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HP lasts and concealment yeah Sasha build let's go get doubles the right should we so what should we do double chemicals or is that what's happened yeah oh my fuck machi Mons well do I have a hard one right now let's go bring your babies poppy poppy I finally got that emote working just today it's been sewing what you have won a pupper Peter won yes oh it's like a kid which is hunts all dressed up in in German coat like a Gestapo and with his hand like puppyland and there's poppy right on the top nice

double mutsuki double the clemson carrier we are top tier what is this so what is the range of this five point six wow five point six torpedoes we're no longer playing world of warships we're playing a point forwarding made all Star Trek game these are photon torpedoes alright five point four five point for detection five point six range oh jeez so fast yes it's stupid standard battle so hey we've been recognized 200 metres I thought you had like war Jen that's the thing they need to be pushing into you for this to work or if you run into their Dedes you can just say yeah well you're dead I'm gonna go north then since both of us in the same flank is probably gonna be not good I'll just lurk around the middle la Biba bias welcome aboard hey LED come a relief luck or slingin lead depends how do i distinguish lead from lead they're both spelled the same and they mean two entirely different things like lead is how much lead you're gonna take how much in front you're gonna be and lead is a material you don't okay here we go plates that's my no way they're all the sounds of a is funny still you have to medium machine guns for air here yeah a couple of officers who operated their pistols to submachine guns yep the English language is a great thing context unless you need to be led at some point so this carry is actually spoiling things oh yeah you can you can read lead through pass yeah yeah CD here and there's smoke right in front of me that's not good how do you talk to people with this 5.6 oh I'm to be in their face hole oh Jesus Clemson right there I kind of fucked up the third one but let's see if he doesn't reverse he's dead now he reversed shit I fucked up okay well it's not a big reload can do that again

the swing so unnecessarily died you know what I'm doing right now fighting to Dedes I'm trying to gun down a Clemson how's that working out for you so far so good [Music] so far very good if you gotta take it to Clemson

problem is the V here

oh god I have the stores all over me everywhere not what you want to be in as I come across why are you between how did that happen I don't know watch this oh it's working okay watch it is not a single torpedo hit but come because they are a gunboat apparently confirmed yeah that's easy jump in the game oh my lord oh my lord I can tell you one thing I did not expect this game to unveil like this once I started make sense to me yeah they'll be gunning down Clemson's and and german hi Jodi DS okay they don't actually have hi Joe at this tier but still how much okay next yeah I'm all gumbo now attuma turkeys I just wanna say FK actually

oh that's a kenigsberg though that's a problem you want to smoke up like in Spofford yeah I'd need 30 seconds oh wow okay that hurt oh boy and it's a disengage it's mother if you want I missed him the afk with Sookie 6 - Peters ol 6 missed a stationary target John vote confirmed on Minaj and I almost said uneme zhing or so Wow that wow this game what the actual hell oh yeah oh my god that's kept them oh you're smoking here I kind of had to the walls a third of my health - home it took he's coming back oh he won't cup hmm he's in the game oh that's not good

[Music] I'll try this spot Oh Oh got him on fire there we go lunge the photon torpedoes there is Ilsa we know he's gonna go in between girl my god I mean that we're all blind fired but still think your goddess engine

it how does the su you get torps on the the y do not know so honey torpedo hits do you actually have Lyra exactly zero don't even then all right don't eat I'm gonna try and repeat it at our and Duke oh no I'm spotted come on here yeah revived in a little bit I need to smoke up

oh I'm asleep baby yeah that's unfortunate that's right man I almost got 10k damage done zero chapito hits yeah thanks kami cars ever we are we are putting this on youtube how to come because they are it makes sense new meta evolved it's like the that one person that said that you should do that you say fhe on two or three guns you should put up this as a legit guy like you should use warp acceleration on the come because our yeah

