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good morning live from Liverpool Street Station I'm going on an adventure today actually and it's very exciting because I never take like the train alone I've like I've only done it once and it was about six years about usually with someone it's like big day out first mama think I am hey I'm heading to Colchester see a friend and we're going to have a nice day out so very excited already got a cup of tea here and I'm just like trying to juggle a million things so the next to my blog I'll probably be on the train maybe onto the train just got out of Colchester stations I'm in a mini cooper and I was just saying the last time I was in a mini was years ago when as of the night when I first moved to England because it was Aslan's first card he had a mini and he loved it he to drive so fast this is bringing back some serious MEMS and I do remember the of the - having that which I really like so according to Sophie this wall was actually built by the Romans who put a wall around Colchester and some of the wall is still here very cool this thing is apparently called jumbo now I don't know what this is but I think did you take the water tower so it was a water tower okay so just also learned that this is for sale it cost six hundred thousand pounds to buy this so if you have a little over half a million siddur it so I am really like this is the reason I'm in Colchester I don't as you can see it but there is a Taco Bell I just can't believe there's Taco Bell in England and of all places is here in Colchester are we going to go there later they're going to go there later probably so this is the main high street there's a fennec which is quite cool and there's all these little shops I love coming different parts of England because it just reminds me of how I felt when I first moved here so cute I really can't this it's just so cute look at the colors ah oh I love it it's like a smaller Notting Hill but way better we came to Bill's for a nice brunch which I'm very excited about so I got the Bill's breakfast mmm and a peach I see which is really really good so we've now made it to the famous Colchester Castle there's a really cute school trip going on there and apparently there's a nice part to walk around it hmm this is the castle well oh it's actually very deep and there's lots of coins down there the well is about 15 meters deep and a 10 minute 10 P coin will take about two seconds to hit the water will a one pound coin fall any faster try it and see yes smells like summer mum this message is for you I found feathers locations that sells your butter tablet and I have cleaned them out completely and emailing you a little treat we're going into this little church shop now below market [Music] i weirdly like this a lot I don't think I need these I do need these 10 times for the pair you're coming home boys you're coming home absolutely love it in here is so cool you can get a little snack sit over there you can shop you there are haircuts for the homeless in the corner over there it's amazing yeah he's - yay so I've got my dogs and I also picked up an orange longline rope type thing so - great vintage finds flood those docks I don't even know how to prepare you for what you're about to see so if we has taken me to a farm and I've seen take us before but I've never seen a big mama pig like this oh my gosh she is actually huge and she's got little piglets over here oh my gosh I had no idea pigs didn't get this big I feel like like this isn't a proper there this is better she is you and here are these little piglets who are so muddy Wow they are so cute are you petting one they don't mind no you came in I said can I touch you [Applause] and fire oh my god this first so yeah wiry this is quite cool because you can play mini-golf it's actually quite a good little setup look at this we are not in London anymore also I feel like we've just kind of walked in here nobody cares great Wow mr. donkey you look like Reggie you're so soft you got beautiful ears wow what a beautiful creature oh yes that is so soft oh my gosh Wow hello mister hello oh can I touch you you son is black oh okay you've got big horns Wow are we scratching himself we've found the Loch Ness monster I love it that is the cutest thing I think I've ever seen in my life it's like homemade Oh after walking around I think we deserve ice-cold lemonade baby this is going to be so good so we're just leaving the farm what's the farm cold Oh H ALM pull home whole farm and it's really really nice you can go see the animals and you can also go to the little cafe and there's also a shop that I went inside it was really nice and now we're off to another town to get some ice cream so we made it to the town of denim Dez HS a.m. and I am just amazed at the parking situation because it's free to park look in the middle of the town and same in Colchester we parked for three hours it cost three pounds oh my god is crazy ice cream place is over here so we're gonna wait is that it the ethics Rose we're going to go now look at this beautiful willow tree Oh guys I cannot believe this you can just go canoeing down the river is a little family here this dog keeps jumping in the water see maybe he'll go again oh my gosh Reggie would love it here the dog is soaking wet oh he's gonna give it it's so amazing now we're walking in this giant field of buttercups Wow this is insane I really want to see more of England as you guys know so to come to Essex we're in Essex right yes I mean it's just insane like you don't I I knew it was nice but it is so nice I've run into Morgan a Colchester local baby girl Oh her name is Alice and she's only a rebirthing and we can happen oh yes oh my gosh glad she's gonna be famous now everybody wants to see her so we were just driving and we just happened to drive past this and I made Sofie pull over because it's just so unreal and there's a bench there that you could just sit and watch these beautiful sheep are these cheap there's sheep but they're just so it's got the longest hair I've ever seen Wow made it back home I've already changed into my comfortable pajamas and now I'm going to show Aslan what I bought he doesn't know what lies beneath what is inside that okay I will allow you to open it up I know you're gonna love it oh wow horrendous Kitty's dog and ceramic what's wrong with you so what I'm guessing is this affair lovely throwing done oh thank you do you like them I mean I've got to be honest I can't say that'd be something I would personally pick out from a winter storm but auntie stop I could tell that you have affinity to them soon I love them they're going to go right with my cat in my office okay let me catch the cat annoyed anyway I'm very tired now so we're going to go chill on the couch I'm going to make a decaf tea because I'm an old lady and I'm actually my old lady's pajamas as well though I got things up the old lady's section in the Japanese department store I love them so I know my sake Thank You Sophie for showing me around Colchester I'm seeing so many tweets from people being like can't believe you were in Colchester didn't know I had a huge Colchester following but very cool I will be back because I want to see more countryside was so fun and yeah I hope you guys liked this vlog and I'll see you later here I'm real hungry right now yeah I'm gonna gonna gonna be really open come back get more food good drink and go back please


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