How to do the brake bypass on your Pioneer AVH Radio using a MicroBypass

by: Five Star Car Stereo

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why have you asked how we power up these radios on the test bench without using an emergency brake wire well we use one of these micropipettes I'm going to show you how it works so sweet in so there's a couple different ways that you can hook up your new Pioneer radio plug to get the menu system to come active things like Bluetooth and restore settings and other things aren't going to function if you don't hook up the parking brake wire a lot of you just go I grounded it and it doesn't work yes because that's not how the Pioneer works Pioneer needs to see a pulse where it's on aa aaan and to make things even more exciting it's actually a timed pulse has to see on off on with a delay cool right okay I know so this company right here micro bypass makes this little guy right here what we'll do is we'll put a link to their store on YouTube I'm not YouTube's eBay as well as Amazon you can pick them up they range between 15 to 20 bucks so all the same guy comes in the bag like this all right well you're gonna get it it's gonna come with some instructions that no one ever reads so it's three wires you have a ground wire which is black you have a green wire which is going or green wire which is the brake wire and you have a blue wire which is the remote turn on so you're going to take your harness and it's going to have a light green wire it also is going to have a dark green wire that matches don't use that one that is the left rear speaker positive if you have a black wire and you have the blue remote turn on wire these three wires right here okay that's them so now you're going to take these two here connect them together obviously you want to strip them this is just to show you you do this and then you're going to do this onto here but connect them I'm just this is a visual okay that's those are the three wires are going to hook up to once you've done that it's going to unlock the radio so what do we mean we just so happen to have this radio right here we have on Fernando do me the honor of disconnecting the bypass all right so go here into the menu we'll scroll up and we'll notice whoo all these are grayed out okay we can't get into them go ahead and hook the micro bypass up notice it blinked twice now you can get into all these cool settings and do whatever you want so you're going I don't want to spend fifteen or twenty dollars fine that's cool don't know really if you don't want to hook spend the fifteen or twenty dollars you can easily hook up a toggle switch and what you're going to do is when you turn the car on you're going to turn it off you're going to turn it on you're going to turn it off you're going to turn it on okay take your time doing it and what that will do is that I am you late what this cool little device is doing now if you like forget it I'm just going to hope the emergency brake wire don't forget you hooked it up to the emergency brake wire a lot of people do and in Alaska's I can't get in these and I'll go did you hook it up to the emergency prayer and yeah yeah it magically works okay then another trick that some people have had success with is hooking it up to the reverse wire so that when you go from a banking Park you go through verse to drive as long as you're doing in a timed fashion it's gonna separate that ground it's not 100% reliable and you have to go find a reverse wire yeah not a fan just go like that yeah just buy the bypass like I said we'll have a link in the show notes um that's it real quick that's all there is to it simple something wonderful right yes alright micro bypass alright so thank you for watching you guys can find us on Facebook YouTube any second as usual have a great night thank you

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