Pokémon Zeta & Omicron Randomized Nuzlocke w/ TheKingNappy + hi im twit - Ep 15 "WHO HAS ENDURE??"

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yeah what's good though you know it is though is that we have a real cool kid how you guys do welcome back to more Pokemon is Zeta Omicron randomize cooperative Nuzlocke what the one and only King Neffe Bud's good you tuned everybody to your back again once again yes buddy we are back one more time for some more fun in Bianca we are in thei hunger right pretty sure we're we are you yeah we're going to AG ass City bruh it's pretty lit as you guys see our team is looking it's looking pretty good I mean actually both our teams are kind of some heat I'm not gonna lie I mean nice awesome I mean I look I got heat right here bro I got heat and I got some more heat and you know this is gonna be some cool heat this would be some cold D that's gonna be some some some crazy heat this gonna be some other ice-cold heat and then you know it's gonna be it's gonna be free to live but anyways if you guys are hyped for today's episode and excited make sure you feel like went down below and also I know this is gonna be weird we're gonna go ahead and dress it now we messed up the days that we were to recording these on so I'm introducing this episode on this set on this channel but you want to see a nappy side of things I mean navvies introduction over on the other channel it'll be over my channel links in the description down below but I'm ready to fucking do this also I don't know where humans music yeah I know well people out south I'm sure run three wait and we get a new encounter that's all right he has to see what you get first I always get my encounter verse alright I'm a slide slide up in here this why why lilia got right there no I was just like hey I'm gonna keep dodging that's okay we'll get there real quick it's not a big deal alright it's not a big deal and he's so it's out here fucking everything up I didn't mean to mock questions they know I got out crow go I got a crow you know I never really understood why everybody say Nick looks like crow go until I like paid attention to the top of his head and it has like this little like it's like not quite in McDonald's in but it's like a it's wavy you know and I'm like and then you like look at his forehead and then it just it's literally Nick's face it's a face but I'm saying like that's how I picture us like I don't I don't get it this isn't making sense to me but then like one day I was just looking at the Croagunk and I'm like I fucking see it dude I really do see it yeah welcome Rona yeah inks I would really I would really appreciate lunch box London you know any fucking useful new Mooji I thought cuz he might have absorber garena you know he might know just the wrist way I'm a risk I'm willing to take you know she just okay Nisa yeah it's level nine bro I can't go into that no I mean like it's okay if you lose this one does yeah like this oh no no Lapras uh is not a Marshall it's Nick a smokescreen me once YMS Brick Break it's like all these disciples come before galaxy and he judges them to the Shadow Realm I do not worthy Thunder shock bro I'm gonna get one shot by oh no nuts kidding string Shahada no I was thinking I wish I was thinking that he was clicking a fucking tail with like I was thinking that he was string shouting and lower in my defense I'm like I'm gonna get fuckin blown away by this thing

nobility that worked like this me mom wouldn't hurt you I got 1700 experience in there what wait what like could you imagine when Juan had an ability that's like there is a chance that it takes the flow with it it was like 50% chance or some shit if you ever ran into that Ananas luck it's oh say like you don't know if you're about to die or not it's a chance scary I just can't like I said shitload of levels off that for lapras that's crazy all right oh let's go get this battle real quick [Music] all right let's go [Music] it's a ratio oh nice and oops I'll take it yeah I will take it give me AK the heck out of here alright what's up next for me slide by you this is a good patch right here I'm fit I'm really feeling this patch right here okay interesting okay that might save it it just might interesting oh you know what in still even in this still you get a better pokemon and don't act like scrolling geology are all that um first of all Joe Gow geez fucking amazing it's probably one of the best poison-type pokémon in the game I'm joking see it's like she didn't just cool and all but I am way too afraid to have a shedinja on my team why actually I guess I'm not really that afraid to have it she didn't join my team to be fair if you run into something like the Wobbuffet man but like the thing is she can you stand fuck book or if you ran into like dialga and it just wrecked your whole team she didn't just saved you single-handedly is deal can't touch you only downside to it is that I actually have to have the shedinja on my team which is it was what I meant to say was it's just unlikely that I'm gonna have it she didn't John my team unless I just like like she didn't just really gonna be like that blast you know what Hong is the legend that he is oh I just [Music] go ahead do you know what hyung is look I don't know because he had wonder guard oh well no fucking wonder he was legend what the hell he was an ice type with Wonder Garden ice has like seven weakness in it so you can make it as well I can understand that that's different this is like just a regular guy why he was the whole car his literally I went up against Roxane and she blew my entire team away and Hong literally came through and saved it because her Articuno or whom you couldn't touch home that's crazy and he single-handedly paralyzed him let's fucking go Beach wait why does my bad why does wonder God wonder God 100-car how I worked against that what what fucking being paralyzed by static can you just stay in