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hi everyone this is Emma from my little journal and I am so excited to share with you the traveling travelers notebook now if you don't know what the traveling travelers notebook is I had a little chitchat video and asked my subscribers who would like to do a little traveling notebook between a bunch of crafty ladies and I got a major respond I actually started to I received one sadly our second travelers notebook or my second group we lost the travelers notebook which I expected that that could happen I mean there's ten ladies or crafty ladies in one group so it's bound to happen it's really sad but we will definitely start a new one and I'm really excited about it but anyways I did receive my first one this is our first crafty ladies traveling travelers notebook they were so sweet to send me some goodies because they are amazing like that and also they actually started a goodie bag which is pretty awesome I thought that was really neat to kind of go through the stash whatever you like take and then add some to it so I am so excited to share this with you let's start I did go through it real quick because I couldn't wait but I also wanted to share the traveling notebook or the travelers travel travelling notebook with you guys I'm gonna put this aside but before we start I did want to mention how it is so awesome to start a group like this and then we all became friends I love it it was so much fun these ladies were awesome we had some great chats throughout the group and a lot of ladies turned out to be that a lot of them lived pretty close to each other one of the ladies and she knows who she is turned out that her daughter actually cuts my hair so it's really neat to get to know people online and become friends I really was hoping that would happen by creating this traveling travelers notebook I always feel like I don't get to know my subscribers as much as they get to know me so doing these little crafty traveling travelers notebooks between the crafting community really helps to create or start new friend friendships but anyways I'm gonna stop blabbing on and start with the flip through I started the project by adding a little quote on the cover or the first page and I created the first layout and I did share this on YouTube I used some branding strips because this was one of my layouts for my scrap your scrap series so we used the branding strips to create this layout now of course this travelers notebook is kind of beat-up it's not bad but remember it traveled between ten states well not ten I think it was eight states and ten females so that was my layouts we start with Michelle so cute so beautiful I love it I know she used some Kellie perky products for this because I can tell I have a lot of these little products she just printed out I believe she typed that out or printed it I'm not sure and it says celebrate grateful for small wins big wins and everything in between and she stamped a few things on her labels and added some layers to her photo and I love it I love all the blue in her layouts and she's gorgeous she's big on starting to work out and I love that she added a photo of that this next layout was done by Yesenia and I love her spreads so so much the small little details even though it's so simple but the small details really made me happy like in her little patterned paper she filled out some of the hearts I'm guessing with some crystal drops and she added some to her stars so cute layered her little title and her title says just us my nephew and I every Thanksgiving day so she actually added 2017 2016 and 2015 pictures love that idea and I'm so scrap lifting that and then she just layered her strip of photos with some crystal drops and some chipboard love it so colorful but yes so simple beautiful work is Danielle the next one is done by Jessica love this picture of her kiddos oh my gosh it looks like it's some kind of cover from magazine I just love the simplicity of her layout fussy cutting out these flowers and adding them to the corners of her spread and then she hand wrote this which is gorgeous for all the things my hands have held the best by far is you love it I feel the same way about my kids Jessica and I feel the love that you have for your kids through the spread and this is the beauty of the traveling travelers notebook just seeing other crafty ladies layouts I'm going to cherish this notebook so so much beautiful spread this was done but the beautiful LeAnn LeAnn is on youtube i will add her links down below LeAnn does a lot of junk journaling and a lot of mixed-media so she used that and her spread I believe LeAnn shared this on YouTube also if you want to see her process but she created this beautiful background I believe with some distress oxide then she added layers to her photo and I love that her little bookmark is a card the King right there and then she added the Queen right behind her photo to add another layer so I love how she added that little element from her photo just beautiful I am so happy that LeAnn participated because I know she doesn't work in travelers notebook so it was nice to see her working and creating a layout and a traveler's notebook beautiful spread LeAnn this one was done by Amy really love this I think you guys are gonna hear me say I love this I love this so many times throughout this video but I really really loved these spreads Amy decided to document I'm guessing she did a marathon and she had a little tab and added goals hashtag goals I think I'll stop here love it and then she did what then she spelt out do what you love and I just really loved these little flowers that she fussy cut out and added to her spread with some layers to her photo gorgeous love the simplicity of this well done Amy I'm so in love