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by: direwolf20

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hello everyone this is Darrell 20 and this is Palmer and and welcome episode 29 what's up buddy I lost on my cyber Berg's oh really yeah when I drowned that's super unfortunate they apparently didn't drop that's not good at all yeah so I didn't lose that much I mean like in real world items losing side repairs hurts oh sure I mean cyber parts are real world item going yeah B we don't really have a way to craft them oh there's a dinosaur not near the house nope but where I am at I have to get somewhere safe for a second yay for teleporting on your face is a temporary one oh no it's hard I probably I probably should have brought more healing items with me than I did in fact bring but that's okay being here that nonsense how you doing buddy I'm looking for snow good I am and and I learned that my math problems are because I was inside when I was looking at the map I was in caves mode apparently

all right yeah so snow would be kind of a nice thing to have among other things hey like in the new thingamabob errors and stuff good nope no complaints I find it acceptable oh I'm glad to hear that I'm glad to see here that it meets with your expectations here I thought it was pretty awesome to have but now Pommery knows you know they hmm yeah so last episode we set up this whole thing which is going pretty fine we've got a nutrient distillation tank upstairs I don't know exactly what our quest situation is at let's see what once whoops so we can make a pump that would be cool that would probably do some water because specifically nutrient distillation is something we need more of right now so iron pickaxe bucket of water and lava Obsidian block of diamond doesn't sound terrible nice

so in fact let's do we're missing that so we got one two of these would you then be able to say that we have well we don't really but okay if I did this I'm just trying to figure out okay so bucket award a bucket a lot of then we're going to go right so that shouldn't be too much been asked I should have some lava in here still so that's that that's cool 300 ooh nice and that should hold a lot more buckets so what I'll do is I'll set up a pump pump up water ideally this works on water in this pack the config option I think whether or not it works on water we'll just kind of hope that it does I really do need a battery of some kind that works on this wand didn't I get a pump you are definitely below 1 enzymes ah there is a quest that gets us an item that lets us trade emeralds we can like sell plant seeds for emeralds and if you look in this chest there's a few that we could sell yes pump so like you you you and obsidian nice pump oh I really hope that you registered my completion of that yeah you did pump up the jam you know it what I'm thinking is a drum roll what's that it completed the quest for me without me clicking the button sweet okay fiber capacitor bank go make that vibrate capacitor bank this is a request that will give us one of those but we do have to craft it for this I thought I'd like we completed all the questions some of the thingy that was done ages ago I'm sure that's true ah laser beams laser beams quest will give us ow are you ending me for five a capacitor bank if we complete the laser beam quest but it is a crafting quest so I don't think it would mark this complete why do you want one of those cyber crafts to mix because it's a question okay okay come under wool so what I'm going to do is make a basic a pasture bank regardless of pop Mars wishes

we're also going to need a block of redstone which would be much of a problem and we will need four iron plates

hopefully the plate cast is in this thing and if not what success so when it's daytime I'm going to go looking for snow unless you have anything on your map that says there's snow over there apparently you can just go high I don't understand the answer to that what go high in elevation yeah yes it's a thing you can do okay our deeper is that something you're willing to do I mean I guess just good enough for that what was I doing

sweet now in theory I miss my eyesight and whoa did you have good eyes oh yeah night vision didn't you I had special life okay they have my brand yeah for my special eyes all right gravity's a thing should have put in the defibrillator I forget how this pump works I'm forgetting a little coulda I'll piranhas yep they're evil they are I forget if a pump so it's like this or if it sits in the water let's think

come empty missing redstone signal

I guess you won't Auto output to a drama so let's get fees and we'll put the drum here

come on why are you empty huh me feels like it should be draining water but it's not I think it only works on lava which is a bummer your face is a pond Wow architecture I guess I was really hoping that that would work on lava and guess what it doesn't do but I can get lots of lava now at least this should be safe you

know except for like the fire monsters it's relatively safe down here do that I'm just knocking off some of the outstanding quests in the scrapping one

