Luenell on Nick Cannon Supporting His Women: He Gave Me a Shopping Spree (Part 12)

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I had me candid on my show recently he's a regular guest my friend as well mm-hmm that's the homie and you know he has two UH two baby mothers he has Mariah Carey and he also has she done bad another night Brittany everybody was her name so in the conversation I said well look Mariah is rich and will always be rich she could just do Christmas songs for the rest of her life and she'll be fine in cash those all I want for Christmas checks streaming checks every Christmas and she's made everybody forget that she's black yeah that's helped as well Greg who she is half black wait what yeah so so financially even though I'm black now even though Nick is is rich as well mariah is fine she's not depending on child support right nothing else like that she's good now with with his other with the son's mother Brittany Brittany Bell you know I didn't know her her background I guess she was like you know she's a beauty no she was a stripper she she was a model and you know she was she was I think she she was in Miss Universe and stuff like that oh okay I said if if she did not want to work anymore and said I just want to take care of the kid you know our son and you know pursue you know some dreams of mine would she would you be okay with that he said absolutely would you would you ever have an issue if for example Brittany said I don't want to work at all I just want to be a full-time mom and I want you to support this whole situation I have no issue with no issues I would support that watching this right now salivating I don't not to get into everybody's business I if you with me you don't have to work and I don't even awesome like baby mamas stuff if you wit me you want got to work how do you as a woman feel of us a statement like that I think that's what he should do in his position mmm nick has googles and oodles and goog oblems worth of money yeah he's a finger guy too - fuck off in whichever way he pleases he takes care of his business his paperwork is in order his baby mama ain't got no goddamn complaints and she shut the fuck up and the kids are happy and healthy he's running his business he didn't told him America's Next telling people is kids that don't become too radical motherfuckin and he's always been anyway wiling out his thriving talk show company auto fuck fuckin show Nick Massi whatever whatever women are friends or family members or anything he won't do he certainly been good to me I know what he would do for a while what's he done with you well he's the only man in my whole life who I was in the store and he said get anything you want what yeah what did this happen we did a video with this little wide group that he used to produce called foreplay or something like that he had a group and I was in the group's video and we shopped the video inside a shoe store and had bags you know it wasn't like fucking Neiman's but had bags and shoes and t-shirts and heels and dadada and so everybody got like a hat or a t-shirt pair of sneakers I got so much shit I had to come back the next day and get the rest of my shit don't tell me you get whatever fuck our waters I know we wore Nick I know you ain't gonna be mad you know bitch little crib shop trying to you know step my game up round his love fuckin and I think I still got a couple pair of shoes from when that was years ago and then of course I went to him and Mariah's remarriage and Disneyland I was there oh you're that okay yes and you know I've been at the house for Christmas parties and you know we kick it niggas doing fun to do with the fucking was unlucky woman she's pretty and she lured nigga fuck one of my dimes yep you know so Bravo bitch well you know when we put out this video I remember this one guy did an Instagram post which we which we full step as well Saint Nick man listen well fuck you you rich you making the heart of us regular motherfuckers with statements like that you know you you and your girl work at Wawa shop on Nixon I ain't got to work hard on people like us my manager actually has a wife that doesn't work any work today since they got married little shit here and there but not a job she stays gonna take care of the kids cuz they're of the mindset that if she did work all that money would go to daycare babysitter really got damn way so if anybody's gonna stay home with fucking kids let it be the mom yeah you know but it's hard on them though you know everybody ain't Nick you are one person taking care of a household yeah it's murder you know right and it's tough for a woman to just take care of kids all day not every woman wants to do that right not everyone you know woman wants to do it now if you're at home and you have a nanny and you're not working then that's a slightly different situation they may have that as well I have that as well but not every woman wants to just take care of kids you know right having to work or not like this is not what I want to do all day I have no goddamn grown folks you're hitting fun cartoon bullshit's on the TV how many times you gonna watch The Wizard a mother fuckin eyes you know I'm gonna kid to watch The Wizard of Oz all day every day yeah well you know on the opposite end ASAP rocky did an interview I think on a fire 105 where he feels that women should be taking him shopping because he's handsome he probably Medellin you're taking the man shopping of course ok of course but I've never had a man with no money never have you taken been shopping yes who the fuck go taking shopping of it I just said I never had a man with no money ever going places with me they got a step their game up I will have to do it it's obvious this is a fact you know if you got a man with money but you still wanna fuck with just motherfucker yeah you gonna buy my suit sure you gonna get us some shoes why not what's wrong with that I want you to look good here up for me you know what I mean you're not gonna use me you can't get the card and run the fuck off but you know we can pick up some shit you ain't go get every motherfuckin thing you want but you will get everything I want you

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---------- In this clip, Luenell weighed in on Nick Cannon's comments about taking care of the women he's been intimate with. Luenell said a man in his position should do that because he has the means to do it. Luenell said she's taken men shopping before that she dealt with that may not have been as financially secure as her. She also recounted the time Nick bought out the store for her prior to a video shoot.
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