the you know those things to slip out of pokéballs style it's harder to catch the stop the guillotine is so hard to catch stop this right the fuck now we're not telling this again you know we're not doing this again we're not doing this again we're not doing it it's true we're not doing this you have to believe me why do you think it's so hard don't you know why the great balls are called great balls and not better balls is because fucking ash was a jeep that's just ridiculous however what i'm telling you is the truth that's why go nowhere and they're so hard to catch I have a higher chance to break out I don't know I told you this is gonna happen I'm gonna tell you something that's true and you're not gonna believe me I don't believe it cuz it's not true it's not it is dogs not a thing I've never believed ever never to catch Giratina why do I want a bum-ass Giratina bro first of all it's the bulk he's one of the game let's know what I'm plumb ass Giratina bulky bum you could never catch you can you didn't realize it's a ghost type and it's hard to catch because it's a ghost all shades believe I just believe it's too dangerous to stay in the fucking pokeball that's what I believe right now I believe it shouldn't take this many pokeballs to catch a fucking squirrel dog I've thrown five great balls I've thrown I've grown more bug balls of this fucking shit engine than you have for that thing you gotta get it into the Red Dog yeah okay ghost things old guys yeah okay yeah maybe I can just in wait a minute it only has one HP right yeah I need to catch this thing so I can trade it and see what the fuck that trade one is I just let us say the pokeball oh my god this ghost thing is true isn't it I didn't think I told you it's not I told you dog no man I refuse to believe I had to figure out how I get him on down to one HP I need something get a Pokemon with endure like a fuck marked by a focus F do that but that only works if you get OCO though that you'd have to give it give a fuck you sash to like a low love if I take this level five slugs that's what I'm saying that's what I'm saying give it like to a little of a book more than yeah for sure does anyone have any door dog we can't stay in the ball this whole episode it's tragic get it over no hey no stop Adam a nature this is terrible terrible all right so I've thrown like 15 pokeballs mine and it's just a shit engine I'll figure out what I'm gonna do with my little HP mommy come back here there was shrimp chars in this grass that have been that was the infinitely better than their fucking just could scrub up in the scrub it's ok I'm gonna fucking leave this area and get a fucking Landorus just stay in the pokeball dog for real hold you my dude it's never going to happen ghost-type pokémon they're harder to catch because they can slip out of the ball dog take a little phase to the wall if that was the case why then just face to the ground see how difficult it was to catch that thing it's not true just cuz I couldn't hit he believe what you want oh boo what I'm trading it Oh bitch no white and did a dumb re I'm gonna go see what Pokemon this boy gives me he's gonna give you like maybe actually what was it dis house I don't even know what building was this place so PC in this bitch there ain't their yoke wait can we go back like through them through that building again or is it just lead to the other city cuz it was a door we could go in there I know but I'm saying does it is there something else that it like doesn't tell you know it just pretty cool acclaimed bigger thinker I just want to know what this dude's gonna give me wait does only have one issue yeah buddy we got pretty lucky all now oh I'm feeling good about it man I'm feeling good about it man is this kid he's gonna give you some bum down the button he's gonna be some bong asthma watch can give you like a Giri this has been experimenting with a ferret and created this thing a ferret wait it's randomizing randomized I'm nervous I'm nervous but I believe let's do this oh wow here you are then survey says I [Music] mean it could be whatever you want I always think don't use it yet until I can't even name are you you don't get to name any traded minds though no it's not about that it's about the fact that I can't name it right here actually wait I think I can name it M Fiona city I think the name reader is here somebody said it was at least in the Pokemon Center Doug but I don't think you can change the name of traded moms dude I'm pissed [Music]

I thought here focus in the big orange building this boy in here this is an orange though that's the moody leader Oh God just let me name it just let me name me just let me it's named foxy you can say it's a fine nickname fuck yes give me the fuck I'll just saying dog don't evolve it until I get my 118 long you gonna be said if you did I'm like no this thing is going straight in the box it is going straight in the PC there's only one thing that's Pokemon get even be at this point actually no it's like that back I can change the name later so cyan hasty so not bad but not good what do we say Joel Jones name was zips right honestly I really want slips that's probably other than other than drips that's probably one of my best nickname that's probably the best off-the-wall is a good nickname it is an amazing nickname no it's it's good because it's unique to you that's what I'm saying it says it doesn't need to make sense though it doesn't make any image it doesn't need that's that's the thing it doesn't need to make sense what it does it's fun and unique to be a purely good to be a purely great nickname it has to be unique and logically it doesn't have to be larger if it had to be now it makes a good nickname great if it had to be logical then explained cupcakes a cake with cup but if it's a cup of the cake and AIDS doesn't make any sense never has and it never will like an actual cupcake it can be whatever you want but you know what it can't be logical because it doesn't make any sense whose idea was it to do that don't come to me talking about logic when you have things out there like canned bread and pack your tuna in a can illogical it's illogical that doesn't make sense you're not making sense you know what I was watching this show and there was these dudes from like New Jersey and they kept using the word irregardless discussing it regardless of what literally any sentence they were saying irregardless irregardless I know it isn't that it's a regardless to the scent to the situation and this conversation but it regardless also I don't who the fuck is dude swapping into because I'm over here talking out my ass right now it regardless we're gonna swap in a viola much that I share