okay so that needs to be there down extract active I'll do let go done obsidian silver coal nickel copper tin what you do is I'm cleaning up the strainers oh cool Anna get in there a silver LED gold diamond obsidian coal nickel copper tin slimeballs prismarine crystals so like those are all the things that are in there I don't know if that counts as the things that are good you can you were just complaining that you wanted a bunch of gold I have gold for you now that's cool yes now because I really need right now it's now you know because snow would be something that ace a straighter that's immersed in water that definitely will come out of that I agree this man cannot appreciate things I appreciate money I know that I should bring with me a lot worse I should bring the teleporter laughs or thingy I keep forgetting to bring that with you when I go touring a massive teleports come along just remember it hurts you a magic feather all right can we come back in a minute because I need to explore for a few minutes and I'd like to do that off camera if I may okay okay bye hey buddy what's happenin Elson you have school exploring found some neat houses structures that don't look familiar to me because you're forgetful I am forgetful that is that is that is a fact um but I don't think that's the reason for this looking so alien to me I think it's good I legit for this instance have not seen a building like this before well I found a town that's cool when glowstone not that glows stones really an urgent need for me right now at this point I really just would like to find snow um but yeah like my mission right now is not glowstone is snow and I don't think I'm gonna find snow in chests anywhere you don't know that I kind of feel like I do know that it's funny because there's like buildings that are made out of some heavily white material so like I check my map every now and then and I'm like oh wait oh that's not oh that's not like every time I look at the actual structure it's like that not snow that's just some white structure and you would think I wouldn't be fooled by that so frequently but you'd also be wrong I've completed all quests in Scrabble nice I just had to use a lot of our goals oh that's not nice found a neat structure but there was some bad monsters in there continuing to explore that guy's everywhere but a thing is is we are going to end up with more goals than when we started really that's cool yeah I am we started 270 gold and we're going to end let's see that we 56 let's see how much sure get added up with oh these are some big buildings we're going to have 98 neat thanks to or doubling mechanics I like it so yeah that's another question what would it take to finish survivalist found a pretty mountain for bauble so maybe I'll get lucky and find some snow over here to your face is snow with all the face stuffed your face is face i well that's a tautology isn't it I like to be thorough

definitely a mountainous terrain but I'm not seeing much by way of snow in it hey congrats on starting a tech tree you know I try I'm just trying to look for areas where hey that's cool put some really weird terrain over here

nothing thus far buddy womp womp womp womp indeed hey remember when we needed Meadowbrook really badly when you needed it yes you don't need a date or do you probably not but I thought an entire building made of another brick so that's cool we have a resonator we have a resonator resonate a resonator resonator ah what's resonator and that date we have it the next futilities resonator no but it should be easy to make why do you ask because I'm going to finish the last quest in the first chapter which is the one probe bubble okay which is actually going to be useful for me considering I lost mine when my comic book nice yes YouTube audience I didn't see all YouTube audience yeah I just passed a building with a ton of glowstone in it and I'm sure every comment is gonna be like dire all the glowstone you missed it in that building I'm like I'm not looking for glowstone now oh great now we need grid power how do we crude power again I don't know that my staff of traveling is getting low and I've traveled so far I don't even know where I'm at what's your what's your x coordinate 600 yeah I'm at 2,800 so I've travel 2200 blocks and I've not found a single piece of snow and I hear crying whimpering because you went out you didn't go up well I suppose you just like go straight up into the sky yep I don't I don't what I don't think you magic what don't let your dreams be dreams I don't know that that's the way things work that's exactly how things work

I don't understand what he's talking about I found some Robo surgeons you need more of those or is one insufficient Oh fantastic I need to make stone burn but all the generators require burn stone ah there should be a manual mill yes that one unless Solar is an option as well though I you might have lapis yeah we should have lapis all right let's come back in a minute because I'm still yet to find any smell and I'd really like to find some and not just spend the entire episode roaming aimlessly in the in the depth field of this map ye know babe pretty much its its star coaster dude do we really want to have faith in Him you have had faith unless um yeah but no like mean I guess and we're back in a few minutes guys I want to just explore a little bit more and if I still can't find any snow will come back and maybe work on something different okay hey buddy hey bud good morning and a hearty good morning to you as well I'm a hearty one yeah where am i I'm here so I might want to go due south of my position or north west northwest seems to be road less traveled for me continuing to look for snow

my magic tethered my way home and now I'm out and about Oh all right I'm high up amar I'm at Y level 93 so high and there's no snow I found Stonehenge it's a bit more complete than usual but it's Stonehenge it looks like taking me so long to find snow that I'm actually like trying to remember why I wanted to know in the first place got a bunch of glowstone at school sounds of dogs not sure that's cool all right now we already have enough dog for that I don't I don't care and I was half joking about that forgetting I know I want to know I wanted to make an item repair from actually additions and I need snow for empowered in your crystals our ore miner got into dilithium ore that's cool I found the shoes of the rapture the fractures happen I don't know but if it does I've got shoes for it that's always been my biggest concern with the rapture is like what would I wear oh I did not say that through your goal with that but thank you I just the end of the world honey get my good pants I mean you know I mean they they're diamond shoes and they're very they're enchanted so they're very shiny so I mean the rapture is coming I'm set dude I've got Footwear here here first folks the rapture is coming in direwolf is ready