[Music] can't believe his 43 hits I get at 45 Gomberg confirm yeah entirely there is running away a little sissy girl what's my detection again five point four okay well five point four go in oh no no no no no now he decided to turn this way oh damn it I'm in trouble still not to take the dude what are you just gonna man yeah hit the kid eggs burg yeah he's some kind of bitch yeah if you gunned him now he would turn into your torpedo so he kind of is anyway he's really trying to take that one I got a talent yeah good guy good guy is that the first or pit def first rapido I still did more damage with guns than I did with torpedoes I don't know how much damage this repeater did maybe like 10 K but I have a 34 K so I played one coming as a game earlier and I got over 100 with with this nice so stupid man when it works it's like ridiculous yeah yeah that's what you want again what you want is them to push you yeah they push you then it's like it doesn't mean it doesn't matter if they turn if you fire on the lead indicator it's like the torpedoes are so fast you're firing them from so close range that unless they turn like this well I want to colony until they destroy this game but I'm spotted by player you got the courage but I broadsided you say P men do not know everything that's what I did shared my shelter um uh the Casper thank you so much for this table welcome to the team much appreciated oh Jesus Christ 2.2 and a fire it comes ap it's gonna do nothing hey 700 he's gonna burn down yeah I'm not even gonna shoot him no no no what a dick what a dick are there people killed you kill stuff mr. said Wow seven months I got happy in I got party land yes my friend you do have your papers are they much appreciated man seven months damn damn I want to make it with you I haven't watched a YouTube clip yet flip for what seven months nice yeah it is I like the top subscribers right now I have like nine months it's the seven months is basically to start

and the planes are gonna be a problem I have no more speed boosts no more smoke screens and not a lot of HP oh the carrier is still in the game yeah we're fucked we are definitely fucked what do you mean hi spotted and the siren Duke just is all about that fun it's all about that damage from man okay apparently carries like nah it's not a danger a destroyer coming towards me capping our babies in the process that's okay I'll just go for this Miyagi more damage right hmm hey yogi it's like what are you mummy me by the way huh what are you mumming rice cakes rice cakes mm-hmm wait what cheese cheese flavored rice cakes it's very good never tried you should

I'm a Clemson disciple but I haven't played it much been on Atlanta kick find it suits the Christmas so well Lambert stalker okay thank you so much for this up welcome to the team Wow leaving the cap not even trying to win the game you're all about that damage from her I'm all about that damage man oh man a difficulty Oracle Omni behavior tape big call even getting detected by this guy let's see how fast he can turn you think he's gonna turn that's cute sturdy mean yeah here's what I matter probably not oh I see Barbie I see I see three photon torpedoes mate long long and they are ridiculously fast I know hey I actually have an okay I'm out of torpedo heads for oh my god sixty six thousand six hundred and fifty three damage it's not 666 666 but close enough they devilish enough yeah we have triple sixes in a row that's enough I have dime bomb dive-bombers which might you know killed us this tour which seems to be presenting a huge problem and threat to my team I'll just keep dropping this my yogi yeah it's all about that damage from bruh yeah I mean I'm leaving the cap for the second time it's all about them apples [Laughter] a little bit closer nice to drop from the Miyagi yeah here we go how are you whoa nope how are they dispersed me huggy doesn't have defensive AAA does he have a fight on her very - and good question is no no no they get them at tier six that's well how is this dispersed identity any fights not removing manual attacks sub tier six was not enough man needed to know for me yeah hey mustang sally' welcome back I still like imagine if you're a new player right yeah and you're like oh fuck curious look really interesting and I like the way like you have such a responsibility and sorry interesting choice of words when you say interesting and all you need to do is left-click twice and you can go wipe your ass in the bathroom don't be like that they start playing right it's like oh okay I see I just need to anticipate if they're gonna turn with this otter drop thing right yeah and then they get to tier 6 it's like oh how did how did he just kill my my planes like that yeah tier 6 is a football I'm getting drunk with the bombs oh no no way no no he's actually trying to do it from the front oh let's see about a torpedo planes now oh my god I can't get a fire on him down

the old for me think it over me he's going for me hey hey pretty close pretty good if only you could do that manually if only really close I feel sorry for carriers in tears for you all I really do it's like how are these people even supposed to learn the damn game well they learned that okay so so the big ships is the ones that I can hit easier with my face it's like I remember when they removed the the manual jobs the number one thing that I was petrified was destroys just ignoring everybody and just going straight for carries carries can't defend themselves yeah it's just it's been lost the Hindenburg slash Minotaur game with the foot yeah we know

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