uh you know I'm glad you enjoy it honest I think I wasn't sure but then you you just really embraced it and that was awesome also this thing is you gentle nature weather galaxies now level twenty five feet notice Pete bean level 25 shockwave to swap some fucking leader drug dog a chance to paralyze but don't give two shits we don't need to paralyze when we Oh code of these galaxies will never miss now it means his judgment will never be wrong okay damage christ almighty which is going to be her line of difficult considering everyone's already his mom's are already such high-level this is another route that has 6.7 billion drainers on it mm-hmm well I do to change my Pokemon why do I like I always click I'm always pressing a but then like I don't realize oh it's just veggetti I don't realize what Pokemon they're swapping into until it's too late like I really like I've read it but it doesn't register in my head I don't get paralyzed bitch fuck you I'm trying to get a fucking venusaur dog - I got a Victini a penis or fucking imagine forget a mega bear medicines damn game well I have a straight oh you team I've got a straight r UT I will have a straight a wolf my powerful are you - you actually cuckoo you isn't it hey oh wait you know no you had this whole time oh no wait you have to trade no a skarssen not for an Eevee no thanks no definitely not I'm getting rid of Indore right now oh no crooked I was you you last time I well when we did - I think it might be are you now not sure yeah so I was thinking I've kind of strong gasps are you team unless there's some Pokemon it what I didn't even click that what Oh infer names you you resistant actually there's no way that it couldn't be anything lower than you need to be honest things too way too powerful also I like how I'm friend it was like I am NOT getting healed in this village I'm standing right beside you and looking at I'm looking at I'm bitches look little bitch that bitch is getting huge shit yeah but homeboy hit 25 so we're good with high I'm not even gonna worry about the other bitch I'm just gonna slide down here and see what there is to see okay I'm 100% giving you the experience your dog because I really don't want to do any battles with Felix he is not the greatest thing in the world to get there what level doesn't evolve into a right on that like 42 super potions live okay I didn't get a chance though is there anything over there nothing okay he just ran me down don't keep another fight a guy has an external dog haha feels bad man I mean at least you know the pokemons a piece of shit you could okhla it you're right you are very funny from your very rate practing it's mock but practicing its mock my trainers battle Jesus Christ that just did so much damage well do youhave metal claw you know I can play risky shit with signals because I got another one I got two of these bitches dog metal claw does thirty points of damage and on top of that his attack just went up I want to gamble as this a I'm gambling all right now serious like no now you're good you good you good oh my god I was I was baking off the fact that I could live another Jesus metal claw Jesus game alone my god I'm super yikes am i doing all right you know I have faith in jumper jumper can handle this [Music] revive useless money dog all right I'm here at Fit you fucking into this I'm gonna I'm gonna get this batter while you're doing that and then I'm ready to shut the fuck up out of here I'm gonna get fish to buy this home wait I would you know I would a hundred percent yeah I get the hell 100 percent didn't even look at the health jumpers health I was just like would it even hit you it does a kiss business but it was three swift in a row and I was like I saw the last one go and I was like wait I didn't pay attention I wasn't even paying attention 100% is that that's not the first one is it no that's like the second or third you lost right catching up to me man I'm gonna have it's gonna happen with a and I want to be sitting here like you know laughs you've lost a lot of Pokemon you need to really rethink your strategy as a trainer I am and that day comes dude just to know you know you'll have my support and whatever you choose to do whether it's continue to be a trainer or become a scientist I keep thinking of move and I don't stop using fear you gotta go I'm not yeah pursue trapping me ugly bitch okay fuck the fuck out of here preach what you got from what you got nosepass well I got a new monster squad now silver lining listen I'm just trying to give my mom's an equal opportunity that's all that was just now Oh equal we have the chance to die hey hey hey hey whoa whoa hey hey hey whoa hey bitch no we are not doing this resting I'm not dealing with this again I'm sick of this bullshit you know David sleeps I'm sick of this shit dawg just think you can smell my dinner tomorrow like let me fucking go just get me out of this battle okay just dealt with an extra drill now I gotta deal with a fucking children the get bone but how why just die just die dogs die they should have a priority ground tight that would make excellent suburban dog but imagine if Golar could get it like what if