with your spread this next layout was done by Tina Tina is on YouTube i will add her link down below and I believe her YouTube channel is tell him thank you I believe but I will add the links for anybody who is on YouTube down below I love how Tina did the repeat stamping on one side of her spread using two different colors love it and she just stamped out faith a bunch of times layered her title with some doilies I love doilies do you guys know I love my doilies some flowers chipboards I'm thinking that Tina was documenting her grandmother who she lost recently and I just love how she documented it I love how she added texture to her spread black and white with the red just gorgeous love it and I believe Tina has process video for this I'm not sure but as I said I will add her link down below if you want to check her out the next layout was done by Heather Heather is also on YouTube and I will add her link down below gorgeous spread Heather she has a photo of herself out on the beach she layered her photo with a huge banner love that technique with some flowers and a little sticker right here she added a tag and stamped on the tag I believe this is from Inc Road if I'm not mistaken I've seen this stamp before and she stamped out you're a badass and yes Heather you are loved this and she just slid it through our slid it in a glassine bag that she added to her layout added little hearts love the simplicity we decided to try to keep this as flat as possible just because it's going from one person to the other but you can see that even while using flat embellishments all the layouts turned out gorgeous and I just love the details that these ladies did on their spreads and actually I think Heather used some districts distressed oxides to bat to create a background for her spread gorgeous this one was done by a philia affiliate is amazing love her spread her gorgeous daughter's picture is just beautiful and I love the colors that she used that woodgrain with the pink and that green just amazing I love how she fussy cut out some flowers my favorite thing and it's some butterflies and then she just added a strip of green which brought that green up to her at the top of her spread she even added some stitching which I believe she probably did before she added it to the layout or to the notebook I just love love the details of her little spread the doilies and the layers and her gorgeous daughter just simply beautiful what a beautiful spreads affiliates gorgeous this next spread was done by Alison and I am in love with this picture of her gorgeous little girl wearing a mermaid suit on the beach I just think it's adorable I love the layers how she layered her photo adding a wood veneer adding some puffy stickers and her little title here that says ocean air and salty hair and I believe this is maybe a stamp from Studio calico not sure but I have seen the state stamps at Studio calico and she just stamped out the state of Florida and just added another little title on the side that says the Sunshine State this layout makes me so happy it's so bright beautiful her beautiful picture everything about this is gorgeous I think she did a wonderful job with this late hour last spread was done by the beautiful Sheree and she wanted to document her process of remodeling her home I love that she used a bunch of different photos before and afters and she actually added the little titles with some arrows pointing to her photo some journaling and a little title I believe she used some Amy tangerine stickers for that but I'm so in love with her little spread adding some hearts she's really excited about remodeling her home and I love that she shared that with us I am in awe with all the spreads in this traveling travelers notebook these ladies did such a wonderful job and I appreciate every single one of them just sharing their photos with me and sharing their craftiness in this traveling travelers notebook I appreciate them so so much and I'm just so happy that I was able to get to know them better and also create new friendships with them we are done with this traveling travelers notebook so I'm done with group 1 group 2 we are starting a new one so that's gonna take a few months but definitely I'm going to be starting the Europe traveling travelers notebook very soon I do have a waiting list so I have I already have my 10 ladies and hopefully I'm gonna say in May we will start it I will contact them and start a new group for our Europe traveling travelers notebook I'm just so excited that other crafty people want to do this with me and are willing to share crafty journey with me and their pictures of their children and themselves with me I really really appreciate it I'm so happy that I made some new friends and if you want to be a part of the traveling travelers notebook once I start a new group I will definitely do another chit chat video and do a little call for a new group for our traveling travelers notebook I do have a waiting list for the new one but I'm not sure if it's complete I will talk about it definitely very soon in my next chit chat video and I'll share what's going on with the traveling travelers notebook but thank you so much to all the ladies that participated in this group I will add the links to any of the ladies that have YouTube channels and if you are not following them I recommend you do they are amazing and very talented I will cherish this notebook it is gorgeous and I appreciate the time you put into creating these layouts and sending them to me and all the nice and beautiful goodies that you sent my way but anyways I hope you guys enjoyed watching this video and if you did please give me a thumbs up and if you are new to my channel please consider subscribing and I hope to see

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