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welcome back fight fans welcome to fuck back let's just did right into it arrows bench Jr Tim Bradley comes out in states that he sees the flaw and arrows Ben jr. he revealed what it is in an interview with fight hype and he basically just broke down it's the lack of head movement and you know a lot of people come out and I'll call him arrows fence groupies and fanboys and it's not because you believe there'll Spence jr. will win it's because you believe that he's invincible that he can't get hurt that he can't lose rounds that he's a perfect fighter that he's Floyd Mayweather which all these things are ridiculous arrows offense jr. is a human he did not look good against Kell Brook within the first six rounds where I felt like he lost many rounds and one of his biggest flaws that I've always stated is that he has lack of head movement and a lot of these guys who out here who are fanboys and groupies who just don't understand that I'm fully well aware that Aerosmith jr. can beat Mikey Garcia because arrows Ben jr. has the size and weight advantage because he's so much heavier than Mikey Garcia because he has you know elite level body punking he can hurt Mikey Garcia and stop him that's why Mikey Garcia is gonna need to utilize all of his skill sets that's why Mikey Garcia's gonna have to put on the weight without losing speed and that's why Mikey Garcia is going to have to abuse the fact that eros Vince jr. does not move his head and it's because Errol Spence jr. you have to understand part of the reason why your husband doesn't move his head is because he's never had to need to when you're fighting a guy like Chris Van here Dean when you're fighting a guy like he'll Brooke who's a broken fighter when you fighting a guy like you know Chris Algieri when you're fighting guys like this these guys are not elite level fighters these guys you know play right into your hand these guys aren't right there for you to hit into abuse as well so you don't have to have elite level head movement because you can hurt these guys and not only that you know Ken these guys really hurt you Chris Baron here Dean Cain hurt you you know Chris Algieri can't hurt you you know tell Brooke he hurt Spence early in the fight and you know when I say hurt he you could tell that you know Jr tried to wrap him up he absorbed some big shots because it's like a head movement but he eventually worked hell broke down because of the eye injury Cobra already had one eye injury coming into the fight that he just had corrected then he got another one during the fight you have to understand that Kell Brook is not the same fighter with a myriad of injuries and yet that fights still with 11 rounds so now you hear everything from these groupies and fanboys about aerospace jr. being hyped to a level that you know you can't even believe that Mikey Garcia won't go four rounds so I'm gonna hold that standard to all these fanboys and groupies all these guys come out and said Mikey Garcia will not go past four rounds if Mikey Garcia goes past four rounds what kind of fraud does that make Errol's Ben jr. just think about that because these people have hyped him up so much because I believe that Aerosmith jr. because he's so big because he's so strong he has the ability to stop and hurt Mikey Garcia at any point in this fight just because he's so big and strong but at the same time just because he has an ability Mikey Garcia also has the same ability to go to full 12 rounds to make it look easy because Aerosmith jr. is not the fastest fighter in the world because Aerosmith jr. has the tendency to allow himself to get hit I think this is a 50/50 fight do you know a lot of people come out and accuse me for fanboying for Mikey Garcia and I'm not gonna say that because the reason why is I show both sides of the argument I have a five reasons why arrow spin jr. can beat Mikey Garcia go check my resume you have to understand that we report unbiased Lee I believe Mikey will win this fight but I don't think it'll be easy I think it'll be a close fight a 50/50 fight and either guy could win this fight but I'm leaning towards Mikey Garcia because he has the high ranked IQ he has the better skillset he has the better head movement and he's an overall better fighter he's an elite-level fighter and he's fought better competition going forward you know in previous you know he's a for division world champion it's not like arrows you know where every fight has an asteroid bite you know Kell Brook hasn't mastered by kill Brooke comes into the fight weight train from 160 coming in off with knockout loss and an eye injury asterisk you know you look at Chris Algieri guy he'll already been dropped count times by manny pacquiao astrick and this is the guy who says that's his best when arrow spin says that's his best wins Chris Algieri what are you talking about and you have all these groupies who say he's elite makes no sense to me you know I find it funny that these guys don't want to acknowledge the truth when it comes to it you know and the truth of the matter is is that aerostream jr. is a very good and talented fighter and I respect aerospace jr. I'd like to watch this fight and he has a very good chance of winning this fight but he is not invincible and I think that's the thing that people just don't understand that aerostream jr. is very beatable he has flaws and their major you know and you know it's funny that people say that monkey Garcia can't go past you know four rounds with Aerosmith jr. but Chris Algieri who's an extremely soft fighter who's a naturally 140 fighter who went five rounds with arils been shooting five rounds but Mikey can't go past four think about that you know Alejandro beretta went five rounds with arrows been sooner but monkey can't go past four Leonard bundu went six rounds with arrows been shooting but Mikey can't go past for a knurled Spence Jr's not knocking guys out in one put one punch in one round he's needing an accumulation of shots to wear them down to stop them period if it's easy for arrows Spence and the guy plays right into his hands or if the guy's not big enough to absorb those shots he's going to stop you early Kell Brook on the other hand was stopped in the eleventh round in my opinion because of an eye injury Kell Brook started losing those later rounds because of the eye injury but he won the earlier rounds in my opinion so if you have to look at it honestly and unbiased Lee even the fact that Kell Brook still went 11 rounds with arrows finished jr. he almost went to 412 with a broken eye socket what what do you say about that a guy with no tune-up his chin held up for that entire time that's very telling about Arizona Lamont Peterson they throw in the towel for Lamont Peterson that went seven rounds but you saying Mike he can't do four I find that very interesting when Mikey Garcia is literally better than everyone on Aerosmith Junior's resume everyone Kel Brooks never had a top-level elite level win he had a good win against a Shawn Porter and you have to realize this win against Shawn Porter was in question by a lot of people but I personally think you know I think kill Brooke maybe have done enough to win that fight but he did a lot of holding and things in that fight things that he didn't implore against arrows pitch junior that's what I'm saying everyone that arrows been shooting fights plays right into his hand plays right into his style this is the first fight that arrows Prince jr. is gonna fight an opponent who does not do that arrows offense juniors lack of fundamental head movement will be a cause for concern in this fight and I'm not saying Mikey 100% wins the fight I'm not guaranteeing a win for the fight because I never guaranteed a win but I truly believe Mikey Garcia will exploit and expose their own spin jr. I believe the fighter go 12 rounds and I can see arrows offense you know getting dropped or hurt at some point the same as Mikey I could see Mikey getting hurt or having a scary moment in the fight I could see this fight being a back and forth but monkey Garcia outclassing him ultimately winning the majority of the rounds at getting the victory because Mikey Garcia checks off every other box in the fact that Mikey Garcia sees these flaws as well the fact that Mikey Garcia has an ability and speed advantage these are all things that you're gonna need to be able to beat a guy this much bigger you know a lot of people say this is like a con Canelo it's um and I just want to be unbiased when I when I go on this arrows fence jr. is nowhere near the level of so candelabras he does not have the boxing ability he does not have the skill of Canelo he's not proven like Canelo so you have to understand and Mikey Garcia has a more solid chin than Amir Khan was Mikey Garcia ever dropped at 140 pounds absolutely not absolutely not so you have to be unbiased and honest when you analyze so when Mikey Garcia's moved up in weight he was never dropped to put on the canvas by heavier opponents by stronger opponents you know Amir Khan is a flaky chin type of fighter Canelo Alvarez is an elite-level boxer things that arrows machine not so these pretty much these analogies don't make sense people were trying to lump arrows pinching in with great fighters just because he's big being big does not mean you're great be unbiased and honest when you analyze the fight once again it's the IBF P please share like and you must

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