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[Music] hi everyone how you doing welcome back to my channel together close that window how you doing welcome back to my channel so today I wanted to we all know how the banking videos usually go on my channel but today I thought new year new me I'm gonna try and make rainbow cake pops I saw this recipe on Instagram and I was like that looks dead easy even I can do that famous last words okay so it's called tasty Bay and yeah it's got like half a million views so we're gonna go for it so if you're a cheater like me what you're gonna need is vanilla sponge mix now I don't want to be faffing around making cupcakes from scratch because I'm not good at it guys so I got two of these just in case I somehow managed to you have to have uni to add eggs I don't have any eggs I've gotta go out and get eggs damn it cupcake cupcake cases I've got four packets of kooks white chocolate chips some food coloring we went for green yellow pink blue and red other colors of the rainbow am I missing one out probably but they're the only ones I could find what we colored hundreds and thousands because I love them and I think they're in the recipe and this is where my friends I tell you that I'm actually quite a genius because I was like oh my god cake pops like you need to put them on something what do I put them on and then I went into the BBQ section like a little light bulb above my head and I was like barbecue bamboo skewers and I was like these may actually really work and I think I'm a genius and I also have to get a cupcake baking tray because I'm not sure where my other one went sorry Zuri because I knew you got me that I don't know where it is right I wouldn't go get some eggs I've seen a bit high so I may have made a little detour back to my parents house I may have had a cup of tea and had a salad and played with Teddy by back now and I got milk butter and eggs let's start off by making the vanilla sponge mix so I got this from Sainsbury's the MIT this mix will make 12 cupcakes preheat oven to 180 Celsius fine 160 gasps mark for placed 12 cupcake cases in a muffin tin empty cake mix into a large bowl and add 2 medium eggs and 18 tablespoons of milk yes using an electric whisk whisk on a medium speed for 2 minutes divide the mixture equally between the cupcake cases bake in the center of the oven for 18 to 20 minutes until risen and cook through cool in the tin for five minutes before transferring to a wire rack perfect we need a pole oh my god I don't have a bowl big enough in the wire do you reckon I could just make this in my nutribullet because I don't think I've got a big bowl oh ok stop it guys I don't have a mixing bowl by God it's saucepan it ain't perfect over on this tunnel you guys should know this by now we are going to be using a saucepan as the bowl nothing wrong with that if I have kids I'm gonna be like the worst dad in the world bacon is anyone who's like screaming up the laptop or the computer or the phone right now say mark you're so stupid I agree with you well it's ok it'll work out one two seven eight now oh my god we're just gonna whisk this for two minutes okay right one thing I'd like you to take away from my channel is to never judge a book by its cover or in my case never judge anyone from making cake batter mix in a saucepan so we're gonna individually put the cake batter mix in two little bowls okay because we're gonna be putting the food coloring in so I'm going to be pouring so I'm gonna be separating it into five bottles now okay I think this will be enough we can always add more like this I can't even begin to imagine how many people in the comments it'll be telling me off but do you want a youtuber who lies to you or do you want a youtuber who just shows you our is I am messing about I'm not pretending to be married better or anyone with any sort of cutting skills one yellow one blue one pink one green and one red so let's start mushing them all together oh my gosh Wow oh my garlic a call I'm excited Wow I'm pretty sure Pink's not in the rainbow but why not so there we have it all the colors looking good it's time to put the cupcake cases in the cupcake

