Tabata Ab Workout (real time) + Pre Workout Meal Vegan | Let's Get Fit #15

by: Tess Begg

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[Music] so today's lengthy enchilada at work at and flowers basically exciting schools and today is going to be 20 seconds on 10 seconds all and those 10 exercises for Christmas ruined and get it done so have exercise effective claim here make sure your ovaries under your shoulders about the neutral position and your pocket talk anymore like that and hold it core tight [Music] next exercise is a rough crash


you're covering your lower body up [Music] exercises super here into a hovering where you go again [Music] it'll burn like hell but there is good

if you breathe [Music] next is a cross crunch to deny yourself and anywhere to the outside of your knees not sharing these men with cool new Nexus music older people fullest [Music] next is legs push-ups learn but it's difficult give a try there is your cool push your legs up the more advanced you can put a dumbbell between your face but wait on some use you're hitting it this one is going you call next is commanders the similar acquainted Club going jump up and down my treat most likely for me not with each time and place your hands under the shoulders [Music]

[Music] next is basic crunch you guys avoiding us big position I [Music] bring it into a bunch Mexican raised leg kick in and out and pick a leg in and out [Music] if you breathe and pull your floor is hot next is angle top thinking could this help Ewing hold your cold hi to lovey great like Jeff master like Sonam straight [Music] we hope for poles if you want to trade it to build a bit more [Music] so major that you'd be spot I work out if you enjoyed it and let me know in comments below if you tried it out I literally change the suit yourself so you can change the work out those rest times and this makes it easy oh hot oh and Buller I did three rounds of this black ops or yes thanks for watching and I'll see you my next year

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Workout: 20 sec exercise / 10 sec rest - do as many rounds as you like (I did 3) 1. plank 2. reverse crunch 3. scissor kicks 4. cross crunch 5. leg push ups (full hip raises) 6. commandos 7. v-sit crunch 8. in/out kicks 9. ankle taps 10. straight leg jackknife ------------------------------- ≫What I Eat In A Day Playlist:

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