it was called like seismic sneak [Music] yeah I was thinking kick rocks what did you know you hate somebody just kick some rocks at him is real quick real priority they'll never see it coming oh no honestly I feel like if they had a a rock prior or is there a ground priority movie no what's the rapper so rock oh yes Anu well I'm thinking if there was a ground type move they would have to be like I feel like it would have been sand attacked no it's not supposed to do a lot of damage you're supposed to like you know slow just threw sand in someone's eyes it's the whole point it's to lower your accuracy yeah but it could have hurt look at that another fucking requisite it's not even that I want to catch it is that I don't want to see it you know it's just I don't want to I don't fucking see it I know that I can't catch it I know that all of my other wild ass encounters are wild and trashed so why leave you can catch it I can't I don't believe I think it's really odd that I don't speed this absol I mean I know I'm feels above it but actually I saw is in trash I like a lot of people don't like mega abs on either and I think my god saw was a really fucking cool pokémon now I didn't say that it was a good pokémon I just said it was a cool pokémon there's a dope-ass design you don't think I has a cool design really that's wild I think it's pretty fucking cool it's very uh mystique I'm more of a more of a mega teetering fan I mean I didn't say anything about my kid I'm just saying I you know that's fine you do mega Swampert is you hide for my favorite mega that's fine that's five through eight times that's a fuckin fucking uh what's the refrigerator company Frigidaire it's mega Frigidaire you know that burning rock blast fuck yeah you have a what a three-way tie for my third bag evolution being gang guard teats are and okay Gengar Swampert [Music] I remember when because of that just I remember when they gamed it when they first revealed that I was like shouting at nine o'clock in the morning it's so awesome it's like they're you cannot look at mega Metagross with pink ethylene this is not possible if you think mega Metagross is lame you're lame you're fucking imitator like you are not like what I'm doing right now I'm listening I'm over here listening to this shit I'm not to get blown away by a change that's what happened to me again twit was like talking about going to the next city or some shit I was not paying attention and I looked up and I was like oh wait yeah this thing is doing way too much damage bro stop died already Yoshii look out to you Hadron Collider shout out to Ayane because like this bitch paralyzes everything real talk straight-up hundred-percent paralyzes everything and it is fucking live so I don't think I don't think in this situation there is necessarily err oh my god bitch move no I'm gonna say I feel like there's not really a wrong right or wrong another city that already had a gym before yeah but it was saying that we had to do both we had to do four more gyms anyways so unless there was a new for gym total which is 200 but what I'm saying is I thought there was one the only time that we already went to we couldn't fight it yet I mean that electron there's a trade in this city as well but we can't beat the Elite Four not bitch not so it's got lucky I was like Blair how she shit training that becomes so much easier about 17 niggas on the routes by the gate 17 times experience so is there a gym in this in this town I mean I like the top okay alright well guess we'll head to the gym in the next episode haha get you guys in see that coming or did you maybe you did don't fucking know but uh yeah anyways if you guys have enjoyed today's episode as hey you know what I'm saving I'm gonna save you guys have enjoyed this episode make sure you guys get the video big thumbs up down below and actually what do you what are you putting on your team what are you swapping out here before we end off today's episode um I think cuz what are you replacing jumper the let's you want to put Chum on the team either Chum or Margrave only because ice kind of still fist me half my team's weak to it well actually no feel it to still beat dice well anything I have to resist it is major key here and what else do you have in your box I was gonna say slugma but nevermind it's trash I'll just say Rock might be a problem but I have these two to take care of it and if I add homeboy here that'll take care of it as well I don't really worry about psychic too much because I have a psychic type so yeah no you don't have to ice actually took some run through your fucking team Jesus Christ it runs to like the motor Stephanie I mean he turns into dragon poison which means he won't resist it anymore after that but I mean you have a solution what's neutral no it's not it's not neutral JK

you write you write you write well otherwise we're gonna go ahead and wrap up today's episode right aver and the next one I suppose will be heading to a new area to get a pan explorer Kariba town yeah there's a there's a dude standing here he looks real ominous and suspicious so that's pretty creepy town and then we can head to the next route and get a new encounter the abilities we drop 38.5 well you're not joking okay all right you know and I want you to know I bet that route is gonna have some bomb-ass Pokemon in you because it's not a real realm it's only a half of a row it's gonna be with why should not even be Pokemon on it but you know what who fucking cares anyways thank you guys checking out this video and checking out the entire series as well and yeah we'll see you guys on a Monday over on my channel with the next episode is Ayden Omicron so if you guys have enjoyed make sure you guys stay tuned go subscribe with the like button all that fun stuff with that being said though we'll see you guys the next one as always we have this Beach boots

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