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by: Jerod M

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hey guys this is Jared M gonna do another reaction video this will be for baktun Disney showstoppers I'm looking forward to this one I really enjoyed what they did with their princess medley and I see that in the in the thumbnail that they're more of them that will sing in this one so I'm looking forward to it thank you for liking the videos thank you for commenting and if you haven't had a chance to consider subscribing and without further delay here we go when you get my headphones roll in okay they're not rolling they're all my ears but you know you get the picture


boy I never see mercy I never see Nancy darling it's better down where it's a crummy

[Music] I like [Music]

well [Music]



see [Music]

[Music] doing what [Music] oh my it's gonna be King Simba's finest fling enjoy

[Applause] to calcium be orgasm I'll command is rolling question it's been here since we've spoken we're obsessed with your nail with your knees yes indeed we angel please a candlelight Sugoi [Music] Oh he's got a great baritone voice plus one by dare you shout enough I'm done then we'll see [Music]


Wow that was so cool guys man I love baucom now I appreciate their acapella abilities and what I really like was there in the first song okay my daughter we were at Disney World in February and she got this little bubble wand this one that spits out bubbles by the millions and it was a little mermaid one and it plays that song over and over and over again the under the sea it just it doesn't stop and so I was glad to hear this the way they sang it it really was cool that the voices that the ladies they provided this background that was very Caribbean like it produced that kind of Caribbean drums and and cymbals and things that they use to bring such a nice tone to it and then the vocals had all those guys he did a good job went under the sea the guy singing be our guest he's a great baritone to get to those notes there in the pantheon of be our guest and he was holding it down but my favorite you saw my reaction that dude singing it to be king he I could listen to that dude sing for like seven years and not be not be upset his his tone clarity and then his ability to draw out a phrase and I don't know I just had this excitement to his tone and it was amazing ah man and what I like about this group you all is the the person ability of them they just feel like they could be your neighbor you know that you go outside and they're there and I saying what a lot of people had a lot of professors in in college choirs that reminded me of these people and so it's kind of cool to watch them watch them work together it just reminds me a lot of working with people like them so ah thank you for the reaction request and I'm gonna keep going with these guys that's it so hope you have a great day

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