okay so let's spoon in the goodness okay so they are all done and in their little nests I'm going to put them in the other now toast on the floor the preheated oven is preheated so we're gonna put them in now and check on them for about 18 to 20 mins right you're gonna come out putting this out into the universe you are gonna come out looking amazing can't wait to see you guitar there in fingers crossed guys okay now let's just clean up this mess okay guys so the next step is to to melt the white chocolate chips because that's gonna be sort of like the glue that's gonna hold together our cake pops how they getting on mmm they don't look great it says on the recipe that you need a hundred grams which is one bag so that's perfect yay just gonna put a spa of milk in there I think that looks fun bloody tastic exactly what we need it to look like couple more minutes in the oven and my lil muffins should be ready now whose very positive okay if any of you are having a not-so-great day today here are some flowers for you um couple more minutes and it should be writers it should be ready got a little dilemma with you guys because I was having to think you know how I think about things as humans do and I was like ah okay fine so basically like if you if you sort of like someone okay and you're getting ready and you don't think they like you in the same way as you like there but you kind of want to make an effort just in the hopes that they mean they may like you back you change your outfit about four or five times and you think to yourself like I'm doing this for someone else but I've mentioned this in a video before but I think it was a lot more serious than how I'm feeling now but I was like planning my outfit for what I'm gonna wear because I may or may not like someone and I'm like why am I dressed why am I putting myself through all this stress for someone who should like me if I come to a club in a bin bag do you know what I mean or I go to an event in a bin bag like there's a t-shirt I bought in New York this is dressed to impress yourself and that could not ring anymore truce so as you're getting red like obviously it's great to take pride in your appearance but it's not the be end-all it's not the end-all and Beyond or it's not the be-all and end-all of everything so I'm like no I'm just gonna wear what I want and then if they like me they like me if they don't they're not my soul mate move on like me I was so close to hitting that then so yeah that's my little words of wisdom today helps me month looking oh that's a big old master oh I don't know when to take him out I've been following Zoe's guidelines because as soon as she found out that I was baking she was like what on earth you baking let me help you I said sorry it's fine I've got younger under control but she sent me tips so I'm following them tip so if you watch in do I take them out one I'm gonna give them one more minute okay guys moment of truth I'm gonna take them out

whoa they've lost all their color what the hell oh my gosh that's not how I expected them to look guys I had it loads of food coloring yeah well we're just gonna have to try and solve it salvage it in the bowels okay so the next stage is for me to empty the contents of these colorless little muffins live in two bowls and then put them into little balls and then I can separate that into making them into little cake pops now I'm gonna try and make the colors a little bit different so I'll see you back in a second oh okay just tearing them apart mmm they look good they didn't hey so I'm just gonna repeat this process for the five other Oh God the five other bits and we'll we'll come back to you in a minute Paul okay so I think I've salvaged them I've tried my best this is such a tricky thing to do but we made it now the next step is to divide your colors into small little bits of like play-doh sort of thing and then wrap them up in cling film and then put them in the freezer for three to twenty minutes okay cool [Music] so for cake pops have been made I'm gonna put them in the oven for like a couple of minutes just so like sort of demoys and see how they look honestly how do people do this so they were quite like moist because I added more food coloring so basically what I'm gonna do is just put them back in the oven make sure they like dry up not too long and then put them in the freezer for 20 minutes and then hopefully they will look good okay so I'm just watching the recent episode of Riverdale absolutely love it thoughts on the musical episode I did not expect it but I bloody loved it how'd you come you're freezing balls of crazy Oh guys they don't look too bad they're like a dark version of the rain now it's time to coat them in the white chocolate mix put some sprinkles on them put them on their little sticks another buy one we have our hundreds and thousands so it carefully gonna dip our cake pops into the chocolate okay Oh God can I even tell you how stressful that was but this is the aftermath oh ho oh God oh Jesus they're commonly in the fridge everyone please keep their fingers crossed even though by the time you see this it will already be done and dusted but I'm gonna put them in the fridge for about 20 more minutes so they can harden up and then hopefully we can eat them okay guys my moment of true okay they don't look too bad oh Jesus huh oh my god oh I loved


oh my God look they actually don't look that bad oh my god they are very very sweet I'm so happy with how they turned out I'm surprised at how okay they look once you take a bite but no I'm so happy anyway guys if you enjoyed this video and you want to see more baking videos make sure to let me know in the comments what you wanted to see me bake or cook next I hope you enjoyed this video I love you guys so much

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