chopped onion so this is a medium one and then add the core scotch bonnet pepper you can use two large ones if you prefer or even more if you like it very spicy and then it is an important step add about 3 tablespoons of ginger paste so for this recipe this is the one he uses but of course I understand she can't get it then you might have to use fresh ones or even part of them but try to get this one click and then add just a bit of water to make it blend everything until it becomes smooth you may have to shake your blender a bit some challenge because it has splint ok next remove it from the blender and add the mixture to the owner [Music] now stir and leave it to cook for about seven minutes and always on a medium heat so now you want to add in tomato puree so we are using two tubes of tomato curry they also sell it in France if you can't find this one but usually they are very easy to find in supermarkets now there is for about 2 minutes and leave it to cook 10 to 15 mph

next we are going to add our tomato club for me I use a 3 cans of tomato plant so I'm freaking in your blender and then blend it until smooth so people might ask why do they always cook with cancer metal because it's easier for us and we like it that way but of course we can use fresh tomatoes which I do sometimes but I just find it easier like this but you can do it however you want to do that you can use fresh one ten one chopped one and come so it totally depends on you and your personal taste okay so now blend it until it becomes two and after that added to it instead so once you stir it you leave it to cook for another 15 to 20 minutes on a medium heat

next we are going to add two electrons so on this one are the one with some slight sunflower oil but they also sell the one in in water I mean one without oil you can use either of them but in this recipe we did not use the oil that comes with the tuna without a bit of it but another thing is instead of using vegetable oil you can use the oil that comes with this tree not directly in an interview oil okay so stir it and then add one cube of shrimp stock our prom stock is the same Raven is more in this one excellent [Music] and then stir it so this recipe is very good especially if you are a man a bachelor if you don't know how to cook when my husband is there for you so he cooks okay and I really appreciate men does know how to cook so I taught you I suppose and please do not forget to taste it is mal fans as our vegetables so as the carrot and then the green field so this is optional you can use different vegetables own but we try to keep printing and it was very nice and then the spring onion as you have noticed we cook a lot with spring onion calyx and mix the girl because we really like it that way and I think it's healthy and then stir it and leave it to cook for another 10 to 15 minutes and this time on the low heat

okay here is so ask you Israeli so this is a close-up of my husband's unit and you can see it's wonderful and the student looks amazing so I really want you guys to try it and I know you'll love it okay one so our stew is ready now and we are going to enjoy it with basmati rice so I really hope you enjoyed watching this and he also likes in men cooking kitchen I think is what it has to be done when you are married so you both cook and help each other so enjoy it and I'll see very soon money GTA 3 subscribe thank you bye

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Hello viewers, welcome back ! Today Henry is preparing a Ghana Tuna Stew for you and its great enjoy watching it and see you soon! INGREDIENTS Vegetable oil 3 onions 4 small scotch bonnet peppers 3 tbs ginger paste 2 tubes tomato puree 3 cans plum tomato 8 cans tuna chunks in sunflower oil or the ones in water 1 shrimp or prawn cube stock Salt Carrots, spring onions, green beans
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