whatever shall i wear there at least in producing steinberg yeah because the resonator up on the roof with nine solar panels oh cool ya know so you know they don't have to touch right yes but they do that because it's the only flat surface of everything else it has loves cool I mean the resonator could be inside a vase there's no need for wiring or okay when it when it's done I'll go it down with this magic grid power yep you got a great powers magic you are correct magic me with magic power flame Tama TD Temma I blend them enough glass series I don't know if I need to play before I mean I could for good measure when in doubt there's a handful of people that you can just jump to for blaming that was definitely almost

almost done your guard needs a weapon yeah she does you're like here person guard our base she's like kind of weapon Mars like man just caught it with your fists do the thing is though is that they dying come back so walk I don't even notice garden anymore so wow you're a monster I am I don't care so much because there's so many of them they died it's not my problem dude honey logic nothing stopping you I mean the village was your project well found some I found like a single piece of ice which is less exciting why is there ice here biome type of my in I'm in [Music] we spy on this thing swampland why is there ice here that makes no sense not that I can turn ice in the snow but

see this is an example right this isn't snow is it that is marble which I really don't need right now that's an example of hey look there's something white on the mini-map and you where am i and have I been here before so if I hang a right and go west that would be new terrain for me right might be cool I do actually kind of recognize this place I'm super close to giving up on my hunt personnel

might be Palomar Stearns room it also doesn't help that the staff of traveling burns out so fast what I should do is make another capacitor fill it up and bring it with me I can just place in the world and recharge my status this recipe is really really not a short one what are you making the one grow bubble you should also make the resident capacitor that you wanted listen you I mean I'm just saying it's a lot of things you say they're not always good this one is what do you think there's like the chances are that all snow biomes are disabled in this back you said this exact same thing when you were waiting for glowstone I didn't say like clothes stone biomes were disabled in this fact I said snow biomes yeah because opposed on biomes are the thing exactly so it's not the exact same thing wrong what our duty singer

scotchy piranha sure showed him yep I need a weapon you know what diamond swords it is cool we have tons of weapons in that chest like that's that tools just in our base yeah I don't care dive is work don't don't waste diamonds on that no she wants a weapon good give her one doesn't want to love it that badly what's a woman pretty better well I want make sure she's well protected that's fair you do whatever you think is best bomb our mother as a dish biome that sounds a little pretty good yeah very good you're going to slide some picnic baskets in that is not a hundred personated so you sound like your face up like hey boo-boo-boo see just like him yes glowstone I know not hunting foreclosed on today little boo you hunting for snow their swords and bows yay now they can be happy good and I can make my thing in peace I think the benefit of the one pro bauble is that it doesn't take durability damage so it's like an infinite bauble and like instead of because my tool my helmet like broke already so the one pro buy out of my helmet is gone yeah and you don't lose bottles when you die ah you probably should don't give him ideas I'm not even giving him ideas like that's a feature of bobbles like normally you do lose them when you die

hey the idea they should you should be losing that when you die that's normal that's all

all right I am pretty darn close that was a last fight mom I'm pretty darn close to going up on snow t-rex creeper laser bomber dude you make that sound like it was a song sound meat loaf in fancy house with a neat looking cave underneath it guess what's not in that cave

dier yes you might as well do you want to build a snowman I do do you have one do you want to come and play do you have a snowman do not tease me Palomar I want to not have a snowman why don't you have a snowman why would you ask me if I want to build a snowman if you didn't have a snowman that backfired yeah you got me excited that like you found a way to get a snowman hurt here first folks Darren Wilson on it I'm not I'm not sure what they heard here first but I don't think you work for it these are good all right teleporting home I think because I am completely out of luck I dude I have no idea we'll come back in a minute I'm gonna see if there's anything against snow I'm trying to promote stunned I'm up stun the thing okay if you're almost done the thing I'm just stuck in a bed your face is a bit wonder if there's like a way to get snow because we do have like some yeah just snowballs and there's no way to get snowballs which zombie so I can make witches and zombies because we do have like higher on a bubble I got em nice dude I was come back in the mid I'm just going to do some research on like a potential way to get to know and yeah you didn't get a lot of gold didn't you I did I did ID all right very bad guys all right guys so I think it's robbing a point unfortunately my mission of snow has completely failed I found none this entire episode which really kind of bums me out Palmer not even kidding yeah I'm sad um so I'm gonna do is like I did something yeah you did something that's quite the reversal in it yeah I completed two chapters nice proud of you buddy cool so what I'll do is wrap up the episode here come back next episode and ideally figure out what we knew I'm going to take I sold the capacitor that I made for the lava pump I'm going to take that with me exploring and then I can just plop it down it'll act as my battery because batteries ain't working for now down with only signing off hope you guys enjoyed the episode take it

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